Chapter 7

I sat up the next morning. Eyes bleary, hair messed up. Cal was sound asleep, so I didn`t make any sudden movements. I had the sudden urge to kiss him. I moved around in the chain. "No. Not now." My nervous system was in overdrive. Too many memories.


"Rayne!Stop!" One of the boys,Dean yelled. I looked into my attackers' eyes. I heard the shot. My breathing became laboured."Run" I couldn`t run. The world was spinning. I fell to the ground. "Rayne!" I was dragged away from my crime. My face pale, eyes dim.(Scene switches) "we know you killed him Rayne". A judge`s mallet hammering down, My mother`s dissappointed face. The last time I ever saw my house. The road. My pale reflection.

-End of Flashback-

I fell on my knee`s. And wailed. Punching the ground, sobbing like a child. I didn`t hear Cal wake up. I only heard my screaming,