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Point of Ascension

Chapter One
"Though they are not quite the same."

The sky was darkening when a light came on in a stasis pod located far out on the northern wing of Atlantis. Through the glass you could see a woman sleeping soundly, being slowly brought back to life. Judging solely by her looks she should be somewhere in between 30-40 years old. She had a skin of very fair complexion as well as very bright blond hair, bordering onto white. Ten minutes passed and she opened her lids to reveal clear bright blue eyes, only to shut them seconds later. It would be twelve hours before she opened them again.

Meanwhile in the jumper bay Lt colonel Sheppard and Dr. Zalenka returned after a rescue mission. Bringing back Dr. McKay, wet and delusional from the ocean floor.

Though you couldn't tell from the inside of the room, the sky was bright and the sun was high when the woman opened her eyes again. This time she didn't fall back into sleep. She raised her right hand to fumble the pod opened. It hissed and the cold air inside seeped out in a thin cloud. She shuttered and the first five steps she took was shaky. The room lit up when she took hold of a control panel for support. Her skin prickled and she breathed quickly to draw more of the air into her lungs, warming up her body. While gathering her wits she started to operate the control panel, bringing forth a scrolling text in ancient. Her eyes moved swiftly over the text while her expression became more and more confused.
"What? No.. That can't be right." She frowned and shook her head. "Show me the sky."
An image of the current cloud free sky of Lantea was projected on the wall.
"And by night." The image changed to the nighttime constellations of the stars. She took a long gaze at the image before her focus fell back to the text. "And none left but me? I guess that would explain the lack of a welcoming committee."
The woman turned towards a wall and stepped up to it. By now she had regained her posture. Her hand was placed on a hidden panel and a drawer pushed out. It showed a holster in black leather formed for a Lantean weapon, as well as said weapon resting beside it. As soon as she placed her hand on the weapon she hesitated and shook her head. She pushed back the hidden drawer.
"Atlantis." She said turning to the panel again, bringing up the HUD and punching in a 20 character code. "Engage personnel protection protocol. Non-lethal force only please." Her voice was calm and the computer flashed a text on the screen, confirming her orders. With a nod she turned towards the door.
"Let's go and meet you new crew then, shall we?"

Meanwhile the gateroom had become equally bustling with activity.
"What do you mean the life sign count shows one too many?" Dr Weir hunched down over the screen Dr. Zalenka was pointing at.
"To be sure the biological sensors does a life sign count every hour to alert us of any possible intruders. This time the count came up with one sign to many, here look."
He directed the image to show a sole blue dot in an otherwise empty section of the city.
"Where is this?"
"On the far outer skirts of the north arm. It just appeared, the city hasn't warned of any ship activity at all."
"Is it a Wraith?"
"No, the sensors shows wraith in a different colour. Probably as well as any life-form different to us. This is human, or at least... close to it."
"Alright we'll send a team."
"I'm on it." The Lt Colonel John Sheppard had already listened in on the conversation and waved three men to himself. "Crown, Cole and Edison, you're with me."
"Keep reports regularly, I'll send a team a few minutes after you." Her eyes lingered on Sheppard and his team while they she wished Ronon had been in the gateroom. Perhaps he was a bit... unrefined, but he kept his friends safe. A good trait when dealing with intruders.

After a five minute walk the intruder were intercepted by the four men. She stopped and eyed each one of them as she listened to their demands that she identify herself and raise her arms into the air. There was only one man who did the talking and he was looking at her somewhat confused. She wasn't wearing the clothes of a potential intruder. A long off-white skirt that reached well to her ankles, revealing white leather boots with a thick sole. The top was a sort of sleeveless kirtle in beige leather, having lacing in both the front and back. She also wore arm-guards that reminded of the material and fashion of the top. Besides, her bright hair with big curls, clear blue eyes and pink lips reminded the Colonel of someone he was sure he had seen before.
She blinked, her crystal clear eyes only spreading a sliver of uncertainty among the soldiers. When Sheppard was about to repeat himself she rapidly inhaled and took the word from him.
"I would advise you not to use force. My intentions are peaceful, and I am going to the bridge. If you try to stop me you will be neutralized."
"Hold it-"
The men raised their weapons and in compliance to the orders given Atlantis reacted. The internal automated defence system activated and neutralized all four of them in an instant. She shook her head and walked up to the an who had spoken. Just as she squatted beside him his radio crackled to life with a woman's voice.
"Colonel Sheppard report. What did you encounter? Colonel?"
She took the radio from his vest and studied it.
"Simple, but effective enough." Her comment was on the level of technology these, to her, strangers used. She pressed down the talk button. "I'm afraid Colonel Sheppard and his team has suffered a set-back. I would advise you to send a medical team just to be sure. They should be up in about an hour with only a mild headache as repercussion. And there is no need for questions or speculation. I will arrive at the bridge within fifteen minutes."
She released the button and waited a few moments. The following silence lasted longer than expected, but sure enough the voice came back.
"Who is this?"
"As I said, we will meet soon. And there is no need to counter with force. Only the same result will follow."
"You are an unknown intruder to us and you expect me to just let you roam freely in this city while you have already practised force against us?"
With a frown she stated: "It's not a city!" Before actually answering. "I am afraid you have no choice. Until later." With that she dropped the radio next to Sheppard, not listening to the woman's demands as she continued towards the central spire of Atlantis. Shaking her head with the comment "Just who is the intruder here anyway?"

"And why can't we stop her?"
"The computer won't listen to our demands, it's as if someone has locked us out." One of the scientists in the gateroom explained to Weir. His voice all but hopeful.
"Actually it's more as if someone has put in a command code that doesn't allow anyone else to give any orders. Which is also why we can't use the city-wide communication system."
"Rodney? What are you doing here, shouldn't you be in the infirmary?"
"Yes well I heard you needed a genius." He stood with the touchscreen computer already in his arm. Not at all showing that what he just said might be anything less but true.
"Does this system lockdown have anything to do with our intruder?"
"Possibly, the computer doesn't even speak to us right now."
"Well work on it."
"I was!"
"Alright alright."
"Dr. Weir." Colonel Caldwell walked up to Atlantis leader with a grim face.
Knowing his intentions she braced herself for the discussion.
"The second team is already away Colonel Caldwell, let's see how they do first."
The brunette took a steady grip of the reeling with both of her hand and exhaled slowly.
"If this intruder is behind this lockdown we could be in serious trouble."
"It's one person Colonel. I'm sure she can't take us all down."
"We shouldn't underestimate-"
"Yes well, let's se how the second team does first, shall we?"
"And if they go down?"
She blinked at him, the scenarios flashing through her head.
"I'll let you handle it."
He nodded his thanks and walked away, for now. There was a thought in the back of Elizabeths head. She already knew the lockdown and the intruder appearing almost simultaneously wasn't a coincidence. So this woman must have something to do with it. Knowing the technology and just appearing inside of the city... Weir wanted to avoid using any force on the intruder if possible. Just in case this hunch was correct.

After using the transporter the intruder stepped out at the same level as the gateroom and was greeted by four other men with their weapons at waist level.
"This again? Or would you be my escort?"
The four of them raised their weapons, but only three instantly put their fingers on the trigger and was neutralised. One remained standing and then slightly lowering his P-90. She tilted her head slightly, eyeing him with curiosity.
"Did you realize the futility in your attempts?"
"How did you do that?" He asked, nodding towards his three team-mates.
"I have no intention of revealing my secrets to you until I can establish that your people is not a threat."
"And you claim you're no threat to us?"
"As you surely noticed as long as you do not try and use force, you will not be harmed."
"Why are you going to the gateroom?"
"It is usually used as base of operations, so I assume any personnel in charge will be residing there. And I do wish to speak with them."
He spent a few moments just looking at her, trying to decide whether to trust her or not. Well, it didn't seem as if he had many options.
"Alright." He said taking out the radio. "Dr Weir."
"Major Lorne, anything to report?"
"I'm standing with the intruder, she doesn't appeared to be armed and want to speak to you. She assures me that she has no intention to harm any of us."
"All right Major, we'll be prepared."
"Medical team?" The woman questioned, nodding towards the three unconscious men.
"And send a medical team to the transporter at the gateroom level."
"Will do Major."
She didn't wait for him to show her the way but simply started walking towards her goal.
"You seem to know your way around here." He followed her closely.
"This Dr. Weir." She deliberately avoided his question. "Is she the leader of the people here?"
"And I am guessing that Doctor is not a military rank?"
"Yes, that's correct."
"So a civilian is in charge of these.. operations? Interesting."
"It is?"
"Perhaps. Negotiating with non-military personnel can be both easier and tougher in my experience."

Major Lorne and the intruder arrived though the entrance between Dr Weirs office and the control room. Across the floor there was a wall of soldiers with lowered weapons shielding of the gate. It seemed everything but a civilian control and greeting. Though she kept her face, walked into the room and turned towards the control room. Where she guessed, correctly, most personnel had gathered. There was at least thirty weapons ready to aim at her.
"Well, such a warm welcome for a stranger."
"Who are you and what do you want?"
Her eyes turned to a man who had asked the questions.
"I am told there is a certain Doctor Weir is in charge of this people. You do not sound nor, i would guess, look like this woman. So I will not speak to you."
"What exactly makes you think you have the advantage here?"
"As long as your people keep their fingers of their triggers and do not try to harm me, they will be safe. But it means you are not able to use force on me. How will you fight someone you cannot hit?"
Upon these words a man suddenly dropped from the upper balcony, landed on his feat and stood tall. He was different from the others, in appearance and definitely in the ability of taking orders. The woman that had been heard on the radio before shouted "Ronon!"
He stood calm and steady looking into her eyes. Not with a cocky confidence. More of a general knowledge and belief he could win this fight. He should win this fight. There was a peculiar smile upon his lips and she looked into his dark eyes without returning it.
"You think you're quicker than me?"
His voice dark and husky. Also the weapon was different from the rest. Closer to the technology of Atlantis. If there were energy grades on the weapon, it should be set to stun.
"Quite sure of it actually." She said hoping that Atlantis protection protocol did indeed see a stun weapon as a threat.
A few seconds passed before he took hold of the gun at his hip and raised it. But before even getting it high enough to to fire the man collapsed into a heap on the floor. Had she not had training to never show her emotions in a negotiation, she'd be sighing of relief.
The intruder raised her head and placed a set of bright eyes on Weir.
"Dr Weir I presume?"
"I am." Whilst the Colonel eyed Weir darkly her line of though was; no more games.
"Your soldier here was kind enough to inform me that you are the one I am looking for. Now, I imagine you will not approve of my demands but no less, you must."
"Which would be?"
"I wish to speak with you alone. And I do mean alone."
"That's not acceptable." The tall man who had spoken to her first inflicted.
She watched him and guessed him to be the head of their military body.
"I assure you that she will be completely safe."
"Remembering what damage you've done up until now how do you expects us to believe that?"
"I have yet only defended my self." Her voice was clear and hard, borderline accusing. "Major Lorne posed no threat to me and kindly escorted me here and he has not come to any harm."
"Alright." Dr Weir finally cut into the conversation. "Your only intention is to talk, right?"
"No, Weir you can't do this. Alone in a room with her we can't protect you."
"It's not like we have much of a choice, do we Caldwell? Besides, at the very least it will give McKay some more time to break through the lockdown."
The two of them were keeping the conversation to themselves. The woman did nothing to object or interfere. After all they could only reach one conclusion. She looked over at the man who had walked with her to the room.
"You gave me too much credit you know." He said low.
"You are the only one who showed me any kindness Major Lorne. I believe you will be thanked by your people within the hour."
She gave him a faint nod before looking up the balcony again, just in time to see the both of them nodding and turned to her again.
"Allow me to lead the way." The intruder spoke before they had time to respond.
She walked into the room opposite to the control room, which they had themselves used as a conference room at numerous occasions. This bright clad woman was completely aware of every set of eyes that was trained on her. So she made a point of taking slow flowing steps, no sudden movements to lure them into trying to fire upon her.
After Dr Weir entered the room the eight doors closed simultaneously. The other woman placed her hand on the panel and a curious *thlock* sound was heard. Weir looked at her with a questionable eye.
"I am sorry Doctor Weir, but I do not trust some of your companions to leave us alone. Your radio will no longer penetrate these walls. And I saw you were trying to get past the system lockdown. You will not be successful I believe."
Weir looked at her with her characteristic look of disbelief, squinting her eyes and frowning.
"Please, sit." The stranger said, placing herself at the centre of the table and gestured towards the chair across her.
"Who are you? Weir asked as she sat down, folding her hands in front of her after taking a seat.
"My name is Vera. And I wish to know how you came into possession of this ship."
"This ship?"
"Atlantis, in itself. You... do know it's a ship?"
"Yes, we do." There was a moment of silence as the intruder waited for Weir to begin her tale. "You still haven't told me anything about yourself."
"And I will not until you tell me where you and your people come from and how you took control over Atlantis."
There was a measure of will and defiance between them. Though you could read no ill will, or good will either for that matter, from this stranger. She simply sat and waited, patient. As if she knew things would undoubtedly go her way. Weir pondered hard upon what damage she could do by telling this stranger the truth of their origin and their purpose here. Though she doubted she could do any more damage than they had already done waking the Wraith. In the end Elizabeth Weir decided to trust her instincts.
She told her about their planet, their arrival here. How the Ancients (the name they had given the race who had created this technology) had traveled here and had been forced to return after loosing the war with the Wraith (whereas the stranger admitted to knowing about the Wraith). As well as their struggles to understand the city, what their purpose was here.
Although she struggled to keep the summary short it took well about twenty minutes.
The woman had listened carefully and kept their eye contact, now she broke it and stared down on the table.
Weir had become the more sure of the thought that hit her before. She watched the woman carefully and broke the silence.
"You're an Ancient."
She raised her head and blinked.
"I wouldn't believe the computer when it stated that it was little over 10 000 years since my stasis pod was activated. That would in effect theoretically make me well over 10 000 years old. I suppose that would justify calling me that."
"I meant-"
"I know." She broke her off. "This conversation has left me without a doubt that the numbers aren't wrong. I am what your people would call 'An Ancient'. But I am guessing that the conversation that follows would be best had along with the more... outstanding members of your expedition? Besides, I am sure they worry about you." She tapped her fingers twice on the table and two thin metal sticks raised ten centimeters tall from the table and projected a screen between them. "Atlantis, disengage personnel protection mode." She continued navigating through the screen until a screen came up demanding a code. A twenty character code was punched in. "Dr Weir, I am turning the ship back into your command. I have decided to trust you and offer you my alliance."
"Thank you." Was the first thing that came to mind.
Approximately three seconds later all eight doors opened and a soldier holding a weapon filled each opening.
"Hold your fire!" Weir lashed out the order while instinctively rising from her seat and holding out her hand.
Vera rose from her chair and turned around. Seeing Sheppard as one of these me she raised her eyebrows slightly.
"You're already up, I'm impressed."
"Weir..." Sheppard didn't take his eyes of the woman for a single moment.
"It's alright Sheppard. We have gained and ally today." She put on a smile full of secrets and held her hand out towards the woman. "This is Vera and she just might be the last remaining personnel of Atlantis."
"Sh- She's an Ancient?" McKay's head popped up behind the shoulder of a soldier.
The soldiers eyed Sheppard who seemed to have a personal staring contest with Vera. But he lowered his weapon and ordered the others to do the same.
She gave him a weak smile and this was the first time since she left the room with the stasis pod that she showed any emotion in her face.

Moments later the selected people sat around the table in the conference room. Those gathered except Dr Weir and Vera herself was Lieutenant Colonel Sheppard, Colonel Caldwell, Dr McKay, Dr Zalenka, Teyla and on Vera's own request, Major Lorne. There was a silence as they regarded the woman. They had all mired the ancients for so long and finally actually meeting one in true flesh... Their subconscious wasn't sure how to treat her. Except for the ever cautious Caldwell who questioned the situation.
"How can we be sure that you're an Ancient?"
"Colonel-" Weir started but was cut off by Sheppard, which was a surprise.
"It's a viable question Dr Weir. How can we really be sure?"
"I suppose my word would not be good enough?"
"I have a problem with people that shoot me, sorry."
"I never shot you."
"Really? Then how would you explain what happened?"
"That is a good question." Lorne chipped in, trying to bridge the gap between the two. She nodded in compliance.
"I initiated Atlantis internal personnel protection protocol and limited it to non-lethal force."
"Protection protocol?"
"It protects registered personnel from any form of harm. The ship saw you as a threat when you placed your fingers on the triggers of your weapons."
"Registered personnel?"
"The frequent or stationary members of the Atlantis crew."
"If she is on a 10 000 year old personnel list shouldn't that be evidence enough?" Weir tried.
To which McKay snapped his fingers and raised a hand. "I could scan her!"
"We have the previous scans from Chaya and physical charts from the Aurora crew. With a scan I could cross reference with their bio-metrical signs which should give us a pretty definite answer."
Instead of proceeding with the idea Weir looked over at Vera for approval.
"I will not be offended by any scans you feel you need to run."
But even before Weir had given the word McKay was already about to place a laptop on the table to initiate the program. The people waited for him in silence
"Oh, this might take a while so just... keep on talking in the meantime."
"The stasis pods we have seen up until now has kept the subject in a very slow aging process. But after 10 000 years you still look... Well, very well preserved." It was Zalenka who noted it, in a friendly more curious tone than an accusing one.
"The pod is built different than the ordinary ones that is meant to be used in shorter periods of time. And in addition to that a certain mineral we call the stale-crystal is used. It helps keeping the supercool state that is required to create a hibernation state. Thus I have not aged."
"You can hibernate?"
It was not he following question that she anticipated and was a bit surprised by it.
"Both yes and no. It is not a natural state, but with the help of nanomachines it is very possible. The only reason the pod deactivated now was because it was failing."
"The mineral was used up. Though it was scheduled to deactivate earlier and I am not sure myself why the timer had been overwritten. Perhaps I will find the answer in the ship's computer."
"Why where you there in the first place?" Weir tilted her head as she leaned forward.
"It is an experiment called the time traveller. I was frozen down for a number years, then reintegrated into society, experiencing the changes time provides at first hand. It is a strange experience. We as a people change more collectively than we might want to believe."
Just at the end of her sentenced the laptop beeped, signalling its finished. They turned their eyes towards McKay and waited for the answer.
"She... She's an Ancient." He looked up at the woman himself with a surprised expression, his mouth slightly open and his eyes big and round.
"I would still prefer 'Vera'." She smiled.
"Perhaps it would be for the best if we paid Dr Beckett a visit first. He's out medical physician."
"Of course." She nodded and rose, causing the rest of them to rise in union.
Dr Weir escorted her towards the medical room, although she seamed to find her way perfectly fine on her own.

"You perfectly fine, love. One of my healthiest patients yet." Carson helped her off the MRI with his kind smile across his face.
"It is good to hear." She admitted. "Was is easy for you to understand the usage of these machines?"
"Oh, we have similar equipment on earth, only these are far more advanced and gives us much better accuracy. Detecting certain diseases is unquestionably easier."
"I am impressed how well integrated you are with our technology."
"We have many brilliant minds to help us."
"I am looking forward to getting to know them. However... I haven't had a shower in 10 000 years. And there are things I would like to check in the computer. If it is all right with you?"
"Of course, we'll find you a room." Weir nodded and motioned to turn but Vera stopped her.
"If I may put in a request I would like a room with a balcony, I do love to feel the breeze."
"I think we can manage that."
"I'll shower and change in my office. The room my pod was stationed in." She added when the brunette gave her a bit of a questioning look.
"All right."
"Would you require me to have an escort?" She asked and looked at the two soldiers who had been following them so far.
Weir obviously had a bit of trouble pondering the question as she stalled her answer by looking at the guards, meeting Carson's eyes and finally returned to the crystal blue ones. "No, I think we owe you a show of trust."
"Thank you." She said with a slight nod.
She was escorted to the transport chamber but walked the last stretch by herself. There was a lot of thoughts circulating in her mind. While the fact that all of her kin had vanished from the known map of the universe was overwhelming, her thoughts was on the story she had given them. Though the reason for her being in the stasis pod was partially true it was far from the real one. And she did hope they didn't start diving too far into her files. At least most parts should be classified and significantly harder to pull out.
Back in her office, as she had called it, she walked to a door that was elegantly integrated with the rest of the room. It opened and revealed a bathroom. She turned on the shower and smiled at the warm trickling water.

Weir returned to the control room after following Vera to Dr Beckett. Two enthusiastic scientists met her.
"All right what have you found?"
"Do you want to read her file?"
"The Ancient, Vera." McKay exclaimed after snapping his fingers to remember her name.
"You found it?" She followed them over to the computers.
"Yes it was quite easy when you know what you're looking for." Zalenka answered before McKay seized the opportunity to advertise his geniality.
She stood silent looking at the file, then slowly shook her head. "No."
"No?" McKay frowned.
"No, I think we owe her a sign of thrust. And she could probably see if we opened the file, right?"
"Then it's settled."
"But we could learn alot about her, whether her story checks out, her area of expertise and-"
"Or we could just trust her words and ask her the rest."
"But we-"
"It's final, McKay."
"Aw come on!"
But she turned and walked away.
Sheppard stared at the screen. "I'm with you on this one Rodney."

Vera had stepped out of the shower, dried and tapped a panel on the wall, a drawer slided down diagonally to reveal a uniform in a bright white colour scheme. A uniform that was well known throughout Atlantis about 10 000 years ago. It commanded respect, 10 000 years ago. Her fingertips trailed on the edge of the folded top before she pushed the drawer close. Instead she tapped another panel next to it to slide out, revealing a white fine fabric with grey embroideries.
Minutes later she stepped out from her office and headed towards the bridge. She wore the white dress well. With boat-cut neckline, wide arms and the edge of the dress well covering her shoes (which was just as well since she kept the boots on) she looked as is she was going to the Oscars. Or so an Earthling would say. She also wore a corset on the outside of the dress, pitch black with white lacing.
This time the trip was rather uneventful. Whenever she met someone heads turned. Though she didn't know if it was because of her heritage or the dressing. Everyone here seamed to wear the same uniform, colour coded and all. Except a few, who she guessed was off duty.
According to the computer they weren't even close to fully fill the stations and laboratories, the living quarters even less. Were their operation stretched thin on the funding? Was it hard finding willing people? How used was the Stargate system on earth in this time? The number of questions increased by the minute.
No one came to meet her at the bridge when she looked around. Perhaps her 'arrival' had spurred a series of events that kept the leading personnel busy. Though she didn't dwell on it much but headed towards the balcony opposite to the gate.
The sun was touching the edge of the world, spreading a bright orange light across the clear sky and reflecting on the water. It was everything she remembered it to be and she smiled in the strange comfort that after 10 000 years the sunset was still quite the same. 'On the mainland it's probably autumn.' She thought then looked up the sky. Studying the lights that had appeared in the sky.
"Hi..." She heard a soft almost excusing voice behind her.
Vera turned, letting go of the reeling and met Weir's brown kind eyes.
"Dr. Weir." She announced.
"I brought something for you." She handed over a touchscreen computer. "It's not as effective or elegant as your technique. You'll have to excuse us there. But we managed to pull together a program that translates our letters into yours. It converts the files as you open them so they might take a while to load."
Vera held the computer and looked it over, scrolled and selected a file.
"Mission reports?" Her head lifted.
"I don't want to keep any secrets from you. And.. thinking about how we 'welcomed' you here I'd hope this to be an olive branch."
"Olive branch?"
"A sign of peace, an open hand." She used her hands to enforce the explanation.
"It's alright. I understand your actions. Frankly I would have been disappointed if you took no precaution. You defended the ship, I would have done the same in your situation. Perhaps even more aggressive."
They shared a smile over a buried hatchet that barley got to see the light of day.
"Do you recognise it?" Weir asked and glanced over the city.
"Yes, there is little change internally in externally even less I would presume. Though your people does change the light of the ship. When I last walked these corridors the contrast of white and black was a much desired sense of fashion." A moments silence lasted and she turned her head up towards the sky. "Though they are not quite the same."
"Who?" Weir looked in the same direction and squinted towards the central spire.
"The stars." Her voice was lower, more longing. As if saying the name of a lost companion.
Weir lowered her head and studied the face of this new stranger. Someone who she admired simply because of what people she came from.
"Well, when you feel you want to retire a room has been readied for you. You can find the location on the computer, or just ask anyone. If you don't want me to take you now?"
"No, that wont be necessary. I want to study little more of the stars as the sun sets."
Dr Weir nodded and said farewell.
Vera remained there on the balcony, undisturbed as the darkness fell. Trying to figure out how much the planets shoulder had moved by reading the star constellations. The wind was picking up slightly and the chill was definitely there. She pondered finding her new quarters to sit back and read some of these mission reports she had gained access to when she heard footsteps behind. Steps that stopped in her direction and was about to move away.
"Dr McKay, was it?"
He stopped in his turn and faced her bright eyes.
"Yes I... Actually I was just-"
"It seems your people are afraid to speak to me."
"Ah, that's probably because of the whole 'being an Ancient' thing." 'The ancient' being figured with 'bunny rabbit ears'
"I see." A few awkward moments passed
McKay had walked up to ask her a few questions but regretted it on the way. Partly because he was generally bad with people, but mostly because he could be hopeless in front of a woman whose looks was basically the only thing he focused on. He was about to excuse himself. But she cut him off even as he gathered air for his excuse. "My ancestors gave this planet the name Lantea. We came to call ourselves Lanteans. As a word of promise that we would remain in this system. You might not believe it, but we often felt... rootless."
The awkward silence continued. But this time when he thought to flee this battleground of social skills he got an idea.
"Actually I was just going down to my lab. I'm currently working on the possibility on controlling a jumper remotely."
Not sure exactly of what he was speaking about she still couldn't help a smile.
"Yes. I would love to."
Not only the answer but also the sincerity in her voice surprised him.
"Huh, well. Right this way then." He held out his hand showing the way through the gateroom. The two of them crossed the gateroom together, which also turned a few heads.

Authors rant:
Stargate series is theoretically a very thankful show to write fanfics on, since they have already proven the existence of alternate realities you can make up almost anything. But I want to try and stay as close to this show as possible. Which is also the reason I'm becoming more of an SG nerd than I was before, the wiki helps alot.
I did consider (and started writing) a more aggressive intro. Her fighting her way there, it would be closer to her personality. But all scenarios ended up in shambles. And frankly I already think SGA kills off enough people in the show X3
So I decided to try a calmer approach. Also invented the internal defence system. I'm not all joy over it, but it was a good solution. The city does protect itself from virus outbreaks, why not a friend/foe system?
I also want to point out that this character of mine is supposed to be an ancient, and I do believe Atlantis can do alot more things than it already does. Just think of our own level of technology and what we consider to be "handy". So I'm giving it alot more 'little' functions. And well... alot more possibility's, you'll see what I mean in the next chapter, hopefully.

I hope I've nailed down the characters personality's, this is a thing I personally think I'm kinda crap at but trying to get better on it. Which is why there is much of my own char, I'll do my very very best to use people from the original show. Actually I work hard on it (here also, the wiki helps alot)
Oh and the whole 'time traveller' idea. At first I invented it to just be able to daydream about a stargate fanfic. When I decided to write it down it sounded more and more retarded. So other reasons where invented and it formed my character ALOT. She is almost nothing of the first thoughts of her. She wasn't even military atfirst. I even got to change her name since the first one I use sounded too soft.

Well, I hope it'snot all crap, and I have been encouraged to continue with a chapter two. The first took about 3 weeks to write so the second should be at least the same.

PS: The "Bunny rabbit ears" thing is from comic genius Eddie Izzard ^,^