"Lance...no...I can't...I can't let you..."

Dark brown eyes, the color of cinnamon, studied me in the near darkness. The palms of fingerless leather gloves slid up my stomach, pushing my shirt up until my plain white bra was showing. I had my palms against the wall behind me, why didn't I just phase through it? I felt like I couldn't...and...I was intrigued...I liked how he was making me feel. How he made my skin tingle and my breathing go short and puffy. Like I was panting but not quite.

"Kitty...I want to...you want to...just let it happen, please?" His voice was quiet but demanding, insistent as big hands cupped my small breasts.

Lance was certainly the hottest guy I'd ever laid my eyes on. I mean, sure, the guys at the X facility were hot in their own way but it was Lance that really appealed to me. Maybe because he and I were from the same town? Maybe because we had a past together? I don't know.

I didn't care.

Especially when his thumbs found my nipples and his were grinding up, pressing a heavy erection against my stomach. I could never get over how tall he is. I reached up, wanting one thing and one thing only at the moment. His mouth never looked so delicious. It seemed to get even more so every time I saw him. Those rough lips, chapped from all the time he spent outside, working with his power. His hands seemed to pause for a moment, ready to pull my bra up and they slid down and around my waist. I was shocked when he pulled my shirt back in place, like he had never pulled it up.

I hesitated, not sure if he wanted this or not anymore. Had I done something bad by wanting a kiss? I don't think so.

And apparently neither did he.

His strong arms went all the way around my waist, picking me up clean off the floor and holding me tight to a wide strong chest. His mouth was surprisingly gentle despite the roughness of him. He brushed his lips over mine, taking his time and pulling back to make me follow him. I did and was rewarded by him pressing forward in a surge, eliciting a low moan from me. My arms went around his neck, tangling in brown locks at the nape of his neck. He made a rough sound, somewhere between a moan and a growl and pressed back into me.

Our mouths molded to one another and the heat there, the passion, dare I say...the love...

It had me almost going weak.

I felt a sob build in me as he clutched me desperately to him, his mouth attacking mine and mine attacking his with the same fervor. I hated our situation but I knew, without a doubt, he could never be a part of the X-men. His hands curled in my uniform and when he threw me away from him, I rolled, giving a low growl as I landed on one knee and the palm of a hand. I turned back to him, felt the tail ends of my hair brushing over my cheek and he coming at me with a howl.

There was a horrid mix of agony and love on his face as he came at me, those big hands which had been so gentle before curled tightly into big fists. I dodged and it slammed down into the ground. The earth beneath me rumbled and I phased through the wall that fell from behind. The sounds of battle crashed all around me and I could barely see through the tears forming in my eyes. He tore his fist from the ground and barreled at me again, baring his teeth as his fists flew. I dodged and phased, landing a few kicks to his chest before bounding back.

When his barrage became too much, I escaped back, back into the semi-circle of friends and protection I had come to know.

He was lost in the clouds of dust kicked up by his power and later, I could swear, I had heard him screaming my name.

I love my enemy.

I love my friend.

I hate who he is...