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"What the hell was that." Lucas asked his brother as soon as the door closed behind them and they where both seated on Lucas's bed. Nate had his head buried in his hands.

"I messed up big time bro." he groaned

"I guessed that much by the looks on everyone's face, you really touched Peyton Sawyer?"

"Yeah." Nate whispered.

"Your dumber than I thought you could ever thought you could be," Lucas hit him upside the head.

"I know Lucas I know,"

"Well then why the hell did you do it?"

"I have no excuse's I was in love am in love with Haley but me and her can only seem to fight and you had Brooke and I'm happy for you really I am but I felt alone and Peyton was there and ugg." He fell back on the bed and buried his head under Lucas's pillow.

"Nathan, we'll get her back for you she's Haley she's pissed but she loves you and in the end that's all that matters."

"you think?" Nate pulled the pillow away.

"Well you'll have to grovel a lot but yes I think you can win her back." A look of relief washed over Nate's face.

The girls had made their way to Brooks house and where consuming rocky road Ice cream on Brooke's bed. "I mean it Brooke he's such an Ass its not like I haven't given him plenty of signs that I'm interested in him.

"I know Hales but its Nathan Scott I mean if either of those boys is more like Dan its always been Nathan and we both know it."

Haley whipped around and glared at her best friend. "That isn't fair Brooke he isn't his father and you know it. Brooke took the spoon out of Haley's hand before she got jabbed in the face with it.

"NO Haley he isn't his father but of the two Scott Brothers Nate both looks and Acts more like a young Dan." At these words Haley burst into tears.

"Of course and he'd never be interested in plain Jane Haley James when he has Leggy Peyton Sawyer at his beck and call." She fell to the bed sobs emitting from her.

"Haley Bob," Brooke climbed up beside her best friend and held her close. "Nathan loves you he loves you so much and that's why he run, he loves you as much as Lucas loves me he's just scared to say it. Oh Haley Bob" Brooke wiped the tears from the other girls eyes. "You'll get the boy I'll make sure of it," then she smirked "and think that one day we will be sisters in law." Haley gave a watery chuckle.

"Now don't be getting ahead of yourself Brooke."

"fine, fine, she sighed now we need a plan.

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