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She didn't stand out at the funeral.

There were witches and wizards from all over the world there, and she was just another one of them, sitting in the back, away from the rest of them.

She wore a black gown that flared out at the bottom and a silver butterfly necklace, much less flamboyant than her normal outfits. Her hair, the same deep inky black as her dress, was down and loose, falling far past her waist.

Her brownish-red eyes followed Hagrid closely as he carried the object wrapped in starry purple velvet, Dumbledore's body. The sermon began, but she didn't seem to be listening. Her face was expressionless, though her eyes remained on the purple velvet.

The tomb formed itself around Dumbledore's body, the funeral ended, but she did not leave. The grief-stricken visitors did not notice; they didn't wish to spend one more minute thinking about the loss of such a great man.

When everyone had left, she stood, walking up to the tomb. Her fingers grazed the white marble, her eyes gazing at it as if she could see the man sleeping underneath.

There she stayed for a long time.

"Ah, Yuuko-san, you're back!" Wantanuki hurried over, a duster still in his hands. "Where have you been? Dinner's gotten cold!" He frowned, looking at Yuuko's face. "Yuuko-san, are you all right?"

"Would you bring me some firewhiskey, Wantanuki?" she asked, not answering his question.


"For old time's sake," she replied. "There's some in the storeroom."

"A-all right."

That night, Yuuko drank until dawn.

That in itself is not something entirely unusual, but what was strange was the mood.

She wasn't drinking with Mokona, she wasn't having a drinking party, she wasn't rowdy at all.

In fact, she was nearly silent the entire time.

Wantanuki, worried for her, stayed the night. It wasn't until after midnight when he heard her speak.

"Albus…" she whispered, sounding more broken than he had ever heard her. "Albus, you old fool…"

She drank another glass of firewhiskey, and was silent.

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