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Chapter 1

The giant robots collided and shot their gigantic guns at one another. Sparks flew everywhere, one bot in particular laid on the ground, wounded.

"Ironhide!" Rachel yelled. "IRONHIDE!"

She cowered under an overturned car as a F-22 fighter jet flew away. As soon as it had gone she bolted from the car to the robot lying on the ground. Before she could get there, he had gotten up and limped toward the others.

"Ironhide!" she called. "Don't go! Please! Ironhide!"

. . .

Rachel jerked up in her bed with a gasp.

"Oh, my God," she muttered.

She never wanted to remember that day again. Ever. But now she had. She rubbed her temples, trying to forget, but she knew she never would. She looked out of her bedroom window, it was dark outside, very dark. She assumed she had been asleep for only a few hours, or minutes, she couldn't tell. She quickly threw on her black boots and a jacket over her day clothes she had fallen asleep in. She quickly, but silently made her way out of her house without being noticed by her parents. As she walked down the sidewalk -not heading anywhere particular- she started to think back to that day. She had never done something so arrogant or selfish, not to mention outright stupid. It had almost cost her her own life and more importantly Ir-

A blast emitted over head. It sounded like a sonic boom. A flaming -what appeared to be a- meteor streaked overhead, interrupting Rachel's thoughts.

"I know that..." Rachel started to mutter.

She broke into run back to her house. She quickly hopped in her car and drove in the direction of the streaking meteor. She drove fast, edging the speed limit, but not going over it, just in case. She kept a close eye on the path, until a black truck sped by her. Suspicious, she followed it. It led her to the mouth of a small alley. She parked her car and jumped out, running ahead into the alley. Two other teenagers -a girl and guy- stood in the alley by a yellow and black racing-stripe Chevy Camaro.

They looked at Rachel as she approached.

"Who are you?" the guy asked.

"Who are you?" Rachel demanded.

The girl held his hand and leaned around him saying, "I'm Mikaela, and this is Sam, who are you?"

"Rachel," Rachel replied shortly.

Soon the blaring of a siren could be heard and red lights bounced off the walls of the alley. The three teens turned to face the sound. A yellow Search and Rescue Hummer was the source of the siren and lights. It was followed closely by a black, 2007 GMC Topkick and a silver, Pontiac Solstice GXP up the back of the alley. Rachel turned just quick enough to see that most familiar symbol resting on the front of a blue semi truck with red flames painted on it, before the truck shifted and started to transform -was the only word Rachel could describe it as. By transform she sought to describe that the blue and red semi's parts quickly, dis-joined, moved around, and clicked into different places. She'd seen this happen over hundred times, but it never ceased to amaze her. Where the six-foot semi once was, stood a giant, at least thirty-foot tall robot. It was also hard for Rachel to describe how each robot looked. Their armor -made out of parts from their cars- covered their legs, arms, heads and chests and basically their whole body. Each robot was different, no two looked alike -almost like humans, except for their electric-blue eyes.

In fact, she knew they didn't look alike, not because of her previous knowledge, but because the other cars in the alley had also transformed. As she looked at the black, GMC Topkick she had followed there her jaw nearly dropped.

"Ir-" she was stopped short as the blue and red semi knelt down.

He came eye level with the guy called Sam, and then began to speak.

"Are you Samuel James Witwicky, descendant of Archibald Witwicky?" the semi said in a deep voice to Sam.

"They know your name," said the girl, Mikaela.

"...Yeah," was Sam's reply.

"My name is Optimus Prime. We are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron," the semi, who's name was Optimus, said.

Rachel had never seen him before, but he was a Prime, a Prime.

Wow, Rachel thought, this day is full of surprises.

"But you can call us Autobots for short," said the Search and Rescue Hummer.

"Autobots," Sam repeated in amazement.

"Autobots!" Rachel exclaimed with joy.

"You seem familiar, have we met before?" Optimus addressed her.

"Not personally, I wouldn't easily forget a meeting with a Prime, but you may have heard of me," Rachel said.

"Are you Rachel Hallows," Optimus said.

"Sadly, yes," Rachel replied ducking her head in shame.

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