Summary: Lucius Malfoy just discovered that little Harry Potter is living with a Muggle family. Seems to him like his son would make a perfect playmate for the child who inevitably would become more powerful than the Dark Lord!

Characters: Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, Dudley Dursley. Multiple viewpoints.

Idea attribution: This idea came to me during a TTH Forum discussion: .?topic=6132.50
Quote from: JoeB on Wed, 01 Dec 10 07:25:15
Consider as soon as Harry was in the open Lucius want Draco to get all buddy buddy with him. I would have thought that they would have started the seduction at a much younger age, and I bet Vernon would have gotten over his hatred of Wizards pretty quick with how rich the Malfoy's and several other DE's were.
Now that is an interesting idea...I've seen stories where Harry met the Malfoys right away when he was 11 and they befriended him, but this idea is even more interesting. Of course, Dumbledore would know, most likely, that they were moving in on his secret weapon but I doubt he could really do anything about it. Meanwhile Harry would grow up being best of buds with Draco (and maybe turning not just into Dumbledore's tool but just a 'tool' as well). Growing up with muggle-haters when muggles abused him would be fascinating...

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. The characters and background stories belong to Ms. Rowling.

Lucius Malfoy sat in his parlor sipping black tea when a loud popping noise announced the arrival of one of his house elves. "Yes?" he called out in a bored tone, moistening his lips with the warm beverage.

"M-master Malfoy, s-sir. There's a Mr. Nott here to see you."

Swiveling in his oak chair, Lucius looked down at the house elf – what was his name again…Doorknob? Doberman? Dobby? Ah yes, that was it – and smiled slightly. "Bring him here."

Dobby nodded and apparated away. Lucius frowned in concern. Theodore Nott, Sr., had hinted that he heard news of interest but Lucius honestly had no idea what the man knew. Theo was a Ministry official, one of his closest allies in the political world, and he always had his ear to the ground.

Footsteps sounded and Lucius rose to his feet. "Theo," he nodded briskly as he shook the other wizard's hand.

"Lucius," Theo smiled. Nott was a tall fellow and built like a Quidditch Beater – and his crooked nose made the man's former career obvious. Straw-colored hair lay thick upon his head and his facial hair was a neatly trimmed beard. Green eyes twinkled underneath heavy eyebrows suggesting his excitement, and Lucius motioned for the man to sit.

"How is the family, Theo? Is your son enjoying his governess?" Lucius asked, only mildly interested. Any savvy politician understood the instinctual human need to like a person who appeared interested in the activities closest to their heart – namely, family.

"Little Theo is certainly making the broad earn her money," Theo guffawed. "Yesterday he led her on a merry little chase through the manor. I tell you, he may be only eight but he's got the speed of a snitch!"

Lucius laughed lightly and smiled. "Still interested in preparing him for Quidditch?"

"Of course!" Theo answered in a booming voice. "Of course, the missus thinks he needs to worry about just school when he arrives at Hogwarts in a few years." He rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Narcissa isn't fond of Draco engaging in any violent activities where he might get hurt," Lucius smirked, leaning back in his chair. "Now, tell me Theo, what is your news?"

"I heard it from an Auror. It's rather hush-hush to keep the public away at the moment." Theo paused, obviously relishing in the fact that he possessed a secret that Lucius was not yet privy to.

"Yes?" Lucius drawled, annoyed that he had to prompt the ever theatrical Theodore Nott. The man had grown so used to the spotlight during his Quidditch days that he clearly craved it still.

"Harry Potter has been spotted with a muggle family," Theo whispered dramatically.

Lucius sat straight up and stared at Theo. "After all these years and the bloody 'Boy-Who-Lived' is with muggles?" he scoffed, clearly using the famed nickname in jest. "Dumbledore really is cracked, isn't he?"

"Dunno, seems to have hidden the boy this long," Theo shrugged.

Lucius pondered for a moment. It was widely known that Harry Potter was the cause of the Dark Lord's death. Some of the Death Eaters, including him, believed that Potter must have a well of dark power waiting inside him. After all, what other force could have killed the greatest wizard to have lived if it was not dark magic within the babe? They had searched for Potter since then, each anticipating what sort of great magic the boy must have – and quite frankly how to tear the boy from Dumbledore and place him onto a more 'constructive' path.

Losing the Dark Lord had almost ruined them all. Narcissa's sister and brother-in-law were in Azkaban. Lucius had to testify that he had been Imperiused during the war. It had taken several years to set their reputation to rights. And furthermore, losing Voldemort meant that Lucius had to return to his rather undistinguished life.

Not that he was without merits and power. No, it wasn't that. In the Wizarding World he was powerful…but that was just in Britain and a select few European countries. Voldemort had promised them the world – and Lucius always got what he was promised, even if he had to take matters into his own hands.

"So where is the boy?" Lucius asked.

And later that day he apparated into Little Whinging, Surrey, England.

"I won't have it, Lucius!" Narcissa Malfoy spat, her glacial eyes narrowed and her arms crossed. They were in their bedroom, her standing and Lucius calmly reclining on their king-sized bed.

"Darling," Lucius drawled. "It'll be good exposure for Draco. I thought you wanted him to succeed in school?"

"In wizarding school, not muggle!" Narcissa screeched. She began pacing angrily, stalking the width of their bedroom like a wild cat.

Lucius raised a lazy brow. "This will expose him to more types of people. You know what my mother says – it's important to learn how to interact with others."

"Right," Narcissa said with a harsh laugh. "And right after that your mother says to remember to avoid the common pleb - especially muggles."

He smirked. Mrs. Priscilla Malfoy was an outspoken and crafty old woman who had a strong view of the world. Of course, she had taught him everything he knew.

Narcissa stopped pacing and gave him a strange look. "In fact, you're just like your mother," she accused. "So why, oh why, do you want our son to attend Little Whinging Public Elementary?" Her eyes shifted from anger to suspicion. Yes, she knew him well.

Lucius attempted to play it off with a shrug. "Can't a father just want to provide his only son with more networking opportunities?"

"Networking is play dates with the children of pureblood wizards and witches, not muggles. What's your game, darling?" Narcissa approached him, a cautious expression on her face.

He fought to keep from smirking. This was an old song and dance for them. They both had known each other since childhood and knew how to play the other. When she wanted something Narcissa would call him 'darling'. Next she would begin rubbing his shoulders.

Since he was in need of a good backrub, Lucius maintained his silence.

Carefully pasting a seductive look on her fair and pretty face, his wife crawled into bed behind him and began running her hands over the curves of his bare back. "Darling, you know you can tell me anything. And you know I especially dislike secrets."

"What will you do for me?" Lucius murmured, his breath caught in his throat as Narcissa's nails ran down his spine.

Her tongue ran down the edge of his earlobe and Lucius shivered. "You know."

He was no fool. Narcissa would tease him all night until he gave in.

"Fine," Lucius said reluctantly, enjoying the feel of her hands kneading his tense shoulders. "I found out where Harry Potter lives. I thought Draco could befriend him and perhaps we could align ourselves with the boy and help him…grow."

That delightful feel of his wife's hands on his back halted. "What?"

Well, that didn't go as planned…

Narcissa whirled him around and jabbed an accusatory finger into his chest. "Lucius, are you insane! You of all people do not need to involve yourself with that Potter boy! And if he will grow up to be dark, just as you and the others think, I do not want Draco influenced by him!"

Lucius' icy blue eyes focused on the muscle in his wife's cheek that twitched when she was feeling particularly angry. Then he realized something. "So you…you are saying that you want our son - our son – to avoid the lifestyle I had?"

Narcissa's silence was answer enough.

Angry, Lucius stood up and faced his wife, his long blond hair flipping to the side. "Narcissa, someone is bound to find the Potter boy and align him to their family. Do you want it to be us, or someone else? Someone else who may not have our family's best interests at heart?"

He could see Narcissa waver. It was wicked of him but he knew exactly which strings to pull – and family was one of them.

"If we want to keep safe, it is best that Potter is with us. Who knows what may happen if someone else mentors him. At least this way, as his best friend, Draco would be cared for and safe." Lucius' eyes analyzed his wife's flickering expressions, looking for a sign of success.

"I suppose," she began softly, "public muggle school would be good exposure for Draco."

Lucius gave her a winning smile. "That's my girl."

Narcissa directed a haughty look in his direction. "But expect nothing from me tonight, for this surprise."

He was so ecstatic at the anticipation of what was to come that he didn't care. "No my love, tonight will be all about you." Lucius slid into bed and began to show his wife all the different ways he was thankful for her.

In all honestly, Lucius had a very nice life. And soon it would be getting much better.


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