Title: Pink

Summary: [Poppy/James]. It was the color of her skin, her lips—he loved her coppery red hair and her green eyes, but pink was his favorite color. [Inspired by Aerosmith's Pink]

Disclaimers/Spoilers: Nothing belongs to me except the story line.

Series order:

First: A Day in the Life of Thierry Descouedres[Thierry/Hannah]
Second: Blood and Chocolate [Rashel/Quinn]
Third: Pink [Poppy/James]
Fourth: Sweet Surrender [Delos/Maggie]
Fifth Animal Instincts [Keller/Galen]
Sixth: Jezebel [Jez/Morgead]
Seventh: The Magic in You [Thea/Eric]
Eight: Witchin [Gillian/David]
Ninth: Come Together [Ash/Mare]

Chapter One:

"Did you blow up a bottle of Pepto Bismal?"

Poppy scrunched up her pixie like face, popped her bottom lip out, and pouted as she heard her soul mates' surprised voice coming from the entrance. Folding her arms across her chest, she tried to look dignified, even with splatters of pink covering her from head to toe, clashing terribly with her coppery colored hair. "It was nothing really, just a spell gone wrong."

"GONE WRONG?" Thea screamed her face red with anger.

Poppy's eyes widened and guilt quickly filled her features before she turned towards her witch friend. "Thea, we'll fix it. I promise."

James frowned, eyeing both girls, wondering if he was going to have to intervene if Thea decided to express her anger by being physical. "What will you fix?"

Thea pointed at Poppy with accusation. "She put one of her hokey words in to replace the real spell because she couldn't pronounce said word and now, now Poppy North and James R-"

James sighed, setting down the new CD he purchased on the only clean piece of furniture in the living room of the Daybreak house. He shifted the Styrofoam cooler to his now free right hand and addressed both girls. "Stop name throwing, Thea, what happened?"

Tears gathered in the blondes eyes. "My magic is gone!"

…the fuck?

James threw his head back laughing so hard he almost dropped the blood he'd gotten at the local hospital.

Looking highly distraught, Poppy frowned at him. "This is serious Jamie, her powers are really gone. It's my fault-"

"Thea, you were born a witch, your powers aren't something that can be taken away easily. Not over some made up word Pop added. You should know that, besides, you probably just bound them on accident."

Thea's honey brown eyes sharpened with acknowledgement as she frowned at the vampire. "You could be right. I don't know why I hadn't—I guess I was just really freaked out about it."

"If I suddenly woke up not a vampire I'd be freaked too. Talk to Grandmother Harman and I'm sure it'll be fixed in the snap of a finger. Now if you don't mind, I'll be taking my incredibly vocabulary stunted soul mate."

Thea's eyes narrowed, looking as if she was going to fight him taking Poppy, but she sighed heavily, eventually relenting. "Fine, I can't do much more teaching today anyhow. Poppy for love of Hecate no more spells until I've gotten this one handled. I just hope Thierry doesn't find out-after what happened with him and Hannah…" she gave a small shudder before turning her attention directly on Poppy. "You are a menace!" she accused, pointing her finger at the pixie like female vampire.

Poppy gave a small, childish smile, and shrugged her shoulders as nonchalantly as she could muster, "A hot menace," she added, wiggling her hips and pouting her lips.

James licked his bottom lip as his eyes focused on those full luscious lips. Clearing his throat, he shifted his weight from left to right, dropping the blood to the floor, wishing he hadn't decided to wear jeans that day. He managed a small, corner of the mouth grin, as she walked over to him.

A staggering lust slammed into his gut as her smell wafted through the air and he immediately turned it off. If he was going to react this way in front of other people he'd have to keep his sense of smell off permanently. Leaning down to place a short, firm kiss against her lips, he managed to casually drape an arm over her shoulder. He held in a groan at the feel of her body molding perfectly into his side. "Sex pixie hot," he agreed huskily, trying unsuccessfully to refrain from clutching her tightly to him. She squeaked and glanced up at him curiously. He clenched his teeth together while taking a deep, calming breath.

Years of experience at acting indifferent towards Poppy and now his self control is broken with a look. It was rather ridiculous.

"Oh puh-lease," Thea groaned, rolling her eyes at the look James was giving Poppy.

"Thea go find Eric and do your own love one liners," Poppy called out as James pulled her into the direction of their room.

"I will," she replied saucily, flipping her hair over her shoulders, and turning towards the kitchen with a huff.

At this point James' cradling arm turned into a demanding hand clutching Poppy's as he yanked her to their destination.

"Jamie, what's the rush? Are you that excited about the new CD? Which I might add you left next to blood in the living room, we should really refrigerate that don'tcha think?"

He flipped around swiftly, getting close enough that his forehead was inches away from touching her pink splattered one. He brought a finger up to her lips and shushed her before sliding his fingers into her matted red and pink spotted hair. Pulling her forward he darted his tongue out, licking the seam of her lips, causing her to gasp. He took that opportunity as she presented her open mouth to him. Her tongue entered his mouth allowing him to gently suck the tip. She mewled, rising to her tiptoes for easier access, but James pulled away to watch her eyes flash silver.

It almost succeeded in calming him, almost. She was still getting used to being a vampire after all. It could take years to gain the self control necessary to properly function. "Hungry?" he panted softly.

She nodded slowly, her index finger suddenly tracing a vein in his neck.

He pulled away slowly, frowning as he watched her expression. "Pop, I told you after I changed you that we couldn't-that my blood won't sustain you."

Poppy, at first didn't seem to hear, but with a small smile she turned away from him and sauntered saucily a few steps ahead. She lifted her damaged shirt up and off. Exposing the skimpy black spaghetti strapped tank top he'd gotten her the day before. She lifted her arms up above her head, letting the cottoned material slide up her back. Arching her back like she was stretching, reaching up towards the ceiling before bending her elbows. Her hands slid into her own hair, pulling it up, exposing the nape of her neck, she turned just her head, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. "Don't you want to make me happy Jamie?"

If he'd been allowing himself to breathe his breath would have been taken away. He tried to resist, but how could anyone resist the irresistible? So all he could do was nod and follow her.

To be continued…

This one may actually be slightly longer than the other two. I'm gonna work on getting it all into one more chapter, but that means chapter two will be long. I really wanted to end this chapter here though, if only because it's taken so long to get it out. Hope everyone liked it!