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Chapter 2 Cerberus and a strange lady

After we left that area we went into a place labeled love planet, I could tell by the name it was a club of some sort. I didn' t realise it was a strip club.

" Ah Dante why through a strip club, isn't there another way " I complained

" No stop complaning your 16 like you don't know about this stuff" Dante said

" I don't I am still a kid" I said crossing my arms over my chest and pouting

" If your still a kid, go home no childeren allowed " he said with a smirk knowing he had me

" Fine lets go I am grown up " I said

We got past that area to walk into a freezer

" Ah crap its cold " I said crossing my arms over my bare arms. I was only wearing a v neck I thought the weather would be warmer.I forgot all about being cold when a giant dog with three heads unfroze. A second ago it looked completly frozen.

" what the hell! " I said

" its a three headed dog lil " Dante said

" Duh but how do we kill something like this? " I asked

" humans are not premitted here " cerberus said

Instead of answering I shot a bullet at him while Dante continued to banter with the thing. I don't see why he insistes on doing that, it only makes the fight harder.

" Shut up and get out of the way" I yelled at the thing

" I told you humans, are not welcome here " cerberus replied getting furstrated

I had enough,we were so welcome in the big tower our brother was in there and were only half human. I am glad we are I can't express how much hatred I had for my demon side. I guess I am like my brother in that sense. Growing up with Dante he told me of how the evil plays games, hurts people, and just maybe Virgil can be saved.

But I have to be honest, its only a spark of hope I mean look at how long Virgil has been in the darkness but I can't shake the hope.

" If you won't move, I will go through you " I told it

I then ran up and started to slice it with my sword and Dante helped me by following my actions. After I don't know how long cerberus died saying we had proven ourselfs and dissapered in a blue light. He turned into three handled nonchucks I had learned after Dante started spinning and swinging it.

He all ways loves to try out new weapons. As we procedded to the door the ice on top of us broke and the only thought I had was what now. I turned to see a lady on a motorbike as she swered past us I could see she had one blue eye and one red eye with short spiky brown hair.

She took one look at us and fired a missle at Dante he jumped on it and rode it in circles yelling woo the whole time he such a child I thought with a smile on my face. He jumped off and the lady turned and jumped her bike over the door.

The only thought I had as we entered the tower was how freaking rude shooting a missle at someone you don't even know.

I looked at the tower when we went through the door and thought we are so gonna get lost.

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