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A dark figure slowly walked into the confessional booth and sat.

"Angelus Domini." The dark figure said, straining to see the person behind the opaque curtain.

"Angelus Domini, child of God." The figure behind the curtain whispered. "Are your days comfortable?"

"They are coming to an end but they are made comfortable." The dark figure said as he took a seat.

" it finished?"

"It is taken care of"

"Did anyone see you?" The figure behind the curtain asked.

"Of curse not"

"Excellent" The figure behind the curtain answered.

"What about my pay."

"As is well earned, it will be paid" The figure behind the curtain replied, slipping a hand under it. Clutched in his hand was a small bag. The dark figure took the bag and slipped it into his pocket.

"Your not going to count it?" The figure behind the curtain asked.

"I trust you" And with that the dark figure stood up, and shrugged his rucksack onto his shoulder.

"I have another target for you" The figure behind the curtain announced, catching the attention of the man inside the booth.

"I have told you I was taking a break have I not?" The young man replied, becoming slightly agitated.

"Yes you certainly have, still I thought I should ask. After all the pay is well, the target is a mutant" The man behind the curtain said.

"How does this make a difference?" The young man replied, becoming bored with this tireless game.

"I suppose it shouldn't, but with your abilities you could easily take this target out"

"Is that your way of saying only I could take him out?" The man asked.

"Her" The figure behind the curtain sighed then spoke again. "If you don't want the assignment I'll give it to someone else"

"There will be no need, If the price is right I'll gladly take this assignment"

"Your greed is just one of your many assets which makes you best for this job. Shall we discuss the payment?" The figure behind the curtain asked.

"Of course" The man said taking a seat once more.

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