Brothers In Arms!8

Karen holding Kermit hand prayed silent. She worried Kermit not still wake up. He got more pale.

Suddenly heart machine give lout done. He not breath his heart stop. Medic urgently start reanimate him. Karen cried:" KERMIT NO Kermit stay with me you cannot give up fight your life. I cannot lose you. We are so far come you cannot leave me alone now. I love you."

Medic all possible Kermit bring back him. It was really close moments lose him.

Karen looked how medic to them job vitalize Kermit, tears coming down her cheeks and whisper: God save him. I waiting his unborn child you cannot take the opportunity to from Kermit be daddy his child. He deserves this opportunity. I love him."

Very critical but it is miracle he fight to back he breath again and heart start working and more stronger.

Karen crying happy tears Kermit was back we have change and I can tell him he be father.

Karen touch Kermit face and hold his hand and say him: "Kermit you need survive don´t give up you have fight to come back. I need you and unborn child we made together with passionate love. Please Kermit you had entire life forward. Remember I love you. "

One medic say:"It not long anymore hospital already saw. We had change stabilize him now."

Kermit cannot believe what he heart Karen is pregnant with my child. I sure cannot give up now. I be father. I love Karen she is my soul mate.

Karen saw how Kermit try open his eyes. Karen tell:" Kermit can you hear me please open your eyes Kermit my love."

He open with long trying his eyes and looking her now. Saw how worried Karen looked and her eyes were red from crying. Kermit try to whisper: Karen my love I love you too. Karen it is real I be His voice died. He look surprised do her.

Karen give cheek kiss and then lips and tell him: " Yes Kermit you be father. I wanted tell you nice evening together this day but like plan changed. Kermit you need stay alive and frog don´t dare give up now. Now my love take it easy. I not want be alone and our child crow up without his father. " She kiss him again cheek and first time had smile in face that he wake up.

He try to say something: "Oh yeah! Karen I try all my best. Karen I love you and our unborn child forever. Karen how is Mac my friend… She put two fingers Kermit´s lips and say :" Shh... Mac your friend is all right. Kermit glad you are wake and all be right. It not long we are Hospital. I know you not like hospital but you need it save your life you are still wounded with bullet shot. I am here and our child too forever. When you are good frog you get your sunglasses back in hospital. Now take it easy. I not go anywhere.

Ambulance arrived at hospital. Doctors have already waited. It good Kermit still a wake and looked Karen. Kermit transport stretcher and wheeled to in hospital. She near he and looked how medic and doctors worked him. Dr. Sabourin run to patient and saw it is Kermit and he is wounded lot of blood. Dr. Sabourin listen what medic say about Kermit situation and looked one moment Karen who is really worried and tired looked and quickly examined Kermit when she ended Dr. Sabourin tell:"Patient Kermit Griffin need immediately emergency surgery we need get bullet out for his stomach and now we can lose him and he need blood since he lost lot of blood. NOW!

She cannot let go him. Reach the surgery room. Dr. Sabourin looked Karen and tell:" Karen we will do everything possible to save Kermit."

Karen asked:" Can I have one moment with Kermit!" Dr. Sabourin tell:" Yes only one moment."

She kiss his lips and cheek and whispers his ear:" I love you fight your life for me and for our unborn. I will wait you come back."

He touch her cheek and say:" Oh yeah!"

She watched how Kermit wheeled away. She cannot believe how the faith of life changed so fast.

All were now Country General Hospital and waiting news how Kermit surgery is going to. His he live or dead. Waiting it take so long time.

Karen saw two strange people and they come to near Karen. She know some how Kermit know this man.

It is Mac and Stella. Stella try support Mac this hart moment. It is not easy.

Mac asked:" Any news from Kermit." Karen answer:" No Kermit is still surgery. Bad was ambulance Kermit heart and breath stopped but thank God with medic help it worked again and good new Kermit wake up and later asked about you Mac are you all right. Can I ask who you both are and how you know Kermit."

Mac start speak :" I am Mac Taylor and I am the Head Investigator of the new York Police Department´s CSI team. Next me is Stella Bonasera she works with me Stella is second-in-command in the fictional New York Police Department´s crime lab. I know Kermit Griffin war days. I saved Kermit enemy captive. It is first long time when I saw Kermit again. Kermit is my friend. I want lose him again when I found him. I know Kermit Griffin war days. I saved him enemy captive. Long time ago. It is first time when I meet Kermit again."

Karen is surprised little. I meet Kermit friend Mac who was with him war days. I am very glad he saved Kermit life.

Karen looked both and say:" My name is Karen Simms. I am captain of the 101st Precinct. It is glad meet Kermit friend." Karen shake hands with Mac second late with Stella.

Stella say it is nice meet you.

Suddenly Karen looked white like to faint she feel bad.

Stella notice too with Mac and say : "Take seat. You need doctor. "

Karen answer:" No it is all right. I am worried about Kermit. How the surgery is going. It is too long now and nobody had come and said anything how his condition is. I cannot lose him now. "Karen but her hand to touch stomach when she talked.

Mac and Stella looked each other. They both know Karen is pregnant with and Kermit is the father.

Stella hugged Karen and say:" Kermit is survivor like Mac. Kermit be all right. We cannot lose hope and faith. Our prayers are with Kermit. Karen you need be strong. Kermit come back for you."

Stella stand up and say:" Karen you want coffee or something." Karen answer:" Thank you but not now." Stella say:" All right me and Mac go and get coffee. We come back. Hope it be better news from Kermit."

Peter Cain called Marilyn Kermit sister and tell what happened Kermit and what condition he is.

It had taken some time more. It got more and more worried looks and pray not lose hope and faith for Kermit survive.