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Rated M for several reasons. Starting right here . . . . not even a pre-lemon . . . .


Boston 1921

I have to get out of here and I have to go home. This is wrong, it has all been wrong and I feel as if I am losing myself. Turning inside out. And inside is a new and alien landscape.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go home and beg for forgiveness.

But first I have tonight.

My hips are driving me into her deep, cloying warmth so fast they are almost a blur even to me. She drives me wild with desire, the feel of her sheathed around my hard length, the exotic scent of her arousal in my nostrils, the tangy taste of her skin on my lips and tongue. I am mad for her. Insane.

"Oh my lover." She growls in her husky voice. "Don't stop, don't ever stop."

"Ungh." I groan as I feel yet another climax building in her, tightening her around my thrusting manhood and sending tremors through her limbs. I know I will not last much longer. And desperate for my own release I remove my hand, which had roughly been pinching her breast, and slide it between us to rub the swollen wet flesh between her thighs.

"Oh yes!" She screams, arching her body up into me, allowing me to bury myself deeper inside her as she orgasms. "Oh yes, my lover."

My balls contract and I feel my own release rush up, filling her with my seed in agonising spurts, as I howl into the night.

Temporarily spent I collapse on top of her, kissing along her jawbone between harsh pants as she gently strokes my back with her small delicate hands, murmuring to me.

My brain orders me to tell her I am leaving in the morning. My body commands that I have her again.

I lift my head to kiss her softly but with a sharp intake of breath my mindless passion for her overtakes me and I plunge my tongue through her parted lips and lay claim to her mouth. She responds instantly, lifting her legs and wrapping her silken thighs around my waist.

But I want something different this time, I want to see her beautiful body above me as she rides me. Using my speed I flip us over and she throws her head back, laughing in delight as she grinds herself down on me.

She gyrates languidly above me, teasing a taut dusky nipple with one hand and reaching the other back to caress the sensitive spot behind my balls, I groan, shuddering all over with the pleasure.

She glides down my rigid length until I have filled her again completely, clenching and unclenching her walls around me before lifting herself almost all the way free. Then, maddeningly slowly lowers herself until she is impaled again. Over and over until I am almost unhinged with the need to ravage her.

"Faster." I rasp, reaching for the curve of her hips.

"Oh no my lover, I am in charge now. Feel me make love to you."

In the morning. In the morning I will tell her I am leaving. Soon.