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You Bastards!

Sam nursed his beer while he kept an eye on Dean. The bar was nearly empty – no surprise for a Tuesday – beside Dean's victim at the pool table and his two friends there were only two other patrons. Sam heard laughter from the pool table, even Dean's victim had a good time. By buying Dean one drink after another he was still hoping to win his money back. Behind his beer bottle Sam smiled. No chance, buddy.

Encouraged by one of his friends – the girl in that group had only eyes for Dean – the young man made a shot. From his position he couldn't see the balls on the table but the man's satisfied grin told Sam it was a good one. Dean on the other hand didn't seem to be concerned. Whispering something in the girl's ear which made her giggle Dean made his next move. Somehow Sam got the feeling he had the motel room for himself this night. And when Dean would return in the morning than with a goofy grin on his face and money in his pocket.

Watching them for another minute Sam didn't feel bad for Dean looting the young man. The guy looked like he could effort it and the Winchesters needed the money. Hunting wasn't a payed job after all. They were lucky each time they made it out of town without being caught by the police. Hunters tend to leave a mess behind. So, yes. A bit of easy money was always welcome.

Besides the two young man and the girl looked like rich college folks so Sam had not to watch his brother's back. Sometimes Dean's victims wanted their money back. With their fists if necessary. But this was easy like taking candy from a baby. The guy even enjoyed it.

With a smile Sam turned his attention on the laptop in front of him. He was already through the local newspaper, it was a confirmed habit to him to grab newspapers wherever they stopped, but this one was clear of any suspicious articles. So he went online and searched there for their next hunt.

Dean was earning money and Sam tried to find the next hunt. Not that Sam couldn't play pool for money or Dean couldn't do research, they could when they had to, but they were both comfortable with this kind of division of work.

One headline caught his eye: Child killed by cow. Chewing his bottom lip Sam clicked on the article. An accident in a small mountain town. Maybe some kids had played where they should not have played, Sam thought cursor hovering over the back button. Why not? It wasn't that they had a deadline of some sort or were in a hurry. So he could just browse the internet for his own curiosity, right? Glancing at his brother who had settled with the other three at the bar Sam snored. Even after winning all the other guy's money they were best friends by now. The girl was virtually sitting in his brothers lap her hand in places Sam didn't want to think about. They all were chatting like they knew each other for years. So yeah, Dean was definitely having fun.

Sam ordered another beer and made himself comfortable at the laptop again. For others – especially Dean – it would have sounded weird but for Sam it was a perfect way to spend the evening. The sound of the nearly empty bar in the background, a beer in hand and some mindless surfing on the internet. You could not imagine what pearls of wisdom Sam had picked up this way.

So he got back to the main-page of the newspaper and searched for other accidents involving cows.

The last dead cow he had come across had led them to a nest of vampires – which by the way had not been as blood-thirsty as the hunter chasing them – so this wasn't exactly just surfing on the internet, right?

Sam sighed. Why the hell did he feel the need to defend his actions? Dean would just do what ever he wanted to. Looking up Sam could actually see that in action.

Sam didn't find any other accidents but that town seemed obsessed with cows. There were cow-days and the school mascot was a cow too. Not a bull or any other stupid but strong sounding animal. A cow for Christ's sake.

Shaking his head about the insanity of the so called normal life Sam read a few of those articles till he came across that one which brought him there in the first place. It didn't tell much about the circumstances so Sam searched the kid's name.

And then it got weird. OK, this might be worth looking into, he thought after he read two more articles.

"Having fun, Sammy?" Dean was bending over the table a new beer for Sam in hand.

"Hmm." He read the last sentence and then looked up to Dean.

"You look like you found something." Over his shoulder he reassured the girl that he would be back in a minute.


"Are we in a hurry?" Still a grin on his face but seriousness laying beneath it. If Sam's answer was yes he would be on the road the next minute without looking back to the girl he intended to spend the night with.

Sam shook his head. "Nah. You can have fun with your … friends." He said with a knowing smile.

"At least I know how to have fun."

"Don't make too much noise when you stumble in at four in the morning."

"I don't stumble. I'm like a cat." He tried to sound offended. Then Sam could literally see the light bulb over his head. "I am batman."

"Sure you are." How could a grown man look so childish? "But don't get totally wasted, we should head out in the morning. There are kids involved."

That washed the grin off his brother's face. His eyes darkened.

"Tell me." Dean sat down in front of him.

"It's weird." Sam started hating himself for even mentioning it. He may just ruined his brother's night. "I found an article about a kid got killed by a cow. Stomped to death, actually. Then another one about a kid got shot during a robbery in a grocery store. Got in the crossfire somehow. And another one was run over by a train."

"That is tragic." Dean said a frown on his face. "But I don't see a connection to our line of work."

"Well, the kids had all the same name." Sam explained.

"And? Maybe it's a huge family. Still tragic, but you know ..." Then his trademark smirk came in place. "Hell, maybe it's one of those half forgotten towns where the people have the same last name even before they get married." He winked as if Sam needed an extra hint to get the joke.

"It's not only the last name. It's the first name, too. Every kid went by the name Kenny McCormick." Sam took a sip of his beer.

"OK, that is weird." Dean thought the information over. "See a pattern?"

"Nope. There were month between the events. Beside the names it seems like normal accidents to me." With his bottle he pointed to the bar where the girl tried to drag Dean back to her with her eyes. "Somebody is waiting for you. Tomorrow is early enough."

Dean didn't move for a moment. "Sure?"


His face lit up again and he got on his feet.

"Don't wait for me." He wiggled his eyebrows and went back to the bar. "Missed me?" Sam could hear his voice but not the answer from the girl. The way she whispered it into Dean's ear it was none of his business anyway.

Sam would finish his beer and then get back to the motel. Maybe checking the route for tomorrow. Yeah, that was a plan. Somebody should be awake and sober enough to drive in the morning. And it would not be Dean, Sam knew that much.

"So, South Park it is."