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You and Me
Lacus' Plea

Five years. It's been five years since she last saw him. She told herself that she would stop thinking of him; reminiscing all those times she was with him. But why? Why did it seem like she missed that midnight blue hair her hands caressed? Or those emerald eyes that she could stare into all day? Or that voice; that husky voice she loved to hear and would whisper sweet nothings to her? Yes. She missed the man called Athrun Zala. The man who gave her pain, happiness, worry, and love. Though, she wondered, why has she only missed him this much?

She would think about him every year, month, week, and day, but why only now? That question was answered by no other than the pink songstress. Lacus Clyne.

Why was she here when she had more important things to do? Well, that's where you think wrong. Six years ago, she left the seat of being PLANTS's ruler because she believed that it wasn't her destiny. It was something else; something more important than that. Kira didn't argue with her, though. What Lacus wanted to do was her decision and he didn't have the right to argue with her about it. Well, except for drastic measures.

You might be thinking, who replaced her? Well, who else? Athrun Zala was chosen by the other council members because he was fit for this job. He had experience in the battle field, knows a lot about PLANTS's stabilities, since his father, Patrick Zala, was close to the man who made it all possible, Seigel Clyne, and would be the perfect political figure for the country.

But that was out of the question. Why was Lacus Clyne here?

"I want you to come with me on his birthday party tomorrow."

That's right. It was his birthday tomorrow.

She remembered when she spent his birthday with him for the first time. October 29. They were still in the dusks of the First Bloody Valentine then, so there wasn't a big party.

She remembered being dragged out of bed by Lacus to get ready for him.

"Wake up, Cagalli!"

"Five more minutes." she complained. The paperwork she did last night was too tiring.

"But, Cagalli!" Lacus pleaded. "You have to get up now!"

She groaned.

Lacus sighed. "It's Athrun's birthday today."

And the next thing she knew, Cagalli was out of her bed faster than her Haro could say (1) "Haro".

She remembered helping Kira make a mechanical dog for him.



"Pass me the screws, Cagalli!"

"Damn it, Kira! Can't you see I'm playing with my game boy?"

Well, sort of. But it failed anyway, so they thought of giving him another gift.

She remembered wearing a freakin' dress for him.

"This dress is too short!"

"Calm down, Cagalli." Miriallia's smiled wearily. After an hour of forcing Cagalli into wearing a dress, she finally did it. But why, oh why was she still complaining?

"Nonsense!" Lacus said. "Cagalli, it's only an inch above your knees."

"And it's a freakin' tube!" she exclaimed. "If you don't have a problem, let's see you wear it."

Lacus sweat dropped.

She remembered being pulled out of the room by the person that special day belonged to. He hugged her for the fourth time, kissed her for the second and told her that he loved her (This time not inside his mind).

"I love you."

She looked down. "I-I love you, too."

"But, Lacus…" She thought about it. "If I went there. What would happen?" The positives. The negatives. She needed a good enough reason to agree. Something that would convince her to go. "He left me to be something he wanted to be; something that would change his life forever. And I guess he doesn't want me in it."

"Cagalli, that's not the point! Have you seen him lately? The joy in his eyes…" the pinkette sighed. "I don't see it anymore."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

"I want you to get back with him. Like before."

"Lacus, what we had was gone a long time ago." Her voice trailed. It wasn't really like that, but to her, it seemed like it. "I don't think it will ever come back."

"There's always a bond that connect the two of you."

"And that would be?"

"Them!" Lacus said, referring to two certain people. "You can't keep them from him forever. He'll have to know sometime."

"And that sometime isn't now, Lacus."

"But it's been five years, Cagalli. Five years!" What about them? What if they ask about him? What would you say?"

"I-I haven't really thought about that yet…"

(2) "Think about it now. If they don't have an answer soon, things will get worse. What if they hate you? What if they never forgive you for what you didn't do for them?"

She clenched her teeth. She knows she couldn't get mad at Lacus, but she was way too over thinking it. "I think I get it, Lacus, but I'm not the only victim here, you know."

"I'm sorry, but I'm just being futuristic. Don't worry; I'll be there for you all the way."

"Thanks, but… I'm still not ready." She sighed. "I'm still not ready to face him. What will his reaction be? What will he say? What if he doesn't accept them?"

"Athrun is not that kind of man." The pink songstress patted the blonde's back. "By the way, you're going to have to tell him really soon."

She cocked an eyebrow at her. "Why?"

Once again, Lacus sighed. "He and Meyrin… are engaged."

Her eyes grew wide in shock. Of course, she expected the next girl to be Meyrin, but from what Lacus said earlier, he was in uttermost depression. Why wasn't she giving him happiness?

She swore when she and Athrun were still together, even though there were always problems, she made sure he was still happy. Why can't Meyrin, a younger, (3) prettier, and carefree person not do that?

Lacus had to be lying. No, she would never lie.

She stood up and dialed a number.

"What are you doing?" Lacus asked.

"I'm telling Kisaka to cancel all my meeting for the month." she said. "Cagalli Yula Attha is going to PLANTS tomorrow."

(1) Well, I couldn't think of anything else XD So, that was practically random ^^

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(3) That was on Cagalli's POV, but definitely NOT mine -_- Meyrin MIGHT be a BIT pretty, but Cagalli can beat her to it :D

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