"Hey…" Maggie, yawning, glanced over at the desk where Victor was working.

"Hi sleeping beauty. How are you?" Victor came over and kissed Maggie.

"I'm tired. I just woke up and I'm still tired," Maggie said.

"Are you happy to be home?" Victor asked.

"Yes. Honey, I had a weird dream where I called you Mickey and you insisted you weren't Mickey and I insisted…." Maggie saw Victor's look, "Oh, God, I'm so sorry. You aren't Mickey."

"Do you remember my name?"

"Victor," Maggie kissed him, "Ioannis," another kiss, "Kirakis."

"I can think of worst times you could've called me 'Mickey'," Victor teased.

Maggie blushed, as she realized what Victor meant.

"I was worried when you called me, 'Mickey'. Was it just the drugs?"

"That and I heard, 'My Maggie I love you' I thought you were Mickey for a second. I don't know if I should tell you this but Mickey…."

"Used to call you 'My Maggie Love'. Sarah told me. Should I pick a new pet name?" Victor asked.

"I like when you call me 'My Maggie'. I'm your Maggie. In fact, I had Justin filed the paperwork three days ago to become Maggie Kirakis," Maggie said.

"Really?" Victor's voice cracked.

"Don't get too excited. It's Margaret Horton Kirakis. I seemed to keep dropping one name and the others just move up one place. So I guess the next time I get married, Kirakis will be my middle name."

"Don't tease me. But really? You're taking my name?" Victor said.

"Happy wedding present, darling. I didn't know what else to get you," Maggie said, giggling.

"You…it's perfect. But what will your girls say?"

"They know and it's an adjustment for them. But it's my name and I get to decide," Maggie said.

"Are you sure you should be deciding this now?" Victor asked, seriously.

"Yes. I love you and I know what I want. I want to be your wife and this makes me feel like your wife."

"I love you, too."

Julie flipped through a catalogue waiting for her sister at the Pub. Hope sat down across from her.

"Hi. What are you doing?"

"Ordering Christmas ornaments and trying to figure what to do about Jennifer and David."

"Really? I didn't know you did that," Hope said.

"I know you thought magical elves did it and I hate to ruin your beliefs…."Julie raised an eyebrow.

"I never thought about it. What new ones do you need get?"

"Victor, Melanie and Daniel. Oh and apparently Sarah would like a new one," Julie said.

"Does she get a new one? Because if she does, I want a new one."

"Nobody is getting a new one! I'm just ordering the three."

"What about Douglas Thomas or Thomas Grayson?"

Biting her lip, Julie looked thoughtful. "I don't know. Maybe."

"It's hard to stop when you do that, Maggie," Victor groaned as Maggie kissed down Victor's chest.

"We don't have to…" Maggie whispered.



"Honey, you just don't have to do that. You just got home three days ago," Victor reminded Maggie.

"I'm your wife."

"You still are my wife if we wait at least a week before we do anything," Victor said.

Maggie pouted and Victor laughed at the attempt to win him over.

"Don't even give me that face. I'm trying to be the good guy here."

"You're never the good guy," Maggie pointed out.

"But you reformed me."

"Yeah, I'm regretting that now," Maggie said, laying her head on Victor's chest.

"It will come soon enough. But in the meantime…." Victor reached over to the nightstand, "we can start planning." He pulled Paris brochures out.

"Paris, huh?"

"Paris, including this," Victor handed Maggie a brochure.

"Cooking classes," Maggie felt a smile break out on her face.

"If I let you out of the bedroom, My Maggie…" Victor teased.

"Now who's teasing?"

"Julie, if I crossed a line there," Hope said.

"It's just…I'm not used to talking about him. And while I appreciate the thought, I can't imagine seeing his name for a month."

"Fair enough. What about Daniel or Thomas Grayson?"

"I'll talk to Marie and Tommy about Thomas and Melanie about Daniel. It might be the same situation," Julie said.

"It's weird to see Mommy's name. I go months without seeing it and without thinking about her. Is that weird?"

"No, darling. It's different for me, because I see her in you," Julie paused, "And I'm very happy about that."

"You know, I might not be able to even go to Paris for New Year's. its two months away and I just don't know…" Maggie looked uncertain.

"Honey, Paris will wait." Victor kissed Maggie.

"What about Thanksgiving?" Maggie asked.

"What about Thanksgiving?" Victor looked confused.

"What are we doing for Thanksgiving? It's our first Thanksgiving and I usually go over to the Hortons'. But we weren't dating or married last Thanksgiving. What do you want to do?"

"Well…Is Melissa coming in?"

"No, she's waiting until Christmas. So we can have the dinner here. Or go to the Hortons'?" Maggie asked uncertainly.

"No," Victor said simply.

"Honey, they're still my family," Maggie said.

"Who caused you to relapsed," Victor pointed out.

Maggie wanted to protest but found she couldn't.

"I know. I'm still mad at them. I haven't seen any of them since I got home except for Julie. I only spoke to Jennifer and Hope a couple times. I haven't really been out of this room. I'm feeling coop up."

"You haven't had time to feel coop up. You've only been home for three days! One which you propositioned me!"

Maggie pouted.

"Don't use the face. I hate when you use the face."

"But you love the result of this face."

"I do. I think we need to talk about the Hortons," Victor sat up, causing Maggie to do the same.

"They're been my family for thirty years. I can't just abandon them."

Victor held his hands up.

"I'm not asking you to. But for right now, I think they might hurt more than help. You need to rest."

"I know. I just don't know how to say no," Maggie said.

"You say 'I'm sick and sleeping fifteen hours a day and I'll get back to you'?" Victor suggested.

"I'll change my voicemail to say that."

"It's not forever."

"I know. Thank you for looking after me," Maggie leaned over for a kiss.

"Anytime Mrs. Kirakis."

"I like the blue and white for Victor and pink for Melanie. You'll call about the other ones?" Hope asked.

"Yes. Thank you for helping me," Julie said.

"It was nice spending time with you, Julie."

"You, too, darling."