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If you watched the four of them stroll across the station, casually chattering among themselves, you wouldn't have thrown them a second glance. But, if you looked closer and saw that they were carting along two large eagle owls with their massive amounts of suitcases, you would have thrown them bizarre looks.

"We're early, as usual," Draco laughed, hauling the eagle's cages after them, and Hermione shook her head laughing saying, "We need to set an example!"

"You first Scorpius," Draco said, gesturing to their oldest Scorpius, who was identical to Draco. He had his blonde hair, pointed chin and blue eyes, whilst he had inherited his mother's quick-thinking.

Scorpius easily sauntered over to the barrier, and, making sure no-one was watching, leaned against it, waving cheerily as he disappeared through the barrier. Draco followed suit, then Hermione smiled at his 1-year younger sister, Sky, "Ready?"

"As I'll ever be!" Sky replied nervously. She was brunette like her mother, and her hair was in neat curls, and had Hermione's eyes and brain, much to her father's relief. Her ability to charm anyone she met clearly came from Draco's side, or so he and Lucius thought. Hermione waited until she had gone, before slipping through herself.

The steam from the scarlet train swirled around Hermione's feet as she arrived at Platform 9 and 3/4's. Draco was storing their suitcases onto the train, aided by Harry, whose oldest James was chatting amicably with Scorpius, whilst Albus and Sky were deep in conversation, looking excited but nervous.

"Hey Harry!" Hermione greeted as she approached them, smiling. "Not out catching any bad guys today?" She teased, and he laughed.

"Got the day off to see the kids off." He explained, grinning at Ginny who came over, smiling. "You going back to the Ministry later?" He asked Hermione, and she shook her head.

"They can manage a day without me," She replied, and Draco chuckled, and muttered to Ginny under his breath, "And after the way she yelled at that guy who was calling someone a Mudblood, I'm sure they welcomed her absence!"

Ginny began to giggle, and Hermione glared playfully at him, "At least my job description doesn't sound as if it's out of James Bond!" She teased, knowing of his love for the movie after she made him watch it the Christmas Scorpius was born.

"I think it's cool, actually!" He replied, looking appealingly towards Harry, who worked with him, for back-up.

"Aurors are the reason you can sleep safely at night, 'Mione," Harry winked, "And Draco knows all about the guys we're catching!"

"And I know how to scare them." Ron had appeared with Lavender and their only son Peter, who was smallish and had a mop of red hair and brown eyes, and grinned at the sight of his extended family. "Just show them the hair, always works."

"The sight of a ginger does strike fear into most people's souls, yes," Draco agreed, and they all laughed, before the driver strolled past them, nodding. "They must be leaving soon," Draco pointed out, and turned to see Scorpius tearing away from his friends before bounding over, grinning at everyone before looking at his father, "If you get any House points taken off Slytherin, you'll have me to answer to," He said sternly, but couldn't resist a smile.

"Bet you I get detention in less than a week," Scorpius challenged, and Draco glanced at his wife, but she was hugging a scared-looking Sky good-bye.

"Your on," Draco agreed, shaking his hand, "5 galleons?"

"Deal," Scorpius grinned, before giving his father a huge hug, and bounding over to his mother, whilst Sky hugged Draco tightly.

"Bye Dad," She said quietly, and he knelt down, smiling at his daughter.

"We'll come visit in a couple of days to see how your doing," Draco promised, and hugged her again, "And for the love of Merlin, remember to write to your Grandparents, they'll rush the castle if they think your in danger," Draco rolled his eyes, and his daughter laughed.

"Do you think I'll be a Slytherin like you, or a Gryffindor like Mum?" She asked quietly, so no-one could hear them.

"Maybe a Hufflepuff!" He joked, grabbing her and tickling her, "Or a Ravenclaw!"

She squealed, and laughing he let her go, standing and ruffling her hair, watching her climb onto the train, "Look after her Scorpius!" He yelled as his son jumped on, and he saw a glimpse of a thumbs-up before they were gone.

Hermione joined him, taking his hand and resting her head on his shoulder, "I'll miss them," She sighed, and he laughed softly.

"We'll write, and visit them most days anyway, knowing you," He teased.

She looked indignant, but she knew it was true. Both of them nearly fell over laughing at the sight of Neville and Luna rushing through the barrier, Neville looking flustered, Luna looking gleeful.

"She went chasing after a Wingbat!" He yelled to them, pushing their twin sons onto the train and hopping on himself, his job as a Professor of Herbology at Hogwarts a great source of amusement, but even funnier was the idea of Luna teaching Care of Magical Creatures.

"What's that?" Harry called, and Neville shrugged.

"Haven't the foggiest! See you soon!" He yelled, before he vanishing into the train, Luna, who was waving manically, followed him.

The train started to pick up speed gradually, and Scorpius and Sky stuck their heads out of the window, waving and calling after their parents, who beamed and waved back, watching as the train journeyed off, turning a corner so they couldn't see it anymore.

"They'll be okay," Draco said reassuringly.

"I know," Hermione agreed, and as they left the Platform, the sounds of Kings Cross filled their ears as they kissed, ectastic with the fact that they would spend the rest of forever with each other.

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