(I couldn't resist... I really, really couldn't...)

Cheshire raised her eyebrows as she heard screams of terror coming from See-More's room. "What the..." She murmured, setting down what she was doing and heading down the corridor.

Placing her ear to the door, she heard See-More whimper, "Where the hell is he, he's gonna pop out nowhere again, I just know it..." Punk Rocket responded, saying, "Hey, there's another note- OH MY GOSH!" The two screamed again. Cheshire opened the door. "Problem, guys?"

It turns out Kyd Wykkyd was in there as well, cape over head. All three boys jumped a half foot and whipped around. They recovered a bit faster, considering it was just Cheshire and not some creepy video character. "Not... not really... bloody hell." Punk whimpered. Cheshire raised her eyebrows. "What are you doing?"

All three boys pointed at the screen. "Slender?" Cheshire said, now curious. "This is the freakiest video game I have ever played." See-More said, placing a hand over his heart to check how fast it was going. Kyd pulled his cape off his head and nodded, still slightly hyperventilating. "... Can I play?" Cheshire asked.

See-More hopped out of the desk chair. "Be my freaking guest." Cheshire sat down and booted up the game.

Cheshire removed her mask. "What. The. F***." She managed to say, pale. "Told you!" Punk said. Cheshire quickly got off the seat. "I'm an assassin. I've seen terrible, terrible things. That... is one of the worse." She admitted.

Kyd nodded and signed, 'I think everyone is in agreement with you.' "Who was screaming?"

Now Angel, Johnny Rancid, Gizmo, and Blackfire were standing at the door, in complete confusion. "Seriously, we could hear you coming into the base." Blackfire said, hands on hips. "Ever played the slender man game?" Punk said with a smirk. "Heard of it. Not gonna fall for that." Angel said, hands up. "Pfft, you crud munchers are a bunch of wimps! Let me at it!" Gizmo boasted. "Not in my room. Let's take the lap top to the main room." See-More said, getting up and picking up the laptop.

Everyone commuted to the living room, the ones who knew the game feeling bad for Gizmo and the others just confused. See-More plopped the laptop on the coffee table. "Come on, it's a video game, and even I can already tell the graphics are lame. How bad can it be?" Johnny scoffed, sitting on the couch. "You laugh now. I might not be sleeping tonight." Cheshire warned. "Why, gonna spend the night at Titan's East?" Blackfire quipped.

Cheshire slid her mask back on and glowered behind it.

Gizmo started the game. "Okay, get the notes, not a problem..." Gizmo collected the first two notes with little problem.

Then Slender Man appeared.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Johnny actually jumped away from the screen. Blackfire yelped and fell off the couch arm where she was perched. Angel covered her eyes. "The crud! Run!" Gizmo got his character to sprint away and then he said, "Okay. I get it now." "You and probably everyone in this room." Angel mumbled.

It all went downhill from there.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh..." Angel chanted. "Where's the next f'in note!?" Johnny had actually gotten into it a bit. Cheshire may have played it before, but she was still on edge. "Stop breathing! Stupid heart beat... See-More, how do you turn off the snot picking sound on your laptop?" Gizmo whined. "Not telling, I dealt with the sound the whole time."

They all caught a glimpse of Slender and jumped. "Where did he go..." Blackfire said. "I don't know... AHHHH!" Gizmo leaped away from the laptop as it turned out, Slender had popped up right behind them. The screen fizzed out, they saw Slender's face, and he lost.

Gizmo wiped his forehead. "I take back what I said about not being scared." He said, breathing in and out. "Wow. I have no idea why I stuck around... I have freaking goose bumps." Angel said, pointing at her arms. "Well, what now?" Johnny asked, thankful to not have a heart for occasions like this.

Cheshire slowly adopted her normal grin. "Gizmo... you wouldn't happen to know a titan's email, would you?" "I don't, but I can find them all out." Gizmo slowly grinned as well.

Beast Boy checked his email. "Huh? 'Test of Courage: Slender Man video game?" He called Cyborg and Kid Flash to the computer. "Dudes, I know what we are doing tonight!" He said with a grin.

(And the cycle continues on...

Honestly, haven't played the Slender Man game, just watched the hilarious reaction videos. And trust me, they are to die for.)