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Chapter 1 How it Started

I was getting dressed it was a saturday so I was sleeping in like all ways when I heard Dante fighting demons, I grabbed nightmare blade and ran to help him fight them off.

" need some help brother " I asked him to see if he would ask for my help since I am only 16

" no but if you want to help knock yourself out " he replied

Damn he still won' t ask for help even when he is outnumbered, I know he could take them bit it would be nice to let me pratice. I slashed three demons down with my sword and used my custom made magnum to kill the other two.

" Where did they come from? " I asked Dante

" A present from our older brother " Dante replied

" What does he want " I almost hissed

I am very mad at Vergil for picking the demon side. He should have stayed with his family. I still remenber the day he left


" Don' t leave " I begged him

" I have to you wouln' t understand "

He then gave me a hug and walked out the door. I was only a child the day he left so of course I cried myself to sleep every night

End Flashback

After I was old enough to understand Dante explaned why Vergil left and then the my sadness turned to anger. How could he embrace evil after all the time I spent with him as a child I thought he would never espielly after mom and dad died protecting us from those things.

" Lily you don' t have to come " Dante told me

" What are you smoking of course im coming " I replied

It would be the first time I would see him since the day he left.

Me and Dante geared up, I grabbed my mag and nightmare blade while Dante grabbed Rebellion and ebony and ivory.

When we stepped into the street it was a mess filled with demons. Dante saw the outside of his shop and home and got slightly upset with all the damage they did.

" I hope you all have enough to cover all this " he said pointing his sword at them

I didn' t bother to listen to Dante' s banter being used to the fact that he tries provoking the demons.

I started the fight by shooting one with my mag killing it instantly then I proceeded to slash, chop, and shoot all of my demons.

After the demons were dead me and Dante saw a shadow flick threw the sky. It showed it self looking like a grim reaper with a loud annoying laugh.

I shot the thing while Dante used Rebellion to kill it. We then procedded to the reunion from hell.

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