This is what boredom does to me.

If any of you are familiar with the game Portal 2, this song is based on the song "Want you Gone" (Which is like, the second best song ever in a video game. First being "Still Alive")

I had lots of fun writing this so it would match the song! Xandra often doesn't get enough love...well, at least not as much as Hanso and Brynn do...

To Hanso: Well here we are again,

It's always quite a pleasure,

Remember when you stole my artifact?

And how we became "friends",

Oh wait, we're enemies now.

Under the circumstances I was so nice to you.

To Brynn: You will not join me, Brynneth?

That, I was counting on.

But you can't make his choices,

Oh, the Faeries will be gone!

To Hanso: She is a pretty girl.

(Maybe not quite a friendly)

Your little Brynneth is a control freak!

To Both: The faerie's held my paw,

So they could teach me magic.

It's such a shame that I was forced to do this to them.

To Hanso: You've got a choice, now make it.

Join her or join me.

You made the right decision!

Rule Neopia with me!

To Brynn: Oh you should see your face,

That look is quite a sad one.

It would be funny, if it weren't so sad!

Well you have been replaced.

Hanso doesn't need you now.

When I kill you maybe he'll stop feeling so bad!

To Hanso: Let's make some new disaster!

That much I'm counting on.

The faeries are our problem,

Tyranny is finally gone!

Tyranny is finally gone!

Tyranny is finally g-

Hey wait, what are you doing? Stop that! Don't stab that- you don't know what it will do! Stop it! St-*turned to stone*

Hanso: Well that shut her up.

Brynn: Thank Fyora.