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"Gordo," Lizzie called out to her boyfriend. Gordo's hand reached out to interlock his fingers through Lizzie's.

"Lizzie just hang on,"

"I can't do this." Lizzie cried. "I am not ready for this."

Then Lizzie paused and then moments later her eyes shut. Doctors rushed over, grabbing her pulse, grabbing medical equipment, pushing Gordo out of the way.

"Lizzie!" Gordo screamed. He let out a gasp and then heard the sweet cry of a child.

Gordo woke up. His breath ragged by screaming through his sleep. It was just a dream he told himself. He threw his legs off to the side of the bed, kneeling over in contemplation. He had not seen Lizzie in months and now this dream had startled him.

The last time he was there for her he told her "I need to think," no further discussion and she didn't try to call. He was beginning to think she had forgotten or thought he wasn't worth worrying over. Maybe she had gotten over him. But the sweet cry of that tiny baby in his dream had shocked him. The sound of a soft, weak newborn baby cry. His baby. His and Lizzie's and he was running away from the pregnancy because he was too much of a coward to step up and take half of the responsibility.

He had told his parents who were absolutely devastated to say the least. They had told him that he was old enough to take hold of his own mistakes and try to fix them. Although he had tried to compromise with Lizzie and reason with her she was too stubborn to give in. So she was keeping it. Atleast that was what they were saying on Campus. He had been at UCLA for four months and had bumped into old classmates from Junior High. He had heard them through the hallways and the distinct chuckling from each of their guilty mouths, Hey Dude y'know that Lizzie McGuire from Junior High she's pregnant. Rumor is she slept with that Gordo guy and dumped him as soon as she found out. They were half right. She had slept with him but didn't dump him. Gordo had dumped her, left her to deal with it. What an asshole he was. Then sometimes he was offered dates or even some of his new friends tried to hook him up with a few cute girls in his class. He had told them a no with a sweet smile, letting girl's fawn over him more. Even though he didn't like to admit it, the girl's were really pretty but not as beautiful as Lizzie. He would never find a Lizzie McGuire anywhere. He had one and he needed to talk to her straight out.

"Damn these cravings are annoying." Lizzie whined as she digged into her fourth carton of Ben and Jerry's ice cream that day.

"I can see," Miranda lifted her eyebrows at her best friend. Lizzie took a bite and rolled her eyes back at her in return.

Lizzie had been living with Miranda for almost five months now. While Miranda attended Santa Barbara, Lizzie spent her day working shifts at Walmart to help support herself. Her parents were shocked by the news but didn't pressure her into doing drastic decisions. Lizzie had decided to keep the baby and carry on working and then she would attend a nearby College a few months after the baby was born.

"So you've got this all figured out," Miranda offered, sitting back in her chair.

"What figured out?"

"Your life. Lizzie a few months ago you wanted to do something with your life. Now you're pregnant and working shifts at Walmart."

Lizzie glared at her, "C'mon Miranda it's not about me anymore."

"It sure as hell is," Miranda shouted, "Lizzie this is not ideal. Call the guy and work it out. You can't just pretend he's gone."

Lizzie threw her half empty ice cream carton onto the table and pushed her chair out, "Well he is gone. There is nothing I can do."

Miranda pushed her chair back making it graze onto the floor and grabbed the phone off the receiver handing it to Lizzie. "Call him."

Lizzie stared at her shocked but Miranda motioned toward the phone more. She obliged, taking the phone from her best friend and dialling Gordo's number cautiously.

Ring...Ring...Ring. "Hey it's Gordo, i'm out right now but leave a message and I'll call you back when I can."

Lizzie sighed, "Hey Gordo it's me. I think we should talk. Don't you? Call me back."

"Damn that guy always has his phone on." Miranda scoffed, taking a seat again.

"Obviously he's at University. Just like I should be." The tears gathered in Lizzie's hazel eyes and the next thing she was crying.

"Lizzie," Miranda gasped, taking her arm gently as she tugged Lizzie onto her lap. The two best friend's cuddled while Lizzie let it all out. Crying out all the pain she had bottled up.

"It'll be okay." She soothed.

"No it won't." Lizzie sniffled, "I got pregnant and now he has chickened out."

"Hey," Miranda warned, "Don't you ever blame this on yourself. It takes two to tango and Gordo is a dick for leaving you behind without explaining."

"I know," Lizzie suppressed a slight smile, "But I could've got an abortion like he said but I couldn't." She brushed her hand over the bulged out bump.

"I know." Miranda agreed, grabbing a tissue from the box infront of her and handed it to Lizzie, "You have me. Your family and this baby. You're gonna be fine Lizzie."

Lizzie blew her nose out, getting up. "Thanks." She needed to fix her life now.

A few days later, Gordo had been travelling to go back into California to see Lizzie. It would have taken a couple of hours in the car but it was worth it. He was getting nearer and nearer as he came to a halt at a red light. He leaned his hand out into the window thinking of the inevitable of what Lizzie would say and how she would react.

His gaze wandered out to the car next to him. A red honda. A blonde girl was driving it, she had sunglasses on and her fingers were tapping gently on the dashboard. She titled her head meeting his gaze and he saw her gasp as she did this.

She removed her sunglasses, peering through the window to look at him. Gordo's eyes widened when he saw who it was. Someone he would never expect to see. Lizzie.

She quickly reversed the car, parking herself into a space near the pavement. Gordo reversed out also, parking his car opposite Lizzie's. They both got out of the car at the same time and gawped at each other. Gordo's gaze shifted to Lizzie's belly and he remorsefully looked at her. Her hands drew to her stomach instinctively and she walked in a stride to him.

"Where are you going?" She narrowed his eyes at him.

"To see you," He breathed, he watched her eyes light up and she chuckled darkly, "Me too."

A few moments had passed between them, Gordo pointed to Lizzie's stomach. "You're keeping our baby."

"Yes," She replied flatly, "My baby is staying."

"Don't I have a say in this?" Gordo's tone grew agitated which didn't help Lizzie's hormonal moodiness.

"Oh shut up Gordo. Too late to act like that now. Disappearing for months, leaving me on my own and letting me think you hated us."

"I don't hate you," Gordo sighed quietly.

"Then why did you go?" She inquired angrily.

"Because I freaked out. I am not ready for fatherhood or this type of responsibility. I want to be a director and now my girlfriend is pregnant-"

"Ex." She corrected sadly.

"Ex," He pressed lightly, leaning against his car, "I mean Jesus, Lizzie this isn't gonna work out."

"I didn't think you were like that." She said weakly, standing up straight. "It's clear where your priorities lie. I won't bother you anymore." She then turned to walk away.

"Wait!" Gordo called out.

"What?" She hissed, looking over her shoulder.

"Take care of my baby." He whispered, tears gathering in his eyes.

She shook her head dully, opening the car to her door. "Sorry Gordo, I'll care for it until the day I die." Before shutting it behind her. A guilty Gordo watched stubborn, headstrong Lizzie McGuire drive away. Into the distance. Down the street. Around the corner. Gone.

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