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'Will you hurry up?' James Sirius yelled, running up a small flight of stairs. He looked down at his little brother, Albus Severus, running up behind him.

'Jeez,' James tutted, as Al caught up to him 'and I thought you were a naturally born Seeker! You need to be much faster than that!'

'I'm sorry?' Al looked at disbelievingly. 'Did James Sirius Potter just say something nice to his sibling?'

'Oh, shut up,' James said impatiently, and began walking briskly again.

'This place is so huge… and maze – like…' Al looked around, fascinated.

'You'll get used to it. Now, Minnie's might be in here…'

James pushed open the Transfiguration class without knocking. Sitting at the table was Professor McGonagall, sitting opposite a student who was trying to turn her hamster into a pin cushion and looked as though she was on the verge of tears.

'Potter,' McGonagall's lips were pursed. 'Knocking would be a polite thing to do.'

'Sorry, Minnie, but –'James began.

'Excuse me,' McGonagall nodded at the almost – crying girl. 'I will back in a moment. Keep on practicing.'

McGonagall led them out of the room and into the corridor.

'Now, Potter, how can I help you?' McGonagall asked, folding her hands across her chest.

'Minnie –'James started.

'Potter, I would appreciate it if you call me "Professor McGonagall".'

'Right, Professor McGonagall, I need you to let me into your office. '

McGonagall stared at James.

'Why?' she asked suspiciously.

'I need to talk to Dumblebro.'

'Will you please call teacher and late teachers by their proper names? And why do you need to talk to him?'

James shook his head. 'Not now. Just let me in, please.'

McGonagall stared at James again, then finally sighed and said, 'Fine. The password is Winnipeg.'

'That's in Canada!' Al, who had been awkwardly hovering in the background suddenly burst out. He blushed deeply when McGonagall looked at him curiously.

'It is, Albus.' McGonagall said with a faint smile. Then she turned back to James with a stern glare.

'I want the office exactly as it was. If a single thing has been broken, blown up –'

'Crashed, smashed, stepped on, painted on, etc etc… Yes, Minnie, we know.' James rolled his eyes. 'Thanks for the password – bye!'

They ran up to her office, quickly giving the password to the gargoyle and sprinting upstairs. When they got into the office, James hurried up to Dumbledore's portrait.

'Hey – Dumblebro!' James said, and Dumbledore woke up from his light snooze.

'Hello again, James. I just saw you this morning. What was it for, again?'

'For being responsible of the incident where every time somebody sat on the toilets, it blew up. Anyway, I have the surprise. Here,' James waved his hand towards Al. Dumbledore smiled politely at him.

'Introduce yourself!' James nudged Al.

'Um – hi. My name's Albus Potter.' Al said nervously.

James grinned triumphantly up at Dumbldore.

'He – Harry - thinks a lot of me?' Dumbledore asked.

'He does, 'Al said.

'Tell Harry I said thank you.' Dumbledore's blue eyes sparkled.

'Is that Potter again?' a voice from the shadows called out.

'It is, Severus. He has brought a surprise.' Dumbledore said.

James and Al walked over to the portrait of a greasy haired, hook – nosed man.

'Oh, great. Potter number two. Twice the trouble.' Snape groaned. 'What would your name be? Typical Potter arrogance for this one,' Snape nodded at James. 'James Sirius. Of course. '

'My name,' Al said indignantly. 'Happens to be Albus Severus Potter.'

Snape's rambling stopped. He stared at Al. Then faintly, he said,

'He named you after me?'

'He did. He thinks highly of you. He told me that you were the bravest man he had ever known.

'He – he did?'

'And I will say this for him: Thank you. Thank you very much.'

Practically for the first time ever, Snape smiled.

When the two Potters had gone, Snape was still smiling. He vaguely turned to Dumbledore.

'I like him. Albus.'

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