The Truth about Persephone

Harry had been home with his three young children for last three months since baby Persephone was born. It hadn't been easy considering he had three children in the space of that many years. And that was without the rape, Voldemort, mysterious magical side effects and everything that took up Harry's life.

Whenever Harry had been out to the local park with the children he had received looks from the Muggle mothers. Harry understood what it must look like; a young man obviously not out of his teens with three children who looked like him. Teddy may not look like him naturally but thanks to his metamorphagus abilities he imprinted on people's looks (mainly Harry being his male figure in life).

Luckily the Wizarding World hadn't sussed out who Persephone's other father was. That could only be good for Persephone. It had been hard enough with Phoenix without adding another child who had been sired by Voldemort into the mix. Harry had only managed to earn the Wizarding World's favour back by killing Voldemort. If Rita Skeeter found out about Persephone's father being Voldemort Harry was sure he would be hated once more. Skeeter would probably claim that Voldemort wasn't really dead that the "two lovers" had tricked the Wizarding World into believing so or something stupid like that.

Harry didn't know what the Wizarding World thought had happened considered Harry was obviously straight as he had been dating Ginny for nearly two years. Harry guessed that they believed that he had somehow found time to experiment or was bisexual. The Weasleys, Dean, Hermione, Luna, Ollivander, a few of the Hogwarts teachers, Althea and Hagrid knew but hadn't said anything.

Currently Althea, most of the Weasleys, Severus, Minerva and Hermione had been researching Persephone's strange pure silver eyes. None of them had ever heard of anything like this before. Bill had said it seemed familiar but he couldn't remember from where from. Bill ran into all sorts of things in his job as a curse breaker some of them ancient and forgotten magic.

Molly was happy to help. She like Harry didn't care if she had silver eyes or not as long as she was healthy. But both agreed that they didn't know what had caused it if it was caused by some sort of curse or magical illness. Until they found out that it was benign they would carry on searching.

Molly didn't want her little granddaughter as she had taken to calling Persephone to change just because she was different but didn't want her to be harmed because they hadn't realised there was something wrong. Bill and Fleur had both thanked Harry on the fact that the pressure was taken off them by Harry several times although they wished it had come about in a different away. Apparently if Molly hadn't had Phoenix, Teddy and Persephone to dote on she would have been laying it on the only two married Weasley children to give her grandchildren to dote on.

Fleur like Hermione and Ginny wanted to have a career before she settled down with children. Fleur unlike Harry and Molly didn't want a large family. Bill agreed having grown up in the chaos of a large family wanted only a couple of children. Fleur wanted a little girl to dote on. George had commented that had been the same with his mother and she'd had to have six boys until a daughter came along. Bill wanted no more than four children.

Harry had decided to delay going back to work despite how much Harry loved his work. He hadn't even done the teaching plans and marking like he and Minerva had decided whilst he was pregnant. The substitute Defence teacher had taken that on.

Harry had meanwhile been he obsessively working on the truth about Persephone. Minerva had been very understanding on the whole issue. Minerva had never been a parent it was true. However, she did have six nieces and nephews that Minerva doted on. They were now all grown up now some even with their own children but she loved her extended family dearly.

Harry had been terrified that the silver eyes were some underlying medical condition of magical origin that he had never heard of. Healer Althea had been brilliant about this. It seemed she was just as interested as Harry was both in concern for an innocent child and in an intellectual fashion. Althea sent notes to all the Magical Hospitals to check their records for anyone born with pure silver eyes. All came back negative for having any knowledge of this.

Hermione's parents – Jean and Michael Granger – had spoken to several of their doctor friends from Durham. Again unsurprisingly considering Harry doubted it was of Muggle origin nothing came back. Harry was sure it was something magical but had no idea what.

No one had ever survived the Killing Curse – and Harry had survived it twice. Harry had wondered if it would be Persephone paying the price. But what the price could be Harry didn't know. It couldn't help that the one who had attempted to murder them had been Persephone's sire. Harry had actually been carrying Persephone when he was hit with the Killing Curse.

The Floo suddenly flared killing curse green. Harry had it so only those he trusted the most in the world would be able to gain access without Harry's permission. Harry smiled seeing the greasy haired potions master step in. He must have been working on his potions for his hair to be in such a state.

'Severus,' Harry smiled some strange combination of brightness and tiredness. 'How are you?' asked Harry considering that Severus had likely been working all day.

'Good,' Severus said. 'Look what I found.'

Severus gently placed an ancient thick, delicate looking, worn old tome that was in an alphabet that Harry didn't understand. Harry could see images of powers and people with pure coloured eyes much like Persephone.

This caused a jolt of nervousness to run through Harry. Harry looked at Severus. Severus who cared for all three of Harry's children didn't look upset but rather excited. Of course, Severus had been a spy so that he could conceal his emotions. But Severus wouldn't be so cruel to pretend to be excited that it was good news when it was harmful to Harry's younger daughter.

'Have you found it?' Harry asked chewing his lip nervously.

Severus nodded eagerly, 'it's not bad,' Severus assured Harry seeing Harry's look. 'Just read it.'

Harry had never seen Severus so excited before. It was quite a unique experience in the history of the stoic Potions Master. That included both when Severus had been Harry's most hated teacher and when they became friends of a sort.

Harry was sure that the fact that Severus didn't look frightened or angry meant that there was nothing wrong with Persephone. Harry almost sighed a sigh of relief at the positive news but caught himself before hand. Although whatever was up with Persephone couldn't be dangerous there was still something up with her. He just hoped that she'd have an easier time of her uniqueness than Harry did. At least she didn't have a madman and a terrorist organisation after her.

'Greek,' Severus said simply as though this was obvious.

'I don't read Greek,' Harry said dryly.

'I'll read it to you,' Severus said obviously reading that Harry wasn't multi or even bilingual.

'Please,' Harry said impatient this was his daughter they were talking about.

'The book is called Magical Inheritance and Rituals by Anastasia Areleous. A bit of personal reading,' Severus admitted looking slightly embarrassed.

Harry rolled his eyes. Honestly between Hermione, Luna and Severus it would be a wonder that his children didn't end up as Ravenclaws. Harry just hoped that Phoenix didn't end up as a Slytherin. Not that Harry cared about houses anymore but if the known daughter of Voldemort got into Slytherin the press would go on about her following in her father's – Harry hated referring to Voldemort as his daughters father despite him being so – footsteps. It wouldn't matter that her godfather was a Slytherin so could have picked up her Slytherin qualities from him. It made for good reading even if it hurt an innocent child. Well it had never stopped them going at him. Had it?

'It just reminded me of Persephone,' Severus admitted.

'Go on,' Harry said.

'The first chapter is an Introduction to Familial Magi,' Severus began reading.

'"Magical Powers and Abilities which are passed onto from parent to child is what is commonly referred to as Familial Magi. There have been cases of a trait dying out in a line for a few generations before resurfacing. Unlike branches of magic such as charms, transfiguration or potions that anyone can do even if some people may have a natural talent in these branches if you haven't got the inborn ability then it is unable to be taught. Today in the days of Magical Academies and Exams Family Magics is still taught solely by the family not having been transferred to a class based system. It is still unclear where these traits first originated from although there are many theories.

'The next twenty one pages simply theorise where different Magic Traits come from with different evidence to support these theories,' Severus explained. 'Okay,' Severus flipped the pages. 'The next chapter would be Familial Magi Rituals in Ancient Greece.'

'In the days of the Ancient Greek Empire various different rituals of a neutral basis were performed traditionally on the eve of one's fifteenth birthday; the day that in Ancient Greece where child came of age. A boy became a man. A girl became a woman. An Heir became a Lord.

'The ritual was designed so that you could wear your power to show the world with pride. If the family of the young adult were to not perform the ritual was in effect to say that your child was little more than a Squib. A great shame on any family as I am sure we can all understand.

'However, as the Roman Invasion showed the Greeks of the time. Wearing your Magical Abilities for all to see may be a source of pride. They also served as a weakness that the Romans exploited knowing where their advertises skills and powers lay and how to combat them. A strategical advantage the Greeks did not possess. Even to this day some Greeks of the Old Families insist this is the reason that the Romans were able to conquer them. We may never know whether this is true or not.

'These rituals would cause representations of the Magical Talents traits to show up on one's face. The most significant or powerful trait would be caused to completely turn one colour. Any other born powers would appear as tattoos around the face and neck and upper body depending on how many powers the witch or wizard possessed. For example, one man….'

'That's what you think it is?' asked Harry interrupted hopefully.

Okay it was unusual but it wasn't harmful it just mean that she wasn't a Squib and had some Familiar magic. Maybe it was Parselmouth. But wouldn't that show up green? Anyway she was born that way! So how did it become that way?

True that Phoenix to had a tattoo on her face that had been given by her birth by Fawkes. Was this another sign of her being a Phoenix child to the ritual? Maybe the ritual came later but the tattoos came first. But wouldn't it be in her eyes as well? However, at the moment her eyes were still dark blue. Harry knew that her eyes would change from any time from now until she turned three. Harry didn't know what they would be whether they would be bright green like Harry's, dark brown like Tom Riddle's, red like Voldemort's (hopefully not) or black like Fawkes.

'I believe so,' Severus said crisply. 'Over the next eleven pages various situations Familial Magic and Inherited Powers were used in both war and peace time is outlined.'

'Chapter Three Eyes the Window to Your Power details colours of eyes and their power basis are covered,' Severus flipped pages before starting to read again.

'Warlocks and witches who have obtained silver eyes may have several associated powers. The most well known being those Seers whose basis for Seeing is Water or Crystal. There are also natural Scryers and Clairvoyants and Mediums. Clairvoyants are different than Seers as they do not see the future but the present despite distance problems.

'The least documented power but probably the most powerful and terrifying is Necromancy. Most Necromancers end up with black eyes due to the fact that their powers end up being corrupted by malignant spirits and the Darkness of the Void that Necromancers must spiritually transverse if they wish to pull unwilling souls from the next life. This Void is full of the Darkest spirits whose soul was too ruined to see the next life or stay on as a ghost.

'Only those with the purest soul that will remain unaffected by that of the evil that they will encounter in the Void or those who do not traverse the Void to the after life but instead focus on spirits, phantoms and poltergeists bound to the earthly realm will be able to keep their eyes pure silver by the time they are fifteen and have their Inheritance Ritual performed on them.

'There is also the fact that many do not last as their powers grow into adulthood. It should be noted that necromancers may have an eye colour of anything between pure silver to black. The darker the silver the more corrupted the necromancer.'

'Necromancy?' whispered Harry.

'She could be a Seer or Clairvoyant,' Severus pointed out.

Harry shook his head, 'did I ever tell you why I named her Persephone?'

'Dumbledore told you to name her that,' Severus said.

'And Persephone is Greek Queen of the Underworld,' Harry sighed. 'It seems Dumbledore was giving me a hint,' sighed Harry.

'The thing is to remember if she does end up being a Born Necromancer it will be up to you to make sure her soul remains pure,' Severus warned.

Harry nodded, 'even if it doesn't I'll do my best to pull her out of the Dark pit.'

'I have pulled many children as well as myself out of the Dark magic their parents or life situations have drawn them into,' Severus said quietly. 'I shall do the same with Persephone if it should ever come to that. But she's your daughter. If she's anything like you being pure of heart and soul will not be a problem.'

No one mentioned that with Voldemort as a father if she was anything like Voldemort she could be corrupted. But it was in the tension of the air that the two black haired men were thinking the same thing. It wasn't like with Phoenix where the path to the light was clear.

Fawkes interrupted Harry's meanderings by squawking loudly. This was obviously his pointed voicing his agreement that he would help and reminding them that just because she had a power didn't make her instantly Dark. Harry was a Parselmouth but he was about as opposite as dark as you could get. Until you got him angry that was.

Harry smiled thinly. The prophecy seemed a lot more clear "The Children of Death" and "The Children of Light"; Phoenix was a Phoenix Child one of the Lightest creatures known to man and Persephone a possible Necromancer; a natural Dark skill that could be corrupted for evil purposes.

'Then there is Chapter Seven Non Ritualistic Occurrences which details times when like Persephone I suspect where witches and wizards have gained eyes and/or tattoos representing their powers,' Severus said.

'"It is exceptionally uncommon for powers representations to be shown on one's face without first completing one of the rituals as described in the previous chapter. However, it has been known to happen in circumstances of extreme magical stress.

'For example, werewolves or vampires may gain some upon bite as their magical core structure is being changed as the sire or dam's venom adds their DNA to the young werewolf or vampire. This is more common in adults than children being turned when their magical core is still unstable and likely to change anyway which is the reason that it is uncommon for the any Magical Traits to show up until teenage years when the Magical Core begins to stabilise.

'There are cases in Britain and Northern Europe where the species of Soul Eaters known locally as Dementors have chosen to suck their soul out of their victim – the dreaded kiss – but have for some reason not completed their feeding.

'One of the most famous cases is the case of Merlin Ambrosius, Britain's most famous Sorcerer. Upon his mother dying from her injuries in one of the many Magical raids from the fearful Muggles a nesting Dragon on a hunt found the mother sensing the child who would have died with his mother. The dragon birthed the child making him a Dragon Child.

'Young Merlin Ambrosius was brought up in the Dragon's nest with the mother dragon's hatchlings. It wasn't until Sir Tybalt knight of the current King of Camelot, Theodore Pendragon – grandfather of King Arthur. Merlin was brought to Camelot by Tybalt. The King fearing what the young Dragon Child could be capable of if it were found that he was responsible for Myrddin's adopted dragon mother's death sentenced Sir Tybalt to death.

There is written and pictorial evidence showing Merlin with golden eyes and a golden dragon etched upon his right cheek. This is quite a common occurrence with Creature children. There are later discussions on creature children in this chapter.

However, there are occurrences of it happening in other Magically Stressful situations such as when a young child has been known to drown only to be resuscitated they may or may not depending on their magical power have their powers revealed. Often children having a near drowning at this age will cause them to become Water Elementals. Children who have a near death experience may suddenly have a death power such as Necromancy or becoming a Medium.

'You think that's it?' asked Harry. 'You think that me dying when Persephone was still in the womb which caused her to become a Necromancer?'

'It fits,' Severus said.

'It does,' Harry sighed closing his eyes and rubbing his eyebrows. 'So what now?' he asked a man he saw as his mentor.

'Help her,' Severus said.

'Of course I am,' Harry snapped back, 'but how?'

'She's too young to have developed her powers yet,' Severus said, 'but when she does you have to know what you're dealing with. You should go to Egypt they have the largest number of Necromancers in the world. Why do you think there are so many incidents of Mummies coming to live when tombs are broken into? Even Muggles have noticed that. Unfortunately we can't Obliviate every archaeologist or thief. I know that Gringotts and the Egyptian Department of Magical Research and Secrets – the Egyptian equivalent of the Unspeakables – both employ a few non-corrupted Necromancers that you could speak to. Gringotts so that when they are going down tombs they'll have someone equipped to deal with any undead problems that may arise. The Ministry employs them for the purpose of research on Magical History, Ancient Magic, Death and Necromancy.'

'Do you think Bill will know?' asked Harry suddenly.

'Only if you trust him enough with the fact that your daughter is a possible necromancer,' Severus said a warning in his voice.

'Who knew parenting would be so difficult,' muttered Harry darkly.

'They are your children,' pointed out Severus. 'It seems your girls have managed to inherit your knack for trouble,' smirked Severus.

'They're infants,' Harry groaned.

'Just imagine what they are going to be like when they get to Hogwarts,' Severus laughed.

Harry groaned, 'don't remind me.'

'But you don't regret it?' asked Severus suddenly sharp probably thinking of his own parents.

'Not for a day,' Harry said seriously. 'Not the long hours Phoenix sits staring at the fire, not Teddy's moodiness around full moons, and not Persephone being a possible necromancer. I do wish that they could be spared the trouble I grew up in but I suppose that's what happens when you're the children of the Boy Who Lived.'

Again Harry didn't mention voldemort's role in their creation. He tried not to give Voldemort any credit on creating such wonderful children. The tension was back in the air as the two men thought that any child of the Dark Lord and the Chosen One was going to be full of trouble.

'But I never regret the decision to keep them.' Harry said sharply. 'Never. They are my children and I love them with everything I have got! Never doubt that Severus Snape!' Harry glared at his friend.

Severus smiled, 'I know. Just remember that through all the trouble that is bound to come with them. And I don't mean normal parenting trouble. I mean the kind of trouble that a Phoenix Child, a half werewolf, and a necromancer are going to get in. Remember that you love them.'

'Always,' Harry said softly. 'But I think I can wait for the trouble to start. So thank you Severus for reminding me. Do you think I'm going to have to fire proof my house?'

'No problem always pays to remind people of the troubles that may result,' Severus said with a smile. 'And I know you love them. I'd say yes to fire proofing your house with Phoenix and Fawkes living here. Anyway I thought you could speak to Croaker. He's liable to have contacts with the Egyptians. The various research departments usually do share information with other countries as long as we're not at war with them.'

'Of course,' Harry breathed a sigh of relief glad that he had a clear plan of action of what to do now. 'I'll send an owl tomorrow.'

'Good,' Severus nodded.

'Tell McGonagall that I plan to take the children on holiday to Egypt,' Harry said. 'So I won't be back for a while.'

'So you've decided to go to Egypt?' asked Severus.

'After speaking to Croaker, yes,' Harry said. 'Hopefully they'll know more about Necromancers so I can know what to prepare for as they get older. Maybe I'll be able to meet some decent Necromancers.'

'They might agree to take Persephone on as an apprentice when she gets older,' Severus suggested.

Harry looked hopeful at this point then something occurred to him. If werewolves who only turned once a month were looked down upon what the hell did the Wizarding World think of Necromancers? If it turned out they were treated like werewolves Harry would make sure that changed or immigrate to a country that Necromancy was better accepted.

'What is Necromancy treated as?' asked Harry.

'It's accepted in Egypt,' Severus said.

'In Britain?' Harry asked.

Severus sighed, 'it's illegal,' he finally said.

'And born necromancers?' asked Harry.

'If they don't use their powers they are not arrested. If they do they'll get The Kiss,' Severus admitted.

Harry gasped, 'they can't.'

'They can,' Severus said grimly. 'So you have to register with the Ministry of Magic as a Necromancer. You will be watched and you have to check in with the Ministry every so often.'

'So otherwise on probation,' growled Harry. 'That's not fair. It's not her fault she was born like this. It's mine.'

'You did not mean to be killed,' Severus said sharply. 'You're not staying?' Severus asked.

Harry shook his head, 'I don't know when her powers will come up but if someone sees she could have her soul sucked out. I'll have to start looking for a house in Egypt, then I'll contact the Egyptian Government of Magic.'

Severus nodded, 'you might want to learn Egyptian – spells will only go so far. The local school is Heka and Isis School of Magic.'

'Thank you, Severus,' Harry said. 'Can you not mention anything to Minerva? I'll explain it.'

'She'll understand,' Severus said.

Severus turned with an emerald flare of fire he vanished into the fire. Harry sighed. Things just couldn't be normal for him could they? He had just got settled and now he was going to have to leave. He would try and get the laws changed at the moment though but if they found out the reasons Persephone would already be in Egypt where she would untouchable.