"Don't move your finger," Maggie ordered.

"Yes, ma'am. Whatever you said, ma'am."

Maggie laughed.

"I did asked if there was a limited for Christmas. You just laughed and handed me your black card."

"Well, I didn't think my finger would suffer for it! Besides, I can think of much better usages for my finger than tying bows."

"Ha!" Julie laughed from where she was helping Jennifer wrapped books . Maggie glared at her,

before rolling her eyes.

"Seriously, how much do you tell her about our sex lives?" Victor asked, exasperated.

"Probably far too much for your comfort. But I just need to brag to someone about your prowess," Maggie said, tugging on Victor's tie, leaning over and kissing him.

"Um, hi? Still in the room! My Aunt Maggie doesn't have sex."Jennifer said

"Oh, you don't even want to know how many times I've walked in on them," Lucas told his sister.

"Yeah, sorry about the kitchen one, Lucas." Maggie said.

"At least Allie was at school." Lucas shuddered.

"So, did you get Melissa jewelry? I know she hoped by getting a rich step-father she would be improving her jewelry selection,:"Julie said.

"Actually, I'm giving her legal papers," Victor said.

"Legal papers. Just what a lawyer wants for Christmas,"Jennifer said, deadpan.

"Worse yet, she have to share with her sister," Maggie said, as she noticed the book Julie started to wrap, "Julie, that's a very very old and rare book. Be careful."

"Hippocratic Corpus. Sounds like a page-turner. How old is it?" Julie said.

"Add the all people in the room's ages up and put a zero on the end," Maggie said.

"Oh." Julie looked closer at book. "It's a medical text. Who would want a medical text for Christmas?"

"Mike,"Jennifer said at the same time as Lucas said "Uncle Tommy."


"It's for Sarah. " Maggie said.

"And she's getting legal papers too? Victor, you need to watch it. She might be getting spoiled," Lucas said.

"I have daughters to shop for. I don't care,"Victor said

."You didn't have to buy the farm, though. You realize how much of money pit it's going to be?" Maggie couldn't help the small grin that appeared on her face.

"I'm assuming there's a literal farm and not the figure of speech here,"Julie said.

"Wait. THE farm? The Marty Hansen farm? How did you managed that?" Jennifer asked.

"Victor's rich and willing to buy my daughters' love," Maggie said.

"Yeah, that's the crux of it. And I couldn't get Hamilton tickets." Victor shrugged.

"Well, to be honest, Victor wasn't going to give up our tickets. We'll stop in New York on the way back,"Maggie said.

"I'm just happy to make it through this year. I never thought Daniel wouldn't be here. But I'm very much in love with my beautiful wife," Victor kissed Maggie, who sighed happily.

"Speaking of Daniel, have you heard from Melanie?" Jennifer asked.

"Um, yeah, she's doing well and right now she's working with her mom and Doctors Without Borders. I think the time away is doing her good," Maggie reached for another box.

"Is she ever coming home?" Lucas asked.

Maggie looked thoughtful.

"I don't know. Right now she doesn't have a reason to come home. She's happy doing the international work. Actually, she met up with Marie for a bit and I think they got to know each other."

"You must miss her, " Lucas said, wishing he actually got to know his cousin better, despite how he felt about Melanie's father.

"I do and I ran into Tommy last week and we talked about how much we missed her. But she's happy right now not coming home and that's fine. I have most of my other kids home right now. And Melissa's coming home for Christmas," Maggie said happily taking in Lucas and Jennifer.

Julie remembered a conservation she had with Maggie last week.

"Hey did you heard back about your dress?"

"Yeah, it would be too much trouble to take it in. So I need a new one." Maggie made a face.

"Which you need to pick up a couple new formal dresses anyway for the trip," Victor said.

"Still...I'm going to grab a drink. Does anyone else want something? No?" Maggie left the room.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realized it was that touchy of subject,' Julie said softly to Victor.

"Yeah, it's not you. I've been on her lately."

"What's going on with Aunt Maggie?" Jennifer asked.

Julie sighed.

"She's lost weight…"

"Isn't that a good thing? I would love to lose ten pounds," Jennifer said.

"I didn't even notice," Lucas said

"She wears baggy clothes. You wouldn't know unless you're familiar with her body," Victor said, shrugging.

"Oh. I suppose you definitely noticed then, Victor," Lucas said.

Victor let the comment passed with only a raised eyebrow. Julie chuckled at the remark.

"Mmm...and she hasn't had an appetite for a month. She needs to at least be drinking the supplement shakes,"Victor explained.

"Which I have one in my hand," Maggie said, returning.

"I thought you were better," Jennifer said, feeling guilty.

"I am. It's just the doctor wants my weight up and to start do more physical stuff," Maggie said.

" But you're still sick," Jennifer said.

"Jennifer, it's going to take a while before I'm fully better. But I'm well enough for Paris," Maggie said.

"And Greece. And very little to no contract with Hortons," Victor sighed happily at the thought.

"I don't know if I should be offended by that statement," Julie raised an eyebrow.

"Considering all the crap the Hortons have put us through the past two and half months, I really don't give a rat's ass what you think, Julie" Victor replied as Julie laughed.

"Fair enough."

"And you're fine with your husband swearing at family members?" Lucas asked Maggie.

"Eh, it's Julie."

"What, I don't count?" Julie asked.

Maggie laughed.

"Of course you count. Just not as much."

"Wow. I'm happy I'm the favorite," Lucas preened while Jennifer rolled her eyes.

But what was a huge argument a few months ago passed as teasing good naturedly. Maggie smiled at the interaction. Perhaps she would have less to worry about while on her honeymoon.

Victor reached over and pulled Maggie into his lap.

"What really matter is you fit perfectly right here. You know I'm only concerned about your health, not about the other stuff."

"You miss my curves," Maggie pointed out.

Victor smiled and ran his hands down to his wife's hips.

"I do but I just want a healthy and happy wife."

"I'm getting healthier every day. We managed to make it through everything, my love," Maggie kissed Victor.

"I would tell you two to get a room, but you would and we have at least fifty more things to wrap," Julie said.

"Fine. Are we still going to Chez Rouge for dinner?" Maggie asked.

"We are. Just the…" Victor's eyes darted around the room, counting people,"five of us and other random Hortons."

"You know Christmas is a special time for the Hortons. But in a couple weeks, I'm all yours."

"You better be." Victor leaned in for another kiss.