Title: Uchiha Naruto Adventures

Author: Luna Knyte

Genre: Romance/Family

Pair: Sasuke/Naruto

Rating: for now T for swearing and some violence

Summary: Fugaku is protective, Itachi is possessive, and Sasuke is jealous. Follow as Naruto deals with growing up as an Uchiha trying to make friends and one day find love, which the Uchiha men try their hardest to keep Naruto away from evil perverts who want to take their Naruto away from them.

Warnings: AU. Going a little further back because I really like Obito so he'll be in here, which means Kakashi won't have the Sharingan. As to how their mission went different...if I don't mention it feel free to use your imagination. Since Naruto will be adopted into the Uchiha family he won't be too alone and will be raised by them his demeanor will be different. He'll still be happy and loud, but different from the cannon.

Fugaku and the rest of his squad jumped from building to building over looking the damaged caused a few hours ago. It was October eleventh and the destruction was pretty huge. The Uchiha police force was forced to team up with members of the Hyuuga clan to help rescue any survivors or locate any bodies that were left behind from the battle.

Everything was chaos, but the ninja were trying to sort it all out as soon as possible. The important part was to reassure the civilians that they had everything under control again.

Fugaku was just wondering what was taking their Hokage so long to make an announcement. Then he shook his head and realized the kind of person Minato is. If he wasn't in the hospital after his battle with the demon then he'd be out there helping out. Nonetheless he needed to have a word with the Hokage about their progress and their next move.

Dismissing his men Fugaku headed in the direction of the Hokage Tower to have a meeting with the Hokage. He only hoped it wouldn't take too long. He may not admit it but all he really wanted was to go home to his family knowing that they were all safe and sound.

Reaching the Hokage's office he knocked and waited to be let inside. When he was he was surprised to see the Third in the Fourth's seat.

"Ah, Uchiha Fugaku...I haven't seen you in a long time," the Third said.

Fugaku nodded, "Yes well I came here to report to Hokage-sama. Are you helping here while he's out there helping?"

Sarutobi's face grew dim with solemn as he sighed, "No...I'm afraid I've been called back into office given the circumstances."

"Circumstances sir?" Fugaku asked.

"Minato Namikaze saved Konoha by sacrificing himself you see," Sarutobi answered.

"Hokage-sama...is dead?" Fugaku asked in disbelief. He had known Minato growing up, he wasn't one to sure terms like friends lightly, but Minato was one of his closest friends and he just couldn't believe what he just heard.

He was about to say something else when whimpered caused him to look at the corner where there was a crib. Looking in there he saw some blonde locks peek out.

Sarutobi smiled a bit as he stood and handed the infant a bottle from a baby bag next to the crib.

"Uzumaki Naruto...Minato's son. Born yesterday..." Sarutobi whispered.

Fugaku's eyes widen. To imagine a woman giving birth while all that chaos was happening?

"Is the mother resting?" Fugaku couldn't help but ask.

Yet again Sarutobi sighed, "Kushina died giving birth...Naruto's been left an orphan I'm afraid."

Fugaku stepped closer until he saw the infant. Instantly the bluest eyes he's ever saw captured him. The baby was wrapped around an orange blanket while wearing a blue onesy. He greedily drank his bottle and something pulled at Fugaku's heart. So young a child should be drinking from their mother to gain the vitamins and strength he needed.

"What will happen to him sir?" Fugaku whispered.

"He will be watched by some of the kunoichi until some of the panic ceases. Then he shall be placed in an orphanage until...until he's old enough to be on his own," Sarutobi said.

"You don't believe he'll get adopted?" Fugaku asked. He didn't believe it'd take long for the kid to be adopted. Mythology showed that blonde blue eyed people were godly, surely couples looking into adopting would battle for him.

"No, unfortunately I don't. It won't take long for word to spread as to how Minato defeated the fox and once they do...I fear that Naruto will be highly misunderstood," replied Sarutobi.

"I don't understand sir," Fugaku admitted.

"Minato was a sealing master. The only way to defeat a beast with that much power was to lock it away...there was only one new vessel born on that date," Sarutobi said solemnly.

Then it crashed on Fugaku, "He...he used his own son?"

"It was the only way. But soon people will hear whispers and instead treating him like a hero for keeping a horrible beast at bay, he might be treated as the beast itself. I can't help but wonder if he'll even grow up to see twelve years old...maybe if he's lucky." Sarutobi said.

"You don't have faith in the villagers?" Fugaku asked.

"Take in the situation and the chaos outside. Can you honestly believe that people won't be out for blood? Be on the look out for a scapegoat? Be realistic Uchiha-san," Sarutobi said.

"You're right sir...what will you do?" Fugaku asked knowing the old man in front of him will not take that sitting down.

"I will pass a decree that anyone who speaks of this day from now on will be punished severely. A punishment that can result in death if I deem it," Sarutobi answered.

"Sir...what if I take the infant in?" Fugaku asked.

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow, "You? Why?"

"I can make sure no threats or harm come to the child. I can make sure he receives fairness and care and an education I am now sure the village will deny him. With the Uchiha name he will be respected, either out of actual respect or fear," Fugaku answered.

"Why are you doing this Uchiha-san? As noble and honorable as you're family is, especially with you as the head of the clan, why take on this burden?" Sarutobi asked.

"The Fourth Hokage was a great man and an honorable shinobi. I can only assume that if left alone his son will suffer a great injustice, that will not only hurt him, but the memory of The Fourth," Fugaku answered.

Sarutobi gave a small smile, "Very well. We'll get the paper work done tomorrow. In the mean time I'll prepare Naruto to be sent to you're family home later on this evening."

Fugaku bowed and left the office. Sarutobi's smile widened more as he stared down at blonde who was looking at him with big blue eyes. The old man chuckled and said, "I can only wonder what type of adventures you'll have now...Uchiha Naruto."

A bit short, I know, but its just the prologue

In this I intend to make Sasuke about a year and half, maybe two years older than Naruto.

Some more warnings I guess, Um it will switch from the characters silly nonsense to some serious moments. This is one of those stories that I'll be writing to help me through some writing blocks I'm having, as well as helping me not lose the habit of writing. main reason I haven't been updating a lot is because I haven't had the time or practice as much as I used to.

For some of the major events that happened in the cannon, some I will make an explanation and others will be left to your imagination.

Please excuse any errors and review