Legend of Spyro: Stormfront

Chapter 20

"Mom I'm going after them!" Sparx yelled into his parent's home. He had been waiting all day, and when they had not shown up by nightfall he had begun to worry. He had been busily buzzing from one side of the village to the other, over and over again.

"Honey they will be fine, they probably just stopped for the night or something." He heard his mother's reply from inside.

"But they were supposed to be here today! What if something happened or they got eaten by a giant turtle, or swallowed by a giant fish! They need me!" Sparx yelled desperately back inside to his family home.

"Sparx I'm sure they are fine, they did save the world without you remember." Nina retorted trying to calm her apprehensive son.

Those words stung Sparx in the heart. He had not been there for Spyro when he had faced his greatest challenge. He felt like he was in debt, like he needed to be with Spyro for whatever was to come.

"Why don't you wait until tomorrow and if they aren't here by then, you can go after them." Nina responded in a soothing tone, as she fluttered out of the hollowed tree.

"But what if they need me…" Sparx's face fell.

"I'm sure they are fine honey." Nina said lifting Sparx's chin, now go to bed the faster you fall asleep the faster they will be here tomorrow.

"Yes mom…" Sparx trailed off into the night.

His mother disappeared back into the hollow. Sparx gave one last look into the only crack in the forest canopy. There he could see one of the moons filling the thin slit of his vision. Then he followed his mother.

Terrador sat on the walls of the ancient dragon city, looking off into the distance. Ever since Spyro and Cynder left to visit Spyro's parents he had felt a strange feeling. He felt like he was near the edge of a cliff, but he was shrouded in fog unable to see the edge.

He rapped his sharp claws up against the white stone of the outer walls. He heard a mole patrolling the walls on his dutiful routine, his armor clanking in the night.

A cool breeze blew past him, carrying with it the scent of rain.

Terrador sighed audibly into the night, he turned and nodded to the guard who was now about to pass by his position, who promptly saluted in return. He went to the edge of the walls and ascended into the night.

Sparx pushed himself off the hard blue stone floor.

"What I'm in a tree why is their stone— "Sparx's voice cracked as he looked around him.

"What the crap!" He screamed jumping into the air; he looked around seeing a black sky with patterns and bands of color shooting all around him.

"Where the freak am I?" He yelled before looking at the blue floor. He looked side to side for any indication for where he was.

"Why you're in the dream dimension young dragonfly." A voice rang out.

Sparx spun around extremely fast, before resting his eyes on a teal blue dragon. Then slowly backed away afraid he was about to be devoured.

"Who the hell are you?" Sparx screeched buzzing back a few more meters.

"You don't recognize me? I'm hurt Sparx… try orange-red scales." The dragon's teal blue scales suddenly flashed to an orange-red then back towards their original blue.

The realization clicked into Sparx's mind. "Ignitus? This isn't one of those freaky dream things Spyro talks about is it?"

"In fact it is little one." He responded.

"Wonderful, now I'm hallucinating too." Sparx dilapidated tone. Sparx then proceeded to rant on how the fat purple dragon had infected him with something.

"Seeing that you want listen to me anyways, I have a message for you." Ignitus cut in on the dragonflies ranting.

"Huh, from who?" He asked ceasing his babble.

"Spyro of course." Ignitus responded. "Now it is merely a premade message so he will not respond to you, but it will be like he is here."

"Big blue dragon says what?" Sparx asked dumbfounded staring incredulously back at him

"Never mind, just watch." Ignitus disappeared before Sparx's very eyes. Then slowly a faint image began to appear. First a purple blur, with a mix of gold and it slowly solidified into the shape of a dragon.

"Spyro." Sparx whispered. He looked incredibly somber as if he had to break bad news to a grieving family. "Where are you fat butt I've been waiting for you all day!" He yelled at the apparition.

The form of his brother made no response, he heard Ignitus's voice in the air, "The message was prerecorded he is not actually there."

The realization kicked in to Sparx's mind that this ghost would only deliver what it was meant to and nothing more.

Suddenly the ghostly apparition came to life and started speaking.

"Hey Sparx." The ghostly image of Spyro began. "I don't have much time to explain, but we won't be coming for you back at the village.

Those words hit Sparx like a hammer; he had a bad feeling about where this was going.

"A war is coming, and I'm the only one who can stop it."

The ghostly image of Spyro continued. "The dragon race really cannot afford another war, or we could disappear forever." The purple dragon paused at these words as if letting the gravity of the situation sink in, before continuing.

"I want you to stay in the village and not come out of it for anything. I'm going…" He paused as if mulling over how he was going to say what came next.

"I'm going to take care of it. In about a week or two Cynder will come back to the dragonfly village, she will be… distressed. Please take care of her, and I want you to know that you are my best friend." The purple dragon shed a tear in silence, as the stunned Sparx continued to watch.

"You will always be my brother Sparx don't forget that, tell mom and dad that I love them, and that they are the best parents I could have had."

"Goodbye Sparx."

The image faded before him leaving a stunned Sparx.

Ignitus reappeared where Spyro had been standing.

"What is he doing?" Sparx yelled at the large dragon before him intent of figuring out what was going on.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you Sparx, it is for the best." Ignitus shook his head.

"But what's going to happen to him?" Sparx said frantically flying around as if searching for an exit.

"I don't know his future is still clouded." Ignitus responded solemnly looking down upon the agitated dragonfly.

"I have to go to him to talk him out of whatever he's going to do." Sparx yelled frantically.

"Spyro is doing what he believes is right and just." Ignitus looked up towards the black sky that continued its dazzling light show. "He is a hero for us all."

Even when we might not know it.

"There will be a time and place to tell what has occurred here, but it is not now, goodnight Sparx."

Sparx's vision went black as the dream realm returned him to his family's home.

Ignitus stepped off the glowing blue pad that allowed him to enter the dreams of the people of the world. The pad's glowing quickly faded when his touch receded from it.

He had been searching for the past week for anyone else that could possibly help Spyro in his task. He had given up the search for in Warfang and the outlying villages, no one was both capable and would be willing to help him.

However, earlier today inspiration had struck him. Why did he have to be a Warfangian? It had seemed absurd at first, but the more he thought of the idea the more it appealed to him. Eventually he had searched his books and found a bright orange one that seemed suitable.

Ignitus stepped back onto the pad; first contact was never an easy thing. Quake and Sparx had not particularly taken it well. Spyro was of course acclimated to it, so he couldn't count that.

Acclimated? If I don't get out more I'm going to turn into Volteer in here. He chuckled to himself. His memories of his friends shot into his head, how he had missed them, and would probably only see them rarely if ever. A growing feeling of sadness entered his heart until he remembered what Spyro was sacrificing.

A pang of guilt struck the Chronicler's heart like an arrow.

Spyro's suffering is nothing compared to mine. I wish there was some other way... At least I still have friends that care and love me, Spyro will lose everything… and he accepted that. So brave, so self-sacrificing if only more of the world could be like you my friend.

He snorted audibly preparing himself and directed his thoughts towards the dragon he sought. The platform responded by glowing a bright blue once more.

He once again entered the dream realm, the splashes of random colors firing off in the pitch black sky.

He looked down and saw an orange fire dragon before him.

"Rise young dragon." Ignitus called towards the now stirring dragon.

He looked up with a flash of alarm. He quickly stood to all fours and got into a battle stance ready to fight and gave a vicious snarl.

"There will be no need for that here, Rey." Ignitus said coolly without making any move to respond to the young dragon's aggressive move.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" He yelled still holding his stance ready to attack at a moment's notice.

"Have you ever heard of the Chronicler before young Rey?"

The snarl on Rey's face disappeared as a moment of recognition shot across his face. He quickly regained his aggressive attitude however.

"So it seems you have at least heard of me somewhat, from one of your books no doubt, or did the Warfangian you helped capture reveal me to you?" Ignitus supposed hoping this would work.

Rey shook his head yes in response. "How do you know so much?" He asked still holding his battle stance. He gave a quick glance noting his surroundings for any advantage.

"Well in fact I read your book, an interesting life it must be being the son of a major general." Ignitus continued without hesitation, keeping his face calm and collected.

"Read my book…?" Ray asked tilting his head questioningly having no idea what he was talking about.

"The duty as Chronicler is to keep and record every dragon's book. Each book contains all their deeds and thoughts, good or bad, smart or foolish."

"That seems a little… weird…" Rey continued feeling slightly uncomfortable at having someone else know his entire life.

"Don't worry about it; I don't get out much from the White Isles, anyways." Ignitus chuckled.

"The White Isles, where are they?" Rey asked. He had never heard of them before in all of his geographical studies.

"They lie out across a vast sea, currently only two dragons other than me know where they are." Ignitus sensed his objective coming closer; he only needed him to start asking questions about Spyro.

"And who are those two dragons?" Asked Rey, his curiosity was leading him onwards.

"Well one of them is a black dragoness named Cynder…"

Rey's face showed another look of recognition as Ignitus spoke her name.

"And the other is the legendary purple dragon named Spyro."

"So you know them?" Rey asked eager to learn anything about the pair of legendary dragons.

"Yes, they are actually very good friends of mine, the both of them. But that is a topic for another time, now to what I summoned you to this dream state for. We both know that a war is coming, your father leading the opposition to Warfang however reluctantly. Spyro and I have devised a less costly solution to this problem, and I have deemed you suitable to help him."

"What makes me suitable?"

"Your character, you are kind, forgiving and courageous, several traits that Spyro has himself."

"If I were to help him…" Rey began cautiously, trying not to reveal any emotions. "…what would I have to do?"

"I am afraid I cannot tell you, you will be meeting Spyro soon enough he will provide you with any instructions. I devised the ends and beginning of the plan, Spyro himself will have to decide the means. I will contact him that I have found another, may the Ancestors guide you." Ignitus's image began to fade away.

"Wait, what?Don't go! What is your name?" He yelled at the teal blue dragon.

"Ignitus." The ghostly apparition whispered as if his voice was far away.

Spyro awoke the next morning to sound of the crashing waves. The sun was barely edging itself over the horizon so it was still quiet early. He was about to stand when an enticing smell wafted through his nostrils.

He turned around to see a plump deer roasting on a large spit, built over the remains of the former campfire.

"Oh, so you're awake. I hope you like it." Cynder's voice sounded from next to him, through the ever repeating waves.

"You shouldn't have Cynder I would have gone out and hunted for us." Spyro responded gratefully.

"It's the least I could do for you." She stated fluttering her eye lids. "I added something one of the moles gave me he said it was his best spice rubs." She said taking out a jar from her satchel bag that contained a red powder mixed specs of various other colors.

"I didn't know you had an interest in cooking?" Spyro looked questioningly over at her, genuine surprise on his face.

"Food can please the soul… well that is what the mole said." Cynder said snickering at the proverb.

"From the way it smells he might be right." Spyro said delightedly as he inhaled another scent of the sizzling meat.

"It should be done by now, let's eat." Cynder told him.

Spyro got up from his sandy bed, shaking to remove any sticking particles. He walked over to the sizzling meat.

Spyro took a large bite tearing off a large chunk of meat and quickly devouring it.

"It is delicious." Spyro said gleefully, savoring the sweet taste of the meat before taking another large bite.

"Thanks Spyro!" Cynder yelled, giving Spyro a hug. She was with Spyro, and when this war was over she could live happily for a long time. Cynder felt as if everything was as it should be.

The evening sun slowly began to sink towards the horizon as Spyro and Cynder flew back to Warfang. In the distance they could see the looming presence of the volcano that had been beneath the one time floating dragon temple. Now various pieces of rubble and black rock covered its steep sides. A thick plume of smoke was emanating from the top of the beast. The burned lands could be seen as the vast landscape of rolling black hills and deep gorged valleys where molten lava used to flow. Now, the beast had quieted no longer spewing its scorching contents.

Cynder started moving her wings faster no longer wanting to be in the shadow of the mountain.

Spyro followed suit without asking why, he too wanted to be far away from this place as possible.

Soon the burned lands to the east faded away and the domed beast with it. The blackened terrain was replaced with the rolling grass fields that surrounded Warfang with the occasional grove that dotted the landscape as a patch of green in the landscape.

Soon the occasional structure could be seen as some of the land turned into plowed fields that gave food to the great dragon city. They were certainly close to home now.

Appearing through one of the clouds a tall white spire could be seen. Below it the rest of the dragon city of Warfang rested. The shops were just starting to close on the various market streets and the residents began to filter towards the taverns and inns for a drink or towards their own homes.

Spyro and Cynder looped downwards out of the clouds towards the Guardians residence. They alighted perfectly on the cobbled white street. Only a few passersby were still milling about most going about their business.

Spyro walked towards the great oak door that behind held the Guardians separate chambers and living areas.

He wrapped loudly with the knocker.

A few seconds passed by before heavy paws could be heard coming towards the other side of the door.

The door creaked open loudly to reveal the bright yellow and blue scales of Volteer.

"Why hello young dragons, I trust your trip was stupendous." Volteer responded upon seeing the famed duo.

"I'm afraid we have some bad news Volteer, we need to talk to the rest of the Guardians immediately." Cynder said looking up to the far older electric guardian.

"And the Council." Spyro added.

Cynder looked over towards him wondering what he would want to say to them. She dreaded having to be in the same room with Magnus again.

"Oh dear, what should I tell them this is about?" He asked curious as to what matter the needed attention of the Guardians and the Council.

"War…" Spyro pronounced solemnly.

"I see come in side you two." His lost all of its cheery attitude in an instant.

Suddenly another dragon landed behind Spyro and Cynder.

"Guardian sir, I must speak with you immediately!" He frantically yelled looking desperately at the electric guardian.

"Now what?" The guardian asked looking towards the desperate earth dragon. Judging by the symbol on his armor he was one of the scouts that patrolled the area around Warfang.

"Sir, I have a report of encroaching dragon forces." He responded urgently and frantically.

"Get inside the three of you, NOW!" The guardian yelled quickly before anybody could overhear the conversation.

The group of dragons quickly made their way inside. A warm fire place was crackling surrounded by various shelves with many books filling them. A large table held many important looking documents with various stamps of approval, or were put into another pile.

Spyro and Cynder sat together on the opposite side of the still excited earth dragon.

Volteer craned his neck down one of the large hallways.

"Terrador, Cyril!" The guardian yelled into the depths of the household. "Urgent matters require your attention!" He continued.

The earth dragon looked over towards the pair of dragons across from him. He brought his head back as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Are you Spyro and Cynder?" He said becoming even more ecstatic than he already was.

Cynder wasn't really in the mood for fan fair and she let her attitude get the best of her.

"What other two dragons are purple and black?" She replied sarcastically.

The other dragon didn't seem to notice her tone.

"Oh the ancestors, I can't believe I actually met Spyro and Cynder!" He deemed with glee. "My name is Erde, pleased to meet the both of you!"

Two heavy doors could be heard closing, followed by heavy pawfalls. Erde went silent as the other two guardians made their way around the corner into the room.

"I believe Spyro and Cynder have an urgent tale for the both of you." Volteer declared without any hesitation.

"We would like the Council present as well for this." Spyro stated to everyone in attendance.

Terrador walked over towards a rope that went up into the ceiling and pulled once. A bell chimed in response a second later.

A few tense moments went by before another knock at the door came and Terrador went to answer.

Spyro and Cynder overheard Terrador talking to the guard.

"Get the council members, tell them it is urgent. We'll meet in the Council room. Tell them to be as quick as possible."

The clanking of the armored dragon guard could be heard as threw up a salute and then the door closed once more.

Spyro walked through the doors of domed white building, Cynder with him. They were closely followed by the earth dragon Erde. Spyro inwardly sighed when Erde told him that he hadn't been in Warfang for several months. Erde would find out about Spyro's treachery soon enough.

Once they made their way through the doors they were greeted by a large circular room continuing the white stone from outside. In the large auditorium there were four banners arranged around the room, one red with the symbol of fire upon it, another yellow with the symbol for electricity and other two elements closely followed them.

Beneath the banners, which each had an arched window behind them letting in the last gleams of sunlight before nightfall, sat the guardians each beneath their element along with the equivalent council member. The second cushion next to Magnus was empty.

"Young dragons please deliberate the matter quickly; we have heard that it is indeed one of utmost urgency." Lightnara stated before the group. She then nodded to the guards who had been standing at the entrance. They turned about and exited out the door, a resounding click echoed throughout the building signaling that it was locked.

"Erde you will be the first to speak." She continued once she was sure no one could be listening in.

Erde tried to calmly exasperate his story but tended to get excited at points, in which the Council would tell him to slow down and elaborate further.

When his story was complete the Council and Guardians looked at each other and then nodded towards Spyro and Cynder.

"Well the trip to Spyro's parents was sort of a lie… we went to see the Chronicler, Spyro was contacted by Ignitus, however we did stop to see Nina and Flash." She began.

"Why did you not tell us?" Cyril asked shifting slightly on his padding

"We figured it would not be such an important matter, we came back as fast as we could." Cynder answered hoping no one would question the matter further.

"I see." Cyril finished.

"Erde how large was the army that you saw?" Terrador looked towards him without showing any sign of emotion on his stoic face.

"Several thousand at least…" Erde responded somberly.

"Did Ignitus have any sort of plan that would help us combat them?" Lightnara asked hoping there was something to help them against that many.

Cynder remembered the discussion that Spyro had with Ignitus that night and was about to bring it up when she heard Spyro next to her.

"No, nothing."

Cynder looked over towards her beloved purple dragon. What is he hiding from us? And why?

Magnus's voice then rang out through the chamber, the very sound of it agitating Cynder. "I believe the choice is clear to us… war is inevitable between Warfang and these cast outs."

Quake and Frost responded with nods. Lightnara only looked towards the ceiling as if she was praying. Then the Council members began urgently discussing various matters between them.

Terrador then looked to Cynder. "Cynder would you be willing to help command with the Guardians, no one doubts your… experience in this area."

Cynder looked up to the earth guardian and gave a resounding, "Yes."

Terrador then looked towards Spyro and then began again. "Spyro your skills will undoubtedly be needed here, would you like-"

"No." The word echoed around the chamber, and the room instantly became quiet.

"I want you to surrender to them."

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