Small Town Tragedy

Maggie's too distracted by Horton family issues to celebrate her engagement to Victor. I don't own Days or its characters. Insanely AU in both history and spoilers (to the point of I'm rewriting half of an original character's history. Sorry.). Also this story was inspired by Coldplay's Viva la Vida. Lyrics found here: .net/songs/view/3530822107858719657/

"Maggie…" Victor nibbled his fiancée's neck, his hands roaming.

"Hmmm…."Maggie turned to face him. Victor smiled softly.

"You're not into this tonight, are you?" Victor asked, rubbing Maggie's back.

"Of course, I am. I love being with you," Maggie kissed him.

"You're thinking. I can see your mind whirling. Are you nervous about calling the girls tomorrow?"

"Ah….Melissa and Sarah know this was a possible. And I think calling them to ask permission was very sweet of you," Maggie played with Victor's hand," and the invitation to stay here to assist planning the wedding will help."

"Then what's wrong?"

Maggie sighed and snuggled into Victor's arms. "If I tell you, you can't tell anyone, especially Bo and Hope."

"Oh, so it's some deep dark secret?" Victor teased. He looked at Maggie, who was dead serious. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?"

"Hope and Bo found a hidden bank account of Alice's, with some letters. They thought she was being blackmailed. My name also came up…."

"Are you being blackmail?" Victor asked, half-joking.

"No. But what would you do if I was?" Maggie asked.

"Kill them," Victor said simply.

"That's good to know if the situation came up," Maggie smirked.

"Back to Alice…" Victor prompted.

"Alice was supporting a young man named Thomas Grayson. He was her grandson and Alice felt the need to do what she was allowed to do," Maggie said.

"Wait. There was another Horton that was given up for adoption? I thought your family takes in all strays, including Kate Roberts'," Victor said.

"Don't pick on my favorite nephew. It's not Lucas' fault he's mother-challenge," Maggie said.

"So Thomas. Where did he come from?" Victor asked.

Maggie sighed. "First ask why a good Episcopalian became a nun?"

Victor's eyes widen. "You mean, Thomas is Marie and…."

"Tommy's? Things happened. Marie and Tommy didn't know and they were planning on getting married. Marie apparently created Thomas their first time," Maggie shrugged, embarrassed.

"Wow. Who would've guessed the nun would be pregnant?" Victor chuckled.

"Marie and Tommy were really in love and when they found out they were related, Tommy went into self-exile and Marie into the nunnery. Marie found out about Thomas two months later. The family hasn't officially heard from Tommy in forty years and now this is surfacing again…"Maggie shook her head.

"Did Tommy ever come back to Salem?"

"No. Mickey and I visited him throughout the years and I think coming back would be too painful. I think…" Maggie hesitated.

Victor picked up Maggie's trail of thought.

"He's still in love with Marie."

"Yeah and Marie still loves him. What Hope is doing could open Pandora's box," Maggie said.

"But sweetheart, why are you involved? Actually how do you know this?" Victor asked.

"Can't we just have sex or go to sleep? Can we not talk about this?" Maggie reached up for a kiss.

"Of course, my cute redhead girlfriend," Victor kissed Maggie.

"You know, I'm not your girlfriend anymore," Maggie smiled, giggling.

"I know but my cute redhead fiancée doesn't have the same ring. So you will always be my cute redhead girlfriend," Victor said.

"Hmmm. I'm happy about being engaged."

"Good. I do love you," Victor said.

"I want the girls to come and stay with us…" Maggie yawned.

"Of course."

"I love you, my Greek guy."

"Go to sleep."


"So you're selling the house?" Jennifer asked, as she and Hope packed clothes for Maggie. Maggie laughed as she sorted books.

"I woke up in the middle of the night, panicked, last week with the thought of 'what am I doing with my house'. Actually I'm driving Victor crazy with this stuff. I always seem to think of things in the middle of the night. The man hasn't a good night sleep in weeks…"

"Wow, Maggie, I would think you would be more considerate at your age," Melanie said, walking in with Abby.

"Hello, sweetheart. And that wasn't a remark about my sex life," Maggie said, tweaking Melanie's nose.

"Aunt Maggie doesn't have sex," Jennifer said, firmly.

"Really?" Melanie asked.

"Absolutely. Daddy and Julie might have sex once a year but Aunt Maggie never had sex," Hope said.

Maggie laughed. "Oh, Victor might disagree and your uncle and I had a very enjoyable sex life."

"But that stopped when Mia and I moved in, right?" Melanie asked.

"What's wrong with me having sex?" Maggie asked, laughing, as the phone rang. "I need to get that. Hello? Oh, hi Marie….yes, I'm living with Victor…what? The dedication went fine. Actually let me call you back because Jennifer, Hope and Melanie are over here. Yes…o.k. Talk to you later." Maggie handed the phone to Hope. "It's your Aunt Marie, wanting to say hi."

"Hi, Aunt Marie. Ciara's about a foot taller than the last time you saw her. We missed you at the dedication. Oh…yes, we would be thrilled to have you home again. When are you coming?" Hope asked, "Next week? Ah. Do you want to stay at the Horton house? I'll check with Jen. O.k. Bye."

"Aunt Marie's coming home," Jennifer said.

"Yeah," Maggie said.

"Why? Aunt Marie never comes home, except for the big events," Hope said.

"Well, honey, she felt guilty her trip to India conflicted with the dedication. And it's nice to come home besides for the big events," Maggie said.

"Not to change the subject but you never did say what you plan on doing with the house," Melanie said.

"Well, eventually I'll need to sell it. But for now," Maggie's eyes twinkled, "I was hoping you and Abigail could watch it."

"Really?" Melanie looked excited.

"Just pay utilities and try not to burn the house down. I know it can't be fun to live with parents at your ages," Maggie laughed.

"Wow. Thanks, Aunt Maggie," Abigail said.

"It's just until the house sells," Maggie warned.

"But it's still going to be fun," Melanie smiled. Maggie smiled back but her eyes were worried.

Four days later

"When does Aunt Marie arrive?" Hope asked.

"Jennifer is picking her up in an hour," Maggie said.

"You don't seem happy that she's coming," Hope said.

"Well…"Maggie looked thoughtful," I need to tell her about my engagement and I don't know how she'll react."

"How did Melissa and Sarah take it?" Hope asked.

Maggie groaned. "I told them over Skype. They have known that Victor has been in my life but the engagement still surprised them. It only has been two years since Mickey died and it's going to take time for them to be o.k. seeing me with another man. "

"Why didn't they come to the dedication?" Hope asked.

"We talked about it and decided it would be better for them to wait until Thanksgiving. I was so busy that week and I want a chance to sit down and explain my plans to them," Maggie said.

"Are they o.k. with you selling the house? They never lived here, right?" Hope recalled.

"Nope. Just me and Mickey and our unofficial foster daughters," Maggie smiled at the thought of Mia and Melanie, "Actually, it feels more like my house than my and Mickey's." Her phone rang."Hello? Marie! Your flight got in early? Well, Jennifer is still working so I'll pick you up. See you soon."

"Are you coming back here?" Hope asked.

"We'll probably stop by the ceremony on the way home," Maggie said.

"Well, I wanted to ask her about Gran's letters," Hope said, noticing a weird look crossing Maggie's face.

"Hope…" Maggie said, "We'll talk about Alice and the letters. But honey, don't bother your aunt about this."

"Maggie, when do I ever pry into things I shouldn't?" Hope asked, shooting her aunt a cheeky grin.

"Jennifer's heart transplant rings any bells?" Maggie retorted, on her way out.

"So, Victor?" Marie asked. Maggie shrugged and smiled. "Do I at least get to see the ring?"

"I didn't pick it, so it's bigger than what I would've chosen," Maggie said.

"It's pink," Marie said, "so he knows your favorite color."

"Yeah. He had to propose twice actually," Maggie brushed the first fall leaves off of Mickey's grave. "Hello, my darling."

"The graves look good. I like the rose bush by Mom and Dad's. Maggie, what was in the letters?" Marie asked.

Maggie sighed and took out the copies she made. "She told me the accounts were for Thomas and the convent."

Marie scanned the letters. "The dates add up. When did Mom told you about Thomas?"

"Look, Marie, I spent many nights with your mom towards the end, sleeping over in the chair next to her bed. She wanted to get some things off her chest and when I asked about contracting Tommy, the Thomas story came out. I only told Victor," Maggie said.

"Only Victor. Right," Marie chuckled humorlessly.

"I needed to talk to someone and he's my fiancé," Maggie said.

"He's…not a Horton," Marie said.

"Marie, I trust me when I say Victor would walk through Hell for me without shoes. I love him," Maggie said, shutting down any arguments the nun was about to make.

"What did Melissa and Sarah say about you getting married again?"

Maggie chuckled humorlessly. "They're having a hard time. I don't know if they will come to the wedding or not. Nathan threw an unholy fit when he found out."

"Wow. Imagine if he finds out that a deformed second cousin was created by incest."

"Marie, you don't know for sure that Thomas was sick, because of generics. Alice said he looked like a normal baby," Maggie pointed out.

"He was the most beautiful baby. He had Mark's eyes," Marie cried. Maggie raised an eyebrow at Marie calling Tommy 'Mark'.

"You mean Tommy, right?"

"Of course," Marie flushed.

"You need to tell Hope before she stumbles on it on her own," Maggie said.

"Will you come with me?"

"Of course. But Marie, you need to tell them everything," Maggie said firmly.

Marie nodded sadly.

"I need to run home for a couple hours. But I'll see you at the Hortons' around six?" Maggie asked.

"Sure. I'll get dinner for the four of us," Marie said, brushing tears from her cheeks.

"You know it wasn't your fault," Maggie said softly.

"I know. Thank you for everything."

"It will all work out," Maggie promised.

"I might have to stay at Jennifer's tonight, honey," Maggie said as she and Victor snuggled after dinner.

"But I can't sleep without my girlfriend," Victor protested.

Maggie rolled her eyes. "We can have sex before I go tonight."

"You think you know me so well."

"That wasn't your main concern?" Maggie kissed Victor lightly.

"I do love you," Victor chuckled.

"Mmmm…."Maggie kissed him. Victor wondered how he overlooked Maggie for so many years.

"This was nice, having a small family dinner," Marie smiled.

"Does anyone want coffee?" Jennifer asked.

"Sure," Maggie agreed as did Hope and Marie.

"So Hope, you found out Mom had other bank accounts," Marie started off lightly.

"Yes, I thought it was weird that I didn't know about it since I was the executor of Gran's estate," Hope said.

"Well, the reason you didn't know is because you didn't need to," Maggie said, holding up her hand to stop Hope's protests, "I was in charge of those accounts."

"Why the separation?" Jennifer asked. Maggie and Marie exchanged looks.

"You two know that I gave up Jessica for adoption. But I gave up another baby a couple years before then. I was very young and wasn't in a relationship where I could keep the baby," Marie said.

"Who was…was he…did he beat you?" Hope asked, horrible possibilities raced through her head.

Marie half-laughed and half-sobbed. "Honey, he never raised a hand to me. Mark was the love of my life and we were planning on getting married…."

"Wait, wait, Mark? Wasn't that the name Uncle Tommy used when he came back from Korea?" Jennifer asked. Maggie nodded and held up her hand, signaling that the girls should be quiet.

"Thomas is my and Mark's, Tommy's child. I found myself pregnant about six weeks after we knew the family connection and Tommy couldn't look at me. We talked it over with Mom and Dad. Dad knew someone who could give me an abortion safely but I couldn't do that. I went to the convent and had the baby there. I gave the baby up to a couple who lived in Chicago," Marie finished.

"Why hasn't Uncle Tommy come home for thirty years? Is he still alive?" Hope asked.

"Tommy's a doctor in rural Tennessee. Mickey and I would visit him when we saw the girls," Maggie said.

"But if you can come home, why can't Uncle Tommy?" Jennifer asked Marie.

"Oh, for heaven's sakes, we didn't ban Tommy from ever coming home again. He just doesn't," Maggie said.

"Even for his own mother's funeral?" Hope asked.

"It's his punishment to himself," Marie explained, "I became a nun and Tommy left his home."

"Why go to such extremes?" Hope asked.

"Hope…" Maggie sighed in her you-are-about-to-open-a-door-you-really-don't-want-to voice.

"You're still in love with him," Jennifer gasped as she and Hope exchanged horrified looks.

Maggie only wished she could take Victor up on his offer of a trip to Paris at that very moment.

"Of course I love Tommy. He's my brother," Marie said in a controlled voice.

"But you don't see him that way," Hope said.

"No, I don't. I tried to have other relationships, with Neil and Alex," Marie said, as Maggie smiled at the mentioned of Neil, "but I still love Mark so I became a nun."

"Have you tried finding the baby?" Jennifer asked.

"On and off through the years," Marie said, "but no luck. I don't know if knowing he's a child of incest would help him. Maybe it's better he doesn't know. And I don't want to open that door again."

Hope and Jennifer looked at each other with the look Maggie came to dread. She only hoped that in this investigation her nieces got to keep all their organs.

"So what was convent's name that Aunt Marie stayed in?" Hope asked after Marie left to join old friends to catch up.

Maggie looked up from the crossword she was doing. "You're kidding me. Didn't you hear your aunt? She said to drop it."

"But we have another cousin out there," Jennifer said.

"Yes, you do. But knowing your father, Hope could have many cousins out there, Jennifer. But Marie asked you to drop it, so I advised you to drop it," Maggie said.

"We won't bother Aunt Marie," Hope started to say.

"Uh-uh. And if you find Thomas, what are you to say to him? 'Hello, we're your cousins on both sides of your family'? That's a good ice breaker," Maggie pointed out.

"Maggie, we would be tactful," Jennifer said.

"Uh-uh. You two are the souls of tact. Look, let me talk to Marie about this again," Maggie said.

"Why can you talk to Aunt Marie about Thomas and we can't?" Hope asked.

Maggie put her head on the table and groaned.

"Because frankly I don't think you can sort through the issues with Marie. Part of it is because she still see that you as thirteen-year-old girls. And I can try and see if she will talk to you again. But I have a different relationship with her than you. Part of this is an exciting mystery for you two," Maggie said, amid protests from her nieces, "but this is going to painful for Marie and Tommy if he comes back. So right now drop it. And now it's late, I need to either go home or call Victor."

"We probably won't talk to Aunt Marie tonight. Why don't you go home and relax?" Jennifer said.

"I think I will. Good night, darlings," Maggie said.

" Night, Aunt Maggie," Jennifer said.

"Good night, Aunt Maggie," Hope said.

"Um, hello, honey," Victor was surprised when his fiancée crawled in between him and his Kindle.

"Hi. You're not into what you're reading, right?" Maggie started to kiss Victor's neck. Victor laughed.

"The Journal can wait, especially when my cute redhead girlfriend is offering something more tempting…"

"I just need to know everything's o.k. between us and I need to relax and forget…." Maggie kissed Victor.

"I can do that," Victor smiled.

Afterwards Victor lightly kissed Maggie and rubbed her back.

"You know I love you." His words enveloped Maggie in the dark. Maggie sighed.

"I'm afraid how the family will react. Tommy left so long ago. Marie has suppressed a lot of this. Addie and Mickey are gone. And Bill is well, Bill. Then the next generation…."

"Sweetie, it's not your responsible. You're not even a Horton by birth," Victor pointed out.

"I know. The irony isn't lost on me. I wish Julie and Doug were around more."

"Maggie, do you want me to find him?" Victor asked.

"Marie would throw a fit," Maggie whispered.

"Maggie, do you want me to find him?"

Maggie bit her lip. "Yeah. I would."

"O.k., sweetheart. I will," Victor kissed Maggie softly.

Maggie snuggled close to Victor and shut her eyes, hoping for a moment of peace.