Flashback: /memories/

Thoughts: 'thoughts'

Private Comm: *speak*

Bond speak: [chat]

Nano-klik: 1 second

Klik: 1 minute

Breem: 8.3 minutes

Joor: 1 hour

Cycle: 1 day

Mega-cycle: 93 hours (3.875 days)

Orn: 13 days

Stellar cycle: 400 days

Vorn: 83 years

Warnings: Story will contain language (mostly Cybertronian), mentions of torture and

rape, and some mech/mech sexy fun-times. Nothing to explicit though, I'm forbidden by

the characters from typing it out and all they are all bigger than me so I listen ^_~

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Last time on Fraudulent Deception:

Knockout looked upon the two mechs and regretted that he would interrupt them in this moment. "Did you ever hear his name?" Megatron looked at him with barley concealed fury but the medic ignored him and pressed again. "I am sorry Orion but his name?"

"I only heard it once. What was it?" He searched through audio and video files but they were still jumbled together. His processors still trying to defrag. He scratched at his chest plates unconsciously again as he searched.

"It's not important now," Megatron said lightly casting one last glare at his medic. "You will remember in time. And if the fragger is still alive then by The Star Of Cybertron I will make him scream till he repents."

"Star?" Orions' processor once again latched onto a word. He did not notice Knockout slump further onto the bench in defeat. Did not notice Megatron tense in front of him. He was too focused on the word and soon it was joined by another.

"Scream…..his name was Starscream."

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"Starscream?" Megatron asked his anger barley in check. He wanted to rage. Wanted to finish tearing through the bulkhead he and the medic had already started on. And the only thing keeping him from doing just that was the slow drip of energon still leaking from the wound he had made on Orion. That, combined with his mates threat, had him swallowing his hatred for the treacherous seeker and keeping calm. He leaned forward resting his helm on the others shoulder and vented slowly. "Of course it would be that glitch I have let live so long."

Orion wrapped himself around his beloved, silently glad that he had controlled his anger so well. He looked over to see Knockout slumped down. He looked defeated and was filled with self loathing. He canted his helm to the side pondering the feeling he got off the medic before realization dawned.

"You knew," he said. It wasn't an accusation but Knockout seemed to flinch from him just the same.

"I suspected," he admitted reluctantly. Megatron had after all only promised to keep his anger from Orion. The Lord of the Decepticons glared at him from the corner of his optic and the wordless message of 'explain or you're slagged' was well received. "About the Scientists name, I mean. The way you described the procedure 'struck a cord' as the humans say. I remembered a day at the medical academy when a scientist came to me asking for insight on a experiment he wanted to conduct. After he explained it to me I refused to help him. Messing around with those that were spark bonded was not something I would condone. I reported him to the High Lord Medic and he was ultimately disgraced from the Science Academy. A few vorn went by and I put the memory to the back of my processor. Then the war started and I haven't thought on it until now. I did not know it had been used"

"I had no idea you were that old," Megatron muttered in surprise.

"It's not something I advertise," Knockout answered wryly.

"I am surprised Starscream was as amiable as he was toward you. I'd think he'd be furious."

"Oh he would be if he knew it was me." The two mechs curled together looked at him questioningly and he laughed. "I had my frame and colors changed before I joined the war to be more of a warrior model. My designation was not Knockout back then either. When Starscream originally called for me I became worried that he'd somehow caught on. But he never confronted me on it."

"How do you both know him?" Orions' voice broke in.

Megatron picked his helm off of the comfy shoulder to look into Orions' optics. "He was my Second In Command. Come to think of it, he never could follow orders where you were concerned. He was always trying to offline you when my optics were turned." A small amount of his anger toward the seeker bubbled to the surface and he growled, "If I ever get my servos on that treacherous weasel again, I swear I will..."

"Hand him over to me," Orion interrupted boring his gaze into Megatrons optics.

Megatron looked at him in shock. It had not been a question, it had been an order. His mate wanted the seeker for himself and he would not take 'no' for an answer. "Why? Do you wish to get your own revenge? That's not like you."

"I wish to question him. His longevity will depend on his answers. Ahh," he groaned harshly as he reached between him and Megatron to grip his chest-plates again.

Megatron laid him back on the berth and pulled the servo away before it could do anymore damage. "Orion? How bad is it?" He looked over to see Knockout once again standing closer a scanner in his hands. He raised an optic ridge in silent question and the medic merely smirked.

"Always carry a spare."

"It's not as bad as before yet," Orion hissed between his clenched dentals.

Knockout mulled over his reading for a few nano-kliks before coming to a decision. "Orion, open your spark chamber for me." As soon as the words left him he uttered a quiet curse and was prepared for a some sort of volatile reaction from Megatron. His leader would be overprotective right now after hearing of the extent of his mates torture. But only after having found himself thrown backwards against the deck with a cannon pressed to his faceplates did he began to understand the depths of that protection.

"Explain yourself. Quickly!" Megatron growled at the prone medic.

"I assure you I meant no disrespect or harm Lord Megatron! But seeing as how neither of us obviously know the depths of Starscreams' depravity and the fact that you need to spark bond soon, I wanted to make sure he had left no other surprises waiting for you." When the warlord did nothing more than growl at him Knockout offered a sheepish grin. "I admit I could have been less blunt."

"You really believe it to be necessary?" Megatron asked while retracting his canon. He offered his servo to help up the medic and hauled him to his feet when he accepted.

"I would not have asked otherwise. As insane as your former commander is, he usually has a back up plan." Knockout re-activated his scanner and turned to Orion, only to find the mech attempting to sit up. Megatron approached him slowly, apologizing for his outburst.

"It was understandable," Orion replied as he laid back down. "I really don't think Starscream would…"

"And I," Knockout cut in, "never thought he could stoop to something so low as raping a fellow Cybertronian. I really hate to ask this of you but I want to make sure your bonding doesn't go poorly. This scanner can only see so much I'm afraid." Orion hesitated, his optics searching for answers in the bulkhead beside him. Knockout looked at Megatron in silent question and the silver mech nodded at him to continue. "I swear to you Orion, I will not touch your spark. I only want to make sure there is nothing hiding in the chamber that could hurt the both of you." His optics widened as Orion momentarily seized in pain. "And we are running out of time my friend."

Orion shuttered his optics and vented, "Very well." He fought down the memories of the last time his spark had been bared and gave the command for his armor to part. The plating creaked and groaned as it split and Orion found he still had to pull it apart manually the rest of the way.

"Hmmmm, after the two of you have re-bonded and recharged you'll have to let me repair that plating." He watched as Orion finished opening the inner shell. With one last glance at Megatron who, once again, nodded at him to proceed he leaned over his patient and gazed into his spark.

He hesitated as he saw the Matrix of Leadership in the chamber. The golden frame covered Orions spark, making it impossible to see the chamber.

"Well, that is a problem." He felt two pairs of optics turn to him and he looked between them cautiously. "The Matrix is in the way sitting on top of the chamber like that. Do you mind if I take it out Orion? I won't be touching your spark, just pulling The Matrix out by the frame. Is that alright?"

"I never wanted the slagging thing in the first place so no, I don't mind at all," Orion managed to grunt out.

Knockout gently grabbed the edges of the frame and pulled it out carefully. The center of the artifact was dark due to Optimus Prime having used all it's energy to stop Unicron. He looked around and found a desk sitting against one of the walls and, after rising carefully to his feet, walked over and gently set it on the surface of the desk. For however powerless it was now it was an important relic of their past and might still be needed for Orion's health. After taking one last look at the dark center in curiosity he turned and went back to his patient who, with Megatron's help, was trying not to touch the exposed chamber.

Several things stood out to him right away. He could now see for himself the erratic pulsing of the spark and how tendrils of energy would lash out at the chamber. It was trying to get to it's other half, which it sensed nearby, by sheer force. It was this that was hurting Orion.

He noted severe scratches in and around the chamber that must be remnants of his torture. Knockout barley withheld a flinch at the sight of them. Those would have been very painful as the spark housing was sensitive. A gentle caress from a lover would be intense and pleasurable but violence such as these…anything he could think of paled in comparison. Coupled with Orions' empathy this was the worse physical torture he had been through. To know that he had not broken through even this said much about the ex-clerk. The fact that it was tearing apart the spark bond he cherished, that made up his very soul, had broken him had Knockout repressing another shudder at the amount of pain Orion must have felt at that act.

'Starscream, how could you?'

But out of all that, what stood out to him the most, was the color of the spark itself. Of all his stellar cycles he had never seen a gold spark, never even heard of one. Was something wrong with it? He quickly nixed voicing that out loud as his back strut was still smarting from his last meeting with the deck. But he needed an answer. Glancing up he noticed his patients optics were still on the bulkhead beside him. So, with hesitance, he opened a private comm to Megatron.

*Lord Megatron* When silence answered him he looked toward his leader and saw the questioning glance. *I do not wish to alarm or embarrass Orion but is this the proper color of his spark?*

Megatron carefully sat on the berth next to Orions' helm. When the prone mech looked at him, he just smiled reassuringly and caressed his fore-helm. When Orion shuttered his optics he glanced down at the open spark chamber and a more wistful expression settled on his face-plate.

*It is the proper color Knockout. Though I imagine the stress it is under is making it shine a bit brighter.*

Knockout processed that information quietly while continuing to look around. *I have never seen or heard of one.*

*Neither have I, before or since. His is the only one I know of.* He placed his other servo on Orions' shoulder as he smiled down at his mate.

As soon as Megatrons' servo was once again closer to the spark the pulsing, while still violent, died down enough that Knockout could see more of the chamber, and more of the violence inflicted on it. It took a lot to make him purge his tanks and the only thing stopping him so far was how it would embarrass the semi. He shoved the need to purge aside and looked deeper into the chamber.


Megatron looked up, and the medic was shocked to see fear openly expressed to him. Then the optics narrowed in thought before Megatron focused on him again.

*Out loud Knockout. It will be difficult but he must hear it as well.*

"Orion," he waited until the mech looked at him before continuing. "There seems to be a device of some kind attached to the wall of your spark chamber. I can't tell what it is and with how impatient your spark is getting I don't think I have time to get the proper tools to test it. Do you know what it is?"

A desperate sound escaped Orion as he shuddered his optics. "No. It must have been put in sometime during my torture."

"Then, I'm sorry to say, it needs to come out." Orions' optics widened in fear and Knockout gently cooed at him. "I know I gave my word not to touch your spark Sweet Rims, but that little thing can only be bad news. It needs to come out."

Megatron chose to ignore the 'Sweet Rims' for the moment for more pressing matters. "I could try."

"No," the red import cut him off and looked to Orion. "This will likely hurt at least a little. I don't think you want any kind of pain to your spark associated to Lord Megatron. Your merging could suffer for it. I will be as gentle as I can. I wish there was another way."

Knockout saw for himself the sudden surge of energy from the spark as Orion groaned and arched in pain. Megatron moved to sit astride his legs to help keep him down once again moving the pained mechs servos to grasp at the edges of the berth.

"Get it out!" Orion finally managed through gritted dentals.

"You will need to merge with him as soon as I get this out," he told his leader as he braced one arm across Orions' upper chest. He glanced a last time into the wide blue optics with a soft smile. "I'll try to think only happy thoughts." Orion gave him a sharp nod and the medic calmed himself.

He thought of his happiest moments on Cybertron before the war, before he was even out of the academy.

He let his processor think on the mech that made him the happiest as he reached into Orions' chamber and through his spark.

He thought of how his spark had raced when he realized who this mech was to him as he grasped the device that was magnetically attached to the chamber wall.

But as he pulled his servo out at the last nano-klik he though on how his spark broke as he saw the mechs' home destroyed in the first bombings of the war, killing everyone inside. He heard Orion gasp and looked up as he finished. "I am sorry for the loss that brought you such pain," he managed in quick gasps.

Knockout clutched the device as he stood up and moved away a few steps . "No I am sorry. You shouldn't have felt that." He turned away as he noticed Megatron lightly caress Orions' spark chamber causing the mech beneath him to moan in pleasure. As much as he worried something could still go wrong this was very private and he needed to leave. He heard Megatron talk quietly to Orion as he reached for the doors' access panel.

"Stop Knockout." When the medic stopped Megatron continued. "We think it wise you stay. So you are close should something, Primus forbid, go wrong."

"Very well." Knockout turned around and leaned against the door purposely keeping his optics on the floor. They may have invited him to stay but that didn't mean they wanted him to watch everything they did. As an afterthought he reached over to the access panel and locked the door as well as engaged the rooms soundproofing. Although, with the hole in the bulkhead that lined the hallway, it would do very little to keep someone from pressing their audios or optics to said hole and spying. He vented quietly as he moved himself over to cover the gap as much as possible. He glanced up as he did. He hadn't meant to and as much as he tried to take his optics off the couple entwined on the berth he found himself unable.

'By Primus but they are gorgeous together'


Megatron carefully moved them both around until he was kneeling between Orions legs. He then gently lifted the slightly smaller mech until he was sitting astride his legs. He wrapped his servo around the side of his mates helm and smiled softly. "Are you ready my mate?"

Orion turned into the digits caressing the finials of his helm letting a pleasurable sigh escape him.

"Yes," he answered as he placed a servo over the armor Megatrons' spark rested beneath. "Let us be united again. Until all are one."

"Let us be united again," Megatron repeated as he gave the command for his spark chamber to open. The glow of his spark caught Orion's attention and his mate looked at the swirling purple and gold energy with longing. He tilted the blue helm up with a pointed digit under his chin, locked optics with Orion and wrapped his arms around his mate pulling him closer as their sparks reached out to each other. "Until all are one," he finished the pledge and brought them flush together.

Purple and gold reached out to solid gold and swirled around each other as their sparks raced through their chambers happily. The gentle pulsing sent pleasure through their frames and Orion tilted his helm back as all his pain melted away. Megatron leaned in to nip along the cables in his mates neck a pleasant purr escaping him causing Orion to answer in another moan. A quick glance at Knockout had him smirking to himself at the medics unwavering focus on the two of them. He had no problem with the medic looking. Orion had been right with his 'groping in public' remark earlier. He enjoyed others seeing how beautiful his mate was in his pleasure. Touching, however, would result in limbs being torn off.

He growled softly as he felt the heat build up in their frames and settle in their pelvic plates but the need to interface was pushed aside as their sparks compelled them to finish their bond. He felt Orion drop all the firewalls and shields around his processors willingly sharing everything he was and had ever known with him. The only thing left was for Megatron to do the same.

And it was that that caused Megatron to hesitate. Everything he had done since he had lost Orion would be laid out for his mate to see. All the pain and agony he had caused, the destruction of their home-world, the countless sparks he had crushed in his servos, Orion would see through his own optics. He would feel all the suffering the warlord had put other Cybertronians through as his own pain. He would see and feel his blind hatred for the Orion Pax-turned-Optimus Prime who he thought betrayed him. It would hurt his clerk-turned-warrior and he worried it would be to much for the kinder mech to forgive. He felt a servo cup his helm and he looked up into understanding optics.

*I worry as well that the things you will see and feel from my captivity will be to much for you to forgive. But we cannot let our fear rule us. There is much we will both need to see and overcome before we can truly heal. Let us complete our bond so we may share our burdens and comfort each other.*

Megatron returned the caress, looking deeply into the optics of his mate. He was grateful to have this understanding mech back in his arms. And yet was still regretful of everything Orion would see and feel. He gently brought Orion closer and kissed him sweetly.

*Forgive me beloved.*

Then he dropped his firewalls and opened his processors fully to his mate.

They became one completely and their bond clicked back into place. They felt the link between them open like one of the earths blossoms and for the first time in eons they were able to share feelings, emotions and thoughts. Their bond was back and they rejoiced and delighted in the feeling of it.

[There you are, my spark.] Megatron greeted. [How I have missed you.] He admitted while wrapping his mate in the love he felt for him. He felt Orion embrace him with love in return and together they basked in their feelings, holding off their memories if only for a moment longer.

[We have to face them] Orion turned toward the barrier they had brought up between themselves and their memories and sent encouragement through their bond.

[Yes, let us be done with it.] Megatron agreed facing the barrier as well. As one they dropped it and they both gasped, through the bond and physically at the sudden rush.

They had already shared their earliest memories the first time they bonded. The Stellar cycles after they bonded were known to them as well. So all that was left were the very painful ones they each carried after they saw each other for the last time through the closing council chamber doors. The very ones they were hesitant for the other to see, but showed anyway out of trust.

Megatron knew there was only up to a stellar cycle of memories for him to see but that didn't mean they were any less painful. He tried to restrain his anger as he felt the guards tortured his mate. Beating him into stasis, then taking turns with him trying to break him. He saw the council members take their anger out on the clerk as well. Each of them doing the same as the guards and in some of their cases worse trying to get Orion to betray Megatronus.

He saw the first time Starscream entered the dark, hidden cell beneath the Council Chambers. Saw for himself the reluctance in the beginning. The very imaginative torture techniques that were very Starscream. The desperation and anger when nothing broke his captive. Saw for brief moments the regret, the tears and desperate begging. Then finally the ripping out of their bond that broke Orion. He felt his mates anguish and despair as he realized the bond was gone. And there, through Orion, he saw what leashed the tortured mechs anger. That all to brief soft emotion seeping from Starscreams' optics before The Matrix was forcefully shoved into his spark chamber and Megatron felt the overwhelming agony that accompanied it.

After that there were only the few cycles that had passed since Unicrons' destruction. But they were filled with a roller coaster of emotions from the moment Orion looked up at him in confusion and mechs he didn't know arriving and calling him a name he didn't know to the present where Orion felt both love and worry.

The warlord was quick to reassure him mate. Sending him love and a felling of pride at how much he had endured and still retained his light-spark.

Orion took comfort in his mates reassurances then faced Megatronus' memories. He felt the desperation as his mate watched the camber doors close between them. The outright rage at the agony he felt through the bond then worry as it went silent. He saw the planning, the kidnapping, the interrogations and as frustration reached it's limit, the killings. As expected Orion recoiled from the destruction and devastation he had caused to Cybertron and her people. But he pressed on regardless not wanting anything to stand between them anymore. He bore the pain with an iron will, determined to see this to it's conclusion.

Then there was the fateful day Megatromus had met Optimus Prime on the battle field. The joy that his mate was found was crushed by bitter hatred when all attempts to reach him through both the bond and out loud were denied. He felt the spark deep anger erupt when his mate declared him his enemy and Megatronus attacked in a blind rage. Feeling betrayed. Orion felt deep guilt for the devastation he had caused his mate.

He witnessed the eons of fighting, the dying of Cybertron and their fight whilst traveling amongst the stars. And finally everything that had happened while being on the planet Earth. Including Megatronus' intention of off-lining him as he laid dazed in Unicrons' spark chamber, ending their battle once and for all with both their deaths.

Then there was hope. Wary, disbelieving and untrusting, but hope all the same kindled in his broken spark as Orion called him 'Megatronus'. A name he missed spilling from those silver lip-plates. He watched as his mate made the quick decision to take him to the Nemesis. After that it was meetings with his commanders and warriors letting them know Orion was off limits. Dealing with a treacherous Femm model that had tried to take command in their leaders absence. Then heading to his quarters for some much needed recharge when pain filled screams reached his audios.

And now here they were. He poured understanding and love through their bond. Forgiveness was given as well. If the tables had been reversed and it had been Megatronus the council had tortured and reformatted Orion might also have gone insane with his grief and anger.

There would still be much to work through, fears anger and frustrations to overcome. But they would face them all together. For they were now one.

[I love you, my mate] Orion sent as they came back to themselves.

[I love you as well, my mate] Megatron answered. He kissed him once more then pulled back. Looking into Orions' spark chamber he saw his purple energy swirling around Orions' gold. He looked back up at his mate and smiled. A ping in his system had him sending Orion unexpected amusement.

[What is it?]

[It would seem we overloaded during our merging and bonding.] Megatron answered the query.

[We gave Knockout quite a show then.] Orion sent in amusement.

[Yes, apparently so. Speaking of, he needs to check your systems before we dismiss him.]

[Very well] Orion replied with reluctance.

Megatron kissed him once more then turned to the medic who was desperately trying to cool his systems. With a private smirk he addressed the mech.

"Knockout." At the medics spastic twitching he felt amusement from Orion through their bond and he smiled happily at once again being able to feel his mate. "Would you check Orions' systems and spark once more to see if he's stabilized?"

The red import calmed himself when he noticed that neither of the bigger mechs were angry with him and looked at them sheepishly. "But of course Lord Megatron," he answered. "As a matter of fact I should check you both to make sure." He took out his scanner and approached the newly-once-again-bonded couple on the berth.

They untangled themselves as he stepped up and he ran the scanner over Orion first. The energy reading from his spark had leveled out and just by looking at it he could see it pulsing normally inside his chamber. All his systems were running a little hot from the overload but well within acceptable parameters for such and occurrence. The same results were found with Megatron when he turned the scanner on him.

"Well you both are doing perfect. All systems responding normally."

"Thank you Knockout," Megatron said closing his chest-plates. The sharp grinding noise drew both their attention and they faced Orion with worry.

His chest plates were not responding and no matter how he gave the command or pried on the plates by servo they were stuck half open. He looked up to see the other two looking at him worried and he was quickly embarrassed. "Is there anything you can do Knockout?"

"Let me see Sweet Rims," Knockout offered as he bent closer to the stuck plates. "I think there is something stuck in the seam. Open the plates back up for me?" When Orion complied he ran his digits in the seams, trying to be as careful as possible not to hurt or arouse the poor mech. "Ah-ha! There we are," he declared as he pulled out a fragment of metal. "Now try."

Orion gave the command once again and with very little pulling his chest-plates fully closed. He vented happily and thanked the medic.

"Not a problem Sweet Rims, but after you recharge, first thing I want you to do is come to the med bay. I'll have some energon for you so you can refuel while I fix that plating." He subspaced his scanner and turned to leave once again when The Matrix sitting on the desk caught his eye. "I'd forgotten about that. Will you put it back in?"

Orion eyed the sacred relic with distaste. "The Matrix was an honor you earned by right of Primus. I did not earn it nor do I want to carry it near my spark again." Orion turned and once more laid down on the Berth exhaustion finally taking it's toll on his systems

His words however struck a cord in Megatrons' processor. There had been something missing in Orions memory files and after eons he felt the need to ask.

"Orion I have once last question before we recharge." His mate could barley online his optics, but after a klik he managed to look up at him.

"Yes, my spark?"

Orions' lip-plates curled up into an indulgent smile. His Optics bright with happiness met Megatrons. He seemed so happy and relaxed that the warlord almost told him it could wait. Almost.

Megatron looked down at his mate and asked with great reluctance and trepidation, "Where is our sparkling?"

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