(Okay, I know I promised you guys one shots from after Purity. But... I lost inspiration. Or my muses just stole it. So, I decided to write something dedicated to the unsung... villains. These guys need more attention! So, ladies and gents, I presents to YOU! Hive one-shots, with other evil co-stars as well.)

The Hive Five was broke. Completely out of cash. Escaped from the flash frozen state (Thanks to a system glitch and the whole place melted), they returned to their mostly trashed base. The did small crimes and began fixing it up, but it wasn't enough.

Gizmo offered to hook them directly into the city's main electric systems, but See-More decided that that would bring up too many risks. After many long hours of discussion (mostly arguing however), they realized with the extra space they had, they could easily board several more members. Spreading the news through the villain underground connections, the first to arrive was previous Hive student Angel, Kyd Wykkyd's not girlfriend.

Next was another previous Hive student, XL Terrestrial. After that was a person from out of this world: Blackfire. After escaping from Tameranian prison, she met up with XL. They hit it off and Blackfire, if slightly reluctant, agreed to move in.

On one condition.

That Cheshire move in too. Finding the assassin was hard enough, much less convincing her to have an actual home address. But she finally agreed, and Cheshire took up residence at the Hive Base... even though she wasn't there very often.

Possibly the three wild cards no one expected were Red X, Johnny Rancid, and Punk Rocket. Apparently, Red X was bored out of his mind living alone. So one morning, they found him drinking coffee and reading one of Gizmo's car magazines. And the guy never left.

Johnny and Punk had been living in a slummy part of town, and Johnny decided that more people = more stuff. Plus he didn't want his bike stolen again. Punk was just along for the ride.

So here you have it. Twelve, unsupervised, uncontrollable, hormonal, law-breaking teens, living under one roof.

Heaven help us...

(Now I like this idea! Remember to review, it makes me happy. And plus, write more stories with these guys in it. Blackfire has quite a crowd, and Red X does too. But you guys are neglecting Johnny Rancid, Punk Rocket, Cheshire, I'm not even sure if XL Terrestrial is listed, I know for a fact Angel isn't. So write some danged one shots featuring these guys, they rock! The heroes get way too much attention anyway. Bye byes!)