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The smallish doctor chuckled to himself holding up the completed product. The fruits of almost three year's labour were finally complete and contained in this simple vial. A screen popped up near him and he read it and then smiled.
"Not a hundred percent my love, but reasonably certain." He said and she typed furiously again. The screen came back and he shook his head.

"We'll only know when we give it to him. The trick is figuring out how to get the two to do the deed." He reminded and she seemed to sigh but there was no real sound. She typed again and he nodded.
"That could work well… It's worth a shot right? I doubt he'll find anyone in the meantime, but they have to be together within hours of him drinking this," She clicked again and he nodded.

"Yes…the trickiest part is making sure they don't kill each other instead. But fret not my love…this will end the war…and save millions of vending machines." He chuckled and placed the vial down, delicately.
"It'll have no taste, so we can mix it with water if we have to. I wonder if he will take to alcohol though. He hates anything unhealthy," He reminded, though he was really just thinking aloud. The woman clicked furiously again and the screen popped up once more. The smaller man laughed at what was written and nodded.

"I think we have our plan. Can I ask you to bring him here? I can handle the other myself," The woman turned and left abruptly. The doctor made a call.

Shizuo Heiwajima was trying not to lose his cool for the umpteenth time that day, but this stupid ass was insistently nitpicking everything about his order! It's not like this was a five star restaurant by any means and Shizuo had had about enough crap today. The table was uprooted and an alarmed cry came from the man.

"Listen you, I'VE HAD ENOUGH! IF YOU-" ! ! It was his cell phone. More specifically, the ring tone he'd assigned to Shinra. The man made his escape before the table could land on him and Shizuo blinked at the phone.

"What is it?" He growled into the mouth piece.
"Shizuo-san! Celty and I need you to come by tonight!"
"What the hell for?" The blonde grunted in reply. Shinra was hardly his friend; he was just his doctor for crying out loud.

"Well, I found something anomalous in your last blood test and I need another sample to make sure you're in tip-top shape!"
"Why does Celty need me then?"
"Oh, she doesn't but she is my lovable wife!" He chimed cheerfully.
"Whatever, when do you want me there?" He asked and he could practically hear the man smiling.
"Oh, round six, don't be late!" He cheered and hung up. Shizuo scowled at his phone. Then he scowled at the people staring at him in shock and awe. He left without waiting to be fired.

Izaya was happily skipping through Shinjuku when then whine of a horse caught his attention. He stopped so that the motorcycle could reach him and watched, his red eyes curious and a small cocky smirk on his face.
"Ah, Celty-san, I don't recall asking you to come by, so what is it?" He asked in a jovial tone. A screen pops up in his face.
[Shinra needs you for something] He blinked.

"What something?" He asks, though a tad cautious. One can never be too sure when it comes to the strange doctor and his Dullahan wife. She types again and the new message pops up.
[Something in your blood. He wants to do a simple test] He nodded.
"Now?" The helmet shakes no and she types again.

[At five-thirty. Do not be late]
"Aye, aye, I'll be there Celty-san," He promised and started skipping along again. The rider turns and her motorcycle leaps forward with a whinny.

"So? How did it go?" He asks and she removes her helmet before she types the message.
[He will be here at five-thirty] it reads. He nods knowingly.
"Good, I asked Shizuo-san to be here for six, so that gives us time to slip Izaya the drugs and start getting him ready," He said. He knows she nods despite her lack of a head. He smiles as he watches her head into the living room and starts preparing. He can't let them see each other too soon or they won't do what they need to do. He smiled then and thought of the Nobel Prize he could win for his experiment if it's successful. He knows it will be, he just doesn't know how successful….yet.

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