Show: Rizzoli and Isles
Title: Stay with Me
Summary: After the events of "Remember Me" neither Jane nor Maura wants to be alone. They discover somethings about each other that could change their friendship forever.
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Jane all but fell into Korsak's arms when he reached her. The room suddenly filled up with people, cops, guards, prison doctors, anyone who could find an excuse to be in the room was there. Korsak shuffled them over to the second hospital bed. Jane sat down and Korsak to the opportunity to get a good look at Jane. Upon seeing the cut on her neck and mark on her forehead a frown forced its way to her face.

"Over here," He called to one of the prison doctors. The doctor stood from kneeling next to Hoyt's body and came right over to examine Jane. "He's-," Korsak asked quietly nodding towards Hoyt.

"Dead." The doctor answered curtly before turning his attention back to Jane. "It looks like she'll need stiches." The doctor lifted her chin to get a better look at the cut on her neck, that's when she saw Maura sitting on the bed across from her.

"Maura," Jane's strained as she leaned forward, almost coming off the bed. Maura sat up perfectly straight on the bed as Frost stood beside her and another doctor examined her. At this point Korsak had turned and now looked at Frost.

"How is she?"Korsak asked the young detective. Frost spun his eyes from Dr. Isles and met Korsak's gaze.

"She's in shock, and she'll need stiches," Frost leaned in towards Korsak and spoke quietly. Korsak nodded solemnly and turned back to Jane. Before he could get a word out Jane started craning her neck, trying to look over the people standing between her and Maura.

"Maura," Jane nearly shouted. The room suddenly seemed much quieter as virtually every eye in the room fell on Jane. Slowly, Maura's head turned, she looked at Jane and a loud gasp sounded from her lips, as if she had been holding her breath this whole time. The doctor examining Maura held onto her wrist with one hand and kept an eye on his watch which was on the other.

"I'm going to need you to lay down," the doctor told Maura. She nodded slightly and slowly reclined on the bed. At the same time Jane laid down on her bed so that her doctor could begin stitching her up. Maura's hand reached out from her bed across the small gap to be met by Jane's almost instantly. Jane's fingers fiddled around with Maura's before they finally took each other's hands. As the prison doctors continued to work on their respective patients, Jane and Maura's hands remained firmly clasped together, each refusing to let go of the other.

"You ok to drive?" Korsak leaned over the driver's side door of Jane's car. Jane and Dr. Isles had both been stitched up by the prison doctors and then checked out by the EMT's that had been called to the scene. Now they sat in Jane's car, Jane in the driver's seat and Maura, silently, in the passenger's seat.

"Yeah we'll be fine," Jane replied before closing the car door. Korsak tapped the car twice, a sort of farewell among officers before Jane pulled away. For too long there was only silence in the car. It finally got to Jane and she turned on the radio. A single note echoed through the car before Maura turned the radio off. Maura turned to Jane, Jane looked at Maura.

"Thank you," Maura breathed softly. "for saving me."

"Maura-" Jane began but was swiftly cut off by the good doctor.

"I mean it. If it wasn't for you, we, we would be," Maura could hardly bring herself to say the words. "This was the first time I was actually afraid," Maura confessed. "Everything else we've been through, everyone else we've faced. They've always wanted something, evidence, escape, information, hurting us was only a means to an end." Maura stopped and took a breath. "But Hoyt, he wanted us dead, that's all. I, I thought we going to die." Jane nodded slowly. This was the most Maura had said since they left the prison. And while it wasn't pleasant for either of them, Jane was glad to hear Maura's voice soft voice talking than screaming.

"How's your neck?" Jane asked after a few more solemn moments of silence between the two.

"It's going to scar, twelve stitches and all."

"Same here," Jane almost smiled, "plus these," Jane motioned to her forehead.

"I'll lend you some scarves," Maura nodded to herself. At this Jane turned her eyes from the road and stared at Maura. "To cover the scars," Maura said as if her logic was supposed to seem reasonable. Now Jane actually smiled, and a laugh escaped her lips as the first bit of normalcy made its way back into her life.

It didn't seem too long before they pulled up in front of the Dirty Robber. They walked in together, Jane obviously shocked by the lack of a surprise party waiting for her, and maybe even slightly disappointed. Maura came up behind Jane and took her hand in her own.

"It's for the better," Maura said as she started moving towards the door, pulling Jane with her. "It's been a long day."

"Yeah," Jane nodded as they reached her car. "You want me to drop you-"

"No!" Jane was swiftly cut off by Maura, whose voice was suddenly consumed by panic. Jane squeezed Maura's hand tightly and pulled her close to look into her eyes.

"Ok, ok, we can go back to my place. Have some beer and a nice relaxing night. How does that sound?" Jane asked.

"Good," Maura nodded. She looked down and took a few deep breaths before looking up to meet Jane's eyes. "I'm sorry, I just don't think I can be alone right now." Jane nodded and helped Maura into the car before returning to the driver's seat.

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