Title: Uchiha Naruto Adventures

Author: Luna Knyte

Genre: Romance/Family

Pair: Sasuke/Naruto

Rating: for now T for swearing and some violence

Summary: Fugaku is protective, Itachi is possessive, and Sasuke is jealous. Follow as Naruto deals with growing up as an Uchiha trying to make friends and one day find love, which the Uchiha men try their hardest to keep Naruto away from evil perverts who want to take their Naruto away from them.

Warnings: AU. Going a little further back because I really like Obito so he'll be in here, which means Kakashi won't have the Sharingan. As to how their mission went different...if I don't mention it feel free to use your imagination. Since Naruto will be adopted into the Uchiha family he won't be too alone and will be raised by them his demeanor will be different. He'll still be happy and loud, but different from the cannon.

Chapter V: Dog Day Afternoons


"Someone still doesn't like me..." Obito murmured as he walked over to the crib, "Hey sunshine. Looks like it's just you and me for today."

Naruto stopped his attempts of pulling the blanket from under him and momentarily looked up to see Obito. Giggling with glee, Naruto waved his hands out toward Obito to be picked up. "Come on, let's go get you breakfast."

Somewhere else in Konoha

Kakashi calmly walked down the streets as he headed to the hospital. One hand was in his pocket and the other was holding a blue book that currently captured his attention.

"Kakashi! You shouldn't be reading that...that...smut! Out in public!"

Kakashi lowered his book an inch to look at the person who just spoke and he just rolled his eyes at seeing his teammate so perplexed.

"I'm not hurting anyone Rin," Kakashi deadpanned.

"You're corrupting young minds and making more modest people uncomfortable!" Rin claimed.

Kakashi sighed, "Only reason people would be uncomfortable with this book is if they know what it is...what does that say about them?"

It was Rin's turn to sigh, "Fine...I give up! How you started this damn addiction of yours with those damn books I'll never know! Nor do I want to know! So...what are you doing here? We're not supposed to meet for another few hours. It's almost creepy seeing you this early."

"It's canceled. Obito was called by Uchiha Fugaku to babysit sensei's son. Even if it's only for a few hours you know he'll be staying all day," Kakashi replied.

"Oh! He's watching over Naru-chan?" Rin squealed.

"Shh..." Kakashi looked around and glared at some people who looked at them. He grabbed Rin's forearm and pulled her to a more secluded area. "Remember that he's supposed to be kept secret until further notice."

Even though Naruto was quickly taken to the Uchiha's after the horrible day so many months ago rumors had spread. No one knew exactly who the child was but it was said that one was used to incarcerate the demon fox. Some believe that that child died with the demon inside of them since no one has seen anyone new. But others still believe that the "demon child" is still out there. Whether that child is free or imprison is unknown, but everyone is secretly vigilant.

"Oh right...how long though? I've only seen him once and that was because I threatened Obito to sneak me into the Uchiha district," Rin whined.

"Look I know you want to see him but we can't. Hokage-sama made it specifically clear, as did Uchiha-sama. People are still sensitive with what happened and Naruto is still too young. Once more time passes and Naruto has had some time to grow and be trained, he'll be allowed to come into Konoha," Kakashi explained.

"Hn! I still don't think it's fair that they're keeping him locked up like some convict!" Rin declared.

"Rin...he's a baby. He can't really go anywhere and besides, Obito says that everyone in the Uchiha district knows about him. It's Konoha that's a danger to him," Kakashi said.

Rin crossed her arms and said, "I still don't like that we can't visit him regularly. I mean they're Uchiha's! What do they know about care and love? They know war and battle! Those are not circumstances to raise a baby!"

"As true as that is, Obito wouldn't stand for Naruto to be there and neither would the Hokage if it wasn't a suitable environment. Obito says that they treat him with a lot of love...to the point that it's kind of creepy because they are Uchiha's," Kakashi replied.

Rin sighed again, "Whatever...so training's off until tomorrow?"

"Yes," Kakashi replied and then just vanished into a swirl of leaves.

Kakashi reappeared in the training grounds where his team usually trains. Once there he bites his thumb and summoned his ninja dogs. In a giant puff of smoke all of them appeared.

"Yo boss!" Pakkun said from on top of Bull's head.

"Hey guys. I need to do some errands for the Hokage. While I'm gone I want you guys to train here alright?" Kakashi asked.

He received barks of understanding as most of the dogs went on their way. They were all somewhat young but all powerful. Since being assigned to be Kakashi's ninja dogs, they've done this a few times in the last couple of months. Training in this world and get them used to working not only with their new master but also with themselves.

They all went on to do the exorcises that Kakashi had shown them the first time, all except Pakkun.

"Well? Aren't you going to go with them and train?" Kakashi asked the pug.

"First I want to know what's up with you? You smell unsettling," Pakkun commented.

"There is nothing wrong," Kakashi replied.

"You can fool people with that mask of yours Kakashi, both your literal mask and the metaphorical one, but you can't fool my nose. I wouldn't be in your pack if you could...so, what's wrong?" Pakkun asked again.

"It's sensei's son," Kakashi replied.

"The Yellow flash's gaki? Why? I thought that the kid was safe?" Pakkun asked.

"He is...I just can't see him as much as I'd like. The only times I can see him is when Obito sneaks us into the Uchiha district or when Hokage-sama goes to do a surprise inspection and takes me with him," Kakashi said.

"And that's not enough? I never knew you to be attached to anything Kakashi, let alone anyone," Pakkun stated.

"I'm usually not but...Sensei was the only person that didn't condemn me for what my father did, he didn't care of what I could do to be a weapon or a threat...he just cared about me. And when he needed me the most...I was weak. I couldn't save him and now the last thing of him is in the hands of the Uchiha's..." Kakashi ranted.

"Hm...well I'm only a dog Kakashi, I can't really give you advice that will help you see the kid anymore than you already do, but I will tell you this. You just said that the Yellow Flash didn't condemn you to what your father did...be sure that you do the same to the kid," Pakkun said as he scratched his ear with his front right paw.

"What do you mean?" Kakashi asked as he looked at the pug.

"What I mean, do you want to see the kid solely because he's all that's left of the Yellow Flash? Or because of the kid himself? The kid won't get the chance to meet his father so he won't know anything about him or how he acted...he won't be his father because he can't. Make sure you're going to see the kid, not your sensei through his kid," Pakkun warned.

Kakashi didn't say anything as he thought over what the pug had just said to him. While waiting to see if his master had anything else to say, Pakkun stretched and yawned, "Well if that's it then...I'll be off training. See you again in a few hours?"

"Yeah," Kakashi said, still sounding a bit confused as he headed back into the village.

Today Naruto had a lot more energy than he had most days. After eating breakfast he wanted to play with Obito but after an hour or so Obito couldn't keep up and needed a rest.

Usually Obito would be up for hours of playing with his favorite little bundle of sunshine but despite all of the the bad talk he gets he's still an Uchiha. He trains just like the rest of them, and last night he did nothing but train.

Once he made sure Naruto had his bottle and was tucked in snugly in his crib, Obito went into the family room and laid down. He closed his eyes, and told himself it was only going to be for about five, ten, maybe fifteen minutes...

After finishing his bottle though, Naruto didn't go to sleep like he usually did. He has too much energy. He tried calling out to Obito but no one answered him. The blonde baby pouted. Normally when he made any sort of noise someone would come within seconds.

Be it an anxious Sasuke who would demand to make sure Naruto was happy and had everything, to a calming Itachi who would always comb through Naruto's unruly blonde locks before smiling at him, to a motherly Mikoto who would pick him up and rock him while singing, to a Fugaku who would talk with Naruto happily.

This confused the blonde.

Naruto pushed away his bottle and removed his blanket. Standing up he wobbled a bit but then grabbed hold of the bars for support. When he did though they shook a bit, and so did the latch on the sides. Naruto's little brow furrowed as he shook the bars again and like last time, the latch moved, and it seemed to have moved from it's place.

It made Naruto think of the puzzle games that his brothers play sometimes. They try to teach him and let him do some of the easier stuff but for the most part Naruto just watched. But Naruto doesn't simply watch, he observes as well.

And just like some of the puzzle games that Sasuke and Itachi have played Naruto observed the cause and effects his movements create.

For months now he's observed every single member of his family pull that side of his crib down to let him out. They simply slide it to the side. But when he tried it, it didn't work. The blonde frowned. It worked for everyone else!

But it seemed that if he shook the side of his crib enough the latch would free itself. Doing it long enough Naruto gave a fit of giggles when he turned out to be right. The side of his crib slid down and allowed him to get down.

The mirth disappeared from his face and was replaced with concentration.

This wasn't the first time he's tried getting off of higher places. He's been on chairs, and couches, and peoples laps, and some rocks on the garden...if he simply crawled out, he'd get hurt and he didn't like that. But Sasuke has been teaching him how to do it, so Naruto knows how to get off without getting hurt.

Shifting his body so his feet were facing the side that didn't have a wall raised Naruto slowly scooted backwards.

He felt that odd weightless sensation when half his body was hanging off the side. He knew this part...

He was short, so that meant there was a distance between him and the floor. But the way he was it wouldn't hurt as much. If it did though he'd just go find Obito and make him kiss it better.

Naruto scooted further off the crib, clutching to the mattress and blankets before he let go completely. He grunted as he landed on his bottom but it didn't hurt that much since there was a rug underneath. It definitely hurt less landing on his bottom than on his head.

Naruto rubbed his head remember the times he was first learning to get off of things...they hurt.

Shaking his blonde head of hair Naruto began to crawl towards the door. He wanted to be with someone and he was going to find someone!

Even though he knew where Obito probably was since they were spending the morning in the family room, something distracted Naruto when he exited the room.

The family room was to the right, but there was a breeze coming from the left.


Naruto loved the outside. He especially loved the sun and how warm it felt. Smiling brightly he crawled towards where the breeze was coming from. One of the door was left open and Naruto was now on the porch. His eyes brightened at all of the colors.

Though he gets some time outside it wasn't a lot. Usually mere minutes before they had to go back inside. He was always in someones arms too, so he never had the chance to feel everything around him.

And there was so much! All the colors, and flowers, and the grass, and the water from the fountain, and the trees, and the animals that scurried around. Naruto wanted to touch all of that!

Crawling with fervor Naruto made it to the edge and stopped. Another thing for him to get off of. This one was farther though. But looking to the side Naruto saw a big upside down bucket. Smiling Naruto remember watching Sasuke in the kitchen. He too was too short sometimes and used chairs and stepping stools to help him reach something out of his reach. This was similar, but opposite. Instead of using it to get up, Naruto will use it to get down!

After he did Naruto giggled quietly and awed at the feeling of grass under his little fingers. Pulling at the grass underneath him he put it to his nose and took a big whiff. He even tasted it, but since it didn't taste good he spit it out with a scowl on his face.

Going further down Naruto took a whiff of the first flower he saw. He liked it, and the petals were soft. But when he went to pluck it he whimpered. There was something poking at his skin. He pulled it out and began to whimper when the pain disappeared. There was a dot of red but it instantly closed, leaving his skin like new.

Naruto ignored the flowers and continued further into the garden. Then he saw a squirrel! Naruto crawled after it with glee, but that squirrel was heading towards his home in the forest. The blonde didn't know the dangers and blissfully ignorantly followed the little critter.

Shiba stopped from his training and stretched before going under a tree to take a nap.

Guruko appeared next to him and nudged him with his nose.

"What?" Shiba demanded.

"Master said we had to train, not sleep," Guruko said.

"Well master isn't here, is he?" Shiba asked and closed his eyes.

"Doesn't matter. We were assigned as his ninken. We have to be ready for battle. We need to train Shiba, not laze around," Guruko said.

"Oh shut your snout. If training was really important then we'd be training with master," Shiba argued.

"He had other things to do. Now come on or else!" Guruko threatened.

"Or else what?" Shiba dared.

"I'll get Bull," Guruko replied.

"Pfft...just because he's big doesn't mean he's strong. Sides...I'm fast," Shiba yawned and settled back down.

"Awe come on Shiba! Train with me! We'll make a game out of it, promise!" Guruko whined. "Everyone else paired up! Come on! Please!"

Shiba sighed, "Fine...but when we next get a treat I get yours, got it?"

"Yup!" Guruko bounced up and down as Shiba stood up.

"Alright...see that tree branch?" Shiba pointed with his nose to a isolated low branch of a tree across from them. Guruko nodded, "We'll practice the Crane Winged Formation alright?"

Guruko nodded and did as his brother told him. They practiced a few times before something caught their ears.

"Shh..." Shiba said.

"What is it?" Guruko whispered.

"Don't know. That's why I said shush so I can figure it out," Shiba answered back.

Guruko took a whiff of air in the direction the noise was coming from.

"It's a human!" Guruko cried.

"I said shush!" Shiba hissed.

"It's just a human Shiba," Guruko said.

"But there shouldn't be any humans here. No human comes here, only our master and it's not him. Plus...smell it again. Can't you just feel it?" Shiba asked. He smelled the human, but there was something odd about its scent. It held something else...something more sinister and powerful to it, and yet it was very weak. "There's something very wrong about it..."

"But Shiba...it's a human pup," Guruko whispered.

"What? You sure?" Shiba asked.

"Yes. It smells like a pup," Guruko nodded confidently, "But it's alone. A pup shouldn't be far from it's mother Shiba. What if it's in danger? What if it was abandoned or orphaned or lost? We have to go help!"

Guruko bolted after the scent.


Shiba bolted after his little brother. He didn't like the odd scent the human was giving off, even if it was just a pup. He may be annoyed by his little brother sometimes but there was no way he was going to let anything bad happened to him...also, he has no idea how he'd explain losing his baby brother to their mother.

When he found Guruko he was be petted by a small human with yellow hair. Shiba gave a small growl towards the human.

"Stop it Shiba. It's just a pup, like I said. He's nice...pets me good," Guruko said happily.

"Get away from it Guruko...it's dangerous," Shiba insisted.

Guruko looked at the blonde haired human pup.

He was wearing blue shorts, an orange shirt with a red swirl on the front and an Uchiha fan symbol on the back, he was barefoot, and his hair was yellow and eyes were blue.

Guruko shook his head, "Nope. He's got happy eyes and a goofy smile...he's good."

Shiba sighed, "Smell him...really smell him. He's got something extra with him. I think this is the demon child we've heard rumors about."

"Those are just rumors Shiba...sides look at him. Does he look like a cold blooded killer?"

Shiba was about to argue about the scent but then he watched as the kid grabbed hold of Guruko's tail, causing the dog to yelp, the human pup then laughed gleefully and feel back on his back. Then rolling over while a ladybug landed on his nose. He stared cross eyed until it hurt and then he shook his head causing the bug to fly away. The little human reached for it but it was gone now. Then he saw a toad hopping and his big goofy smile that had disappeared when the insect flew off had returned, and Shiba had to admit that it was happy.

Shiba sighed, "I guess not...but I still feel it. What if this is the demon's vessel?"

"Being the vessel doesn't make him the demon Shiba. What do you think he's doing all the way out here though? I don't smell any other human near by or far...not until Konoha," Guruko said.

"By what I've seen I think this kid wondered off," Shiba replied, lying down next to the kid, allowing him to pet his fur.

"But that's too far from here...it's only a pup," Guruko argued, also lying down near the kid to be petted.

"He's not normal. It's possible. I don't see any other explanation, do you?" Shiba asked.

"Um...the pup's guardian no longer wanted them so they abandoned him in the middle of nowhere...that's very sad Shiba...Oh! I know! Let's keep him!"

Shiba raised his head from where it was resting on his paws and asked incredulously, "What?"

"Lets keep him," Guruko said as if it were simple.

"You're kind of a pup still yourself...there's no way you're keeping a human," Shiba replied returning to his sleeping position.

"Well we can't leave him here," Guruko said.

"Leave who here?" Bisuke asked appearing in front of them.

"We found a human pup. We're keeping him!I shall name him Sal," Guruko declared.

"No. We're not naming him. The minute we do it gets complicated. No, we're not. He's not ours. He probably belongs to someone," Shiba said.

"Someone who would let a pup his size alone to wonder the forest with all the possible dangers?" Guruko challenged.

Shiba sighed, "Even if he doesn't have a family, which we don't know for sure if he doesn't, we still can't keep him. We don't know the first thing about caring for a human. Especially a pup."

"His name is Sal," Guruko said.

"What kind of name is Sal?" Shiba asked.

"It's a good name!" Guruko defended. "And how hard could it be? What could human pups need that regular pups don't?" Guruko asked.

"Food and water," Bisuke answered.

"Not you too Bisuke," Shiba groaned.

"I'm not saying we keep him. But we can't leave him here. Master will return soon. We'll give him the human pup. He'll know what to do. But we won't see him for some hours and humans need food and water just like us. How long has it been since he's eaten or drunk anything?" Bisuke asked.

"Don't know. We just found him," Shiba replied.

"Well lets round up and just wait for master then. Training's going kind of slow anyway," Bisuke said.

"Alright. We'll meet up by the starting tree. Bisuke you gather everyone up. We'll see you there," Shiba said and Bisuke poof-ed out.

The human child clapped and laughed and Shiba grinned.

"HA! See, you do like him Shiba," Guruko said with a smirk.

Shiba blushed, "Shut up and bring the brat."

Guruko snickered but didn't say anything. He got the human to stand and helped him move along. Though they soon learned that the human didn't really know how to walk well. In the end he ended up riding on top of Shiba while Guruko made sure he didn't fall.

Once they were all at the tree Pakkun approached the kid. Taking a whiff the pug said, "Well...I'll be neutered. It's Master's sensei's pup."

"You sure?" Bull asked.

"Positive. There's no one else in Konoha who could have that hair...plus it was the Yellow Flashes kid who was used in the capturing of the demon," Pakkun enlightened the group.

"So what do we do?" Akino asked.

"It'll take a while to find Kakashi, but we need to. I'll go find him. In the mean time you all stay here and just make sure the kid doesn't hurt himself. I'll be back as soon as I find Kakashi," Pakkun said and then poof-ed away.

"What now?" Bisuke asked.

"Like Pakkun said. We wait and make sure not to let the pup get hurt. Should be easy enough. Just stay put," Akino said.

"Bisuke brought up a good point earlier. We don't know when was the last time the kid ate or drank anything. And Pakkun's right. We don't know when he'll find Kakashi. Could be hours. It might be dangerous if we don't do anything," Shiba said.

"Alright...I'll go fine some water and a bowl for the kid. I don't like just sitting around," Urushi said, then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"What about food?" Guruko said.

"Doesn't look like he has too many teeth. He may not be able to chew," Uhei said.

"Right...so we need food that doesn't need to be chewed...is that possible?" Guruko asked.

"Humans have food for their pups. I've seen and smelled it. Things like regular food but...all mushed up," Bisuke said.

"Alright. Bisuke take Uhei with you and go to Konoha and see if you can find something for him to eat. In the mean time the rest of us will wait here and hope the pug returns soon with Kakashi in tow." Bull ordered.

"Right!" Bisuke barked.

"Right," Uhei said.

Both disappeared in a puff.

"Kind of quiet for a pup. I remember we used to be very loud," Guruko commented and they all looked at the human.

Said human was asleep under the shade of the tree. Warmed by the hot sun, snuggled up next to Akino.

"All tuckered out by the looks of it," Bull said.

"Well smell him, he's been through most of the forest. Plus there's this odd smell to him," Akino said.

"We already accomplished that. He's the vessel child," Shiba answered.

"Not that idiot. He smells a bit worried...it's lingering, but it's there," Akino replied.

"What about now?" Guruko asked.

"Seems fine...poor kid. This is probably as peaceful as he's got," Akino said.

"Think he doesn't have a good home life?" Shiba asked.

"He's the demon child...humans aren't happy with what's inside him. He could be in danger. His instincts could be telling him but he's too young, he may not understand it," Akino replied.

They stayed quiet for a long time. They waited. Soon Urushi returned and the kid drank happily. Bisuke and Uhei returned too but without luck. They just hoped it wouldn't take Pakkun forever to find their master.

When they finally felt him come closer they all stood up. Kakashi was there and asked with an out of place tone in his voice, "Where is he?"

"He's right...where'd he go?" Bull asked.

"You lost him! ?" Kakashi demanded.

"He was here just a minute ago!" Shiba protested.

Akino sighed, "Look who's also missing."

They all looked around, "Guruko."

"Where would he go?" Bisuke asked.

"Less talking, more sniffing. He can't escape all of us," Urushi said and they all started sniffing. Soon they caught the scent.

Kakashi ordered the rest to go home. That he'd handle it.

"Guruko...hand over sensei's son," Kakashi said gently.

"But master...is he safe?" Guruko asked.

"Perfectly," Kakashi replied,

"But Akino said that he could be in danger..." Guruko said weakly.

"At the moment...he is. He can't be out here too long. It's bad for his health. We need to get him someplace warm. Get him fed and clothed properly," Kakashi said.

"But he's the demon child living with humans from the village that the demon attacked..." Guruko whispered.

"The family that is housing him know who he is. They know what he is, but they love him nonetheless. They care for him and are very worried that he's missing. If we don't returning him soon there's going to be trouble...the whole village doesn't know about him...if we don't get him home soon, they'll be forced to tell the village about Naruto...he'll be in more danger then."

Guruko sighed and led Kakashi into the inner part of the tree that created a natural cavern like fort for them. Naruto was still asleep through the whole thing and Kakashi picked him up gently.

"Go home now Guruko. Naruto will be fine. I promise," Kakashi said. The pup looked at his master and nodded. Then disappeared in a puff.

Kakashi looked down at the sleeping blonde. He summoned a blanket from one of his scrolls and wrapped the baby in it. He's been exposed so long to the elements he was a bit cold. As much as he wanted to take the opportunity to have some time with his sensei's son he knew he was speaking the truth earlier.

The entire Uchiha district is in chaos looking around for where their precious angel might be. Obito is bound to catch hell for this...though it might not be needed. He'll feel completely horrible himself for allowing this to happen.

Kakashi himself felt his heart stop a bit when his teammate came running after him and Rin with that horrified look on his face. He never felt so sickened in his life as he did when Obito told him that Naruto was missing.

So many thoughts appeared in his mind. All of them not good. He feared that one of the Uchiha's didn't like what Naruto really was. Or someone from Konoha found out. Or someone from another village. An assassin...a kidnapper...a slave owner...a pedophile...with each second they spend away from the blond child the more horrible the thoughts got. They all went to worst case scenario. When his pug appeared and told him that Naruto was safe with his dogs, Kakashi was almost sick with relief.

"You've caused quite the scandal Naru-chan. Even the Hokage is anxious with nerves," Kakashi whispered to the blonde that had opened his eyes. Kakashi smiled underneath his mask and whispered, "Hang on."

In an instant they were standing in front of the Uchiha mansion. Kakashi walked up and entered without a knock or a word.

There were movements of all type of Uchiha's. Some Kakashi knew, others he's seen, some he didn't know.

"BABY!" Came Sasuke's shriek that caused all movements to stop.

Then Naruto was ripped from his arms and into Mikoto's mother smothering hold. Sasuke next to her, desperate to hold the blonde as well.

Kakashi walked out, deciding he'll ask the Hokage for some time with the blonde later. Right now there was too much movement, too much drama...as he leaves Kakashi see's three Uchiha teenagers shoot fire jutsu's into the air. Probably a signal to alert all those searching that their angel had been found.

As Kakashi neared the edge of the Uchiha district he was stopped by a small voice, "Hey!"

He turned back but didn't say anything.

"Thank you..." Sasuke said after he had caught his breath and then ran back the way he came.

Kakashi sighed and said to no one in particular, "Uchiha Naruto...I guess it doesn't sound too bad."

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