Back in the ally two man stood over the body. They watched as the corpse started to shimmer in a light blue and then disappeared into thin air.

"Maybe we should have asked him to play his part for real." Try unwrapped a candy bar and offered his friend another one. "You know he has a weak spot for the Winchesters."

Matt shook his head and took a large bite of the bar. "Attaching a picture of the face to a body had always been enough."

"He would have liked it."

"You know we have to stop killing Kenny now, don't you?" Matt said after a moment.

"It was getting boring anyway." Try swallowed the last bit of his chocolate.

They turned and walked away.

"So, Winchester episode done. What's next?" Try asked.

"Don't know." Matt chewed his bottom lip then his face lightened up. "How about Mulder and Scully?

"The Simpsons already did it."