Hermione Granger was a sensible girl. That's not to say that she didn't get up to...mischief once in a while, especially with Ron and Harry as friends, but for the most part she was a responsible and mature sixth year student. So the fact that she was sitting in a corridor in the middle of the night when she should be in bed sleeping – if not sleeping then studying – surprised even herself. The day had been a horrible one – Ron had sat directly in front of her and snogged Lavender senseless and to top it all off, Snape had taken off points for Gryffindor simply because Hermione answered a question. As she sat on the cold floor, her angry face was lit up by the moonlight. Just the thought of Ron and Lavender had her fuming once more and her fists clenched at her sides as she remembered it. She glanced around the empty corridor, pulling her coat tightly around her and shivering slightly.

"Granger?" The voice startled her and she jumped violently, looking around for the source of the noise. Someone stood in the shadows, tall and slim and she didn't recognize him at first until he stepped forward into the light.

"Malfoy? What are you doing out of bed?" She asked, forgetting momentarily who she was talking to.

"I might ask you the same question." He replied and she noticed there was no harshness in his tone, something that was usually heard whenever he spoke. She watched warily as he sat next to her – not close enough to touch, because after all she was a 'mudblood',but close enough that it made her wonder what he was doing.

"I couldn't sleep." Hermione said simply, not elaborating because why would she? Malfoy was no friend of hers and she suppressed a laugh at the mental image of herself and Malfoy laughing together like her, Ron and Harry did. They sat in silence for what seemed like hours, and Hermione was sure she had fallen asleep and was dreaming that the blond haired boy sat next to her. She chanced a sideways glance at him, remembering Harry's new theory that Malfoy was a death eater but his long sleeves prevented her from seeing his arms.

"What did the Weasel do then?" His voice startled her for the second time that night and when she turned to look at him she saw him hide a smirk.

"What are you talking about, Malfoy?" She snapped and he ignored it. "I don't even know why you're sitting here with me. You're supposed to hate me, remember?" She turned away and stared at the wall opposite her.

"Supposed to, yes." Hermione felt something inside her snap at his words and she looked at him, taking in his hunched profile and sunken in eyes. He didn't look up at her gaze but kept staring at his legs that were crossed in front of him and Hermione wondered who this person was in front of her, because there was no way it was the same Malfoy she had grown up knowing.

"You never answered my question earlier. What are you doing out of bed?" She asked again, once more turning back to stare at the stone wall. He didn't answer straight away and she waited patiently. It crossed her mind what Harry and Ron would think if they saw her sat so close to Malfoy and talking so calmly to him. She surprised herself by finding she didn't care.

"I couldn't sleep." Malfoy said, repeating what she had said just minutes ago and she felt his eyes on her. She turned her head and the intensity of his stare shocked her, his cool grey eyes boring into hers but she couldn't tear hers away. "What do you see in him?"

Hermione stayed looking at him, the question echoing in her head and she knew of course who he was talking about. Their whole year knew about Ron and Lavender – it was hard to ignore them – and Hermione was sure all of Gryffindor saw how it affected her. But for Malfoy to pick up on it was something that seemed strange to her.

"I don't know." She said in a small voice, partly angry at herself for even answering the question. The other part of her felt a slight sense of relief to talk to someone about it; her only close friends were Ron and Harry, and though he was her best friend, this was something she wasn't comfortable talking to Harry about.

"He doesn't deserve you." If Hermione hadn't watched him say it she never would have believed it had come out of Malfoy's mouth. He refused to look at her and she shook her head, utterly confused at the conversation they were having. "I'm serious. He is nothing, he has nothing, and treats you like rubbish – and look at the airhead he's with."

"I'm not sure I'm following you, Malfoy. What is it to do with you?" Hermione asked and she felt a jolt of what she recognized to be excitement as he shuffled the slightest bit closer to her. He still wasn't returning her stare and not for the first time that night she was confused as to who he was. It seemed there was another whole side of Malfoy none of them had ever met before.

"It's nothing to do with me, Granger." He said and when he didn't elaborate Hermione sighed.

"Well, this conversation has gone nowhere. I think I'm going to head back to my common room." She said and made to stood up but a warm hand on her arm stopped her. She looked down at the pale fingers that closed around her upper arm and then slid her eyes up to his grey ones. "Malfoy, what is going on?"

He didn't answer, but continued to watch her and she grew uncomfortable under his stare. "I don't know what I mean, Granger."

"You are making no sense." She said, aware that he had not yet removed his hand but had slackened his grip ever so slightly. Malfoy made no move to take his hand away and Hermione left it where it was.

As she continued to stare into his eyes she was vaguely aware that his face was inching closer to her own and she had only a second to register her shock as his lips touched hers before she found herself kissing him back. Their lips brushed lightly, Hermione feeling his hand move from her arm and on to her back, she felt a jolt of desire run through her and it frightened her slightly. She pulled away, breathless already and looked into his eyes trying desperately to read what was hiding within them.

"Why have you let your guard down?" She asked and she watched the words pierce him, a pain on his face that she would never know about. She knew in that moment that whatever had just happened, and whatever was about to happen, would never happen again. Tonight, for whatever reason, Malfoy had let the walls down and Hermione had seen him show feelings – however fleetingly – that she was sure he would never admit to feeling. He didn't answer her, but moved forward to kiss her again and this time Hermione let herself be taken away, her own thoughts of pain in regards to Ron floating away as their kiss deepened.

Hermione felt herself being pushed backwards slightly and went with it, one of Malfoy's hands holding her head as she lay down on the ground, surprised that it didn't feel cold. Her two hands wrapped themselves in his blonde hair and she was pleased to find it soft through her fingers. As his other hand roamed down to her school skirt, she felt a gasp escape her mouth when his hand slowly stroked the skin of her thigh. He pulled away from her briefly, looking into her face and asking the question without speaking. Hermione thought on it for only a second before reaching her head up to kiss him once more, her tongue meeting his and they kissed furiously, the energy between them electric.

Malfoy's hand resumed its path up her skirt and Hermione enjoyed the feel of it on her bare skin, feeling goosebumps appear across her body. A small whimper escaped her mouth as his fingers brushed the outside of her briefs and his mouth separated from hers leaving Hermione breathless. She thought for a second of where they were and the consequences if someone came across them but as Malfoy lifted her top slightly and kissed her stomach, all thoughts were driven from her mind and she looked down to see him lifting her skirt up, his own trousers already undone.

This was not something special for him and she knew it wasn't for her either. His fingers teased her lips and she watched him lick them clean, shuddering slightly at what was to come. She knew this would be a one-time thing and that seemed to make it all the more exciting. She had no intentions of pursuing him or wanting anything from him; this was purely for the physical act and though it was not something sensible Hermione would normally do, the feelings Malfoy was bringing up in her were hard to put aside. She was brought crushing back to reality as he slipped one finger inside her and she moaned, her hand over her mouth to stifle the sound.

Hermione's eyes focused on the ceiling as Malfoy removed his finger and replaced it with something else and she moaned again, louder this time, at the intrusion. He slowly entered her, his breath shallow as his eyes focused on her breasts; he used one hand to lift her top up and exposed her breasts, his hand now squeezing them tightly and causing Hermione to whimper. She felt herself growing increasingly excited and as he picked up the pace and began to plunge roughly into her, her moans escaped and echoed in the corridor.

Faster and faster he entered her and her breasts bobbed with each thrust, Malfoy watching them intently, his breaths now coming in short bursts. Hermione sounded similar and as he pounded her harder, she gasped at how deep he felt inside her. She felt herself reaching climax and her head rolled back slightly, her eyes screwing shut as her orgasm rocked her. She felt Malfoy come at the same time, the moisture between her legs warm and sticky and she felt ashamed almost instantly. Malfoy rolled off, doing up his trousers and watching carefully as Hermione sat up and pulled her skirt and top back down.

There was a silence and the pair sat in the corridor, Hermione still hearing her own moans echoing and she felt her cheeks blush a deep red that would give the Weasley's a run for their money at the thought of what she just did. Without warning, Malfoy stood up and Hermione looked up at him, a lump in her throat.

"I think you know that nobody can – "

"I know." She interrupted and he nodded curtly, turning and walking away. Hermione waited until his footsteps had disappeared before the tears that had formed in her eyes fell and regret consumed her.