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'I'm not good enough to even be close to him.. What am I thinking..?' Johan - an eighteen year-old male that lived in Scandinavia - sighed as he looked down at his sapphire violin.

'This is all I'm good at.. Playing my music.. A-And he does too.. But.. He's famous, and doesn't know me.. I'm so stupid.'

He sighed again as he picked it up and played a single note; A note that expressed his emotions. Emotions he held back everyday and poured out into his music; his violin.

It was a stupid feeling; to be in love with a person whom doesn't even know you. Johan himself hated it, but he couldn't help it. He felt like.. He knew Judai, the ever-so famous pop-singer that travelled the world. Johan felt stupid that he was so connected and dedicated to someone he hadn't met. Ever. And he wasn't going to meet him, either, which hurt more.

He leaned his head onto his violin and began to play a sorrowful song. The song made his heart shatter and his eyes fill up with tears, but he loved it. Something about the song just.. Related to him..

"Are you ready, Judai-sama?" With screaming fans in the background, the brunet just barely heard her.

"Huh? Oh, yes, where to..?" His tired face slightly twitched into a smile, lighting up his bright brown eyes.

"U-Uhh.." A slight blush crept on Rei's face, but she responded quickly to the superior. "S-Scandinavia! It'll be a long trip, so you may sleep on the flight, Judai-sama."

Judai smiled and nodded, turning back to the screaming fans and waved, only to earn more screams and cheers. Heading inside the aircraft, he quickly sat down and sighed in relief.

"You know, you really shouldn't stress yourself as much, Aniki," A small boy walked up to the pop-star and handed him a cold drink. "It's bad for you to overwork yourself!"

Drinking it nimbly, Judai smiled a small smiled and looked out the window at his fans. "I do it for them. Without them, I wouldn't be here," He took another sip and turned to his little friend. "I don't do it for the fame. I don't do it for the wealth. I do it for them, and I hope to make their day at least."

Shou sighed. "You can't just do this forever, Aniki.. You know what your parents sa-"

"Don't talk about them," Judai interrupted, his face turning cold and stern. "I don't want to think about them ever again." Memories of his strict parents flushed back to him as he closed his eyes in frustration and irritation.

Shou sighed again. "Fine, Aniki.. But please think about life in a more realistic way? You can't be a singer forever."

"Tch," Judai turned his head and closed his eyes in disgust. "You think too much. The future is way ahead of us; I just wanna think about what's going on now," He winked a smile. "Plus, who knows, maybe I'll find someone who I'll want to spend my life with on tour!"

"Aniki.. You're so.. Stubborn." Shou groaned, but decided to just move forget about it and sat beside his best friend. Judai chuckled and added, "I'm just me, Shou."

"H-H-He what?" Johan's eyes glowed with shock and excitement. He couldn't believe what his friend just told him.

"The Judai Yuki is coming here on tour, you heard me," Manjoume, one of Johan's good friends, blankly said. "Though I should tell you since you love him that much." He put extra-sarcasm on the 'love'.

A slight blush crept on Johan's face. "I-I don't love him, idiot! I've never even met him!" He couldn't hold back the excitement and joy he held inside. "But when is it? The concert, I-I mean. A-Are you gonna go, Manjoume?" His smile was bright.

"Psh, why would I go to some horrible singers concert? He's about the same age as us and I can sing better than him. And jeez, aren't you a little too excited? I mean sure, if he was a girl and hot, then I'd understand that, but really." Manjoume's suspicions rose. He always thought Johan's sexuality was a bit.. Odd. Johan always tried to convince his friends that he was straight, but whenever they had tried to make him go out with a girl, Johan would either make up a lame excuse or say something like the girl wasn't his type.

Johan pouted, the blush still plastered on his face. "He's my favourite artist, jeez! And please, he's a way better singer than you'd ever be!"

Manjoume sighed in irritation. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I don't really care, honestly, but anyways. Look, my mother was so damn stupid and thought I actually liked him and bought me a ticket. So, here." He handed a light blue slip of paper with names, dates, and times typed on it.

Johan gradually took it, feeling a bit confused. "..Why are you giving this to me? Aren't concert tickets.. A lot of money?"

"I'm rich, Johan, remember? No need to thank me, it was just me being nice." He said with a smirk and turned, walking off proudly as he usually did.

Still staring at the ticket, Johan was speechless. He.. Was.. Going to Judai Yuki's concert? Maybe he could actually.. Meet him..?

He held the ticket close to his heart and squeezed his eyes shut, a stupid smile growing on his face. "I.. I can't believe it!" With that being said, he ran home and picked up his violin, playing his song of revelling.

"We've arrived, Judai-sama."

Judai perked his head up and nodded, standing up from his comfy seat and walked down the airplane's steps. A whole new, giant group of screaming fans formed outside the aircraft, screaming his name. Judai sighed, faked a smile, and waved to the hundreds of people waiting is arrival.

"From Japan to Scandinavia in just a little while's time, and still you have the same amount of people waiting for you. Pretty amazing how loyal they are, huh." Shou stood beside him, looking up slightly at his tired aniki and pouted. "Aniki, you should sleep when we get to the hotel."

Judai pouted tiredly. "I don't wanna.. I'm fine, plus, I want to explore here a little.." He smiled out to the crowd, catching the eye of one specific person..

"Hey, look, Johan! There's your little boyfriend.~" Manjoume teased, basically yelling into his friend's ear due to the large amount of cheering from the crowd.

Johan stretched his neck, trying to have a glance at his celebrity-crush. "He.. He isn't my boyfriend, idi-"

Emerald eyes locked with chocolate brown. Everything slowed down; time, the world..

Johan was breathless; speechless. He had never seen such.. Mystical eyes.

Judai's eyes hazed as he stared into the stranger's deep, beautiful emerald eyes. They were so different, and held a lot of emotion; emotions which he could only identify love, sorrow, longing, and lust. It made his heart feel a strong emotion of.. Desire..?

"Hey! Johan! You alive?" Johan snapped back to reality, turning to his friend and literally strangling him. "H-HEY! WHAT DID I DO?"

"Aniki? You alright?" Shou asked in concern, making Judai snap out of his concentration, frowning slightly.

"Y-Yeah.. I-I'm fine.." His thoughts drifted off, thinking about the stranger. Who was he? He felt a strong connection with him, his eyes just told him that. Those beautiful eyes.. Had he seen him before in the past?

"J-Judai-sama, a limo is here to transport you to your hotel.." Rei blushed and gently pulled on his black jacket.

Without looking, Judai nodded, still staring at the spot he had seen him, wishing he'd come back, and quietly walked down the steps to the limo.