Authors note: Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers Alert!

This story contains spoilers from the season finale of Transformers Prime. If you have not yet watched the finale and do not wish to have it ruined for you, turn back now!

Having said that, this is my first attempt at a Transformers fiction. In fact I have not written much and haven't posted at all in the last 6 years. But this little plot bunny hopped around in my brain driving me crazy till I typed it out. I have no beta except the spell check and the random info I find on the 'net about this 'verse, so please forgive any errors. This will be a Megatron/Orion paired story. Don't like, don't read. Other pairings may show up as the story progresses as of this moment I don't have any planned. This little bunny popped up while listening to his story about how Orion became Optimus and his relationship with Megatron. After the end I wondered, "What if the story didn't go quite like everyone was led to believe….."


Flashback: /memories/

Thoughts: 'thoughts'

Klik: one minute

Warnings: Story will contain language (mostly Cybertronian), mentions of torture and rape, and some mech/mech sexy fun-times. Nothing to explicit though, I'm forbidden by the characters from typing it out and all they are all bigger than me so I listen ^_~

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers Prime or any of the characters. I also do not own any of the Cybertronian terms I use. I either heard them on the shows or read them in fan fiction. I am writing this for the sheer enjoyment, not any profit and to get the bunnies to stop multiplying in my brain. ;;glances over shoulder;; As well as appease the ion-cannon toting muse watching me.

Orion Pax was laying on his berth aboard the Nemesis, thinking quietly. His right servo was over his optics and his left rubbed unconsciously over his spark chamber. The chamber itched greatly most of the time to the point of pain. He had seen Knockout about it already and the medic had informed him it was a result of The Matrix of Leadership bursting out of his chest. His own spark was becoming accustomed to being alone in the chamber for the first time in millennia.

A sneer stretched over his faceplate as he thought about The Matrix. He had never wanted the accursed thing and now he was dealing with the aftermath of purging it from his chest in effort of saving the planet below from Unicron. Not that he cared for the ancient God of Chaos or that he had minded saving the planet. But The Matrix being in his chest, he took offence to. It had changed him so greatly that without it he had reverted back to his old self with no memory of what he had been doing or who he had hurt.

There was however a silver lining. If what he had been told was right, he had been fighting against Megatron the whole time and those memories he could live without.

/He had pushed himself up off a floor he had no memory of ever walking on to the blurry vision of Megatronus approaching him menacingly, blade unsheathed./

The servo over his optics tightened as he let out a broken sigh. He was no fool. Megatronus had intended to offline him, as he laid on that floor. Only the use of his old name had snapped the former gladiator out of his rage enough to realize something had changed in his opponent. Then three other Cybertronians had arrived and added to the confusion he had felt. They knew him, had called him 'Optimus' and the yellow mech…. That one had looked at him so imploringly with his optics and beeped and buzzed at him like a sparkling.

Just thinking of the little mech brought the recording of him back to the front of his processors. Out of the three of them he was the most distressed. The femme was clearly angry and the big one was confused but the yellow and black one, he cared the most. There was no doubt in Orion's processors of that.

Orion's train of thought was interrupted as his back arched off the berth, a sharp clenching pain tearing through his spark. His right servo dropped off his faceplate and gripped the edge of the berth, his left tightened over the windshields covering his spark. The sound of groaning metal and breaking glass was only covered by his pain filled yell.

Megatron was on his way back to his quarters for a much needed recharge cycle when he heard Orion yell. As he hurried in the direction of the pained sound his first thought was that one of his men had disobeyed his orders and gone after the former Prime. And if that was the case, that mech would not live a klik longer. He had only just dealt with Airachnid's treachery he had no more patience for anyone else.

The door to Orion's quarters opened and he hurried through only to stop at the scene invading his optics. Orion was arched of his berth so hard Megatron had to wonder how his back strut was handling that. His left servo was clenched with such force on his windshields that the cannon-proof glass was cracking. But that didn't compare to the sounds he was making. He had never heard his ex enemy make those sounds no matter how injured he was on the battlefield.

The sound of the windshield shattering snapped Megatron out of his shock and he rushed to the berth grabbing the servo and prying the digits away from the armor. He forced the captured arm to Orion's side and immediately it latched onto the berth, crushing the edge. The decepticon leader surveyed the damage to his torso and found not only the windshield destroyed but the frame crushed in as well. If he had been allowed to continue in that manner he would have broken the spark housing itself.

'I've only just gotten him back,' he thought frantically as he pushed down on the battered frame trying to get him to lay flat once more. 'How could Knockout release him without making sure this wouldn't happen? It will not be a mistake he repeats.'

"My lord Megatron! What is wrong?" Knockout hurried into the room only to stop at the menacing growl and glare that was thrown his way.

"How would I know you fool? He was trying to crush the armor covering his spark chamber and arching off the berth so hard I swear I heard his back strut creaking. He's been shouting since I came in here. I only just managed to get his servo off himself but not before he shattered the glass."

"Shattered it?" For Orion to be in that much pain… "He was complaining of a painful itch in his spark chamber but nothing that would cause this came up," he explained hurriedly while preparing a injection he pulled from his subspace. "This should lessen the pain and put him into a deep recharge. Then I can check again."

Megatron restrained the writhing mech while Knockout administered the drug into an energon line in Orion's neck. It took almost 2 kliks before the red and blue mech quieted down and then fell into recharge his fans cycling madly to cool of his systems. Megatron laid his helm on the broken frame under him and growled.

"How long will he be in recharge?" A surprisingly tired sigh coming from the leader.

Knockout tilted his head quizzically as he observed the oddly acting Lord. "I'm not altogether sure. I assure you when he left the med bay his spark was pulsing normally. As I said before he was experiencing a painful itch in his spark chamber. Since The Matrix was purged from his chamber rather violently, I took that to mean his spark was adjusting to the increase in space. As if it was stretching out, if you will."

Megatron turned his head, his optics narrowed and sneered at the medic, "Well clearly that is not the case. Scan him again Knockout. I will not loose my mate once again to that Primus forsaken Matrix!"

Authors note:

Can't you just see the look on knockout's face? O.o

Sooo any thoughts? Should I keep this up? I'm starting the next chapter after I post this one since this idea has consumed my thoughts since the season finale. I really don't think my muses will be happy until it's finished. They've been hibernating for the last 6 years so it's nice to see them awake. Even if this isn't the story I was hoping to finish.

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