Muggle Nurses Make You Drink From Bottles?

Draco Malfoy stared at the scene before him in horror. Here was the Harry Potter, 'savior' of the wizarding world, a loser kid in ugly clothes and dirty hair. This was…most disconcerting. He felt shame at knowing that this kid was someone he was supposed to be friends with. Honestly, what sort of wizard let stupid muggles pick on him? It was…ridiculous! Muggles should be bowing in their presence, like house elves, not kicking them!

He stood there silently as the children began to form a circle and continued laughing. The fat and ugly blond one who had kicked Potter was smiling in a way that reminded Draco of pictures of his Aunt Bellatrix from Mother's side of the family.

"Yeah, you tell him, Dudley!" a scrawny boy with a rat-like face shouted, leering wickedly at Potter. Apparently the fat and ugly one had a name as stupid as his face.

Potter just closed off his facial expressions, so Draco didn't know what he was thinking, and began to climb to his feet.

Dudley, snickering to himself, pushed Potter onto the ground. The boy was all skin and bones for the most part, so he fell easily. Again, shame filled Draco at this display. A small part of him almost wanted to urge this Dudley fellow on. After all, life was survival of the fittest – that's what his Father had taught him. If Potter couldn't stand up for himself, he probably deserved this.

"Aw, poor little Potty fell!" Dudley cackled. He looked at his friend, rat-faced-boy, and some of the other kids. "Don't you guys think this is where Potty belongs? On the floor like a dog? He eats scraps from the table, you know." Dudley focused his attention on Potter, whose only outward display of emotion was the twitch of muscle in his cheek. "Bark for us, Potty! Bark! Bark!"

Like a dog…Something in Draco shifted as he heard the fat muggle's words. When the bloody hell did a mere muggle deserve to call a wizard a dog? If anything, muggles were the dogs!

"Go away, Dudley," Potter said in a voice that bordered between meekness and irritation. He stayed on the ground, realizing that if he got up again that Dudley would only push him down again.

Guffawing, Dudley kicked Potter another time. "I said BARK, dog! BARK!"

That part of him that shifted earlier? Well now it snapped. No muggle spoke like that to one above his station!

"Who says Potter's the dog? You're the one barking, you filthy mug—er, wanker!" Draco shouted, fists balled up at the side.

The entire hallway went silent as everyone turned towards Draco with shocked and bewildered expressions.

Potter was staring in shock as well, but relief and thankfulness flashed across his face.

"What did you say?" Dudley inquired in a deadly voice with a raised brow that made him look only more stupid than normal; it completely contradicted the effects of his attempted intimidating response.

Suddenly Draco wished that Crabbe and Goyle were here because he had never fought anyone before and his friends were just about as big as Dudley (and no, he didn't wish for Blaise because Blaise was a sissy boy who cried if he so much as broke a bloody nail).

"You heard me," Draco sneered. When in doubt, fake it. "Or are you not only as ugly as a gorilla, but stupid as one, too?"

Eyes flashing, Dudley let out a little roar and rushed for Draco. Fortunately, Draco's kid-sized Quidditch set back home helped improve his agility from seeking snitches. He easily evaded the attack and instead made Dudley bang his legs on the heater adjacent to the wall. It made a loud clanging sound and suddenly a lady teacher with big brown bangs and hair marched down the hallway. Everyone in the hallway was laughing so loud that they barely heard her.

"Why aren't you in class? Children, to class you go!" she ordered in a frantic voice as she gestured with a pointed finger.

Thank Merlin this teacher had arrived! Draco couldn't imagine what he would do if this filthy muggle beast had actually fought him.

Aware of the teacher's presence, Dudley leaned in close and whispered, "I'm going to beat you until you're black and blue, New Kid," he threatened.

Draco just snorted. His dad could do magic. One touch on his perfectly styled hair and maybe his father would use that Imperio curse to make Dudley think he really was a gorilla.

The hallways were clearing but Draco hung back until it was just him and Potter.

"You didn't have to do that," Potter told him. "You really don't want to get on Dudley's bad side. He beats kids up a lot."

"I noticed," Draco responded wryly as he looked Potter over. Yes, so he was unkempt with broken glasses and dirty hair, but he was one of them. Plus, Father's mission for him was to befriend the boy and Draco had no intention of disappointing his father. So, he smiled brightly and offered Potter his hand. "Allow me to formerly introduce myself. I'm Draco Ma—Black." His smile intensified after he had to cover up his near mistake at using his real name.

Potter looked at his extended hand in surprise, as if he was unused to this social situation. Finally, he smiled slightly and shook Draco's hand. "Harry Potter," he introduced himself. Then his smile brightened. "Thanks Draco, for the help."

"Anytime!" Draco said cheerfully. He was always happy to make muggles feel stupid, after all.

They walked back to their classroom in silence and Draco stole a glance at Potter. Perhaps he would be alright. Besides, Draco now had two mortal enemies – Kalika and Dudley. He would need Harry's help in making those two rue the day they had ever crossed Draco Malfoy!

The night after his first day at muggle school had been utterly aggravating. Father and Mother had wanted to know every single detail of his experience and everything about Harry Potter. They hadn't wanted to believe that Potter got picked or at school nor that he was dressed like a pauper – Mother had been particularly horrified by that. By the end of the conversation they had just reiterated that Draco had to befriend the boy and figure out everything about him.

Being given orders by his parents was irksome but Draco sort of liked the idea that he was a secret spy. He actually used one of his school notebooks and a pen (honestly, why didn't muggles use scrolls and quills? Barbarians, the lot of them!) to maintain notes on everyone and everything at the muggle school. It seemed to him that this was the spy thing to do. He only wished that he had an invisibility cloak so he could further spy with ease.

Draco stared at the clock on the classroom wall as its minute hand began to slowly inch towards the number eight. School began in two minutes and Potter had yet to arrive. Already the other students were taking their seats, talking and giggling amongst themselves. No one bothered to speak to Draco – ever since the confrontation with Dudley yesterday they treated Draco like a pariah. Draco assumed it was either because Dudley was so well-liked or because other kids were scared of him; considering that Dudley was ugly, fat, and stupid, Draco knew it had to be the latter reason.

The bell rang and Potter still didn't show up. Letting out a huff of displeasure, Draco stared out the window. How dare Potter not show up! How was Draco supposed to be a secret spy if his objective failed to appear?

Then a thought crossed his mind…a rather dark idea that had never previously entered Draco's thoughts…what if that Dudley character had done something to Potter? After all, everyone knew that muggles were wild beasts. Father used to tell him tales of the great witch hunts of the 1500s before Mother scolded him for scaring Draco. Perhaps Dudley and his cowardly friends had drowned or hanged Potter?

Something twisted in Draco's gut. He had never worried about someone before – mostly because he had never needed to worry. Father always kept their family safe and the only friends he cared about were Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise, and Pansy, and they were never in trouble either. This new feeling of apprehension trickling though his veins was most certainly not a feeling Draco enjoyed.

"Mr. Melon?" Draco called out as he raised his hand.

Busy writing on the board, the teacher barely spared Draco a glance. "Yes?"

"I'm feeling sick. Can I go see the Healer?" Draco asked. The other children turned to look at him; he distinctly saw his arch-nemesis Kalika laugh and roll her eyes at her friend.

"H-healer?" Mr. Melon sputtered. His thin lips quirked into a slight smile. "Do you mean the nurse's office?"

Scowling, Draco inwardly scolded himself for his error in speech. Of course the muggles would have to call a healer by a different name. Nurse? What in Merlin's Beard did that have anything to do with being sick? Wasn't 'nurse' something mothers do to babies. Eww! He certainly hoped that this nurse wouldn't make him drink from a bottle or something…

But instead of saying all that, Draco just nodded. Mr. Melon excused him and Draco wondered for the rest of the day where Potter was.

Potter showed up to school the next day. As usual, he looked like a street begger, with his baggy grey shirt and too-wide trousers that were held tight with a frayed belt. But was most worrisome was that, when Potter's book bag caught on the desk chair and his shirt was lifted up, Draco saw an ugly purple mark on his right side. An involuntary gasp let out and Harry shot him a worried look before yanking his shirt down.

Class begun and they didn't have a chance to speak until their morning break.

"Hey Potter," Draco started in an extra casual voice; his mind still processing Potter's bruise and wondering what happened to Potter. "Didn't see you in school yesterday."

Potter shrugged, his hair falling back and so clearly revealing the lightning-shaped scar that Draco had heard stories of as a child. They were at the end of the line in the hallway, waiting as the other students used the restroom.

"I, erm, was sick," Potter offered as an explanation – but Draco was an excellent liar and knew a lie when he heard one.

"Did Dudley find you?" Draco inquired as he subtly gestured towards Potter's right side.

Flushing red, Potter avoided his eyes and just shrugged.

Indignation rising, Draco pursed his lips. "You shouldn't let that mug—wanker push you around. You should fight back!" he urged in a lowered tone, not wanting the other kids to notice him.

"I can't fight back. I'd get in trouble," Potter sighed.

Eyes screwing up as Draco took in that flabbergasting information, he let out a snort of derision. "How? That wanker is huge and clearly is starting it."

"Yeah, but my aunt and uncle would be angry. They were already upset by what happened the other day." Potter leaned against the wall with a dejected expression.

"Why? All you did was bloody get pummeled?" Draco asked hotly.

"Yeah," Potter answered with a bitter smile. "But Dudley got hurt and embarrassed."

"B-but, you didn't do that!"

"Doesn't matter," Potter shrugged.

Draco struggled to understand why any stupid muggle would be angry at that, when something struck him. "Wait, why do your aunt and uncle care about a stupid fat oaf at school?"

His description of Dudley had Potter grinning, before his expression sobered. "Because he's my cousin."

Jaw-dropping, Draco just stared at Potter. "Are you…bloody kidding me? You're related to that mug—er, wanker?"

"Yeah." Potter shrugged again, although this time he gave Draco a strange look at the use of the word 'mug'. "My parents died in a car crash and my aunt and uncle were nice enough to let me live with them." Potter's tone was mostly emotionless, but Draco thought he heard a trace of dark amusement at the words 'nice enough'.

"Okay students, back to class," Mr. Melon called, effectively interrupting their conversation. Baldy, as Draco began to internally think of Mr. Melon due to his distasteful lack of hair, was a stickler for rules and didn't allow talking while they walked through the hallways.

Merlin, Draco hated muggle school. He bet at Hogwarts they could talk in the hallways all they pleased!

At dinner that night, Draco prepared himself for a barrage of questions from his parents. As per the norm, they each sat at one end of the table while Draco sat in the middle. The set-up made him feel like a quaffle at times, as he looked back and forth during their conversation.

"So darling, how was school today?" Narcissa inquired smoothly as she poised her knife to cut into the grilled chicken.

"Um, it was okay." Draco didn't quite know what his parents would think of a muggle beating Potter up again. For some reason he was afraid that they would think that Potter was weak and decide he wasn't worth befriending, effectively cutting Draco off of his spy work. So instead, he decided to talk about the class work. "Today we learned about electricity." Draco flashed them a big smile before biting into his chicken.

Narcissa and Lucius shared twin looks of horror. "E-lec-tric-it-y?" Lucius sounded out slowly. "You mean, the muggle's weak equivalent of magic?" He began chuckling and Narcissa joined in.

"Well, it's not like magic. Sometimes its almost better. Mr. Melon let us do an experiment where we hooked up wires and made a light bulb glow," Draco explained thoughtlessly, his mind more so focused on how to describe Potter's plight.

"Better?" Narcissa shouted, aghast.

"Draco!" Lucius snapped sternly.

Surprised by their reaction, Draco mentally went over his previous statement. "Uh…Well, not better, of course. That's rubbish," he snorted. "I just meant they don't need wands to turn on lights and they have things called tee-vees that show moving pictures, sort of like The Daily Prophet, except it's a lot of pictures and voices."

Draco wasn't positive, but he thought that perhaps his mother's face had paled just a bit.

"They have you watching TVs?" Lucius asked, his brow raised to impossible heights.

"This is all your fault, Lucius. You'rethe one who wanted him to go to muggle school! Now they're brainwashing him into thinking that muggle technology is better than magic!" Narcissa snapped, her fork clattering onto the fine china.

"Bloody hell woman, calm down," Lucius asked with a dramatic eye roll. "He knows better. Draco's a smart lad."

Draco didn't want his mom to make him stop attending school and doing spy work! Plus, he really liked that his dad called him smart. "Don't worry mother, I know better," he added with an exaggerated shake of his head. "Besides," he sniffed. "Today I learned about just what animals muggles are!"

"What do you mean, Draco? Is it something about Potter?" Lucius inquired as he leaned forward eagerly.

Draco pressed his lips together briefly before speaking. "Yeah, they're animals! Potter wasn't at school yesterday—"

"—Yes, you mentioned that yesterday. Was the boy sick?" Narcissa queried.

"No," Draco shook his head. "Remember that boy Dudley I told you about?"

"Yes, that oafish one who tried to beat up Potter?" Narcissa's eyes flashed. His mother was incredibly protective and did a lot of charity work with her Circle Society that helped children.

"Yeah. Well, he's Potter's cousin and lives with him. Potter had a huge bruise on his side today," Draco informed them.

For the second time that night, Narcissa and Lucius shared a look; it was not quite like their look of horror earlier, but was darker.

"A bruise?" Lucius repeated in a musing tone.


"And did Harry say that Dudley delivered the bruise?" Narcissa asked curiously. Her tone was aloof, but almost like she was trying too hard.

"Um." Draco squinted as he tried to remember his conversation with Potter. He had written it down immediately into his spy notebook and quickly leapt for his backpack. Walking back, he skimmed through the pages. "No," he finally answered. "Just his aunt and uncle were angry about Dudley getting embarrassed by me and were mad at Potter."

Narcissa sighed. "Thank you Draco. You did very well today."

"Thank you, Mother," Draco said with a shy smile. His mother was loving but rarely delivered praise – although it was more common coming from her than his father.

"A bruise, Lucius? You don't think those blasted muggles are beating the poor boy, do you?" Narcissa asked heatedly as she slipped into her black nightgown.

"Perhaps, dear. I am unsure what the parenting skills are of muggles," Lucius replied in a distracted tone as he finished off letter to his private investigator. Previously the muggle investigator had determined the living arrangements of Potter, but now Lucius wanted to know more about their lifestyle. Unfortunately, since he refused to involve anyone else from the Wizarding world into this, he had to deliver the letter through the muggle post.

"Well that is ridiculous!" Narcissa hissed as she tidied up her cosmetics with jerky fingers; a result of the adrenaline coursing through her veins from the anger that someone was possibly abusing a child.

"Yes, well, there's not much we can do about it, is there? We know that Dumbledore has to have his eye on that family somehow. I certainly can't go over and administer a Cruciatus, now can I?" Lucius asked in a dry tone.

Dark humor formed Narcissa's lips into a thin smile. "Now that would be a good start."

"Narcissa," Lucius sighed in exasperation. "You cannot get so worked up about this. Who knows – perhaps this will work out in our favor."

She shot her husband a bewildered look. "How?" Narcissa questioned in an appalled tone.

Lucius smirked. "If he's grown to hate muggles due to abuse, that will make turning him so much easier." Seeing her hesitant expression, he added, "And then, my dear, those relatives will receive their comeuppance."

"Yes," Narcissa sighed as she slid into bed and pulled the covers up to her chest. "Perhaps."

Replacing his robes with black silk pajama bottoms, Lucius smiled and climbed into bed with her. He pulled Narcissa against his bare chest, said an incantation to snuff out the candles (hmmph! As if electricity was better!), and kissed her forehead. "You have a good heart, my dear, with your love of charity cases. A better heart than I."

Narcissa snorted, but nonetheless snuggled up to her husband. "My love of charity cases? Well, that's why I married you darling." She giggled, a soft girlish sound that reminded him of their first date in Hogwarts.

"I'll get you for that," Lucius murmured as he began to tickle her ribs and the back of her neck.

Much later that night, after they were both spent and beginning to fall asleep, Narcissa whispered to Lucius. "Darling? Let's have Draco invite the Potter boy over. I want to see with my own eyes how he's doing."

Lucius groaned. "That may draw unwanted attention, dear," he murmured sleepily.

Smiling to herself, Narcissa trailed her hand across Lucius' chest, down the flat planes of his abdomen, and beyond. "Please darling. It would mean a lot to me."

Her hand twitched and Lucius' answer got lost in a low groan that Narcissa decided meant 'yes'.


Next up, Harry meets the entire family! ;)

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