Alright my adoring fans -jk- sadly here is the last chapter of my TF fanfic...for the first movie at least. :D This is a short chapter, yes, but I have already gotten deep into ROTF so enjoy, here's Chapter 8, the final chapter:

Chapter 8

"Oh, get up," came a voice.

Rachel opened her eyes, her mind spinning wildly. She saw Ironhide standing over her.


"You're fine," he grumbled.

"I just about died and you're saying I'm 'fine'!" Rachel yelled in mock-anger.

"Ironhide, she isn't going to die -a minute more, though, would have been bad- but she does have a few bruised ribs," Ratchet said.

Ratchet looked over Rachel again, as she got to her feet.

"And her left hand is broken in three places," Ratchet added.

Rachel glared at Ironhide.

"You punched me, remember?" Ironhide said.

"Yeah, and you about gave me a heart attack," Rachel shot back.

Only then did Rachel notice what was going on around her.

"Thank you, all of you," Optimus said to the humans.

All the Autobots were there, Bumblebee sitting on the back of the tow truck. When Rachel looked to Optimus her heart sank.

"Oh, my God, Jazz," she gasped.

The Autobot hung limply in Optimus' arms, eyes dark. Ironhide tried to put a hand on Rachel's shoulder, but knocked her down by accident.

"Whoops, sorry," he apologized and this time he wasn't joking.

"It's alright, but Jazz..."

"We couldn't do anything to save him," Ratchet said.

Then Rachel's mind jumped, "Megatron..."

"Was destroyed by the All Spark, and the All Spark was destroyed," Ratchet explained.

"I missed all the fun," Rachel grumbled.

"You honor us with your bravery," Optimus continued.

Then a new voice spoke up.

"Permission to speak, sir?"

Everyone turned to face Bumblebee.

"Permission granted, old friend," Optimus replied.

"You can speak now!" Sam exclaimed.

"I wish to stay with the boy," Bumblebee said.

"If that is his choice," Optimus said.

Sam looked from Optimus to Bumblebee, and back.

"Yes," Sam said.

Optimus leaned down to Megatron's limp body and pulled something from the still-burning hole in his chest. Rachel could barely see what it was. Then she put everything together, it must be a piece of the Cube. Rachel kept silent as Optimus held it.

Later Rachel learned that they had dumped Megatron and the rest of the dead Decepticons in the Laurentian Abyss. She also learned that Sector Seven had been officially terminated. Now, she laid on the hood of the black Topkick, her back propped up against the windshield. The sun was setting over the hilltop all the Autobots were parked on. A couple feet away Sam and Mikaela were making out on Bumblebee's hood.

"Poor Bee, though, be lucky that's not you," Rachel said.

Optimus stood further away, facing away from them, hands behind his back. Rachel was told he was sending a message to Autobots hiding throughout the solar system. Rachel was happy for the first time in a long time, genuinely happy. She was with Ironhide, who was closer to her than family, and the All Spark - and Megatron with it- had been destroyed. For once, she had no worries, at least for now. She knew one thing: nothing should ever come between this feeling she had right now. Somehow, she should always find a way to get it back, she knew there would always be hope, always.

Yes sort-of sappy ending in my perspective.(and now a ten minute speech from Optimus Prime) Jk, jk. Here ends TF fanfic #1, to be continued in TF: ROTF fanfic dubbed -by me- Dark Past, Bright Future: ROTF(yes, yes how creative of me) Look for it soon, until then, see ya Decepticon punks ;)