"..W-What?" The teal haired boy blink and stared in confusion. A slight chuckle escaped his throat, brushing off the blunt response of the brunet.

"I.. I.. I know you.." Judai's eyes hazed as he absentmindedly reached out for him, his voice and arm shaking. His eyebrows slightly curved, as if worried Johan would disappear from his life completely. "Y-You're him.. H-Him.. I-I saw.. S-So long.. Ago.."

Johan's eyebrows curved, a bit concerned that Judai was having some kind of hallucination. "J-Judai, what are you talking about? We've never met before besides yesterday!" But that didn't stop the brunet. He leaned closer, his hand gently brushing over his chest, feeling his heart beat fast. "You're him, though.. Him.." Johan raised an eyebrow, asking him to go on. "Th-The one.. I-I met when I was young.. M-My friend.. Don't you remember.. Johan..?"

What? What had happened to Judai? He was acting.. Strange. Like last night, honestly. It was starting to scare Johan, really. First Judai was so nice and sweet, and now he made Johan feel very uncomfortable. He acted creepy in a way.

Since when did he know Judai in the past? Alright, admittedly, Johan did felt a strong connection with him, and it did feel like he had met him before, but he always thought it was just him and his crush on Judai, that it was just his fanboy desires. But having him openly admit that his desires were real? No, it had to be a dream.

"J-Judai, you're not making any sense..! I've lived here all my life, how could I have met you?"

The brunet sighed, gently setting down the violin into Johan's lap as he curled his knees up to his chest and held them. "Here, I'll tell you what I remember.."

Snow softly touched the ground, covering the vast town; A foreign place, yet it felt so familiar. With every step he took, the snow underneath him made a crunching sound: a sound he didn't hear often, but enjoyed hearing it.

"Now, Judai, since this is a new place, I want you to stay close to me, alright? Don't let go of my hand," His mother bent down to his eye level and gave his hand a squeeze. "Father is taking his tests and will be a while, so we have time to look around this place!" She smiled softly, hoping to create a smile on her son's glum face.

"Why did daddy have to come here? It's so far from our house. Is daddy going to be okay?" He frowned, his eyes a deep shade of brown. His mother could feel his worry and discomfort. Being only six, Judai felt very lost and confused in this new surrounding. "Where are we, Mommy?"

"Judai.." His mother sighed, thinking of a way to tell her son gently. "Your father.. Isn't well, so he had to come here in order to have certain tests in the hospital to find out what it is, and see what medication can be used to make father feel better. We're in Scandinavia, honey."

The little boy sighed and looked down at his snow-covered feet. Deep down he knew his father wouldn't be alright, but he didn't want his mother to see it. The young brunet's head popped up, a small but gentle smile forming on his lips. "Mommy, let's go explore!"

The snow still continued to fall down slowly, leaving the town completely covered with white. By now, Judai's cheeks were a bright shade of pink. He wasn't very cold, but the light winter breeze was a foreign touch to his skin. He sighed, slightly smiling in amusement that he could see his own breath. Judai's mother was eying shops which carried merchandise she had never seen before, but caught her attention. Judai wasn't particularly interested in such products, as his attention drifted from the shops to something he was more familiar with..

A playground. Though it was covered with snow, children still played on it. His eyes brightened and his lips formed a smile. He loved playing on playgrounds!

He pulled his mother's jacket sleeve. "Mommy, can I go play there for a bit?" The young brunet pointed towards the playground. His mother rose her head to take a quick look at it, and noticing how many children were there, nodded."Stay there on the playground, alright? Do not wander, I'll be back to get you in a while."

Judai nodded, running quickly to park, which held the jungle gym. He stopped, staring up at all the other children around his age, possibly older, enjoying their time, completely ignoring Judai's existence. He gulped down any fear of being mocked, and climbed up one of the pink metal ladders that lead to the main platform. He calmly walked up to one of the other kids and tapped his shoulder.

"Hi! I'm Judai. Can I play with you guys?" He smiled gently. He didn't want to mess up his chance.

The other boy scuffed in disgust, eying every detail of the "different" boy. "Who are you? You aren't like us. You don't even belong here! You look so.. Different. We don't like different."

Judai's eyes saddened, closing slightly as he looked down and stumbled his way up to the top of the slide, and sliding down it, walking away from the playground slowly. Why did everyone say that to him? Was he just that weird?

He lifted his head when he realized he was walking away from the playground, and stopped, looking straight at what was in front of him: A bench with a young boy sitting on it. The boy was Judai's age, had teal hair and green eyes, and was fiddling with a shiny, sapphire violin in his hands. He didn't even notice Judai's presence.

Judai slowly walked up to the boy, catching his attention as the other boy heard the crunches his shoes made as he walked on the snow. The other boy looked up at him and smiled. "Hi!" The boy's voice was happy and enthusiastic, nothing like the other boy's on the playground.

The brunet blinked, wondering why the boy hadn't shooed him away yet. "Um.. Hello..?" His voice was light and questioned each word he said; He wasn't too familiar with English yet. "Why are you.. Alone?"

The young teal haired boy blinked. "I'm waiting for my dad to pick me up here. I was at my violin lessons all day," The boy smiled more, hugging his violin to his chest. "And what are you doing here? You look weird. Are you from here?"

Judai shook his head, sitting beside the other and looking into his eyes. "No, I'm not. I'm from Japan and I don't know where I am." The other laughed lightly.

"Hehe! You're funny! I like you. What's your name?"

"Judai!" The brunet smiled the first real smile since he came to this country.

"My name is Johan. Johan Andersen! This is my violin," He held up his violin, snowflakes gently falling onto the shiny surface. "Papa gave it to me for my birthday! He said that this violin will give me luck!"

The brunet blinked, poking the violin slowly in confusion. It was just a regular violin, wasn't it? "Um.. Isn't it.. A bit.. Big?" Judai noticed that the violin was light, but it was big in comparison to Johan's size. Johan nodded in agreement.

"I'm going to use it for all my life! And when I'm an adult, I'll be one of the most famous violinists ever!"

Judai giggled, "I want to sing when I grow up. Maybe we can have duets!"

The two talked for what seemed like hours; Their feet were cold from the icy cold winds, though they didn't care. The two didn't even notice their hands had intertwined with each other. It didn't matter, nothing did. Everything was perfect. They weren't lonely when they talked to each other, they never did stop talking. Though they were young, they acted like they had been friends for years, and they were old adults reminiscing on fond memories.

It felt so natural, yet so strange. Their stomachs felt like they were bubbling with anxiety, though it was a strangely addicting feeling. "Judai, you have to go back, don't you..?" The European boy suddenly said. He had read his mind.

"Yeah.. But.. Let's keep our bond! How about.. I'll come visit you when we're older, okay?" The brunet smiled innocently, hoping that he would remember this boy.

Johan nodded, sticking out his pinky and shaking the other's in a promising way. "Alright, deal! But, you know, we might change in the future.. Let's have some way to recognize each other-Ah!" He picked up his violin. "A song! A song that.. I'll play violin, you'll sing! So that when I play it, you'll know the lyrics!" Johan smiled at his own idea.

"Yeah! But-" Judai turned his head quickly as he heard someone calling his name. "-Th-That's my mother.." His head dropped in sadness; He didn't want to leave Johan yet.

Without thinking, Johan picked up his violin, and unwillingly played a tune.

It was a tune that widened Judai's eyes, and stopped every movement and people around them. The song was horribly sad, and it sounded like the violin itself was crying, but it was beautiful. The European boy half-closed his eyes, looking at the brunet, a gesture to sing along as he closed his eyes fully, flawlessly playing the rest of the song.

Upon closing his eyes, words formed out of Judai's mouth. He didn't know where they came from, they just did. Was it English? He couldn't recall. He could barely even hear himself, he could only hear Johan's violin playing; though he didn't mind.

Everyone stopped to look at the two boys, including their parents. The quality of the performance was amazing for their age.

Minutes passed. Or was it hours? The brunet had forgotten; He was too lost in the song. However, that ecstasy was ruined as he felt a tug on his arm and a loud voice yelling. "Judai!" The voice sounded angry in a way, but concerned too. That was when his vision blurred and felt his body failing him. He opened his blurred eyes, looking desperately at Johan, whom had a terrified look on his face and was yelling something - his name? Smiling weakly, he mouthed a few words before his vision blacked out on him, and he felt a great coldness on his back.

Life came back to his fingers first as he twitched them, feeling as the coldness had disappeared. He was warm, and decided it was safe enough to open his eyes. In a slow, calm effort, Judai's chocolate eyes met similar ones of an adult male and female, staring down at him with worry covering their faces.

"Judai!" His mother almost screamed, wrapping her arms fully around her small son. "We-We were so worried about you! You scared us so much!" Her grip tightened as his father ruffled his son's hair in a loving way, a small, weak smile on his face.

"W-What happened..?" The brunet's senses were hazy, his vision blurry, his ears plugged. His mother pulled back, running her fingers through her son's soft brown hair.

"You collapsed, Judai, while you were singing with that.. Boy." Johan. What had happened to him? His eyes widened as he desperately looked across the room. Where was he? Didn't he come? Why isn't he here?

"J-Johan! W-What happened to hi-" His parents frowned, a scowl appearing on his mother's face.

"That boy did this to you. You don't have to worry about him, we took care of hi-"

"You did what?" Judai yelled, sitting up from his lying position. "What happened to him? I-Is he okay? Is he in jail? Is he.. D-dead..?" He gulped.

His mother was about to speak, until his father shook his head and spoke. "No, Judai, I had a feeling you liked this boy," His father was the only one that truly understood him, even though he wasn't closed to either of his parents. "So I made sure your mother didn't go overboard." His eyes shifted to glare at his wife. "He's fine, Judai, I didn't think it was his fault. We were there watching you, and all he did was play his violin, quite well, actually."

The brunet's face brightened in happiness. His father read his mind.

"But, unfortunately, we're leaving in the matter of hours. You can't go and see your little friend again. I'm sorry, Judai, but your friendship.. Wouldn't last. You live on opposite sides of the world, and plus, you're young. Maybe you'll see him when you're older!" His father pat his shoulder to make him feel a little better, but failed. Judai didn't want to leave; He loved it here. He wanted the friendship with Johan to last, and wanted to stay here. He actually loved the coldness and snow.

Leaving the snow-covered-land. The land he wished to return soon, but probably wouldn't, and that saddened him most. He loved everything about this land, despite being treated poorly by some.

Judai sighed sadly and removed his gaze from the window to his twiddling fingers. The lyrics were still fresh in his mind, and he hummed the tune while singing the lyrics in his head.

Johan. He didn't know why he cared for him so much. He was.. Different. One of the only people he knew that truly accepted him and liked him, unlike his other 'friends'. Only Shou truly liked him, though their friendship was somewhat awkward, in his opinion. But Johan.. Johan liked him, every bit of him. They had talked for hours, but it felt like years. Can people bond that quickly?

Sighing, he reached into his little pockets and looked lazily out the window; They had already lifted off, and Judai could only see white. He squirmed in his seat a bit, feeling eager to get the day over with. He was about to close his eyes and nod off in a sleep - it was a very long flight - before he felt something in his pocket.

Blinking, Judai took the unknown object out of his pocket and saw it was a piece of paper with scribbled handwriting on it, written in English, which Judai could barely understand. It read;

Don't forget. In ten years, come here again and visit. Don't forget me, Judai. And I'll never forget you!


P.S.: I forgot to tell you, your eyes are beautiful.

His cheeks flushed when he saw the last line. Checking to see his parents weren't looking, Judai quickly took the note and hugged it to his chest, a warm smile on his face.

Johan. Johan. Johan. Johan. Never forget that name.

"..Y-You're lying!" Johan frowned, though he was shocked, he held a bit of hope Judai was telling the truth. "My mother told me you- th-the boy died!" His eyes watered a bit as childhood fears crept back to him. His mother quite didn't described how the boy died, so it made his younger self feel guilty about 'killing' him.

Judai blinked before chuckling. "Do I look dead to you? Johan pouted a bit, shifting uncomfortably on the bed. "Well, no, but.. I don't really remember that," He chuckled awkwardly. "I do remember that note, though, and something about meeting a boy that I really liked," He genuinely put emphasize on the 'really'. "But honestly, Judai, I think.. You're right about it. I've always felt.. Somehow close to you. I know it sounds creepy coming from a person you just met, but I just.. I just thought I knew you, like a bond was there between us, and I thought we would meet! But.. I never.. Really believed myself, I thought I was just another fan boy with a stupid crush.." Johan unknowingly let everything out. He wanted Judai to know how he felt - not about his love, but about the bonds. He would hate himself if he confess-

His eyes widened as Judai stumbled on his words. "I know, I had that feeling too when I first saw your ey- Wait, crush?"

A blush deepened on Johan's cheeks, his voice weak. "Y-Yeah, l-like.." He pouted, trying to think of a logical explanation. "..An idolized-type-of-crush." Johan turned his head, avoiding all eye contact with Judai. He made everything awkward, didn't he?

Judai blinked for a bit, processing everything he said before nodding. "Mm, I see. Ever since I was on the plane, I felt as though I was forgetting something - or someone," He chuckled as he placed a hand on Johan's, making him turn redder. "Good thing I came back." He winked seductively, a glint of gold sparkling in his eyes. Johan hated that smirk, it made his stomach turn and made him feel a foreign feeling in his lower body.

"U-Um, y-yeah.." Johan breathed, feeling a bit more comfortable enough to take Judai's hand and squeeze it. Judai's smirk slowly softened into a smile.

"Johan, come on, it's seven, let's go eat breakfast." Their morning went by slow, only awkward conversations between the two. Judai didn't want Johan to go, so he constantly made excuses for him to stay.

"Johan..?" The other boy perked his head up.

"Yes, Judai?"

"That kiss last night.. I'm sorry," The brunet looked down awkwardly, a frown forming on his face. "I couldn't control myself. I'm sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable. I-I'd like it if we could st-still be friends..?"

A faint smile appeared on Johan's face. "Only the best, then yes." With a chuckle, Judai led him out of the hotel, a slight shiver coming upon him as he cuddled closer to Johan for heat. "W-Where are we going?" Judai had what he wanted, right? Then why did he continue to pull him along?

"Somewhere. I want you all to myself, Johan."