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Title: Are You Jealous?

Chapter 1: The Plan

A sixteen year old demi saiyan with raven hair is awakened by his hyper brother, who decided it would be fun to tackle him as a way to wake him up at such an early hour.

Gohan groans as he looks at the clock which reads 6:03 A.M. "Goten, it's way too early for this."

"Aww c'mon Gohan I'm hungry and mom won't let me eat without you." Goten whines.

"Ok I'll meet you guys in a minute, k" Gohan says while getting out of bed on his way to the bathroom.

"Hurry because I'm starving!" Goten cries while walking back to the table.

After taking a quick five minute shower, Gohan puts on new boxers and comes down to eat. They said their own prayers and began to tear up huge amount of food very quickly.

Being finished with breakfast, Gohan then heads back to his room to finish getting ready for school. He brushed his teeth, put on the rest of his clothes including his saiyaman watch, grabbed his book bag and left his room.

"See ya later mom, bye Goten!" He shouted as he ran out the door, changed to saiyaman, and flew to school.

"Bye Gohan!" Both Chichi and Goten said while waving to Gohan, flying in the sky.

Gohan makes it to Satan City only to find a purse snatcher stealing an old woman's purse. The woman cries, "Help me saiyaman! He's taking my purse!"

Gohan says in that annoying heroic voice, "No need to fear, Saiyaman is here!" He starts striking his really stupid poses.

The old lady sweatdrops. "Um.. Saiyaman, my purse."

Gohan giggles nervously and replies, "Right hehe"

Saiyaman easily catches up to the purse Snatcher, knocks him out with a quick chop, grabs the purse, and gives it back to the old lady.

"Thank you Saiyaman." The old lady says to him.

"You are welcome ma'am!" Saiyaman says to the old woman before continuing to school.

Landing on the roof of Orange Star High, Gohan checks to see if anyone is there before changing to his normal clothes. He climbs down the stairs and heads to class.

He walks into the classroom and noticed Videl isn't there yet. He takes a seat next to Erasa and asks where Videl is.

"She's on one of those police criminal missions again, she called me and told me that she would probably be late today." Erasa says while filing her nails.

"Oh ok." Gohan replies looking at the entrance for her to come in and she finally does.

A little out of breath, Videl tells her teacher, "Sorry I'm late. I had business to take care of."

The teacher nods in understanding, knowing that Videl was probably fighting crime with the police force. "Yes Videl, take a seat."

As Videl was walking to her seat, Gohan was staring at her. When she noticed he was, he smiled at her and she smiled back, while taking her seat in between Erasa and Sharpner.

'She has the most beautiful smile, I really want to tell her how I feel.'Gohan thought. 'I need to come up with away to find out how she feels about me, but how?...Oh I know, I'll try to make her jealous, but with who?...' Erasa? no. Angela? Hell no... Oh I know! Lime! She'll do it.

Gohan decided pull out his cellphone and ask Lime though text message if she would help him make Videl jealous.

Gohan: Hey Lime :)

Lime: Hey Gohan, Wassup? :]

Gohan: I was wondering if u could help me with something. See I have a huge crush on Videl Satan, and I wanna know how she feels about me, before I make a move. So the best way I thought of was to make her jealous.

Lime: Lemme guess. U want me 2 play the fake girlfriend 2 see if she gets jealous, am I right?

Gohan: U read my mind lol will u do it?

Lime: Hahaha ok sure! :)

Gohan: Thank u so much Lime! :D Hey meet me lunch on the rooftop 2 go over details k.

Lime: K cya then.

Gohan put aways his phone with a smile on his face then look at Videl again for a second before the bell rang.

Lunch at the rooftop

The two teenagers sat on rooftop Indian style, with lunch trays in their laps, discussing their plan to try to make Videl jealous.

"Ok I think we should just do simple things like flirt, hold hands, long hugs, kisses on the cheek. Ya know, like that. What do you think?" Lime suggested.

"Yeah, let's do that. Whenever we see her, we should hug each other where you put your head on my shoulder and stuff like that." Gohan agreed/suggested also.

"Ok but you're going to have to slouch, because your freaking taller than me." Lime said while chuckling a little.

Gohan giggled while saying, "haha yeah I guess so."

"Well I'll see you tomorrow, ok? And we'll start our plan: Operation Make Videl Jealous tomorrow." says Lime.

"Sounds good. Ok see you tomorrow."

'Well this is going to be interesting, I hope it works.' Gohan thought to himself hopefully.

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