Isabella's Life

Chapter 1


I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Isabella Hikari Hanson, I'm 7 years old and 3 foot 7 inches. I have an older sister by a year named Zoey, mother named Hikaru, and my father Brian. I was only a year old when I was adopted by the Hanson's and I love them with all my heart. I am now 7 years old on this day which is September 13, 1998 and I was born on September 13, 1991.

It was a nice cool sunny day as I woke up in my light brownish red mixed room on my kid's size bed with brownish red and black comforter cuddling with my stuffed wolf. As I was making my way downstairs I checked in on my neechan Zoey to see if she was awake and I was surprised the room was empty so I presumed that Zoey was downstairs already. I made my way to the kitchen to an aroma of pancakes which is my favorite breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to see my mom, dad and big sister at the table eating. I sat down next to my big sister and chowed down. After breakfast was over mom told me that we are going to have a family birthday picnic in my favorite park. After we all got dressed and mom was finished making the picnic basket headed filled with food and treats towards the park. When we all arrived Zoey and I ran off to play while mom and dad prepared the blanket to lay on until it was time for lunch.

After an hour and a half mom called us and we ate our early lunch. After we ate lunch Zoey and I went off to play some more but before we got far 3 black SUV cars suddenly appeared. About 12 men in black suits appeared from the black SUV's and surrounded Zoey and I. I was terrified because I did not know what was going on and we soon found out. A man walked towards Zoey and I and stood in front of us. The man said "Isabella Hikari Hanson you are to come with us peacefully Is that understood?" I of course clung to my sister and yelled, "What do you want?" The man behind us reached out and grabbed me but I did not go quietly.

I yelled, "Let me go, Zoey neechan help." Zoey could do nothing for she was also scared for her family and herself but she said, "give me back my little sister you have no right to take her" but they only laughed and said "run along little girl you have no business here." Zoey yelled "That is my little sister so give her back now." The men in black were not happy but ignored her as she was no real threat to them. After they stuck a needle in my neck I suddenly felt sleepy but before I was completely knocked out I thought to my sister telepathically which is one of my special gifts, "Don't give... up...neechan...I...promise to get out and back to you, mom, and dad... love you...lots..."

So I was taken against my will to be their lab rat because they somehow got word of my special gifts and decided to capture me to see if they can control me but I will never give up no matter what even If I die trying I will get out, back to my family someday.

To be Continued.

Japanese translations

Neechan- Big sister

Hikari- Light

Hikaru- Shining

Isabella- means Beautiful in Italian