DISCLAIMER: Only saying this once for this story…Stephenie Meyer, Little Brown & Co and Summit own all the rights to the Twilight franchise…I'd be driving a much nicer car if I had my hand in the pot!

A/N: Hello all my lovelies! I know I owe ya'll a UW update, and I have started it. But while working on it, this little storyline appeared in my head and would not take a back seat so I had to finally let it get behind the wheel and drive.

This is not beta'd by anyone other than me, though the awesome reyes139 and Nicole have pre-read it for me. I have been asked if I'm off my meds (don't take any, but maybe I need to).

It's another drabble. You know what that means. Short chapters and quick updates. I'm almost finished with it, but didn't want to hold off posting any longer. Should have the whole thing up in two to three days. I blame kitkat681, theonlykyla, lvtwilight09 and XquisiteProdigy for my newfound drabble addiction…and the weird and twisted ways they turn out!

That being said, I must warn you, that this is dark and disturbing. I am really not sure where it came from, but I am considering the need for a psychological evaluation. But heyho, it's that Halloween time of year…what better time for something a little disturbing and my first character death?

Warning: If you are under 18, please take a hike, this story isn't for you. Also, if you have ever had any problems with pregnancy, this story may not be for you either. The subject matter and themes in this may act as a trigger for you and by no means do I want to cause any of you pain. I will not be offended if you can't come along for this ride or try to and have to flounce.

Without further ado, may I introduce Crackedward (so named by my lovely pre-reader Nicole).

Months of planning.

Years of longing and disappointment.

All about to pay off.

I stand silently at the doorway, watching her.

She is breathing shallowly.

Her belly is ripe and swollen.

Ready for the picking.

It's time.

I'm going to be a daddy.

I walk towards her, a smile on my face, the instrument in my hand.

What do you think? Are you in?