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Summary: Voldemort and his Deatheaters pose as teachers at the school that Harry is going to. Harry is in kindergarten.

It was a cold day the rain was pouring down the windows.

Harry was sitting at his desk waiting for the new teacher to arrive. The teacher and his assistant came in the classroom. The tall man introduced himself as............... Mr. Riddle. Mr. Riddle's assistant introduced himself as Mr. Pettigrew.

Harry had the feeling that he had seen these men before.

All of a sudden Harry's scar began to hurt.

"All right class I am going to show you magic tricks" Mr.Riddle said.

He transformed a toothpick into a toad and back again.

Harry raised his hand "Mr. Riddle could I please go to the loo?"

"Yes you can but hurry back you don't want to miss the fun" Mr. Riddle replied.

Harrry went to the bathroom. He did not really have to go to the bathroom his scar hurt too bad. He was not going back to class. He was going to stay in the bathroom until school was over for the day.

Sudddenly the door brust open it was................

Can you guess who the person was it may be you don't think it is.

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