I grabbed the nearest thing to me, a plate full of burritos.

Let's just forget how it got there.

My friends, this will not be a food fight.

This will be a food brawl.

With great strength, I threw it to the blonde teenager. The sound barrier broke and within one second, the burritos impacted on his neck. Normally, that kind of speed and power would kill a normal person but he wasn't normal so he was fine. He was still hurt by it though; he was coughing and wheezing madly while I took of my coat and covered my face.

"Congratulations boy," the teenager said. "You've just made the List!"

The man beside him whispered in his ear.

"Okay," he corrected. "You're already on the List. But now you're at Threat Level Down, bitch."

The people were more than surprised of how informal he spoke just now.

"Scabbard what the hell are you doing?" Thalia cussed, pulling me down.

It started with me running over to a Celtic god and shoving a cake at his face, whose pained girlish scream and French cursing attracted the attention of his entourage. I reached out for a chair and smashed it over the face of the one charging at me. Splinters flew everywhere and anyone who wasn't shocked, ducked.

"Look here!" the teenager said and carried a pie on his hand.

I ducked underneath him and rolled between two waiters as Thalia took the brunt of the attack.

The silence was disturbing.

"Uh…" the teenager said, taking a step back and raised his hands in defense. "There's no need to-"

Thalia responded by throwing an earth-shattering kick at the nads that I had to wince for the poor teenager. But Thalia wasn't done with him. No, far from it. Thalia had this sadistic look on her face as she turned into a bolt of lightning and went directly at the teenager.

I then remembered that there were other people and gods here that were still fine.

"This is just like Valhalla!" a large burly man laughed as he threw someone away and grabbed a turkey and munched on it. "Except we don't waste food."

I ran for him and jumped with my arm raised, carrying the mighty dessert called Ice Cream.

"Oi, thanks for making me feel like its home." he said as he easily grabbed my fist and threw the dessert away.

"No problem. What's your name?" I asked him as I slammed a knee to his gut. It winded him and released his grip on me.

"Son of Thor, Luxus." he stated and Spartan-kicked me.

I was pushed back by a couple of feet and skidded to a halt.

"Alright then."


I was pushed back as a tray full of pie flew towards me with great power and speed. I removed the pie that stuck to my eye and removed the coat. I went over to a nearby man and ripped of his coat to cover my face.

"Hello Percy!" someone said from beside me.

"Raven." I said ominously.

Second strongest soldier of Chaos.

Child of Thanatos.

I turn around and readied my fist.

Raven had orange eyes, with a lean build and spiky black hair with one-fourth of his hair on the right side turned white. He was in formal attire and had a smile on his face.

"Come on man, we missed you!"

Reluctantly, I lowered my guard. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I'm the Champion of Dad."

I looked past his shoulder and saw a man whose skin color was that of teakwood. Thanatos was calmly sipping his wine but was interrupted by somebody being thrown away by Luxus.

"He looks angry," I noted as Thanatos unleashed hell at them. I backhanded someone that was about to charge at me.

"He hates it when someone interrupts him while he's relaxing," Raven said with a shrug. "So, how've you been the past few months?"

"Fine," I replied. "Have you been training at the tower recently?"

"Yeah. Duck."

I followed as Raven roundhouse kicked the god. I stood up and dusted myself off.

"It's still isn't the same without you man. It's a shame that we'll be enemies after this."

"Yeah. I'm worried what's happening to the countries right now. With plenty of gods fighting against each other and all. What's the news going to say? World War III is starting?"

"Nah, it won't affect them unless both groups of gods declare war against each other. If you kill the gods without declaring war, then the country won't be affected."

That won't be necessary since I'm about to kill that teenager.

Come to think of it, I haven't killed one yet.

I stepped back as Thalia threw anything at the blonde teenager. "Miss Thalia! It was an accident! There's no need for violence!"

"SHUT UP!" Thalia shouted as she threw a plate at him. "Touching my crotch is NOT an accident!"

I burst out laughing. "Damn, this is funny."

"And everyone is having fun too." Raven noted.

I looked around and saw that most of the people were laughing.

"Alright man, it was nice talking to you. I have to kill bunch of these legion guys so I can stop the Conception."

Wait, did I really say that aloud?

"I'm sorry but I can't let you do that." Raven stated as he clutched my shoulder roughly. "Chaos needs the Conception. Turn around."

My stupidity caused me to turn around.

Getting a face full of rice.

Where the hell do they get this kind of foods?

I kicked Raven, Spartan style. Hard. So hard he smashed through a wall.

"RICE!" Someone shouted, wearing a white robe and had white hair and white beard. "DO NOT WASTE RICE!"

"Ah, Bathala." Raven noted. "Please, forgive me. It seems you hate wasting food, eh?"

"Hm. Waste other foods, not rice." Bathala said and grabbed a tray full of foods nearby and threw it to someone else.

I looked down and saw a tray full of foods as well.

"It's my doing." Hestia said in my mind. "Feel free to go wild."


I thought of ketchup, gravy, mashed potatoes, cream pie and a cake that look like Pikachu for the hell of it. I don't know how it'll fit into that tray but let's see. I opened it and smoke came out and obscured the foods for a little while before going away, revealing what I thought of.

There was in fact, a Pikachu cake.

"PIKACHU!" someone shouted and grabbed Pikachu. "I CHOOSE YOU!"

"Pi… Ka…!" the cake shouted in a robotic voice before slamming into Raven. "CHUUUU!"

"Ah!" Raven shouted and jumped. He frantically removed the cake off of him. "The hell? That was quite a shock there."

And ketchup, gravy, mashed potatoes and cream pie flew everywhere.

Now, to find the teenager.

Someone bumped from my side.

"Get out of my way!" the blonde teenager from before shouted. "Miss Thalia! It was an accident!"

Oh, that's convenient.

I use Scabbard's hand. It's when my hand grabs the face and slams it to anything, be it a wall or the ground. I used the flood and Thalia came over.

"Thanks." she muttered, wiping the sweat off her brow. "He's a tough prey to catch."

I grunted in response and intensified the grip on his throat.

"Hey!" the man croaked. "No need to kill me!"

I didn't reply and dug my fingers deep to his throat, blood trickled down my hands.

"Scabbard!" Thalia shouted. "I wanted to punish him, not kill him!"

"Thalia, stay out of my way." I snarled and intensified my grip.

"Fool!" the teenager said. "This will be a demonstration of the power of the Orb!"

There was a hum. Like energy and power itself was being collected. The room shuddered slightly and then…


White energy exploded and I was pushed off away from him. Everyone turned silent for the second time.

"Goddamn it!" I cursed as I pushed away the rubble, for some strange miracle, my face was still covered by the coat. I looked at my torso and found out I was bleeding.

I was bleeding.

Only Chaos, and the top four can do that to me.

"Do you see the difference in our power?" the teenager stated. "That wasn't half of the power the Orb has."

"You may be powerful," I replied. "But you bleed easier than I do. I'll just have to kill you faster."

"Is that a challenge?" the teenager asked.

"What's your name?" I asked and readied myself.

"I am Light Satraps. Leader of the Legion."

Strange last name.

"Well, I'm Scabbard Leonius. Sword instructor."

No one will kill each other today

I was down on the ground in a second. My body felt ten times heavier than it should be. I was using my willpower to stay conscious. But as quickly as it came, it stopped and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

I glanced up to see Chaos glaring at me. "Percy."

What the hell woman!

"Everyone is unconscious except a few beings." Chaos said. "But I find no reason for you not to tell anyone of your identity."

"It's my choice." I replied and stood up.

"Percy," she said dangerously. "You will not in any way, prevent the Conception. I will see to it that there will be one. You can kill anyone of the Legion but you will not kill Light for that matter."

"Why do you want this Conception so much Chaos?" I shouted at her. "Billions will die!"

"When I win the Conception and revive him, I will rebuild Earth."

"Who is this person anyway?" I asked her. "Who is he that he is so precious to you?"

"It's none of your concern." She snapped at me.

"If you want to revive him, why don't you just go to Hades and demand for his soul to return? If he is deep inside the real Tartarus, why not go inside there and take him away?"

"The power of the Conception is the only way to return his broken soul." Chaos said sadly. "When I use the Conception, it will revive him."

"But what if it doesn't?" I challenged her. "Don't you think one life is more important than billions?"

"Quality is more important that Quantity. What's the use of billions who don't love you?"

I scowled. "This is getting nowhere. I'm leaving."

"I guess we can't stop the Conception then." I said and sighed sadly as our Limousine picked us up.

"Wait, we can stop the Conception?" Thalia asked as she licked the icing off her fingers.

Hm… what a nice image I have of Thalia. Licking off the…

NO! Focus Percy! FOCUS!

"We can't now." I sighed again and leant back on the chair. "You heard what Chaos told me. You cannot stop the Conception. I will see to it."

Thalia's face fell and she sighed sadly.

"Billions of people will die then. Because one woman wants to revive this being." Hestia said for the first time since we got here.

"We're going to die." Thalia somberly added.

"Now, now. I do have quite useful information."

"Is there another way to stop this Conception?" Hestia asked hopefully.

I shook my head and noticed her disappointment. "However, while I was talking to my friend earlier, he told me something interesting. Remember while we had that brawl earlier and that the gods were in it? Well, unless someone declares war on the other group the gods will not affect the country in which they are staying at."

"Blitzkrieg…" Thalia said aloud. "Lightning War."

"It might not stop the Conception but the casualties will be quite smaller than what we imagine."

"But that kind of war tactic is expensive." Thalia said. "Remember in World War II? Hitler used many tanks."

"Then we don't need to be frugal then. We have to spend everything."

"You're forgetting the fact that we cannot easily defeat the stronger groups like the Norse." Hestia said. "And I'm afraid no demigods will be able to kill a god with their strength at the moment."

I glanced at Thalia.

"What? So you can?" she countered.

I nodded. "Yeah, but that's beside the point. Can you tell the Olympians about my plan?"

"I do not like attention. Maybe if you show yourselves to the Olympians, maybe they'll follow you."

I sighed. "Probably but… I'm not ready you know?"

Hestia nodded understandingly. "I understand, I'll tell them myselves."

"Ready for what?" Thalia asked. "And what's with your eye color? It's green now."

I didn't answer and leant back on the seat.

Everyone was more than surprised to find us in the state we were in. I didn't answer any of their questions and just went to the airplane and rested. I was tired and I deserved it, Thalia will fill them in later.

I woke up when we were about to land and found out that Thalia had filled everyone in on what happened with missing details of course.

She left out the part of my plan.

And the blonde teenager touching her crotch.

Ah well, at least I have something to keep me laughing for a while.

The gods excused themselves and Argus drove us back to Camp. There, I changed to clean clothes but wore a ski mask.

It was still cold so I could give that as an excuse if anyone asked me.

"Why are you wearing a ski mask?" Thalia asked me as I watched her shooting arrows.

"It's cold. Why are you here and not with the Hunters?"

"Artemis told us to wait for her here. Then we'll resume our hunting." She said and notched another arrow.

You know. I just noticed how beautiful Thalia is.

Meh. All girls here in Half-Blood are beautiful. The women inside the Hephaestus Cabin are plain looking, not ugly.

Thalia released her hold on the string and the arrow was at the middle of the target.

"You're pretty good," I commented.

"Don't you know how to use a bow and arrow?" Thalia asked me.

"Nah, I know how to use it. I'm just not good at it."

"Why not practice it then?" she asked me. "There's a spare bow and arrow over here." she pointed beside her.

"I like fighting at the front lines. Bow and Arrow to me are unneeded."

"Hey, don't demean my choice of weapons. Besides, bow and arrow helps you with accuracy."

"Oh, I'm good with my accuracy." I said. "I can throw a spear and hit the target perfectly with my right hand. It's just that my left hand isn't steady."

Thalia dropped down her bow and arrow. "What do you mean?

I sighed and pointed at the right side of my head. "This here was when I was a toddler. Mom said that I accidentally slammed my right side of the head when I was young. And since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, it isn't as stable as the right side of the body."

"Is your leg unstable too?"

"It's just my hand." I replied and grabbed a rock nearby and threw it with my left hand into the trash bin. It missed by a long shot. "See?" I threw with my right hand and it went in.

"Maybe one of the Apollo kids can help you with it."

"I tried but since it affects the brain, they can't do anything."

"How about Dionysus?"

Oh yeah, I haven't seen him yet.

"I doubt he can. He can heal insanity, but he can't heal normality."

Thalia nodded. "Hey, I know that you're hiding your face."

"Nah, it's just the cold." I lied.

"I'm not stupid Scabbard." She said. "Ever since your eye color changed, you've been hiding your face."

I sighed and stood up. "I have to go now. My hand is acting up because of the cold."

"Warm up your head then."

"Will do."

A few days later…

I accidentally burned my face. People were celebrating the New Year and Hephaestus made this big-ass rocket. When I lit it, it didn't blow up. When I came over, it blew up. No, I didn't mean that to happen. And no, I really didn't burn my face. I lost a few hairs but that's alright since my face is okay. This gives me a reason to cover my face with a ski mask too so it's really more of a blessing than a curse.

Anyway, while everyone worried about me Thalia was laughing hysterically.

"Stop laughing about it," I grumbled as I sat down on a log.

She notched another arrow. "But seriously, it was funny!"

I sighed. "For you that is. My eardrums were nearly damaged because of the bang."

"So, are you joining that tournament that the Legion is having?"

"I don't really know." I replied honestly. "But with the plans for war, I think I'll step out of it."


"Truth to be told, I might be the strongest demigod out there." I stated. Her reaction was what I expected. Surprise. "If the gods follow through with the plan, I might be busy training other demigods."

"That's some choice words you got there."

I shrugged and grabbed a pebble from the ground. I threw it at a tree with my whole weight on it.

The tree splintered on impact.

Then another tree and another and another until ten trees were broken down. By the laws of Physics, that should be possible.

"I'm not boasting. I'm merely stating fact."

Thalia scoffed. "If Percy were here, he'd whoop you ass."

"Would he?" I countered. "I bet this Percy Jackson guy couldn't even defeat the weakest Soldier of Chaos."

It was the truth, while it's true that I was strong the soldiers of Chaos were stronger.

"Don't insult Percy like that!" Thalia yelled at me. "Just because you were once a Soldier of Chaos doesn't mean that you're stronger than him."

"Stubborn." I commented.


"So are you?" I interrupted. "Are you going to join the tournament?"

"Do I have a choice?" she asked me. "I'm a daughter of Zeus. I have to join. Besides, I can't resist turning down the offer of power."

"If you need someone to train you then call me." Afterwards, I stood up and decided to have a walk.

I blinked.

Okay… now why the hell am I standing in front of the Olympians.

"Sup?" I reluctantly said.

"Greetings, Scabbard Leonius!" Zeus bellowed. "Or should we say, Perseus Jackson?"

I paled. "No… who told you this?" I demanded. I glared at the Hearth but Hestia shook her head.

"No one." Zeus replied. "Percy, you don't give us gods enough credit. Still, the mist was strong around you."

"We already know where you were for the last sixteen years," Apollo stated. "You have trained under Chaos, the strongest being on this planet. Certainly, you have grown powerful over the years."

"Cut the crap. What do you want?" I asked.

"We wish to follow through with your plans of war." Athena replied. "We also have noticed the Japanese, Norse, Egyptian and Roman about our plans. We would like to make a truce until all other competitors are eliminated. They have agreed."

"Good." I said with a nod. "I never would've thought of that idea."

"But we also wish to push through with our plans to let our Champions join the tournament and we want you to join." Hera replied. "All of Chaos' soldiers have already confirmed in their participation. And all of them are Champions of Chaos or aligned with Chaos."

The fact that Chaos has many Champions is unfair. Maybe the Legion is turning a blind eye on her because she technically did save Light/

"Then we have no chance of winning it. We will use the time for training." I stated, ignoring the fact of how many Champions Chaos has. Maybe it's a sign of gratitude by the Legion.

"We wished for that as well, but the Legion has already given the list of people and all people listed must compete. The Olympians except Hestia, as well as our Champions have been listed. And you are listed as Son of Poseidon."

I scowled and paced around the room.

"By the way, there a letter for you by the leader of the Legion." Hermes said and threw me a letter. "Good to see you again Percy."

"Call me Scabbard." I said and angrily tore open the letter.

Dear Perseus,

I hope you take an arrow to the knee. Bitch.

Yours truly,


"What?" I asked, completely confused. I sighed and crumpled the piece of paper.

"Why are you so angry of joining the tournament?" Aphrodite asked.

"It's useless. Elly will massacre her opponents."

"Is she your girlfriend?" Aphrodite asked.

Well, I think I had a crush on her but never mind that.

"We will make our announcement to the demigods." Zeus boomed. "Perseus Jackson is alive and well."

"NO!" I shouted. "Don't tell anyone!"

"Hm? Why not?"

"I… it will only cause unneeded commotion."

"If we don't tell them now, when can we?" Athena asked.

"By the way…"

I heard you killed my mother?

In a second, Zeus' nose was leaking ichor. No one was able to move quickly enough to stop me.

"It was an accident." Zeus replied "I… I didn't want to kill your mother." He said almost in fear.

"But you wanted to kill the people inside the plane." I countered. "Thank you Hades, for letting my mother and step-father into Elysium."

Hades waved it dismissively. "It's nothing."

"Well, where's my father?" I asked Apollo.

It was raining hard when Hermes escorted me to a Cemetery. I looked around and found no one except two figures. One was a man while another was a child. The man was kneeling down on a tombstone and just stared at it while the child pulled the man's hand and looked worried for him.

"Uncle," the boy said. "We should go now."

"You're right Michael," the man said and stood up. He tensed and turned to look at our direction. "Who are you?"

I was surprised that I could hear him through the rain but I shook the thought out of my mind.

"That's your father," Hermes told me and disappeared.

I sucked in a deep breath and walked closer to the two. Each step, I grew anxious.

Finally, we were in talking distance and the man stood there in silence.

"Percy…" he muttered.

"Hey, Uncle. Who is he?" the boy asked father.

I smiled. "Hey… Dad."

Dad didn't reply and went over and hugged me. I noticed the rain stopped suddenly.

I hugged Dad back.


I winced. "Ouch. No need to shout Dad."

"I was so worried about you," Dad tearfully shouted.

"So, this is my step-brother from Mom and Paul?" I asked Dad as Michael slept on the car. Michael had brown hair; I saw a while ago he had sparkly blue-eyes. "He has the hair and eyes of Mom."

"Yeah," Dad replied. "Sally also had a daughter, only a year younger than Michael but…"

"So, how did Michael… you know?"

"When the plane exploded, Michael was lucky enough to fall down to the sea. Amphitrite found him and gave him to me."

"I see…" I mused and touched the scar on Michael's forehead. "Does he know about you being a god and all?"

"No." Dad replied and swerved to a corner. "Never found the reason to, since I did step down and all."

"About that…"

"I know about that Percy." Dad said. "I know better than to say no when the fate of the world is at stake."

"So you'll become an Olympian again?"

"If they'll accept, I'll have to step down when everything's over though."

I smiled. A pretty bright outlook on the future Dad has.

"By the way, why is the gate of the park closed?" I commented as the gates opened.

"Park?" Dad asked. "Oh, this isn't a park Percy. This is just the garden."

"Yeah right," I said sarcastically.

"No, I'm telling the truth."

I let that one sink in.

"How the hell did you earn this money?"

"I clean rivers and lakes." Dad said and showed me a sand dollar.

I sighed. "Yeah, I bet this is your dream. Being a janitor."

"This 'Janitor' is the most sought out man to clean large bodies of water. It started with a lake, then to something more dirty like the Hudson. You should see how clean it is."

I can't believe that it was possible to even clean that filthy water but hey, if you're the Sea God I guess you can do almost anything if it involves water.

"Here's your coffee sir." the maid placed the Cappuccino on the table, bowed and walked away. Michael was standing up and staring at me with his wide-eyes.

I laughed sheepishly. "What is it Michael?" I asked and rubbed his head.

"Are you really my step-brother?" I nodded. "Really?" I nodded again. "YAY!"

Michael surprised me and jumped for me. Luckily, the coffee didn't spill.

"I always wanted another big brother!"

"Brother?" I heard another voice say. "Michael who are you hugging?"

I slightly moved Michael's head out of the way to see who the person was. He had brown hair…

And one eye.

"Big brother?" Tyson asked. "PERCY!"

The room shuddered at every step.

Oh boy.

"Michael, let's play!" I urgently said.


I threw him up in the air, careful that he doesn't hit the ceiling. Dad took over and caught Michael when he was falling down.

"UMPH!" I said as Tyson tackle-hugged me.

After we got ourselves acquainted and sent Michael off to sleep, we sat at the fireplace where it was warm and cozy.

"So Dad," I said, breaking the comfortable silence between us three. "Did you just step down on being an Olympian because you had a quarrel?"

Dad nodded. "Embarrassingly, yes." He replied. "Truth to be told, the part about Mother Rhea never irritates me anymore."

"So Zeus is like a spoiled brat."

Dad smiled and shook his head. "You don't give the gods the credit they deserve Percy. Zeus never really cared about the Mother Rhea part at all."

"What?" I asked. "Then why do you always quarrel about it?"

"It's his sign of affection but anyway, it's because things got confusing and I was down when you disappeared so on impulse I quit. Now, I live as a minor god, the strongest I might say since I did won that tournament in Hephaestus TV put up. I think it was… Battle Royale?" he asked Tyson.

Tyson nodded. "Dad was amazing, his attacks were beautiful too. The blood of the enemy splattering everywhere looks like its painting."

I chuckled fearfully. "I don't think that's a nice painting… but anyway. Tyson, your speech has improved!"

Tyson smiled. "Yeah, I got better at it. I had to take lessons though."

"So Dad," I asked. "About the tournament that the Legion will put up."

"Oh, that? We'll have to train you the best I can then. Tyson can fight toe to toe with me if I'm bored."

Tyson huffed. "I am the General of your army Dad. Well, I was anyway when you handed over the Palace."

"Oh yeah, what happened to your Palace?"

"I gave the Palace to Triton. He's busy down there."

"You gave the Palace to him?" I asked, incredulous.

"What? He's more than capable enough to handle it."

"But you love your Palace." I pointed out.

"Ah, it's just some stones and rocks placed together and look beautiful. Besides, Amphitrite hates me now." He said sadly.

"How come?" I asked.

"She's jealous at the love I've shown for Sally."

"Oh. But maybe we have to visit Olympus for your announcement."


Several days passed and everyone got word that Poseidon got back on his throne. The Olympians told us to train, so I was a trainer alongside with Tyson. He was in charge of the weaker demigods while I was in charge of the Champion of the Olympians.

No one has gotten word that I'm Percy though, so I'm still safe.

"ALRIGHT YOU PEOPLE!" Tyson roared as he paced in front of the demigods. "PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE JUST LIKE CUPS, FULL OF WATER! WHAT DO YOU DO?"

"Empty that cup!" someone replied.

"WRONG!" Tyson shouted and stared face to face to the man who said that aloud. "THIS! IS NOT! A! MOVIE! YOU DO NOT EMPTY THE CUP! YOU FIND ANOTHER CUP TO FILL IT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!"

The man was about to shit in his pants but managed to croak. "Yes… sir…"

Damn! Tyson's a badass!



That's a strange logic but… oh well.

I think I heard Thalia saying 'Hey' but maybe that's just me hearing things.

But Tyson knows how to cuss now.







"Good. Now, attack me with all you've got." Tyson challenged, grabbing the massive club at the ground.

No dared to take a step closer.

Tyson didn't wait for it and swung his club, hitting ten demigods in one swing.

Screams and wails were heard throughout the Camp.

"Alright, let's train." I said to my group and clapped my hands to gather their attention.

I've read in the rules and guidelines of the tournament, ten contestant will be placed in different domains: deserts, forest, dungeons and even home residences to battle to. They will find each other and eliminate on sight. The one who yield or dies first will be the winner.

Naturally, I decided to train them that way.

You see, these kind of people grow strong not by training but experience. They may not say it, but they are old and when you are old, it is hard to learn something new. You just have to polish what you have.

So I was hiding in the shadows of the tree when all of a sudden, somebody jumped at me. I grabbed his arm and twisted it.

"YIELD!" I shouted and applied more force.

"No!" Argus shouted. "AARRGH!" he screamed as dislocated his shoulder. "Alright, I yield!"

I ran away from the scene and hid myself again.

Another rule, the contestant who yields will be left there until the end of the match. Meaning you have to survive until the end of the match. People can still kill you unless you aren't careful.

Now, if I'm right the last one should be…

A knife was pressed to my throat.

I sighed. "Annabeth. How good of you to find me."

"Yield," she said as the knife touched my skin.

"No." I replied and pushed the knife away from her hand. I elbowed her on the nose and fell down on the tree. I jumped for her and we crashed down on the grass below with my hand on her throat. "You yield."

"Tch. I yield."

I sighed and moved away from her. "Look, do not threaten someone when you haven't inflicted pain. Threat someone when they are in pain. They'll be more likely to follow you." I gave her my hand. "Twist it."

She grabbed my arm and twisted it. It turned but I resisted it. "You don't twist the arm itself," I explained. "You twist the fingers."

Annabeth followed and pushed my arm, I had to fake myself in pain.

"That's enough Annabeth!" I shouted and she relented.

"Wow, never thought of it that way."

"Now you know." I replied with a sigh and stood up. I grabbed the horn from my back and blew it, signaling the end of the battle royale.

A week passed and Tyson and I were getting rougher with our trainees.

We both knew that there was no chance of us winning with the spare amount of time of training we had but even then, I doubt we had any chance of winning if we did have enough time.

Then why are we still training?

It's so they can at least survive the damn tournament.

I've read reports about the Champions that will fight in the tournament and it makes me worry about their lives.

Remember Luxus? With the help of Thor, defeated Surt.


Then there is the son of Izanagi. I think he's name was Seta.

He can summon or use any of the power the Japanese gods have.

There are other strong Champions as well.

And we fucking need more time.

That's why I'm standing here in front of the Olympians with Tyson. Giving them a proposition.

Naturally, they declined.

I'll have to go through it alone.

"Are you sure about this?" Hades asked me. "Tartarus is a dangerous place, not even I dare to go deep."

"Thank you for worrying about me but I will be fine," I replied. "I swore on the River Styx that I will return, didn't I? I also signed my will just in case. Also, where's Nico?" I asked. "He was pretty surprised when I told him I was Percy a while ago."

"I'm here," Nico said as he shadow-travelled in front of me. "I won't ask why you had to hide yourself from us but I do have the right to kick you into the hole right?"

I smiled. "Yeah."

"Be prepared, I'm going to kick you will all my pent-up anger at you."

Without any warning whatsoever, Nico kicked me on the stomach.

I grinned despite the pain.

Kronos, we'll meet soon.

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