Hey there!

Well, I've never actually really been a Dramione fan before, but after reading The Boy in the Hammock, it converted me!

So this is my first Dramione fanfic!

Plot- The chandelier in Malfoy Manor that fell on Draco and Hermione turns out to be a Portkey, that transports them to a hut on a beach, in the middle of nowhere. With their only means of getting back being walking, Draco must choose between his loyalty to the Death Eaters and his family, or help his former schoolmate recover from her ordeal under the hands of his Aunt!

As a result of this being an AU, that means some parts of DH may be different post-Malfoy Manor!

Her screams echoed through the dining room, making the hairs on Draco's arms raise, and his entire body was shocked at the noise, at the sound of so much pain. He had been the recipient of Aunt Bella's Crucio before, during their intense training sessions, but this, this was different. This was every atom of rage the woman possessed directed towards his former Hogwarts student.

He tried not to feel anything. Wasn't that what he was taught from birth? Don't care about the emotions of other people, you need to be a mask of indifference.

"How did you get into my vault? Did that dirty little goblin in the cellar help you?" Bella screamed, only pausing for a second to speak before performing the curse again, making Hermione scream even louder.

They had been at it for what seemed an hour of screaming, crying, and, on Draco's part, partial pity. He had to constantly remind himself that she was part of Golden Boy's trio, an enemy of the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters, a Mudblood, she was the visual representation of everything he despised.

Why couldn't he feel anything then? Why, every time she screamed, he felt absolutely nothing?

He snapped out of his reverie as his Father ordered him, "Fetch the goblin, he can tell us whether the sword is real or not!"

He nodded, before trudging towards the cellar, refusing to look at Hermione as he passed her. He jumped down the steps, the chilly air heightening as he stepped downwards into the darkness.

He pointed his wand at the cellar lock, whispering the password, before saying in what he hoped was a strong, confident voice, "Stand back! Line against the back wall. Don't try anything or I'll kill you!"

They were in here. Potter and Weasley. Steeling himself, he caught sight of their snarling faces, before he grabbed the goblins bony elbow and pulled him out, pushing him up the stairs in front of him, locking the gate whilst keeping his wand trained on the goblins back.

"Good, Draco." Bella purred as he stepped back into the warmth of the dining room, pushing the goblin towards her and standing beside his parents, trying his best not to show any emotions.

"So, goblin." She pushed the sword into his hands, and the goblin's eyes momentarily lit with greed at the sight.

Before she could continue, a muffled crack! from the basement caused everyone to jump, pointing their wands towards the cellar, but no-one came up the steps.

"Draco-" Lucius began, but thought better of sending his only son towards possible danger, "No! Call Wormtail! Make him go and check!"

Draco nodded sullenly, before going towards the fireplace and knocking on the panel above it, yelling, "Wormtail!"

He stepped back as the fireplace turned, and Wormtail stepped out, looking petrified as he took in the sight. "Yes?" He queried, his voice high-pitched and nervous.

"Go and check the cellar." Lucius commanded, and Wormtail nodded, before shuffling off.

Everyone was silent as he descended, and the sound of a bang, and momentary scuffle caused everyone's face to flush, before Lucius called, "What is it, Wormtail?"

"Nothing! All fine!"

Draco faced his Aunt again, thinking nothing more of it. Weasley probably fainted, he thought, snickering to himself.

"Well?" Bellatrix said to Griphook, "Is it the true sword?"

"No, it's a fake."

Draco breathed a sigh of relief. Now they could hurry up and get rid of them before he had to look again at Hermione's unstirring body by his Aunt's feet.

Bellatrix pulled her sleeve back, revealing her pulsing Dark Mark, her eyes huge and manic. "Now, we summon the Dark Lord!"

Draco winced as his own Dark Mark prickled when she pressed her own. He always hated when that happened. It was a reminder of what he signed up for, and he always wondered what he was doing when he required his Death Eaters.

"And I think, We can dispose of the Mudblood. Greyback, take her if you want."

Draco swallowed, his fingers wrapping around his wand, the knuckles white. At least it would all be over, he reminded himself.


Draco wheeled round as the sight of ginger streaking across the room made him shake his head at the risks these morons would go to. Stupid Gryffindors.

Potter himself stood feet away, and he sent a hex towards Draco and his parents, which they dodged easily. His parents sent hexes back, so he obliged, firing hex after hex towards Potter, but he hid behind the armchair to avoid them.


Draco jumped at the ferocity of her voice, and turned to see his Aunt holding a stout silver dagger to Hermione's throat. "Drop your wands!" She shrieked, her hair a wild bush around her neck. "I said drop them!" She yelled again, and she dug the dagger slightly into her neck, causing beads of blood to drip onto the carpet.

"All right!" Harry shouted, dropping his wand, and Ron dropping his.

"Good! Draco, pick them up!"

Nodding obediently and feeling slightly like a house elf, he crossed the room as his Aunt continued to jeer at them. He bent down, picking up their wands, and when he straightened again, he fixed them with his best smirk, before stepping back beside his Aunt.

As soon as he stood beside her, the sound of creaking from above him grabbed his attention, and he snapped his head up, staring with shock at the bizarre sight of a House-elf, his House-Elf Dobby, fiddling with the chandelier.

Before he could say anything or move, everyone was diving out of the way, his Aunt dropping Hermione as she did so. What were-

The chandelier dropped on them, the glass shards shattering on the floor, stabbing his face and arms, felling him.

When he opened his eyes seconds later, he was no longer in Malfoy Manor.

Staring at a cobweb in the corner of the small room, he turned his face to the left to see the goblin lying lifeless, a huge glass shard protruding from his stomach as he clung to the sword, and to his right, he saw Hermione lying feet beside him, her eyes clamped shut, bleeding to death.

Hope you like!