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Wisdom and Patience

Genre: Romance/General/Humor/ActionAdventure/Drama

Rated: M

Pairings: Hiei/Oc, Kurama/Botan, Keiko/Yusuke, Yukina/Kuwabara, Shizuru/Koenma

(Full) Summary: Callie has been saved and brought back to from the brink of death. But though the poison is no longer in her system she has a whole new set of problems to face. From learning the ways of a demon, to catching up with school, and being a wife to grumpy Hiei. But these ordeals are not even the top of the ice-burg as there are rumors that the introduction of demons to the human world will be within the century and the whole group just might be exiled. How much can one girl take?

"So...what you're saying is I not only have to train daily, make porcupine over there happy, do friggen math homework...I also have to be prepared to pick up my whole life to move into empty area of woe and agony?" "My home isn't that desolate, monkey."

Warnings: Oc romance, Keiko's last name will be spelled: Ukimura. Sexual tension, sexual humor, sex, dark/possessive moments, loads of flirting and fluff

And this is a sequel; you have to read Will and Determination and Wit and Courage to get where this story is starting from.

Chapter One

What the Night Sees

Keiko really had no right to complain about Yusuke. Absolutely NO right.

Compared to Hiei, Yusuke was right out of a story book. The leader held her hand or shoulders, would be a gentleman (after being slapped, but still), had proposed to her (TWICE) and the second time in the most romantic way possible, and would tell her some of the sweetest words (in his own way, but, again, still). Yusuke did not proclaim marriage for the sake of seeing the reaction. At least after said reaction he did not have the gall to sneer and say "You're making me regret my decision, primate". Nor does this leader do all of this and then just simply fall asleep, ignoring all demands and questions, not even coughing up a good night kiss!

Psh, Yusuke is so romantic. Hiei is just simply a bastard.

And on top of that...

"You still haven't told me you love me." Callie moped as she glared at her mate from her resting point on the porch. Four months since she woke up from the coma, and Hiei giving her a kiss that nearly sent her right back into one, Callie was finally back home. Surrounded by her family and inside the safe walls of the temple. Just thinking of home and where she is now always gets her a little choked up.

Three and a half months of hospital living, constant watching, and physical therapy was finally over with...well, at least the first one was. The group was not quite willing to allow her out of their sight for a second, and each day she had to go through three hours of vigorous physical training.

To think roughly a year ago she wanted nothing more then to join her friends in training. Now all she wanted to do was get out of it. It hurt! All the weights, swimming, walking, lifting, and meditation...it was horrible. She cried each time she had to do it, it hurt that bad for her very weak body. She still did it despite her tears, and it made her happy to know that made Hiei proud (he was a gentleman in that, for most of the time, he didn't insult her tears).

And to think, once she was better it would get worse. What the hell was she thinking actually looking forward to this before? She didn't know how good she had it being a lazy flob. Callie found she missed those days. Badly.

But one wouldn't hear her complain to much, at least when it wasn't to make someone else mad. She was just so happy to be back home and on her way to complete recovery. No more attacks, no more days in bed, no more worrying her family, and no more seeing that expression on Hiei's face.

Callie and the rest of the Pill-Takers, along with the spirit of Maverick, were finally free to enjoy their family. The small group of survivors were finding they really loved being spoiled and loved. Terrance, Celeste, Joshua, and Maverick, the four whom have never experienced such feeling, were soaking all of this up. Never have they been apart of a protective and loving community. Where despite being odd or annoying or short-tempered they were not thrown out or rejected.

Yes, Josh's pessimistic attitude and Celeste's demands got on some's nerves, but any of their aggravations just seemed like dust in the wind. They simply do not matter. All that matters was that they were safe and they were finding their place within the group and within themselves and their new blood. Maverick and Terrance have become mega-buds with Yusuke; the three have entered into a rather disturbing bromance.

Keiko has already said that she wouldn't be surprised when Yusuke broke off their engagement to marry the two of them.

And just like that, Yusuke had another thing to be made fun of for.

Kuwabara didn't even bother to enter in to that creepy love-triangle going around. He was very content hanging out with the girls. His sweet and open disposition to the world made him very adored by every girl within the group. He was oblivious to it but it was obvious to the rest that he was the "gay" friend every girl wanted to have. Lucky for him each of the girls were fiercely protective over him and would not let the aggravating macho men tease. Do that and they would hiss and bring out their claws and fangs.

However, these new humans were not the only ones make adjustments and enjoying their time within the Reikai Tantei.

It is impossible to forget about the demons Yusuke and his crew had met at the Dark Tournament. It would be unwise to think that all six of them would ever leave once they were reacquainted with Yusuke and the fun they have. So they decided to stick around with the rest of the pack, enjoying their time. Each individual found something new or fun to explore while in the human world. Hooking up with buddies, training the newbies, catching up on old times, discovering human inventions...it was a busy time for the demons!

Rinku, like any child, was in awe over all the video-game systems there was within the temple. He has never seen such gadgets before, but (again like any child) the moment he had the controller in his hands and his butt was on the ground, he was a master at it. And he spent hours there. Sadly for him, most of those within the group were immature and didn't care about his brain rotting or his eyes melting. Only when Shiori was over or Keiko was able to notice did he get smacked upside the head and thrown outside to do something healthy and productive. Once that happened, Chuu and the uncomfortable three-some bromance gleefully took over. Video-game tournaments with those four were loud and obnoxious.

Unfortunately, while they were having fun, a certain wind-demon was struggling. It wasn't his fault that he was so much like Yusuke! And because he was so similar he was able to hit it off fantastically well with Callie. The two were goofballs together and both spoke the language of "hyper" fluently. However, what made Jin have a hard time was the very jealous and the possessive Hiei. The fire-demon was not letting him get away with anything in his newly founded friendship with HIS moronic primate. When the red-head got a little too cuddly, he was on the receiving end of a Hiei-glare level four (not the highest level, but certainly not a friendly one).

He wasn't the only idiot having issues concerning mates either. A certain player named Maverick decided, oh so foolishly, to announce Botan as his sexy teacher. And a particular fox was not all that pleased about it either. The former human, however, had some excuse. He, unlike the rest, did not understand the ways of a demon. Nor did he know that demons really, REALLY hated sharing their mates. Touch a mate, lose a few limbs. Kurama loathed the fact that Maverick was already dead so the severing of limbs would prove to be pretty difficult, even for someone of his ability and intelligence.

Of course while all of this miserable stuff is happening, the rest are sitting back and watching everything with a grin on their face. How could they even dare to consider themselves friends if they don't enjoy the misery and misfortunes of the rest of their pack?

However, while things were going well for the newly formed pack, there were a few aspects that did bring the happiness down a notch. When a few of their friends denied the demonizing procedure and had to walk out of their lives for good. It was understandable though. The three human male psychics had a good life going on outside of fighting demons; girlfriends, family, scholarships. It was just too hard to leave all of that behind for an exhausting, and rather thankless, career of protecting the three worlds.

While Yusuke was a bit upset, he along with the rest understood and accepted their decision without a fight. In truth it had been expected from the beginning. The three promised to drop by occasionally, but in truth knew it would be best to stay away from the group to not be drawn into their world and fights. Again, no one was insulted nor upset about this. It was for the best.

Overlooking their sad departure, the temple still had roughly twenty people living within the walls, and Shiori and her family visited daily. So the distraction of the massive amount of people did good...for most. Genkai came off pretty aggravated her once private life and home had been overrun by teenagers, or demons who act like teenagers.

What the hell happened to her tranquil hermit-life style? How the HELL did a remote, isolated, next to impossible temple deep in the wooded mountains, get over twenty residence? Wasn't she suppose to die a crony old woman, alone? What happened that wonderful plan?

Apparently a lot...and it was all due to the stupid block-head of a human-found-to-be-demon Yusuke.

Yeah, blaming everything on Yusuke was the easiest thing in the world. Because it was due to HIM that all of these comrades and friends have taken over her home.

No, they weren't friends or comrades. They were damn freeloaders who played their music to loud.

She was already looking for expanding the temple and adding more rooms. Along with making herself a private domain...on the other side of the mountain. Get back on her goal on dying alone and without a headache.

Despite this though, everyone was enjoying themselves not having to worry about anything for a while. It was nice to enjoy not having to worry about death, life, love, fitting in...it was just about relaxing and experiencing the good. It was a vacation.

"Hiei...why haven't you?" She asked again, big eyes watering, trying to get his attention.

The demon paused as brief moment in his training but then continued, "Who says I do?"

"Don't start being mean, thats not fair at all." The brown-eyed girl warned, "Everyone says you do, you were so upset about what happened before." She crossed her arms over her chest, she was still bony, but after constant eating and a weekly IV of nutrients she has started to gain weight back. Myouga even predicted that now she was off of the pill she should be able to retain more weight to her then when she first arrived at Japan. She was looking forward to having some curves. "What is so wrong with you just saying it?"

"I see no reasons why I should say such a ridiculous statement." He sneered as he finished up his first hour of training. "What makes you think I believe in love?" Hiei walked over to her, giving her a gentle pat on the head, fluffing up her hat, before he took a swig of water she had gotten for him.

She pursed her lips in a pout, "You are a jerk."

"Hn," He smirked, taking it as a compliment. "Where are the rest?"

Callie sulked even more, seeing he was trying to distract her. "Terrance, Celeste, and Joshua are with Chuu and Touya training them a bit." Since they were ahead of her in the healing department they were also ahead of her in training. Terrance was having a blast watching Chuu spar. He wasn't yet able to do the moves, so he was required to watch. Joshua was always a nervous wreck and Celeste would much rather be out shopping. "Kurama is gonna join in after he finishes up a date with Botan."

Hiei rolled his eyes, "They are even more disgusting then before."

She huffed, "They're close and romantic! Its lovely. Not disgusting." She waved off his insensitive insults and continued. "Keiko and Shizuru dragged the Yukina and Kuwabara and Yusuke out of the temple for a bit. Seems yet another sleepover is planned tonight and they went to pick up the stuff. They decided to just be nice to the delivery guy and go to the restaurant and pick up the food themselves."

Hiei groaned, by sleepover it meant games, loud music, embarrassing situations, and no sleep till at least one. He hated these parties. Besides he wanted his woman to be in bed sleeping before ten. She was so frail and weak, sleep would be best. It was still a struggle for him. He couldn't see her as healed. All he could see her as that broken little girl on a decaying moldy floor.

It wasn't too much of a surprise he is having the most trouble turning back to normal.

"There is no point to these parties." He grunted, looking ready to sulk. It was nice to be able to take down his walls around her. It was hard to admit at first that he doesn't mind her seeing him throwing a tantrum or whining (not like he will even admit he does that), it was rather therapeutic.

"There is plenty of point." She scoffed, "Its to bring everyone closer together, try to forget about what happened...and it is the final month of summer! Those going to school are living it up since soon they will be returning, and for their final year. The want to enjoy summer vacation." She then sighed, leaning against the palm of her hands. She missed school. She would've been entering into her senior year of high-school as well if all that had happened didn't. How was she ever going to get her degree?

"Stop thinking about that school." Hiei sneered, sitting down beside her. "I told you, you are not going back to it. There is no need for it."

She gave him a watery glare, "I will be going back when I feel better. I at least want my High School Diploma." She sighed, knowing she would have to repeat a grade now. But it was too valuable to her to give it up. Maybe Koenma would be able to help her.

"I said no." And of course in Hiei's world that means it was the end of the discussion and he was going to get his way.

To bad Callie didn't live in this world of his. And therefore didn't know or bend to his laws.

"Hmph, I'm going to school." She argued back, glaring at him with a huff. "Ah, I'm hungry." Getting up she dusted off her skirt, Hiei did get his way in buying her some new clothes for her to wear now and grow into. He preferred his woman actually looking like a woman. He proved this point by burning up her favorite pair of boyish shorts right in front of her nose. He then threatened to do it to every single other item she owned and made sure she didn't wear anything but her underwear for two weeks. And should she do that, he would then make sure she never left the bed, and she would not be sleeping.

Callie decided having a more feminine style to her could do her some good...and it had nothing to do with Hiei's threat.

"I'll go with you." He got up with her as well.

"I thought you had more training you needed to do." She laughed, "I'm just going to the kitchen, there are at least five people I will see on the way there. You don't have to worry so much about me."

He glared at her, as if insulted. "I am going with you." And it was the end of discussion as he took his spot next to her as a bodyguard. Just in case some random orange or sock attacked her.

Sadly this has happened. Many times.

Such is the life living at the temple now.

"You are going to get some fruit ok? No sweets. You need healthier stuff." And there he goes. Lecturing, bitching, whining, blah, blah, blah. "Especially since this party is gonna happen." He sneered in disgust. "It is going to something greasy."

"And therefore...awesome." She grinned, "You cannot deny." She poked his side teasing him, "You're gonna get a muffin top if you keep eating with us. Maybe YOU should be the one to eat the fruit." There was no way a man like Hiei could ever have any more then three-precent body fat on him.

She cursed him to Hell for that ability. As did most other men and women. Everyone wanted to have a in shape body like that despite what they eat. Ugh, the bastard can eat the crappiest of food and he doesn't gain a single ounce.


'Oh wait...I have it now. SUPER SCORE!' She then laughed when he scooped her up, tickling her. "S-Sorry! Sorry!" Callie squealed, melting, and swooning. She is a romantic and would not be afraid to admit Hiei showing his warm side made her feel giddy. Especially since she was the only one who got such attention from him. Sure it was rare...and sure he was back to normal a few seconds later. But hey, she takes them when she gets them.

"You need to watch that mouth of yours." He warned as he placed her back down on the slick wooden floor of the fancy kitchen. Four star amenity kitchen that would make even Bobby Flay drool in envy? Who says psychic hermits don't spend their mysterious wealth well? Genkai spent her wealth on the good stuff in life.

"Yes sir." She giggled, not taking him seriously at all. She took an apple to please him, wishing she had an option to dunk it in caramel just to piss him off though.

Pissing off Hiei...best past time ever. Maybe second only to embarrassing Yusuke.

Sure she always got punished and yelled at, sometimes given the cold shoulder (really, WHO is the girl in this relationship?), but it still was funny each time. She goes with the excuse he is so cute when he is mad. He was...sorta cute...but mostly funny and scary. She just says it to ease up on some of his anger. Cause whether Hiei will admit it or not, flattery can go a long way with him and his ego.

"Oh Hiei you are soooo handsome when you are angry like that. It's like you are a ready for the kill! You been working out? It really shows. No one else in this whole place can handle a sword like you. I know you can kill any damn demon that tries to steal me away. Have I mentioned you seem to be working out and you kiss like a god?"

Hook, line, and sinker.

Yes, Callie has indeed discovered the power she has over the fire-demon. And though Hiei is miserably aware of the fact she somehow got smarter (she has YUSUKE'S blood, how the HELL did she get smarter?) Sadly, though he is aware what she is doing doesn't mean he can always fight against it. It was pretty low on Callie's part. She was taking advantage of Hiei's weakness concerning her after all.

But then she remembers the insults, the slaps, the leading on the, "I'm gonna sleep with you, but we're just friends", the jealousy, a certain kiss he shared with a ram-demon...and what do you know, all that guilt flew far, far away.

The damn bastard deserved a little suffering!

"Why must you insist on wearing me out?" He sighed, grabbing the apple from her and easily splitting it in half. Show-off.

She laughed as she took her half, munching on it, "That is like asking why is Maverick a lady's man and Yusuke an idiot. It's just in my blood."

"Hn." He grunted as he ate his own. "You're an idiot as well, do not fail to forget that."

Callie rolled her eyes then gave him a scowl, "Yes, you remind me of this fact every morning, afternoon, and night. Thank you for that."

He smirked, "You don't remember stuff well. I just wanted to look after my mate and make sure she never forgets her place in the world."

She scoffed, "Ha! You make it sound like this is back in the 'good ol' days' where the little woman was beneath the man."

Hiei tilted a brow, smirking even more. "That is how our relationship is like." He caught the apple she threw at him and stuffed it back in her mouth. "Don't waste food, ungrateful wench."

"Then don't force me to use them as weapons, insensitive bastard." She snapped back, chocking over the apple. "You certainly do not know how to treat a lady."

It was red eyes that rolled this time, "I have never claimed to be a gentleman, primate. You lost your chance on getting one of those a while ago."

"You still all sensitive that I had a crush on Kuwabara when I first got here?" She jabbed, looking to make a wound and then cover it in salt. He asked for it! Besides he was no where near interested in her when she had fallen in and out of puppy-love with the tall, sweet human.

"I shudder to think about you and the buffoon. The children you would've made..." He shuddered to prove his point. "You should be grateful you are mine, otherwise your offspring would've been ugly and ignorant."

"Is that you oh so charming way in saying you want children?" She asked, her tone playful. But despite the teasing, she did find this a good opportunity to ask about it. Though she knew she was too young, only seventeen after all, she understood that what she and Hiei had was a life-time. They were married. And marriage usually entails children sooner or later.

Kuwabara and Yukina have already begun the gleeful gush. Ever since he accepted to have the operation within the next year they have been oohing and aahing over the prospect of children. No one was quite sure why it was such a huge deal to them, but Keiko had her suspicion they had come to the conclusion she did before in dying before a child would be able to come into this world.

Keiko and Yusuke have discussed it as well. Not too the sugary-sweet level of the fluff-balls, but they were talking about it. Since Keiko's parents could not be made demons, much to her heartbreak, they were discussing if a child early on in their long life of being young would be wise. She wanted her parents to have a grandchild before they passed, however she knew she was now apart of a world that was dangerous and long. But Keiko wanted a child before she was thirty, Yusuke was more into the idea of waiting till a little later and enjoy his youth.

There was a betting pool going on within the group. Most everyone was betting Keiko would be pregnant before the end of five years. Chuu said it would be the end of the present year. Either way, there was gonna be a baby from them soon. So Keiko, as usual, will be getting her way.

Shizuru and Koenma...no one was really sure they wanted to see a child from that pair.

Kurama and Botan decided to wait, to the surprise of no one. Since his family had decided to take on the operation so they may enjoy a long life with their new family. Kurama's family did find it hard, knowing they would eventually have to say good by to other family members, and Shiori would have to be stuck in her late thirties. But it was the right choice. The most difficult choice that small, sheltered family has ever made, but they all figured a few extra hundred years wouldn't do them any harm.

Shiori wanted grandchildren damn it. In fact, she was the who was ticked off at her son and daughter in law. She wanted them to get freaky NOW and for Botan to have an adorable little blue-haired angel with a fox tail. As she said "I WANT AN AWKWARD LOOKING INUYASHA BABY!"

No one was quite sure how to respond to that.

Callie has heard so many others in the group and what they plan to do about children. Yet her and Hiei? They have never even thought about it. Hiei has always said he hated kids and has insinuated that she was immature enough to be a child. Most would probably think she is too irresponsible for a child. Almost seemed like they were set up to not have children...

"Hiei?" She asked, now concern. Almost instantly she knew this was not a topic that should be discussed and instantly she regretted asking, knowing it wasn't her fault. But his face made it clear it was a topic that he couldn't handle.

His lips pulled thin, his body stiffened up, and his face went white. It was one of those expressions she hated seeing on his face. Like someone had stuck a knife straight into his heart. Like his insides had gone cold. Only a few things could make him take on that expression; her in pain or his past.

"Hiei..." She whispered. "I'm sorry. Was that too harsh?"

Instantly he turned his head away, his fingers twitching in discomfort. "No. It is nothing."

"Hiei, don't." Callie tried, "Don't lie to me. It is something. Just be honest."

"It is nothing I wish to discuss." He snapped harshly, glaring at her.

She smiled and nodded, "That," She said, "Is an honest answer. You don't have to tell me every thought or emotion in your pretty little head. But don't tell me nothing is bothering you when something is."

The demon seemed to be sulking, dealing with his intense anger before he sighed. "I am sorry." He whispered.

Callie laughed, waving off his apology. "I am use to your temperament Hiei. And you've gotten better. If you react like that then I know its something pretty deep and emotional." She shrugged. "You'll let me know when you want. Can't rush you." The stupid goofy grin was on her face again, the kind that made him melt a little on the inside.

Hiei sighed, placing his forehead on her shoulder. He hated weakness and hated having internal struggle. Yet recently it was all he had. There were days, he discovered, at all the pent up agony he has suffered over his life wanting to make itself known and all he would want to do is just lay in her arms as comfort. Though he has not shed a single tear since his mate woke up, he has found ever since that gate has been open he has been far more emotional then he has ever been in his life.

He was feeling.

And he hated it.

Callie would just laugh and say its something he will just need to get use to and that good things come with it. He still would rather be in his protective bubble, never sharing his thoughts, most all of his emotions frozen even to him. Being so aware of his own self was a bother.

He also hate how aware he was in his feelings towards his mate. How her accepting words and hugs made him feel so much better, and just one smile makes him want to smile back. Even her random sense of humor and out-of-this-world observations just did something to him. Hell, he has actually found himself laughing at times. As in laughing at words and not at a weakling withering in pain!

Someone shoot him. He was fucking soft.

"Eat." She ordered and stuffed his own apple in his mouth, a very similar way he had done before. Damn bitch and her ability in getting ironic revenge. "You are starting to think too much again. You need to stop. You know it will just make you grumpier and you are just going to come to the same conclusion; it's just something you gotta accept."

God, he hated it when she was right. Because that made him feel stupid. And being dumber then Callie...well just a short while ago, he didn't think you could get dumber. And ignorance was a grave sin to Hiei, a sin he has killed over before.

'I am to the level of that which I have killed.' And that my friends was a mega fail.

"Hn," He grunted, trying to shrug off his embarrassment.

Callie laughed and patted his head, "You and your inability to express and accept your emotions can be so cute."

"I hate you." He growled into her neck.

"Ugh, just tell me you love me!" She ordered, now remembering her desire from before. Hiei instantly regretted his words and what they have reopened.

"Fuck no."

"TELL ME YOU LOVE ME!" She shrieked, now clinging to him, tackling him to the ground with a loud BOOMF!

"Get the HELL off me primate!"

"Not until I hear those damn words!"

"You're not getting anything, you spoiled bitch!"

Out within the game room, the rest continued about their leisurely day. Alls well in the home when there is screeches of threats and whines about.

"Wonder when the rest will be back with the food." Shishi spoke, munching on cookies that "fuzzy", new nickname, brunette had made. Since she was still confined within one place for safety and health issues, the former human girl has been cooking and baking constantly to eat up time. So the demons within the household were always happily fed.

"Hmm?" Suzaku looked up the girly magazine he was reading. Really, some of these clean facial tips were wonderful! He might not have been as vain as before, but like hell was he gonna let anything touch his gorgeous face! Clearly, he was unaware he was just as vain as before. "I think they were going to be back within a few hours..." He looked upon the clock on the wall, "That was about three hours ago...so I suspect they shall be here within another hour."

"Ah," He picked himself up, keeping his sword at his side. Ever the vigilant samurai. "I should to tell the others to stop for the day and let the newbies to clean up and rest for today. I am sure they are exhausted."

"Mmhmm," Suzaku nodded, looking back at the magazine. "Oye, brat, you have better get off that game. The moment Ms. Keiko returns she is gonna knock the crap out of you. She told you, you were off this week."

"Hmph!" He grunted, his tongue sticking out in his concentration. "Ain't scared of her."

"Hah!" The blonde cackled. "You were near tears, backed up into a corner, when she caught you sneaking in extra snacks." He smirked, "You are a growing boy after all."

"S-Shut up about that!" He spat out.

"Then there is Kurama's lovely mother, Ms. Shiori." Suzaku continued, ensuring he was very polite to these ladies. They were damn scary when mad. Despite them not being very strong, their very presence is enough to scare the living crap out of all the demons that were taking refugee within the temple. "How she actually SPANKED you. Oh am I ever pleased pictures were taken. That was pure genius. Really, those within this group seems to be quite masterful at blackmail."

"Will you shut the hell up!" The young demon spat. "I am not some child! I am twenty-nine! That is an adult in human-years!"

"But still a new-born to demons." The older one snickered, finding it amusing that Rinku aged a little slower then the rest of them. Normally for the first twenty-five (give or take a few years) years of a demon's life they age like similar to a human. It is normally when they hit their mid-twenties the aging process halts. Poor Rinku was part of a group that aged, physically, slower then the rest of them. Sure, in another twenty years he will be up to their height. But for now the rest of them enjoy poking fun at his misery. "Don't worry, little one, you're bound to get some muscles."

"Stop that you bastard!" Rinku snarled. It also sucked that he not only looked to be thirteen, he acted like he was thirteen (for a demon at least). "Fine I will turn it off." He tantrumed as he turned off the game system and threw the controller down.

"Such a baby." He sniggered, flipping through the pages, coming across an interesting article. "Hmm, this could be fun for later." He marked the page and set it down to bring it back up for the party. "Ah, Chuu, Touya. How goes the training?"

"Blimey sheela won't stop tha naggin." Chuu grumbled as he entered back into the large living area, flopping on the couch. "My boy kickin some right well ass. Make me proud he does." He then grinned at the memory of Terrance, a boy he was really taken with. "Smart as a whip that one."

"Smart mouth too." Touya noted, sitting next to the man. "Enjoyable, but he does have some quirks."

"Don't go bein jealous that my boy has the spirit, and your girl has a bitch in her." Chuu laughed as if he told some amazing joke. Clearly he saw training as an opportune moment to drink. His jokes usually became more vulgar and less coherent the more he drinks. "No motivation."

"She will get it. She has too. She has ability to form ice. It can be a very dangerous ability and if she does not understand what is now in her body she could kill herself or others." Touya sighed, looking tired at the thought of Celeste. The girl had a talent in complaining. The day was too cold, the sun too bright, the grass to damp, her muscles to achy...

The girl simply did NOT want to train. It just didn't click within her pretty head that just because she was immortal doesn't mean she would have an easy life. Koenma really stuck his neck out for her by giving her such an operation. No one here had to accept her within their pack. She needed to grasp on that this power, immortality, and family style comes with a price.

And that price was hard as hell work.

Things were only going to get harder for Yusuke's team. Their already rocky relationship with the Bureaucratic system of the gate seems to be in ruins and they were not the most welcomed people for the demons in the Makai. And even if within the next few months humans were made aware of demons, Touya seriously doubted the humans would accept them. She needs to be prepared to fight and protect. Everyone here would lay down their life for each other. They would all be there to help each other through tough times. And each one was expected to put out their talents for the pack.

Celeste seemed to be too distracted by her nails to pay attention to the speech.

And it had been a wonderful speech! He had worked hard on it! He was a man of few words, it took a lot of grit to put all of this in front of her and he got a cold shoulder.

At least her icy-personality matched her new ability.

Touya had a feeling she had some sour feelings for demons. He couldn't hold that against her. But he would appreciate if her selective memory would bring up the fact that it was demons that saved her. And that it was demons who were nurturing and protecting her. Why did she insist on remaining so put off with them?

The only ones who got reaction from her was Terrance and Maverick, and that was from anger, and Shiori who could get anyone to open up. Everyone else just simply didn't seem to reach her radar. She did, he would admit, open up a little more to the females more so then any males...but only by so much and it was just to talk about fashion or complain about men.

It was so aggravating how he could NOT reach her! He was her mentor and teacher and the damn stubborn obnoxious witch of a woman! She would simply not listen! He wanted to pull his turban like hair out of its roots, she made him so mad. Damn females and their fickle personalities.

"My head..." He groaned, rubbing the throbbing forehead.

"Thar', thar'," Chuu comforted. "It'll get better. Just gotta knock some sense into that wench." He took out his flask and took a swig. "The three are takin' a shower now. Where the others?"

Rinku spoke up first, "Callie and Hiei are fighting and/or making out in the kitchen. I can never tell. Jin went flying around the property with Puu. Both haven't been out in the sky for a while and were getting cabin fever."

"The rest are out on dates or picking up food. Though," Suzaku looked thoughtful. "I think Maverick is around the property. He is under a type of probation. He can't leave this area in a physical body for a while. Even now, Koenma is trying to stick to some protocol."

"He has to." Shishi noted, taking his seat back. "He is proclaiming war with his father. Or at the least a disowning. He is still a prince, he doesn't have as many followers or power yet. He needs to show those who are in the gate that he can handle all this work and still respect tradition. If he does he will have more followers and supporters once the time comes."

"Man..." Rinku moaned, placing his hands behind his fluffy brown hair. "I don't like this. How are we expected to handle demons trying to take over the worlds, keep peace between humans and demons once the time comes, and handle a political war with the Gate? Don't even see why we should be doing anything. They were the ones who did everyone wrong. How could they expect to get something from anyone?"

"'Usuke and his team ain't doin it for tha Gate no more." Chuu grumbled. "He is doin it cause he knows its right." He sniffed. "He feels a sense of protection for tha world. Don't right know why. But he knows that should he leave, humans have no chance against the demons."

"Yusuke is going to be the key factor in forming a peaceful bond between humans and demons. Since he comes from both and he is aware and respects both worlds...well there is no one else I know of like that. He already has a small army forming. And everyone within that army is at least A-Class...but strength won't be enough." ShiShi, held up his fingers. "We need more numbers and more political influence. Even though most demons do not follow a type of system, they're out for themselves, some do. And we know humans do as well. Force along is not gonna be the only way to solve this issue."

Suzaku nodded, "We all are pretty aware that this group probably won't be allowed here much longer. Whether they realize it or not. Eventually only the temple will be the only place in the human world they may go. Koenma gave Kurama's family some extra time for the family and school. But sadly I think this is Yusuke's and his friend's last year in the human world. Yusuke is NOT ready for the leadership role he will have to take on. So the moment he is brought back to the Makai we cannot take it easy on him. He and the rest will be trained and schooled in everything demon. I say we all stay at Mukuro's kingdom. She has the most protected area and the technology to keep the former humans comfortable."

Even a selfish demon like him understood what was going to happen to this group was unfair and it would be wrong to ask them to give up so much comfort. Mukuro's place might not be the prettiest, but she could give them access to portals, shields, fridges, and TVs. Something Yusuke's desert kingdom couldn't. And none of them felt comfortable letting Shiori and her family into a kingdom that wasn't protected to a great degree.

"Good thinking." Touya nodded in agreement. "I know a portal to get between there and here could be set up. And Genkai's home, her whole property, can not legally be touched by any in the Gate. It was something she got from what she has done and through all of her connections. So everyone could still come in between. They just could not ever leave the premises."

ShiShi shook his head, "While some might be able too, I will almost think Yusuke and those who have fought will be disallowed. Kuwabara included. The girls and Kurama's family might be able to go in-between. But not the fighters. The King might get so paranoid and he will have the exile be a solid one."

The ice-demon winced, "I suppose when you look at how he has treated them so far and his behavior, that does make sense."

"Ah! Don't feel sorry for the blokes. We are gonna be workin them too much. They won't have time to even miss this world." Chuu grinned, trying to cheer them up. "We are gonna be takin them all over the demon world. Introducin them to the public and gettin followers."

"Teaching them the ways of every culture there. Who to look out for, who to trust. Yes, yes." Suzaku leaned against the couch, looking up at the ceiling. "It will be a long few years. But it will be for the best."

"I feel...sorry for Keiko though." Rinku whispered. "Won't she have to...disappear? From her family? Her family might not get to see her children."

"Don't fret there. 'Usuke will not let that happen." Chuu said, "We won't let that little sheela be mistreated. She's done too much fer 'Usuke. Koenma will pull all the strings to make her be able to see her folks."

"Yes, Keiko will be taken care of. Shiori and her family will be as well. I doubt our humans will care too much about coming here except for the food. I dunno how much they will appreciate some of the cuisine offered there." Suzaku chuckled. "But I am sure we will be able to accommodate them."

"Aye, aye...whelp, I am done talkin bout this. Bad thoughts call for bad day." Chuu rubbed his neck. "We can't worry 'bout these happenins. Nuthin changin it after all."

"Agreed. We should just enjoy our time here and ensure everyone else gets to enjoy it as well. I am pleased that these parties are being thrown. It keeps them distracted. I don't want them to think or worry about all of this until the time comes down to it." Touya then got up, "I'm going to signal for Jin. He should head back this way for dinner. Also I sense the presense of Shiori and her husband and children. You should go and greet them and help her up the steps."

"I'm on it, mate." Chuu chirped and went out to go and greet the family, planning on carrying the woman up the long steps.

"Hmm, it is always nice to see her her and her husband." Suzaku grinned. He was one of the lucky ones who actually got to stay with his mother for a long time, before her passing of natural causes. Due to her not being powerful or a fighter she remained a D-class and therefore didn't have as long of a life-span. Her spoiling and nurturing might've made him vain but it made him feel loved. It was nice to have that figure-type back. "Her children are cute too."

Shishi chuckled. "Don't tell Kurama that. He will be offended. I think his little brother would be as well. He seems to be wanting to impress us more then make us think he's cute. He seems a but like Rinku in that he wants to be seen as an awesome adult."

"That's why teasing him is all the better. But he certainly has a hero-worship thing going on with all of us." Suzaku grinned, he rather liked that. And not just because he had a vanity issue. But because he really appreciated it. And it gave him hope that the human race might be able to accept them. Now he wasn't so naïve to think they will all accept them so easily, but Shuichi made Suzaku look at the human species with hope. He really had to thank that little demon one of these days. "Hey! Fuzzy! Please take your tongue out of Hiei's throat and come in here. Your mom's about to arrive."

There was a squeal of embarrassment, showing that after their argument the two had been in the middle of an intense kissing session. "S-Shut up!" She demanded with a stutter. "Huh? Mama is here? YAY! Hurry Hiei! Let's see them!"

The groan and growl made the other demons very aware Hiei was not pleased his happy-physical-time was interrupted.

'Ye-ep,' He thought, seeing Hiei come in, his hand locked with the funny girl's, with a very sourpuss expression. 'He's pissed. Hah, if I were a foul man like Chuu or Yusuke I would be proud I was a cock-block.' Of course by his expression, it was clear he was proud.

"She heading up here?" She asked, taking a seat in one of the couches, cuddling up against her mate. It was so funny how such a silly and carefree girl could be with the grumpiest man known to existence. Opposites attract he supposed.

"Yes, Chuu went to retrieve her and Touya went to retrieve Jin." Rinku popped in. "Will probably be here in a moment. But you know how Chuu is with them. He treats them all like glass and is very weary of them."

"He's adorable." She giggled when she felt Hiei growl a little. "Don't get all upset. You're cuter."

"Hn. I don't care about crap like that." He glared at her for even daring to think he was jealous that she called someone else being called cute. He didn't like that term. He would rather be called handsome, attractive, or sexy. Not like he cared, but if he had to chose it would be one of those three.

"Of course you don't honey." She laughed, then instantly perked up when she heard movement from the front of the temple. After a few moments there they were, her family in the flesh, looking very bright and happy to see her. Her mother did make a lovely demon. She was so happy to see she had gone through the procedure so well when she was pregnant. It had been a slight concern since Myouga was transforming two lives in one. But everything had gone perfectly. And now the two healthy lives were with the group.

"Hello everyone!" Shiori greeted. "I thought we would all come over for a visit."

"Mama!" Callie greeted. "I am glad you were able to come today. I know Myouga said for you to stay in bed-rest for an aggravatingly long time."

"Underline the aggravatingly. Well, I needed out of that house and to see all my babies!" Shiori giggled, "I know you guys were going to have a party tonight." The woman smiled, thanking Chuu as he helped her to a seat. Everyone sure did treat her like a lady in this house. "So we won't be staying long. Hoshiko is still too young for such rambunctious things." She smiled down at her darling little girl, her soft pudgy face peeking from her blankets. Her fluffy black hair matching her mother's.

"Hoshiko!" Callie squealed softly as she held out her hands for her infant sister to cuddle. She only squealed even more when her mother handed her over and instantly was snuggling against her. Shiori would need to take her back soon before everyone began fighting for their turn...as it happened in the hospital. Surprisingly, her oldest child had been the instigator as well as the victor. "Isn't my baby sister adorable?"

Hiei, at her side as usual, looked down at the bundle. His little sister in law. A baby. He shook his head when Callie offered her up to him to hold. He was the only one in the group who has yet to hold her and she was about a month and a half. He just couldn't bring himself to touch such a tiny and delicate creature. His hands were coarse and rough, coated with blood. The idea of a little baby in his hands, it scared him. What if he broke her?

"Hiei," She whispered, gently.

"No, Callie." He shook his head again, his voice remaining firm, ending the conversation and her pleas.

A sigh escaped her lips and she looked back down at the little girl, wondering what it would be like to be holding her own. Of course she placed a halt to those thoughts. Her dad was already upset about her being married at seventeen, there was already talk about a proper marriage ceremony taking place once she hit eighteen. He would have a heart-attack should she become pregnant before she left the High-School age.

"Well she is a cutie as always." Callie laughed as she handed her over to her "Uncle Chuu" who probably doted on her the most. Of course everyone within the family just fawned over the adorable Hoshiko, but some did it a little more then others. Chuu was one of them.

"How have you all been?" She smiled, waving to Jin as he walked in with Touya, a little blue penguin fluttering along the ceiling. "I would like to catch up with everyone."

"Been doin fine here love!" Jin grinned, giving her a polite, though over dramatic, bow. "How 'bout yourself? Don't cha know it's been forever and a day there since we last saw ya!"

"Indeed it has." She laughed, "A whole two days!" The woman laughed again at how this group was. "I have been fine. Just bored. I miss you all!"

"Well you certainly aren't' the only one," Genkai muttered as she made her grand entrance. She was hiding from all the noises and trying to take a nap. She would need it since it seems they will be up till ungodly hours again. "We hear a lot of them whine about you. Missing all four of you."

Shuichi and Takuto shared a smile. It was amusing how these demons were so impressed with them.

"Where is Yusuke and Kurama?" Shuichi asked, looking around for his big brother and hero. "Kuwabara not here either?"

"Nope, Kurama and Botan, along with Yusuke and Keiko are on a date. The rest are out getting some food and party stuff." Callie explained against, snuggling more against the warmth of her mate. "We're all just waiting for them. Hey guys," She greeted the fellow Pill-Takers as they came in freshly showered. "How was training?"

"Shut up." Celeste grumbled irritably. Jealous that the girl didn't have to work as hard. Not really considering that Callie was doing a lot of work, she just couldn't do as much since she was still so weak compared to them.

"Oh don't mind her. She's bleeding down there you know, and needs her grease colored chocolate fix." Terrance chirped, he was the one enjoying this all the most. He received a high-five from a fellow male and hard slap upside the head from the blonde.


"Sexy pig!" He corrected, earning another smack. "Hey, where's my main man Maverick?"

Genkai decided to be the one to explain now, "I think he went back to see Koenma for business or something. He'll be back-"

"Did someone say sexy?"

"Now...ugh." She rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Hell yeah, get your ass over here you hot bastard you." Terrance growled, giving him a wink.

"Oh you tease." Maverick winked back, giving a flirty wave back.

"Ugh, you two make me want to throw up. It always gets worse when your third wheel is brought in." Celeste huffed, storming over to the couch and crashing on it. Joshua just shyly sat down on the other end, avoiding the temperamental woman. "Can't you stop it for once? Not everyone wants to hear you nasty romance."

"I think she is jealous, love." Terrance 'whispered'. "She knows she is gonna grow older and older and be a yucky old ball of wrinkles with no one to kiss them."

"Yep, I agree cupcake." Maverick said back in the same tone. "Don't worry, I'll kiss your wrinkles."

"Awww you're too sweet."

"And that is where I call it gone too far." Rinku blanched, looking green. "Man, you two are disturbing."

"Why thank you. We take pride we can disturb the masses and be able to take such joy from it." The dead-boy chirped, all to happy at what him and his best bud were capable of doing. "Now, I know I am speaking for many of us; where the hell is the food?"

Takuto sighed, "You all will need to stop that cursing when Hoshiko gets older. I would rather not have a five year old speaking in such a way." He sighed once more, feeling old. His oldest daughter and son were already married. His son was, on top of being married, off trying to save the wold. Now he needed to ensure his other kids were raised normally...or as normally as demons could be. Either way, they would not be married before 80. Now that they were a different species he could say it and mean it.

He will be hiding this baby girl of his. Away from evil three-eyed demons who want to steal little angelic girls from their fathers.

Takuto planned on having a certain talk with Hiei. He didn't care he was a demon, didn't care if they were already married, didn't care if he was a stuck up bastard.. That brat was going to suffer through a lecture no matter what. It was a right he had as a father, the Triceratops wasn't gonna take that away from him.

"Yes sir!" They all chimed in, respectfully but he knew it wouldn't be serious. It seemed deep rooted into their vocabulary.

"Oh," Shiori giggled, taking back her new-born little girl, nuzzling her sleeping face. "I think I hear the rest of them coming up." Hard to miss the bickering of Kuwabara and Yusuke, with an occasional input of Keiko.

"Finally! I am starving!" Maverick whined.

"Hello! Everyone ready for greatness to enter the building?" Yusuke hollered, entering into the temple. "Me and the woman met up with the rest and have come back as saviors with food!" He finished dramatically as he came in, three bags in his hand, three in Kuwabara's, two in Keiko's, and one in Yukina's. Shizuru said she wasn't gonna carry anything.

"Did you just call me a woman Urameshi!"

Keiko grinned and held up the desired food, ignoring the banter that had been going on for some time, "Guess who went cheap and got scrumptious fattening Taco Bell?"

"OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOU!" The fuzzy girl with a hat, a newly appointed deity, and an American loud-mouth all squealed and tackled Keiko to get at the seven large bags, overstuffed with fast-food tacos, burritos, nachos, and churros.

"Its the greatest fast food ever! Oh thank you Lord! The beautiful delicious fake meat, oh how I have missed thee," Terrance grinned as he took the bags from the girl and Maverick helped Yukina and Kuwabara. Yusuke was left to help himself. "Whoo-hoo!" he beamed as he brought out three tacos and began to stuff his face. "Yuuuum..."

Hiei glared and went over and picked his mate up from the table and brought her back to his side at the couch, grabbing one of the weird food. He hasn't had one of these before. It smelled good...and unhealthy. He shook his head, how was he suppose to ensure his mate ate well when all everything everyone bought was human-crap? He will have to lay the law down after this. It was all veggies and health-food from now on.

"Ugh," Celeste scrunched up her nose at the fast food. She preferred more high-end stuff. Too bad for her pretty much everyone else was very content with fast-food.

"Ooh, what fascinating items." Shishi noted, looking over at the burrito, watching the humans in how to eat such a thing.

"They are items made by God." Maverick said as he began to engulf his second taco. "Almost as good as pancakes from IHop, which we have to go to. Pancakes that are fluffy sweet heaven in your mouth." He paused. "Can we all go to IHop at like..three in the morning?"

"Why that time?" Jin asked, sitting indian style in the air. No surprise, he was loving the tacos.

"Cause it is the best time to have them! I remember back over at the states, after being out for a while, I would go into one of those, ordered pancakes...and it was the best pancake ever." He paused and looked thoughtful, "True, it was Wednesday and I hadn't eat since the Sunday beforehand. But anyway! It was fantastic!" And then went back in attacking his food.

"Hmph, no." Hiei, the ruiner of fun, stated.

"Aww Hiei, that would be a fun experience. We all should do that eventually." Callie beamed at the thought.

"No." He muttered eating the food. He wasn't as fond of it as everyone else. It tasted pretty poor. How could the rest of these idiots actually enjoy it? He handed it over to Callie to finish, just going to find something else that was tasty in the kitchen in a few minutes. He would rather get sick from eating all the ice-cream in freezer then get sick from eating another one of these greasy items. "I would rather you not eat any more of these."

"Oh snap girl," Terrance smirked, "Dunno how you two will work out if he doesn't like Taco Bell. I would divorce my wife."

"Luckily you have two husbands who love it, so you have nothing to worry about." Keiko said smoothly as she ate her small portion.

"Smooth. You are a smooth woman." Terrance whistled. "I would marry you myself if you weren't spoken for and if I wasn't in a committed relationship."

"Love you and your wrinkles, sweetcheeks." Maverick purred, engulfing a burrito in three bites.

"Vomit." Celeste huffed, waiting for everyone to finish so she could go with Hiei's plan and get some real food. Not this heart-attack in a tortilla.

"Oh yeah, Keiko, I was wanting to get your opinion on this article here." Suzaku inputted showing her what he had found before. "What do you make of this?"

"Hmm?" Keiko hummed over a taco, taking the article and looked over its contents before she swallowed and grinned. "Cha-ching! I believe we found our first game for the night!" Folding up the magazine she got up, did a head count and then disappeared in the back, only to return a few moments later with loads of pens, pencils, a few markers and plenty of paper. "Ok everyone! Take a sheet! We're doing a personality quiz!" She sniggered evilly.

"Ugh, a personality quiz? I don't really care to see what my spirit-animal is." Yusuke snorted, but took a sheet and pen at her glare.

"Oh no, no, no my dear. This quiz isn't about that." She grinned, "This is a quiz to see how much of a seme or uke you are."

Terrance gagged on a bite, "Are you kidding me?"

"Uhm...what is that?" Joshua asked meekly.

"Yaoi terms. Manga stuff! Have I taught you nothing?" Terrance snapped, glaring. He cleared his throat, "Listen and learn my boy. There is a love in manga for boy-boy love. Not my thing, I get enough of that with Maverick." He ignored Rinku gagging again. "However in a relationship in these series there is usually a dominant one, the seme, who wears the pants of the relationship. The person who dominates the sex and the dates, etc...mostly the sex though."

"What the hell is with this group and its conversations?" Genkai wondered aloud.

"The uke is the submissive one. The girly one. The one who is the bitch."

"I really have no idea, but it disturbs me greatly." Takuto twitched in response to Genkai's question.

"Exactly. This," Keiko tapped on the magazine. "Will ask you questions and will see how much of a dominate or submissive personality you have. It's all for goofy fun. The questions are embarrassing and silly. Then afterwards we let it be known what the percentage is."

"Hmph, don't see the point of it." Yusuke shrugged as he flexed his arms. "Its not hidden secret that this here is allll seme."

Keiko rolled her eyes, "Then let's prove it. Everyone pay attention to my questions and write down the honest answer. It will all be compiled of A, B, C, D, or E for unsure, other, or all of the above. Then I need you to count how many of each letter you have and then I will come around and let each of you use the magazine to find out the percentage. Then we will announce our scores to the world."

"You wanna join our threesome, sexy? Cause evil, twisted girls are hot." Maverick grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Denied." Keiko chirped back.

"I don't think I want to be a part of this." Takuto shook his head, he was far more conservative then the rest of them. He would gladly take his wife and children away from this.

"Takuto, it is all in good fun." Shiori laughed, looking all excited and amused about this. "Please continue Keiko."

"Thank you ma'am." She beamed before she began the questions. Some of them were pretty tamed, asking about what kind of movies, books, and food were preferred from the list given. Some were just about what they think of their significant other (and if they don't have one, what of the attributes listed attracted them the most). While some were down right mortifying dealing with positions, places, and toys.

Poor Callie nearly fainted. Kuwabara needed to be slapped on the back to begin breathing again. And Takuto looked frozen in horror. The rest who were, mildly, modest and respectful were just blushing slightly, looking sheepish, or laughing in good humor. The perverts were grinning over some memory or thought.

"Alright! That was a 100 questions. Now I will pass this around for us to find out our scores. Starting with myself of course since I made the sacrifice in announcing it." The brunette then sat down and began to go over her scores, being quite brilliant with math she had it solved in a few seconds. "Ok, Kurama, you will figure it out fast as well. Just pass it on to someone else who has a IQ above 2 next."

"Will do." The fox chuckled before he did his own score, passing it along.

Poor Callie, Yusuke, Botan, and Chuu were the last to receive the magazine. They were currently pouting amongst themselves at how people underestimated their awesome mathematical ability. Of course once they did get it it took them each about twenty minutes to solve their scores, each requiring help from their mates or a sweet loved one (Hiei was too amused, and relieved, at Callie's stupidity to help).

"That took loner then needed," Keiko, once again the self appointed leader of the event, rolled her eyes. "So...we all got our scores! Let's hear them!

"WHAT IS THIS!" Yusuke and Kuwabara screeched out simultaneously. Of course that got everyone's attention and a need to see just what it was they got as their score.

Not waiting for her mate to swallow the paper and destroy the evidence, Keiko snatched it up and grinned devilishly. "You're just 60 percent seme. So...if my math is right, and it always is, you are 40 percent uke." She cackled, damn that witch. "Weren't you just saying how you were all seme? Guess some of our...ah...nights escaped you." Keiko smirked, no longer (as) modest as before. She then held up her paper, "I, my friends, happen to be 70 percent seme."

"Ooooh snap!" Terrance laughed out again, snapping his fingers in such a cliché way.

"I guess that means that Yusuke would be our bitch, honey." Maverick grinned, holding up his paper, showing a 75 percent score, Terrance's was a 70 as well. "He is the most uke of the three of us."

"Oh come on!" Rinku cried for mercy.

"Now little bro's turn." Shizuru grinned maliciously.

"C-Come on S-Shizuru...don't laugh." He whimpered, looking downright sick at what his paper said.

"No. I don't have my stupid prince around here to laugh at, since we all know he has so seme in him at all." She flipped her hair back, "I need someone to be embarrassed. So spill."

"Ugh..." He was bright red, "I-I'm...erm...9-92 percent...uke."

"Pfffft," Yusuke gagged, looking like any moment he was gonna throw up or pee himself. He started to laugh so hard, a few others joined in as well. Others were amused or sympathetic at Kuwabara's plight. But the most of them seemed to have expected that he would have a high number. He was too soft and a push over to not be a uke.

"That is a wonderful balance, Kazuma." Sweet Yukina began, "I am almost 90 percent seme, so it really seems to work out in our relationship." She smiled and held up her paper that had 86 percent seme.

A few jaws dropped at this, but after seeing this new side of her for some time not many were all that surprised. There was a devil in there. A seductive one according to Kuwabara's bashful stories during man-talk. When Yukina was in the mood, Kuwabara had no choice in the matter.

The rest were expected. Those apart of Chuu's group had a very balanced number, mostly high in the seme-range, with a few, like Touya, who was almost a perfect 50/50. He had just shrugged saying he was just a very balanced and open individual. Maverick had retorted that he was a freaky guy who experimented, which got his taco frozen.

It was no surprise Kurama was dominant but that Botan had some fire in her that balanced out their relationship. Shizuru was a bit of a surprise, her score was only 59 for seme, but like Touya she said she was a very balanced and open individual. No one dared tell her otherwise.

"Ok, it's Shiori's turn!" Keiko giggled.

"I would really rather no know what my mom is." Shuichi muttered finishing up his fifth taco, the demon metabolism really did hit hard!

"Oh don't be like your father, Shuichi." The mother laughed.

"You don't have to say if you don't want to ma'am." Ever the polite Keiko offered. Her offer was just as politely rejected.

Shiori beamed, "I'm 90 percent seme."

The food in Kurama's hand and mouth dropped as he gaped at his mother, horrified.

Botan blinked then gave off a whoop, "That's my mother in law!" The two high-fived each other, disturbing Kurama all the more.

"I am most certainly the one in charge of this relationship and in bed. Aren't I honey?" She said, never once dropping that warm, motherly tone of hers.

Everyone was pretty much scarred.

Takuto covered his face with his hands, blushing. "S-Shiori..."

"Now that is the perfect relationship." Shizuru beamed, "You are the role-model us women must follow."

"Indeed." The woman laughed, "I have to say this is fun! I think this article has been pretty spot on so far. It also seems to show how well each couple is balanced too." It was so creepy she was analyzing a quiz about sex in such a way. "Now, we don't have many more. Hiei dear, its your turn."

Hiei grunted, finding the whole thing absolutely pointless. He only did it so he could avoid the whines and please of a herd of women "98 percent." There was no doubt what it was for.

"LIES!" Yusuke screeched, "That is a LIE! There is no way short-stop is more of a seme then me! There is just no way!"

"Well..." Botan began, laughing sheepishly. "Hiei doesn't really have many...fluffy likes. He is one of the more manly members in the group. He certainly demands for things to go his way. He is aloof and for the most part seems to be in control. Really, he is only soft about family, food, and his mate. He is...er...well almost the epitome of seme."

"Traitor." Yusuke snapped, "You were my friend before his Botan!"

"Such a girl." Hiei smirked, amused he was one of the top "semes" in the group.

"Can it you testosterone inducing prick." The leader of the whole group hissed dangerously.

"And I think that is our cue to leave." Takuto picked up his daughter and wife. "I've seen this before, I know things are gonna be rough. We will see you all tomorrow. Shiori love, let's get home."

"Of course." She giggled, "Hoshiko and I have been out for a long time. Thank you for the dinner and the amusement."

"Bye!" Callie smiled as she hugged them all. There were days she really wished she could go back with them and to her home. But due to her immune system still being a little weak and the group being paranoid they wanted her to stay at the temple for now Myouga said within the sixth month of her recovery she should be well enough to go back home and not catch something or have her little sister get sick from her.

Everyone waved good by as the family was escorted out and to their car by Chuu. Everyone still pretty red-face from all the laughing that has been done.

"Well now that the adults are gone, I say some of us be bad and bring out the liqorue!" Terrance grinned, getting a proud grin from his mentor once he returned.

"I'll get it while I'm up!" The excited Chuu offered as he went to the storage to bring out the drinks, already knowing how much to bring and who would drink and who wouldn't.

"Well we aren't done yet." Botan giggled, "Callie? What is yours?"

The brunette, knowing what was coming, hid behind her paper, "I don't wanna say..."

"Oh its not that bad, let's hear it! Everyone else so far has shared." Maverick comforted. "Everyone will laugh for a moment then move on to something else. Especially when we are about to get our drink on. OOH! Brilliance is radiating off of me again. We should do a drinking game...then do Dance Dance Revolution and watch all the drunk people fall."

"That is great!" Yusuke cackled. "We should also do a Dare game. No more of the pussy truth stuff. Besides everyone knows everything about each other now. Once we are good and drunk I bet we will come up with some of the best stuff for each other to do."

Maverick sniffled, wiping his eyes, "My little boy has grown up. His mind is as corrupted as my own."

"Ok, ok. We got some more of the night figured out. But lets finish up this part. Fuzzy, we need to hear it." Suzaku grinned, not letting the girl off the hook.

"I-I d-don't...w-w-wanna..." She whined.

Hiei rolled his eyes and simply took the item, "Ah," He smirked and tilted a brow. "She is 97 percent uke."

"S-S-SHUT UP!" Callie screamed, shooting to her feet. Her face was neon red as she pointed at all the grins. "I-I'm not! I can be plenty dominant in the relationship! I am not a damn uke! I'm a seme! I'm friggen tough and dominant!"

"Callie, sit down, shut up, and eat." Hiei ordered.

"F-Fine.." She muttered, sitting down and eating only for her eyes to go wide in realization what she did. "THAT PROVES NOTHING!"

Typical sleep over with typical screams.

"I can't believe you made it seem like I am some sort of...of idiotic and mindless slave in front of everyone! I don't do what you say all the time. I don't! I am pretty stubborn and dominant!" Callie grumbled, getting ready for bed. "Also can't believe you made me go to bed..."

"Hn," He grunted, keeping his eyes closed and his head propped up on his hands as he laid on his side of the bed. "There is no more party. Some are going out for walks, some are doing intense training, and others are playing video-games."

"But I would like to do that too." She huffed, disappointed that the party ended before one again. She has been wanting to stay up late for a while. It was something she had done before Hiei decided to get protective.

"No. You are to sleep. You got to stay up till 12. That should be enough for you. You know you are to sleep at 9." He noted, not bothering to open his eyes up for her. He would appreciate his sleep. He did get up at five in the morning to do a few hours of training and not be distracted. "I didn't make you be my slave. You react naturally to my orders because you are submissive. You are just too stubborn and thick-headed to be aware of it." He smirked, "Especially once we get intimate you completely melt into my control."

"S-Shut up! I-I do not!" She spat. "I do whatever I want, whenever I want. I fight you throughout all of your commands."

"And yet, in the end, you still do them." Point and match. "Now will you finish up and get into bed? Every time I fall asleep before you, you get all huffy and whine."

"Just cause I want a good night kiss!" Callie grumbled, already starting her little whinny session. She was like a little kid. Got all grumpy when she has been up too long.


"Stop calling me that! I think I preferred monkey..." She muttered, quickly brushing her teeth and taking her new, not going to kill her, pills. She came back in and took off her hat, placing it in arms length. It was still a very insecure manner to have her scalp be bald with fuzzy hair all over it. Within a few more months it will be a bit longer and probably be a very cute (super short) pixie-style. Until then she will need to keep the hats nearby.

"A monkey-uke." He opened one eye at her, "You have a sick mind."

"Not a monkey-uke! Not an...an...ukekey!"

"An...ukekey? You and your words." He chuckled, closing his eye again. Such an amusing idiot. "And will you stop fretting over that hat? I've told you, it is just hair."

"And I have told you; shave off all of your hair and let's see how much anti-hat you are." She placed her hands on her hips.

"And I told you, you do anything like that to my hair and I will throw you out in the rain." He sneered, not about to let this idiot near him with a electric razor. He liked where his hair was presently. And no monkey with hair-envy was going to do a damn thing to it.

"I thought we agreed to not fight in front of the baby." Callie huffed, just feeling bitter since she always seemed to lose these battles of theirs.

Hiei rolled his eyes before they landed on a little brown dragon coiled up on the pillow next to him, snoozing away. Affectionately, and with plenty of imagination, the little dragon was endearingly named Meep after the tiny noise she made. Now don't get Hiei wrong, he actually cared a great deal for the little creature. This beast had been his way of finding his mate, the reason why they got to her in time. How it had so bravely led him towards his missing girl despite being prematurely born and the first few breaths of life were its most painful.

Meep slept a lot, he figured she was still so exhausted from her first few weeks of life she needed a lot of naps. Callie, too, took her good share of naps. Many by his own pressuring.

However, what did drive him insane about the "baby" was that, much like Callie who looooooved him, Meep, too, looooooved him. And therefore, when awake, she was at his side much like her human counter-part. And at night, well it could be a claustrophobic mess. After all, with his wife curled up against him, sometimes a leg and arm over his chest, and a dragon snoozing over his face...it wasn't the best way to wake up. Sure he felt very loved and comforted, but he would appreciate the ability to breathe when he awakens.

"If its anything like you, it should be bitching at me. It probably has your vocabulary." He shrugged and turned back from it, trying to get comfortable for sleep.

"Hey! Meep is not an it. She is a she, thank you very much. She is a lady and deserves to be treated as one. Hmph."

Hiei wanted to groan, she was still the most mind-maddening woman he has ever had the displeasure of meeting. Yes she was his mate, yes he would never want her to leave his side again, but holy crap make her shut up for a few minutes. "Get in bed and shut the hell up."

"Hmph!" She gently moved the dragon, the thing was like a limp cat and didn't even wake up, before she snuggled against him. "You're a bastard."

"Hn." He grunted, not really paying her any mind. She'll just whine until she passes out. No need to lose sleep over random "blahs".

"I love you."

"Good to know."

"Damn it, say it back!"

"No." He grunted, pulling her in closer to him. He'll just keep dangling that little string in front of her. It was always amusing, be it annoying, to have her try to grab it and come out a victor. He loved winning. "Go to sleep."

"Fine, fine..." Callie sighed, her eyes getting heavy. "You're staying with me, right?"

That same little question. It was asked every night before she drifted off. A sign of her fear and her new sense of distrust for the world. How a part of her was still left in that tiny room hidden in the Makai.

His arms wrapped tightly around her, putting her head under his chin, letting her curl up against him as close as possible as Meep, feeding off the fear, coiled in his hair. He smiled, "Yeah." Leaving her was not an option in his life in anymore. "Go on to sleep."

A yawn escaped her lips, her eyelids to heavy for her body to carry and before she could fight it any more she was zonked. Hiei had to smile, he wished he could fall asleep as easily. He needed a little more time to try and chase away doubts and fears. He missed the time when he would simply just fall into a light sleep at will. When he didn't have so much heaviness hanging on his mind. But whenever he closed his eyes, instead of blissful darkness he was forced to re-watch those videos. To see Callie squirming as she experienced one torture after another, or watch her haggared and heartbroken face as she witnessed another friend die.

He didn't know how his weak mate handled her memories as well as she did. Because compared to her, he was the one a person would think went through the torture. He had admitted to himself long ago that she was stronger then he first realized. Her beautiful positive outlook on life wasn't a weakness but her power. While he shut himself off from the world, not wanting to face any betrayal or pain, she had embraced it and stared it back in the eye with a smile.

Hiei accepted that he was actually the weak one. And that it would be through this drooling girl at his side that he will be able to get strong. Perhaps he may one day be able to face his own history and accept who and what he is. And then after that...well...maybe children would be possible.

But for now, the two of them had a lot of healing and growing to do. That idea would have to be pushed back for a few more years.

"Good night..." He whispered to the sleeping girl, bringing her as close to him as possible. Because while she handled her pain a little better then him, he knew she was suffering...and he had a feeling the pain would rear its ugly head again tonight.

The scream was choked as it came from her throat, her body jerking up as if it were possessed. Her eyes were wide and wild as she tried to claw her way through the darkness, unable to see anything as he mind began to shut down.

Callie sobbed, wheezing and gagging as she held herself, rocking back and forth a little. She could only make little noises of agony and terror, any function of speak was no longer possible. Her nails were digging into the skin of her arms, almost trying to grasp at her sanity and reel it back in, but with little luck. Reality was slipping from her mind and she was becoming lost to her night-terrors.

"Callie...Callie its ok," Instantly Hiei turned the bright lamp Shiori bought for the girl, letting the dark scary room be filled with light to soothe her terror down. He held on to her even tighter as memories of a dark room being washed over by a nightmarish light returned to her. "You're back home."

It was as he predicted, the pain was showing itself again tonight.

These night terrors happened at least twice a week, the horrible hallucinations she was forced to experience, the lonely hours surrounded by pure darkness...Hiei knows. He has seen all of her nightmares and had his share of them as well. The images of the videos, her being taken from him, finding her covered in filth, and the heart-monitor stopping. He was forced to see them all every night. And not just when he was about to sleep, but as he dreamt too.

Knowing what makes her happy and calm, he picked her up and placed her in his lap, using his arm and body to wrap her up tightly. Though she had a fear of small places, tight in his arms, pressed against his chest, unable to see anything else brought her a great deal of comfort. She needed a lot of patience and tenderness. Something he was getting very good at.

During the day, she acted so strong. Always smiling, whining, and skipping. But he knew it was a ruse. At night he was able to see what she was hiding. Such a stubborn and selfless idiot. He had learned that his mate was carrying a great deal of guilt about everything; being taken care of, everyone searching, worrying over her...she found it was all her fault.

Had she not been in the state she was in, Hiei would've smacked her long ago for such thoughts.

While he found her facing her problems and pain with a smile admirable, he wished she wouldn't hide so much from him just because she felt like she was burdening him. They were mates after all.

Her small hand clung to him, he almost kicked himself for not wearing a shirt for her to grip something, but he was not a fan of sleeping with those things. He barely liked wearing them during daylight, forget it at night. So he guided her hand to his hair, not caring if she pulled. She just needed something to grip on to, it was like she was using it to drag herself back to the real world. And better his hair then the skin of her arms.

"Shh, don't worry. You're home now. You're safe." He placed a hand on her chest, trying to help her control her breathing. "Remember, breathe slowly. You need to remember your meditation and breathing exercises." His Jagan began to open up and glow as it gently pried into her mind, stroking the contents gently.

It was another nightmare about the room. Being along and stuck and no matter how hard she clawed or screamed she couldn't get out and couldn't see. How alone and scared she was. How she had shrieked for her mommy and daddy till her throat was raw and bleeding.

It broke his heart to know this wasn't just a nightmare but a memory.

"Stay calm...try to control your breathing." He ordered as his psychic powers continued to probe, gathering the nightmare the best he could and tried to drag it from her memory. It was a very delicate process, and he wasn't very well trained in his mind-abilities. But he was getting better with each nightmare she suffered. Slowly taking those pictures from her mind and placing them into his own. He would gladly face them so she wouldn't have too.

He would always do this for her, especially since she does the same for him.

He had taken away her nightmare, that only meant tomorrow it was his turn to wake up screaming and lost in a terror he couldn't figure out if it was real or not. And each time he woke up like that, she would wrap her arms around him, kissing over his face, and gently whispering words that he could never make out in his panic but would always feel comforted by.

But despite all of this he was still to proud to take on any sessions with a psychiatrist. He allowed his mate to attend it, he would do anything for her to get better and be able to face her demons. He didn't need the assistant of some damn idiot who has only met pain by running into a damn door. He could solve this on his own and with Callie, he didn't need anyone else.

This was probably just him shutting himself off from the world again, he was trying to get better – that didn't mean he was willing to talk to some stranger about his private world.

"I-I'm...o-o-ok..." She sputtered, wheezing for air again.

"Shut up." He ordered, rocking her a little. "I know you're not. Don't try to come off you are well."

She bit her lip, still holding on tightly to his hair, trying not to lose control over her bladder or stomach again. It was humiliating to get sick in front of him like that. She has never let herself live it down vomiting over him that one time, and since then she had done it three more times and has wet the bed from fear.

Yet, for someone whom she has called a bastard he was so sweet and gentle with her during those moments. He has never made any comment about it, never has insulted her, or has let anyone else know. He had even learned how to do the laundry just for these occasions alone (don't ask him to do it for anything else or he will, purposefully, mix whites with reds).

He might not be a type of man who will propose to her romantically or show her off to the world, but he was there during her most low of moments and would help her hold her head up high again.

Callie smiled a little up at him, it was weak but it was a smile none the less. "S-Sorry...I-I learn f-from the best i-in how to hide how I feel."

Hiei snorted, "This is no time for you to make a jab at me."

"I t-take them w-when I can." She sighed, her shivering easing down a little.

"Hn, bitch."

"Again, s-something e-else I have learned from the best."

He rolled his eyes, looking over her. "You done whining yet?"

"Hmph..." She snuggled in against him, "No. I want to stay like this a little longer. So I will c-continue to whine to get the attention I want."

Hiei sighed, holding her against him, "You can just tell me that you are scared."

She flinched a little, "N-Not scared..."

"Hn. Coward." He grunted, taking the covers and wrapping it around them to keep her warm. "And still a poor liar."

Callie just grumbled some weak insults as she buried herself deeper against him. As usual, she was weary of falling back asleep, afraid the nightmares would get after her again. But she was just so weak and in desperate need of sleep that it was a losing battle. She could feel herself falling back into the abyss of slumber even though it was something she truly wanted to avoid.

"I will be here if it happens again." Hiei said, his voice in that soft rumble that always helped put her at ease. "You know it doesn't normally happen twice in a night. It should be better now. You can go to sleep without worry now."

"What about you?" She muttered weakly. Her voice slightly muffled by his bare chest. He took a moment to log this in his memory for later; she appeared pretty perverted. He could say she molested him when he was showing a, rare, act of kindness. He couldn't wait to see her reaction to that. "I know...you did it again."

"I told you to stop bitching about that."

She gave him a watery glare, "You are taking my nightmares and you are forcing yourself to experience them. That isn't fair to you Hiei. I should be the ones to face them. Not you. You already have your fair share. Why should you be forced to have more?"

"Because I can do something about it."

"You keep weighing yourself down with guilt. You gotta stop that. You don't need to sacrifice yourself because of what happened. You tortured yourself when I was kidnapped, tortured yourself when I was recovering, watched those videos, and now taking away my nightmares...you are killing yourself." She sniffled, looking equally as tortured at the thought of what he is going through. And all because he couldn't mentally handle her getting hurt and needed to harm himself as punishment.

"I don't do it for that, idiot." He placed her on the bed and then used his body as a cover. Hiei hated sleeping on his stomach, but this seemed to get her to fall asleep after a nightmare. "This is not about self-punishment any more. But you were kidnapped in front of me and I was unable to do a damn thing. You were in a coma before me for weeks and I could just watch. Hell, the whole time I knew you, you were suffering in some way and I could never help. For once, primate, let me help you."

Callie sighed, truly touched at what he would do for her. "I don't need you suffering as you help me though. And besides," She smiled, "You did a lot. You are just too stupid to know."

"I will NOT have the one person dumber then Kuwabara belittle my intelligence."

"Kuwabara gets mostly all A's and some B's. He is intelligent. And I'm not dumb! And don't interrupt to insult. Jeeze, you are suppose to be a man of few words, what happened to that?" Clearing her throat she continued. "You made me so happy, you still make me happy. I don't need you to do anything else. It really makes me unhappy, to tell you the truth, to see you suffer."

"Good thing I'm just concerned about your health and not your happiness."

"God you are the biggest asshole in this house."

Hiei just shrugged to that, though he was quite proud of his title. No one has yet been able to defeat him.

"What happened to the pillow talk? Weren't we cuddling just a few moments ago?" She grumbled and whined.

"You stopped crying. Once the tears stop and you actually shut up and I can get some sleep it all stops." To prove this point he made himself comfortable on her and closed his eyes. "I would appreciate my sleep. Unlike your lazy ass, I actually get up and do stuff." He then poked her side, pinching her and smirked, "You're the one getting the, what you said, muffin-top."

Callie blushed, knowing it was true she was gaining a bit of chunk, "Every time I get up before nine, you freak out and force me to sleep more. A-And that isn't my fault! I am just...er...growing! Myouga said it was natural! And s-since I don't have that poison in my system any more I am actually able to retain the fat and nutrients! I-Its a good thing!"


"I-I'm not!" She cried out. Again, for so long she has wanted curves. She had failed to realize for her to start to gain those curves she would actually be carrying some fat to her body that would have to be toned. Just because she was a demon didn't mean instant hotness. It just meant it was easier for her to burn off the calories if she actually did something. Since she tended to eat more then she trained, and eat sweets and Taco Bell more then salads, she was getting the fat that had eluded her for so many years. And her training was a lot of stretches, meditations, and walking; it was not intense enough to really cancel out what she is eating.

And it made Hiei laugh so hard.

Of course he didn't say he actually found it attractive, he didn't like skeletons after all, it was too easy to make her cry and embarrassed.

"Keep telling yourself that as you engulf another bucket of ice-cream."

"You helped me eat the damn bucket!"

"Yes but I had been training for four hours before hand and then trained two hours afterwards." He smirked in victory. "Now that we have covered that you're fat-"

"I-I'm pleasantly plump!"

"You can get to sleep." He sighed and made himself comfortable again. To piss her off even more he yawned and closed his eyes. First he refuses to tell her he loves her and then he calls her fat. Yep, good day's work of annoyance.

"Y-You...you..." Oooh, if she was more awake she would rip his eyebrows off.

"Finish the sentence in the morning." Hiei muttered.

"Damn you." She grumbled, but went on and did as told. She got comfortable with Hiei on top of her, and drifted back to sleep. Despite being angry at him, she felt so much better. A smile went on her face in her sleep; he had distracted her again. Took away her pain and replaced it with happiness and anger. Callie sighed as she hugged him to her, not wanting to be apart from this man who would do laundry to hide her embarrassing outcomes of fear and took away her nightmares.

Hiei might be no Prince Charming, but she found she couldn't care less.

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"Yusuke...when you are exiled, you ALL are exiled And they want it permanently. That is why I am trying so hard now. Keiko won't be able to return home once she is in the Makai. Not until the whole situation is either fixed or the worlds begin to collide...which won't be for many years." He sighed, "By then...her family will probably be dead."