Warning: This is pretty much all dirty. Also, these stories aren't really PWP's though because when you read them together they'll end up leading to a plot. If you feel the scene below is too much for the site (I know it is, but I won't change it unless someone complains), just let me know. Enjoy!


They barely managed to get inside the room before he had his pants and her underwear fully discarded to the floor. He pushed her face forward up against the door, keeping her in a straight standing position so that her thighs touched. Her breasts were smashed against door and he shivered as he leaned down, pushing the pink stained shirt up enough so he could to lick the white creamy swell, resisting the urge to bite. He growled as she pulled back from the door allowing enough room for her to turn her heads towards him. His already extended fangs slipped into her bottom lip like butter, suckling. She pushed her ass backwards and shivered as she felt his front collide with her backside.

"Jamie," she managed, "I still need to clean up," she coaxed as she examined his eyes noting the silvery blue hadn't left.

He shook his head. "I feel like I'm going crazy," he panted against the corner of her mouth. "You have no idea how long I've resisted this soul mate connection," he whispered.

He pushed her thighs a little apart, wanting to make a tiny gap. He took one of her arms, gently twisted her upper body downwards, and put her hand in front of her, and then he slid his cock between the tiny gap he made, pushing forward through her already wet thighs from before, and into the palm of her hand.

Poppy let out a muffled grunt at the feel of him sliding against the throbbing lips between her thighs and rested her hot cheek against the coolness of the door, bracing her as he thrust again. She circled her hand around, while squeezing her thighs closer together, and this time when he thrust there was more friction and he went into the circle of her hand.

James groaned, sounding almost childlike as he strived for release. His face scrunched up in concentration trying desperately not to lose it too soon. He leaned into her back and wrapped his arms around her stomach tightly; holding on, bear hugging her to him while he pushed through once more before stopping rigidly.

"What's wrong?" she spoke breathlessly, clearly just as turned on by the position as he was.

"I can't last if we do this now," he mumbled against her neck, while pulling her away from the door.

He lifted her enough so that he was carrying her as he took her towards the bathroom and sat her on the cold white toilet cover. She squealed at the contact and faked a shiver. "I know I'm like dead and everything, but I can still feel cold things. That was all a lie," she informed him.

He gave a half hearted smile, still fully invested in doing all the dirty things that were crossing his mind to her. He went to the sink, plugging it up, and then turning on the warm water. Reaching for a wash cloth he dipped it into the water and lathered some of the jasmine scented soap on it.

"What are you doing?" she asked rather impatiently.

"Cleaning you up, there's blood," he informed her.

He'd cut of the telepathy between them as he meticulously went through his plan. He was going to do it there, where she sat on the toilet, after he cleaned the mess he made. It was her turn after all.

With his vampire speed he knelt in front of her, pulling her hips forward so that she sat at the edge of the seat. Her hands dropped behind her, bracing herself on the seat.

"You know, now that I'm slightly sated from the blood lust, I've noticed you like it rough Jamie," Poppy chuckled her now green eyes watching him as he brought the damp cloth between her legs. "I should've known you'd be wild with sex."

He smirked and gently dragged the cloth over her, cleaning the blood and semen. He pushed her swollen nether lips apart, letting the soapy material clean her own mess. He noticed her shift slightly at the contact as he purposely pushed against her clitoris.

She was definitely going to like this, he thought to himself as he went to the sink for another cloth to rinse. He pulled back slightly when he was finished, examining the newly reddened flesh.

"Thank you," she whispered.

He lifted his eyes up to look at her, noticing that she was intensely studying the floor. Poppy and timid didn't go in the same sentence, but he could see it. Her hesitation at being exposed like this, well it would go away soon enough he reasoned.

He tossed the cloth aside and leaned down to place a kiss against her inner thigh. She stiffened instantly, but he didn't give her time to do much more as he pushed his tongue into her. A moan escaped and out of the corner of his eye he saw one free hand reach up to cover her mouth as he French kissed her between her thighs.

He finally let the telepathy link open.

Don't do that. Sound proofed remember?

She couldn't even respond with telepathy. Her thoughts were jumbled with 'oh fucks' and 'more', even a few 'pleases.' He brought her hips closer to him, the new position allowed his nose to bump her clit while he continued his ministrations. When she started hiccupping moans of pleasure he knew that if she didn't have an orgasm soon he'd forget it and do her on the floor of the bathroom.

She didn't know what to do with her hands so when one came to rest against his head. "Yes, yes," she panted. She let out a strangled cry and her hips jerked, her fingers tightened suddenly in his hair, and she fell back against the back of the tank of the toilet. Her other hand pushed into his hair as she pulled him into her and she started fucking his tongue.

Poppy screamed as she orgasmed. Too sensitive to let him continue what he was doing she pulled away and fell over his shoulder, which allowed him to take advantage in lifting her towards the bed.

He carefully placed withering body on the bed and watched as the orgasm continued to rip through her. She was gasping with the pleasure, her hands pushing on her abdomen; her knees were bending in, squeezing her thighs together.

"Gees Pop," he mumbled after two minutes. He'd planned on letting her ride it out before he went into her, but she was still going.

He dropped down beside her and pushed her trembling thighs apart, settling between them. He entered her, her quivering walls surrounded him. She let out a startled scream at the feel of him and her hips rapidly starting moving. He held himself up with his arms, completely still, and watched as she came around him again, continuing her hip pumping movements.

He cried out as the coil in his lower back snapped and he burst inside her, collapsing on top of her. He bit into her shoulder as he jerked his release inside of her, wrapping his arms around her back he pulled her closer into him.

Three minutes later they were still letting out staccato panting noises, still wrapped in each other. It took a full five minutes before they were back to normal.

"Oh Jamie," Poppy managed. "I know what I want to be when I grow up."

He snorted in amusement. "Oh? What's that?"

"Your sex slave."

He pulled away chuckling. "I can deal with that, my own personal nympho-sounds great."

"For the love of Hecate I'm so hungry," Poppy muttered as she went towards the fridge.

"I'm glad someone put it up before it spoiled," James answered as he followed her. "I'm quite famished myself."

"Anyone would be after all that damn noise," someone snapped from the kitchen table.

James froze and watched as Poppy turned towards the voice. "Hello Ass."

"Ash, Poppy. It's Ash."

She shrugged. "I say again. Hello Ass."

He sighed. "Fine, name call, but I have a recorder over here that lets everyone know exactly how good a sex slave you are."

"I beg your pardon?"

Ash chuckled. "Already got her beggin' eh?"

Poppy shook her head. "You can't have heard! Jamie!"

James rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "I thought you said the room was sound proof Poppy?"

"Thierry said they were."

Ash shook his head. "No, think very clearly. Did he say all the rooms or your room?"

James watched horror spread across her face and she looked back at him. "I asked about my room not yours."

"Haven't noticed all these workers? They're in my room now. James' room is still three doors down from mine."

"Son of a bitch," James growled. "You better give me that tape Ash!"

His eyes flashed with the presented challenge. "Not a chance."

"I'm calling Mary-Lynnette and telling her what you did," Poppy cried out, running towards the phone.

"You put that phone done Poppy," Ash called.

"Can't wait until she gets here," James warned a smug look crossing his face as he blocked Ash from going after Poppy.

"Come on."

"Tape," James demanded holding his hand out.

"Fine," he snapped and pushed the tape forward.

Poppy came back towards the kitchen just in time to watch Ash walk up the stairs in defeat, "Hm, that seemed a little easy."

James shrugged. "Maybe he's having an off day."

Poppy nodded then reached for a glass so she could pour the bag of blood she'd taken out before the incident happened. She casually took a sip then turned back to address James. "So-"


"Wanna listen to it?"


He watched her lick her pink lips with anticipation and he grinned, relishing the fact that pink was his new obsession.


I couldn't have four pages full of smut so I had to add the last scene. Hope everyone enjoyed and that it wasn't too much. This was a real quick write, I actually only planned to write a little today. I didn't expect to finish it, so don't hesitate to point out mistakes. Please don't forget to review. Thanks!

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