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"My dear, how I love thee

Let me count the ways

I love the faces you make when you blow me

The look you give me when you want me to stay

Your foul language in the throes of passion

The way you toss your hair when I'm smashin'

I love when you cook me a big dinner

& I love how you scream my name & make me feel like a winner

& as you know my cum is delicious

I think you'd be happy to know it's very nutritious

So giving me blowjobs is just as good for you as it is for me

& I love how seductive you are & how you tease

Even though blue balls aren't fun you make it worth while

You finish each blowjob with a smile

Words can't describe how much I love you for doing so

But let me count the ways one, two, three, fo'

Now your clothes need to go"

Inuyasha looked up from the poem he'd just finished reading & smirked at the handful of students looking at him with expressions of absolute shock.

", t-thank you, Inuyasha. That was...uh, well, it was something" said the dean.

Miroku cheered & clapped in the back. "Woo, good job, Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha's smirk turned arrogant & he strutted back to his seat beside his boyfriend, Sesshomaru, who was glaring at him. He winked.

"Liked my poem, baby? I wrote it for you"

"You fool, this is poetry slam, not poetry about slamming!" Sesshomaru growled under his breath.

Inuyasha face fell a litte, ears drooping. "You didn't like it?"

"It was inappropiate! This is a school function! Granted, this is a college so the staff is more understanding of your hormones but I wouldn't be surprised if you got suspended for such an act"

The furry puppy ears drooped further. " really didn't like it...?"

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes & sighed, throwing up his hands. "Yes, Inuyasha. I loved it, thank you"

Inuyasha smiled & threw an around around him, planting a kiss on his neck. "I knew you would, baby. I'll write you another one for next week's poetry slam"

"Oh Gods..."






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