I was walking down the beach. What else was new? Every day at four in the afternoon, I take my afternoon walk to the beach since it always calmed me down, with new children of gods and goddesses coming in the camp at a fast rate and since I was the de facto leader of the camp, I have to work really hard. Not easy as it sounds. Every day, I wake up at 4 in the morning to wait for new demigods to appear with their satyrs and tell them the usual stuff. Greek gods and goddesses exist, and they are half god and half human and etc.

After that, I have to do Cabin inspection.

That's a really difficult task.

The Ares Cabin has landmines surrounding their cabin; they usually disarm it at nine in the morning so they have two hour to clean things up. Hecate has similar trap as well. Hephaestus has lasers guarding their cabin. All cabins have their traps, except Dionysus cabin. Aphrodite's Cabin has a trap, women dressed in their nightdress and strong perfume. Every day, Annabeth and I have to inspect it. Other times, it's with someone in the Aphrodite's Cabin or Nico.

After that, I have to train the others how to fight with a sword. It's really hectic on Fridays because we have to play capture the flag and I only have a few hours at most to teach them how to defend themselves. And then afterwards, Archery, Pegasus Riding, How to attack Monsters and then it's free choice for the other demigods. I then have a meeting with Chiron, details about the financial state of the Camp.

"How about you take a rest?" Chiron had told me as we finished the meeting.

"Sure, coming Annabeth?"

Strangely, Annabeth jumped in surprise. "Uh… you go on ahead. I have something to talk with Blake."

I stopped and frowned as I remember that guy. Blake is a new camper that has no relatives left; they all died when they took care of him. A little cocky but overall a good guy, with a knack for fighting. I think he's the son of Apollo. Annabeth has strangely been close with him. Once, I found them on the lake talking to each other. I didn't mind it; Annabeth's life shouldn't revolve around me. She should get more friends.

I shrugged and continued on my way to the beach.

A few seconds from my walk, I heard a soft giggle. I stopped and looked around the beach.

Oh-ho! Are there some people having a make-out session? Well, that's okay really but if they were a step above that then… I have to stop it.

"Blake…" I heard the person say.

Annabeth? I frowned and walked closer to the direction of the voice. As I got closer, I saw Blake and Annabeth sitting side-to-side and with their backs facing towards me.

"What is it Annabeth?" Blake asked, his hand intertwined with hers. "You didn't tell him yet?"

Tell him? Did he mean tell me? Tell me about what?

I kept quiet and listened intently.

"Blake… I don't have heart to tell him."

"You're afraid, aren't you?" Blake stated.

Annabeth nodded. "We've gone through many things Blake, it's not that easy to just say…" she trailed off.

"If you're afraid of him, I'll be always here for you. If he tries to hit you, I'll get back at him with a million fold!"

Annabeth laughed. "That's the reason why I love you Blake, you make me smile when I'm down." Annabeth gave Blake a peck on the lips.

Is… Is Annabeth cheating on me?

My throat felt dry and I struggled not to cry.

"Wait," Blake suddenly said. "Something's wrong here."

"What is it?" Annabeth asked.

"Everything is standing still."

It was true. Winds and the waves were stopped. No sound was heard. It made the beach eerie.

I took a step back but I stepped on a driftwood, the loud snap of the wood made them both look behind them. I saw Annabeth's face turned to horror, with her agile body she was up in no time.

"P-Percy, it's not what it looks like," she stammered.

"You were just talking," I replied. For a second, she looked relieved. "About telling me about something. What is it?"

Annabeth paled. "I- Percy, please! It is not what it looks like."

"I can't believe this," I muttered and glared at both of them. "I never thought of you as a liar but I guess I was wrong."

"Annabeth is no liar!" Blake shouted at me angrily. His face turned to rage as I insulted Annabeth. "She is the most honest and kind person that I know!"

"Shut it!" I snapped at him, the waves crashing the beach with stronger intensity. "Tell me Annabeth; tell me what you have to say."

"Come on Annabeth!" Blake urged. "Do you really think you can live a life full of dangers? Everywhere he goes, danger lurks. Don't stay with him, you deserve someone better."

Annabeth was nearly crying, her eyes looked glassy even from this distance. "It's-"

"TELL ME!" I cried, my tears falling down my eyes.

"I…" Annabeth gulped. "I'm breaking up with you Percy. It's not going to work out between us. Blake…he's, I'm sorry, much better than you are."

I turned around. "I hope you have a good life ahead of you," I said and walked back to my cabin. At the beach, I heard Annabeth crying and Blake comforting her.

As I reached my cabin, I cried. I cried harder than any storm. I cried like it was the end of the world. My happy world with Annabeth. For hours, the image replayed in my mind: Annabeth reaching over Blake and giving a peck to the lips of Blake.

That's the reason why I love you Blake, you make me smile when I'm down.

Was I that bad? Don't I try to make her happy when she's down?

What is it Annabeth? You didn't tell him yet?"

Why didn't she tell me that she didn't love me? Why choose Blake over me?

Do you really think you can live a life full of dangers? Everywhere he goes, danger lurks. Don't stay with him, you deserve someone better."

Maybe Blake did have a point. I'm the son of Poseidon. I was not meant to exist because of the pact. My smell is powerful and attracts monsters from everywhere.

That night, I cried myself to sleep.

There was no dream, just completely hollow sleep.

The next morning, I woke up. My body feeling more tired than usual. I did my usual routine, some people noticed my sluggish movement but didn't dwell on it further.

"Hey," I heard an Ares kid say. "It's Friday right? So it should be Capture the Flag day, isn't?"

"Yeah," Another Ares kid replied.

Huh. Didn't know it was today.

And the days slowly passed by, people began to notice the new relationship in town. And the days slowly passed by, people have begun to disrespect me. There's a rumor going on that I had dumped Annabeth because I didn't love her anymore and when I found out about their new relationship, they thought I drowned them. Stupid rumour but people are stupid, they'll follow it if the thing is the same about them.

Hermes Cabin has been pranking me a lot.

I sighed on my bed and closed my eyes.

Love. They said it was the most wonderful thing.

I never knew it was this dangerous.

I coughed as I took a deep whiff of smog. I snapped open my eyes to see I was surrounded by black smoke, I quickly rushed out of the cabin and searched for the culprit. I saw several boys with bow and arrows with flaming tips and plenty of mischievous looking kids. It was the Hermes and the Apollo Cabin, I should've known.

"YOU!" I screamed at them. "LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY CABIN!"

"Shut up Perseus Jackson," one of the Apollo kids smugly replied. "We can do as we please."

I stepped forward, snarling. There was a strong tug on my gut, so strong, it felt that my soul was ripped from my body. Geysers spouted from the ground. Scalding hot water doused the fire and surrounded the pranksters. At a thought, I was in front of an Apollo kid. I punched him, sending him straight at the other kids, I continued my onslaught. It ended as quickly as I started and everyone was on the ground, bleeding profusely from my beating.

People were now noticing the commotion and going outside their Cabins.

"What is going on here?" Chiron bellowed as he trotted towards us. "Percy, what happened here?"

I took a deep breath to calm myself. "They." I pointed. "Tried to burn me down."

"Lies!" someone from the Aphrodite Cabin said. It was Drew. "I saw what he did! He just came out there and brutally attacked them."

People began nodding and glared at me.

She's charm speaking everyone.

Chiron frowned, clearly he was not affected by the words of Drew. "Everyone, go back to your cabin. Percy and the rest of the people here have something to talk to."

"YOU!" the person, Blake shouted. He swung down the sword at me. The sword broke into many pieces. "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO MY CABIN!"

"Yeah Percy!" Connor scolded as he went next to Blake. "Why did you do that? You could've killed them!"

I grit my teeth and walked towards the big house.

Blake grabbed my shoulder roughly. "Listen to me, you dipshit-"

Chaos erupted. I grabbed his throat and slowly squeezed the life out of him. People ran up to me and grabbed my hand but they didn't have the strength to pry my hands off. I strengthened my grip on him.

"Percy," Annabeth whispered behind me. "Release him now or I'll- I'll stab you at your mortal point."

To emphasize her point, she jabbed the opposite of my navel.

A feeling of thousand volts shocked my body.

"You wouldn't," I dared.

"I… I would Percy. You wouldn't want to find out."

I released Blake and walked to the big house, everyone was throwing daggers at me but I didn't mind them.

As expected, Chiron has scolded me for not restraining myself. He slightly understood my position as well. Chiron is over three thousand years old. He has trained many great warriors and yet, people in our camp still disrespect him. Not to a degree as mine though.

"I'm going to leave here," I suddenly said.

"Percy, we don't have to-"

"Everyone hates me Chiron. I don't have Annabeth anymore."


"I've already decided Chiron. Nothing can change my mind."

Chiron sighed. "Very well, you may leave. When will you go?"

"Now, after everyone has entered their cabins of course."

It took a while but campers went inside their cabins to rest. I packed a few things. Silently, I walked off in the night. Argus saw me but waved goodbye at me. What I didn't expect that he would say it.

"Goodbye, Perseus Jackson."

Momentarily, I was stunned but thanked him and continued on. I guess the rumors about him having an eye on his mouth were just a rumor.

So, where to next? Mom and Paul are living in Greece. Earning some living with Paul working as an owner of a fishing vessel. Mom is making her story, she said it would focus on Greek Mythology and stuff.

Should I sail for Greece?

No, that would be too long and I'm nearing eighteen. I should be dependent now.

That night, I slept in the sea at Manhattan. I made a huge air bubble around me so I wouldn't be surrounded by dirty water when I was sleeping. I can breathe underwater, yes but I don't want to breathe dirty water. It makes my stomach sick.

When I woke up, I noticed that I was not under the sea.

Instead I was on a large bed, able to fit three Cyclopes.

"I see you're awake."

I turned at the direction of the voice.

The first thing that I noticed about the person that it was a she. She sat in a chair beside me, her long pitch black hair was darker than the starless and moonless night. Her skin was pale white. Her eyes were mismatched, her left eye was silver but the other was black. Not pure black but really dark.

It made me gape at her.

"Perseus Jackson, yes?" she asked.

I nodded.

"My name is-"