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Shizuo frowned lightly when there was no response. He went to the room he shared with Izaya and smiled a little. The informant lay in bed, breathing softly, his back to the door. Shizuo went over to his sleeping lover then froze. Something was…wrong. He gently shook Izaya's shoulder and frowned when there was no response.

"Izaya?" He asked, starting to worry. Gently he turned the man over and gaped. A light trickle of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth, and there was more on the pillow. His mouth looked like he'd had foam there and he had clearly lost bladder control at some point. Shizuo panicked now, grabbing his phone and speed dialling Shinra.

"Pick up….pick up you damn doctor," He paced now, unable to hold still. Something was wrong, something was very, very wrong and he didn't know what.

"Hey, it's Shinra~ Leave a message at the beep!" Shizuo cursed loudly.
"PICK UP THE PHONE NOW! Screw it; we're going to be there in a minute!" He hung up and moved to Izaya, gingerly picking up the unconscious man before bolting out the door. He didn't even bother locking up. He ran the entire way to Shinra's place using the back alleyways. He didn't want anyone to see Izaya like this, and it got him there faster at any rate.

Celty was waiting for them. She'd heard the message but was unable to answer since she had no voice. She led Shizuo to a room and motioned for him to lay the informant down so she could do what she could for him. Shizuo winced when he saw that the blood was due to Izaya biting through his tongue. It would need stitches.

"Where's Shinra?" He asked, his voice betraying his panic. She shook her head and looked for something to write on.
[He went to meet with someone, he didn't take his cell with him and I don't know where he is!]
"Fine, stay with Izaya, I'm going to drag him back here," Shizuo growled and Celty reached out as if to stop him, then let him go. She moved and sat by Izaya, moving him a little so he wouldn't drown in the blood that still seeped from his tongue.

"SHIIIINRAAAAAAAAAAA!" Shizuo roared through the streets like a man possessed. He sounded much like he used to when chasing Izaya down, but it was for Izaya he now acted like this, his rage making others flinch and cower away from him in terror.

"Shizuo-san?" Said doctor was just leaving a building, having been called out to remove a bullet from a gangster. He squeaked when Shizuo lifted him by the scruff of the neck and began running back to where he lived.

"What's going on?" He squeaked and Shizuo kicked the door down.
"Something's wrong with Izaya," He said, setting the doctor down at last and Shinra went in then frowned, hurrying over to examine the unconscious informant.

"I think he's had a seizure," Shinra said, his voice concerned and Shizuo had to lean against the wall for support.
"Wh-what?" He gasped in disbelief.
"Eclampsia does that, we need to deliver now," Shinra added, starting to stich his tongue up, "Celty, please go set up the other room so we can do that while I finish with these stitches," Celty hurried out to do just that, but Shizuo was still having trouble standing. Shinra finished quickly enough and motioned Shizuo over.

"You can sit with him if you like, now I need you to carry him to the other room and change if you do, got it?" He said and Shizuo nodded slowly as he picked up Izaya's limp body. He followed Shinra in to the other room and managed to get Izaya laid on his side on the bed, then left the room to change quickly. Shinra injected the epidural into Izaya's spine before rolling him onto his back and setting a curtain up above the swollen abdomen...just in case Izaya woke up.

"Celty, the incubators are ready? Good," Shinra finished disinfecting and Shizuo came back in after changing. He winced as Shinra's scalpel cut a long line across the swell and with Celty's help he lifted both babies out. Shizuo shivered as the small sack was cut open and the fluids drained into a pan. Celty wiped one gently and placed it on one side of the incubator in the room, the other one Shinra did the same with. Shinra moved and stitched Izaya up again, then disinfected the area again.

"Shizuo?" The blonde man was in a state of shock right now. He managed to look at the doctor who beamed at him.
"He's got a bump on his head, he may have hit it, but I think he'll be okay…come look," Shinra tugged him to the incubator and Shizuo grinned despite himself. Two very small baby boys were wiggling their arms and legs and he nearly laughed at the sight. Shinra had to move them though, they needed care since Izaya was only at twenty eight weeks. The nursery was finished at least. They were wheeled into a separate room, then Shinra came back to care for Izaya and had Shizuo move him to a different room as well. He was lighter now, but Shizuo hadn't noticed weight even when the twins were still inside him.

"Izaya…wake up soon. They're perfect," Shizuo said softly once Shinra was out of the room.

Izaya groaned and opened his eyes. The light was so bright! He heard someone laughing outside and sat up slowly then frowned and finally looked down at himself in horror. He was far too thin. Hell he could see his feet! The babies, his babies were gone! He was panicking when the door opened and he heard an intake of breath.

"You're awake," Shizuo's voice radiated with happiness and he moved to the bedside.
"Shizuo, I don't know what happened, I blacked out and now we're here, and wherearethetwins? I-" Shizuo kissed him to make him stop talking and after a moment pulled away.

"First, you've been in a light coma for a week. Second, you had a seizure and hit your head, third the twins were delivered; they're healthy and growing fast. Both boys," Shizuo explained slowly and Izaya blinked.
"A week?" He asked and Shizuo kissed him once more, lighter this time.
"A whole week,"
"Th-they were delivered?"
"Yes. They're so perfect Izaya!" Shinra came in to see why Shizuo was taking so long and started when he saw Izaya sitting up.

"He's awake! Excellent! How are you feeling Izaya?"
"I…confused, but…no, I'm-I'm fine, I want to see them, I want to see my babies!" He insisted almost desperately and Shinra smiled and nodded.
"I'll bring them right in for you." Shinra bustled off and they heard him tell Celty that Izaya was awake now. The small babies were wheeled in though the brunette was a bit larger than his raven-haired twin.

"Oh…" Izaya gasped and smiled as Shinra lifted the smaller one and handed him to Izaya. They were early, but had surprisingly few problems and had already gained significant weight and size.
"Did…did you pick which one had what name?" He asked softly and Shizuo smiled.
"I wanted to wait until you were awake," He said and Izaya grinned happily.
"Then…this one is Hibiya," He said and Hibiya's small amber eye's opened to look up at his mother in mild confusion and annoyance at being woken. Shizuo took the other twin from Shinra happily.

"Delic has your eyes, Izaya. And Hibiya has mine," He chuckled a little.
"They really are perfect," Izaya mumbled happily.
"I know," Shizuo replied.

Eight years later

"Hibiya, stop teasing your sister!" Shizuo groaned, trying to get the young 'prince' to stop tormenting his five year old sister, Saiyuri, who was currently in tears. The boy looked at his father, his amber eyes wide.
"I din't do anything!" He protested and Shizuo rolled his eyes lifting his daughter so she could escape him, she was Izaya's spitting image. Delic was ignoring everything completely and zoned out, his headphones turned up loud. He opened the door and went straight to his room, Shizuo calling after the dyed-blonde to at least turn the volume down. Hibiya bounced into the living room to greet his mother.

"Mama! Daddy's bein' mean!" He whined and Izaya smiled, patting the newest additions back to get him to burp.
"Well, were you teasing your sister again?"
"What have I told you about lying Hibi-chan?" Izaya chided and the boy sighed softly.

"That if I lie, I have to do it so no one knows, cuz lying is an art and only some people can do it well," He repeated and Shizuo groaned.
"Izayaaa….why would you tell him that?"
"Because it's true, here, take Psyche a minute," He said passing the baby to Shizuo.

"Dada, how come Psyche-chan is so small?" Saiyuri asked from Shizuo's shoulders.
"All babies are small, you were too."
"I wasn't" Hibiya protested. "Princes aren't small!"
"Yeah, you were smaller, and you're not a prince Hibi-chan." Delic returned with his overnight bag since tonight was a 'sleepover' with 'Uncle Shinra' and 'Aunt Celty'. He sat forlornly and ignored them all by turning his headphones up.

"Ne~? Deli-chan, not so loud, you won't hear it if someone attacks you~!" Izaya chirped happily, removing the headphones from the now pouting Delic.
"If they do I'll beat 'em up," He grumbled. Delic was so far the only one to actually display Shizuo's strength. Someone had been bullying Hibiya in kindergarten and he threw the sandbox at them…and embedded it in the wall.

"We're heeereeee~" Came Shinra's sing-song voice from the door.
"'Ncle Shinwa!" Saiyuri cheered, hopping off her father's shoulders gracefully and tackle-hugging his leg happily. She had tackled him and nearly knocked him over though.
"Aaah, Sai-chan! How's my favourite niece~?" Shinra cheered back making Hibiya scoffed loudly and went to get his own bag. Shinra had to drive since they couldn't all fit on Celty's horse.

"You have the child seats set up properly?" Izaya asked. He could be a real mother hen when it came to these four.
"Yes Izaya-san, you want to check them?"
"Duh," Izaya left to check the car seats…and probably check the van for bombs too.
"Just to warn you, Izaya fed him asparagus earlier," Shizuo smirked a little as he handed Psyche to the doctor and he frowned.

"Just for me huh? I can do it. Hmm Psy-chan, you look like your mommy, you do~!" He said and Psyche giggled happily.
"All right, it passes," Izaya sighed in an offhand way, but the adults all knew he really had been worried.
"Deli-chan, Hibi-chan, hurry up. Sai-chan, get your bag come on!" Izaya purred and Saiyuri hurried off to get her things too. Shizuo was grabbing Psyche's bag for Shinra.

"You two have fun~" The doctor said suggestively as they left and Izaya blushed a little. One's sex-life did suffer with four children like theirs, but tonight was more than just sex too.
"Happy anniversary Iza-chan," Shizuo said happily, kissing the former informant lightly. This many hard-to-handle children was a full time job, forcing Izaya to retire early. He had more than a lot in savings though.

"Happy anniversary Shizu-chan~" Izaya replied, his left hand taking Shizuo's right. He had an extra ring now…only for the last two years had they been legally married though. The law had taken a few years to appeal, but due to the fact that men could have children now it happened.

"Want to destroy a vending machine? For old time's sake?" Izaya asked mischievously and Shizuo laughed.
"You read my mind…"

Seliphra: Let me break 'em down for you!
Delic: While young, tends to ignore everybody in favour of music, but around fourteen turns into a worse flirt than Kida. Turned his hair blonde around seven, secretly idolizes his father, and has a great sense of fashion!
Hibiya: Developed a prince complex around three which Izaya encouraged much to Shizuo's chagrin. Adopts his mothers insults and inherited his intelligence as well, but grew up a spoiled brat...eventually he finds someone who can tolerate him...idolizes Delic despite insulting him all the time.
Saiyuri: The only girl (alas!), gets converted into the yaoi and anime fandom by Erika at fourteen and spends lots of 'Girl time' with her and Celty as she grows up. Turns out reasonably well adjusted (shocker!). Grows up to be FemIzaya.
Psyche: Probably the scariest of them all...Sugary sweet, loves music as much as Delic, and when angered his strength exeeds Shizuo's. Yeah...there were a few buildings demolished along the way, fortunately he is REALLY hard to piss off. His favorite colour is pink, and he is flaming gay. Eventually he meets a lovely young man who looks similar to Shizuo but with blue eyes named Tsugaru and they get married and give Shizuo and Izaya grandbabies. The first one anyways...
Shizuo and Izaya: Still chase each other through Ikebukuro, but it always leads to really kinky sex when they do...along with massive property damage. The end up with eight grandchildren in total and are very happy together...but they still call each other flea/louse and protozoan/plebeian/monster. Except now it's affectionate.

In the end, the vending machines wwere not saved by Shinra's plan. Well...okay, for a while they were. All the children inherited Shizuo's strength, but their displays of it are far less frequent. Izaya taught them how to manage their anger in more constructive ways in order to save their furniture. AND YES, THEIR WEDDING WAS BEAUTIFUL! Erika suffered multiple fangasms when it happened too. Yeah, she was invited, no Izaya did not wear a dress...hilarious as that would be. Everyone lives happily ever after, and Celty eventually gets her head back. Namie is a bitch who can go die.

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