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Professor McGonagall stood at the door, fists clenched and her lips whiter than it is humanly possible to be.

'Oh, hey Minnie,' James Sirius said casually.

'Don't you "hey Minnie" me! This happens to be my Transfiguration classroom!'

'Well, its needs to be a bit brighter…' James said vaguely, waving his hand around the room.

The room was indeed brighter. Perhaps too bright…it looked like a circus tent. There was circus music, plastic people on tricycles on ropes, more plastic people flipping and cartwheeling around, and the room was shooting stars in rainbow colours every two point five seconds.

'Get rid of it. Now. And follow me to my office.'

'Aw, but Minnie! It's not like I've blown up or any-'


James coughed and spluttered, standing up slowly and blinked. And yelled.


James ran and helped McGonagall up, who was covered in tiny plastic people and their tricycles.

'Po-Potter,' she said, shaking. 'You – my office – now –'

'Teehee, nice work, James! Ha! Ha! Haaa!' chuckled a voice.

James looked up to see Peeves laughing merrily near the ceiling. He liked Peeves – they had so much in common. James liked Peeves the second he saw him, when they the new first – years were walking up to the Gryffindor Tower with the Prefects. James knew he and Peeves would get along very well. James now grinned up at Peeves, who winked at him.

'Potter. Now.' And McGonagall steered James to her office.

'First day at Hogwarts…truly like your namesakes…I cannot believe it…' McGonagall rambled on as they walked to her office.

James grinned. His Uncle George and late Uncle Fred would be so proud, and so would his namesakes, James and Sirius.

McGonagall pushed gave the password to the gargoyle and James and she went up. McGonagall oushed opened her door and pointed a white, shaking finger at a chair.

'I want you to sit there. I have Albus keeping an eye on you, so don't even dare to do anything. I am writing to your parents and getting Professor Longbottom.' And with that, she stormed off.

James looked around, confused. 'I have Albus keeping an eye on you? Did she mean, THE Albus?

'What did you do to get yourself here?' A voice suddenly said.

James jumped and looked around. Then he spotted a portrait of an old man with the longest hair and beard James had ever seen. He had x-ray like blue eyes. For a second, James dumbly wondered who this was. Then it all clicked together.

'Hey – you're Professor Dumblebro!'

Dumbledore chuckled. 'I'm sorry? Dumblebro?'

'Oh – it's a name my uncle gave you.'

'What would his name be?'

'Uncle George.'

Dumbledore chuckled again.

'So, what did you do?' asked Dumbledore again.

'I – er brightened up Minnie – Professor McGonagall's room – and it – kind of – blew up… a prototype from my Uncle's shop…'

Dumbledore chuckled for the third time.

'I shouldn't be laughing…' Dumbledore said. He examined at James carefully.

'You are Harry's son.'


'And you mother would be – Miss Ginny?' Dumbledore guessed. 'Harry and Ginny, I believe, were romantically interested in each other in their sixth – year.'

'Yeah – yeah, they dated. And married.'

'Have you got a sibling?'

James didn't answer at first. An idea had just dawned on him.

'If you don't mind waiting for a year, I have a surprise for you.' James said to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore's blue eyes twinkled.

'I don't mind.'

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